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Bernie Delegate Pellegrino Wins BIG In Trumpland


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Christine Pellegrino just stunned the political establishment. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

" Democrat Christine Pellegrino has actually defeated her Republican opposition in a New York state unique election, just months after the area went large for Donald Trump in the 2016 governmental race.

Pellegrino, a delegate for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) throughout the Democratic presidential key, beat Republican challenger Thomas Gargiulo in the District 9 State Setting up unique election.

Some Democrats applauded the win on Twitter to caution Republican politicians that their combined control of the federal government goes to risk in the 2018 midterm elections. The race stands for one more triumph for Democrats, who are searching for success in state races and Home unique political elections in Georgia and also Montana as evidence that an anti-Trump backlash is constructing." *.

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  1. Posted by Sonoma Calling!, at Reply

    The trolls don’t even know what they’re downvoting against anymore. Sad.

    • Posted by ThatDutchguy, at Reply

      Sonoma Calling! It’s Trump with his sock puppet accounts.

    • Posted by Tom Self, at Reply

      It is sad that trolls can’t stop fighting against Covfefe. sad.

    • Posted by Spicy, at Reply

      Sonoma Calling! The so called trolls are just not going for the low hanging fruit anymore if you understood that. They are attacking the big fish like cnn. The trump people have won and left people like me, a progressive who has to call tyt out on its regressive bs. If we didnt have tyt, hillary, cnn degenerates like don lemon, bernie would have swooped in.

    • Posted by Aes Sedai, at Reply

      Spicy, what regressive bs? Name one.

  2. Posted by Angel, at Reply

    Poor Republicans. You’re running out of obese retards to rely on for votes.

    • Posted by Wholesome XX, at Reply

      ThatDutchguy including the obese pig that just one in NY!…

    • Posted by Bogie, at Reply

      angel, tell that to all your sub.

  3. Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

    remember people vote in you’re local elections no matter how small the position that person is runner for is. they can shape your district, city and state. you want to keep corporations out and special interests out, vote for the person who has a history of standing up against them

    • Posted by Darkside Media, at Reply

      +rouge1ful Yes and the British left ideas and culture behind that made these countries the best places in the world to live in. You can’t get around this. ” did not do anything but help the British” Again you are just wrong! And most likely a soft-core racist too.

    • Posted by Darkside Media, at Reply

      +Ex Animus Citing a report is just stating FACTS. What you did was claim people can debunk the claims that were made and didn’t cite anything. So yeah it’s an appeal to authority on your part.

    • Posted by Darkside Media, at Reply

      +Ex Animus All I see you saying is “He’s saying things that don’t conform to my reality and I can’t refute them REEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” Sad!

    • Posted by Darkside Media, at Reply

      +Savage Akajdn I didn’t say “helping everybody” I said “British colonialism and imperialism improved almost everywhere it was” and it’s a true statement.

    • Posted by Darkside Media, at Reply

      Well it looks like you guys are going to go the way of the Whigs. My platform improvements are all completely reasonable. Sad!

  4. Posted by Y2K, at Reply

    Gotta love how trolls wait for the split *moment* that these videos come out so they can trashtalk it for completely irrelevant reasons. (looking squarely at you, Johnny Blazem)

    • Posted by Jason C, at Reply

      +Dolan Turmp Triggered! You failure, how’s it feel huh, this must kill you inside, get educated, stop fearing tanned people that beat you up in school. And brush your teeth.

    • Posted by Andrew Mildenberg, at Reply

      Y2K And whyamimrpink78

  5. Posted by Most Liberal, at Reply

    The coasts should secede from Trumpland and join the Civilized States (well, provinces) of Canada

    • Posted by Most Liberal, at Reply

      Tylr the rest of the country is a shithole that deserved to be buried under a yellowstone eruption.

    • Posted by Tylr, at Reply

      Well I don’t suppose you happen to live there? no?
      But they have no rights and deserve to die in an eruption?
      Indeed, you most certainly aren’t a liberal.

  6. Posted by Charles Baylor, at Reply

    Trumptards are running scared back to their trailer parks and meth 😂😂😂

    • Posted by Marcos Moreno, at Reply

      Charles Baylor lol

  7. Posted by Danny :D, at Reply

    It’s early. O wait 3 dislikes already? Didn’t know Trumptards actually clicked that bell.

    • Posted by ranger1000, at Reply

      and no mention of how many likes there were already. yeah don’t mention the tyt trolls

    • Posted by Martine, at Reply

      The trumptards are out like the mosquitos after a rainy spring. And just as annoying.

    • Posted by Daniel Goforth, at Reply

      Danny 😀 Nice.

  8. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    It only took a few months of orange orangutan for the people there to realise they will never vote republican again

    • Posted by pyledog, at Reply

      Kevin Montrond and yet some still pine on for the small handed terrorist. sad.

  9. Posted by Alex da Vinci, at Reply

    Trumpland is crumbling! Thank you, smelly orangutan. 🙂

    • Posted by Mitchell klein, at Reply

      Trumpland? The U.S.?

    • Posted by Alex da Vinci, at Reply

      +Mitchell klein

      trump’s administration

  10. Posted by UNC GRAD, at Reply

    Let’s GOOOOOO!
    Get these republiKKKans out of office!

    • Posted by Mitchell klein, at Reply

      Dems were on the side of slavery, and still try to enslave blacks to the state. so… demoKKKrats?(woah, I can do it too, I so smart)

    • Posted by Name And Address Supplied, at Reply

      Shut up Jew-Bag

    • Posted by E. M. Fisher, at Reply

      Name And Address Supplied Bernie’s a Jew……is he a jewbag too?

  11. Posted by Mark Green, at Reply

    Trump will be the final nail in the coffin for the Republican party.

  12. Posted by Greg B, at Reply

    didn’t win Montana, which ran a Bernie backed candidate. But won’t hear that here

  13. Posted by CLureCo, at Reply

    “That’s an open handed slap, boy”!
    Yep, Cenk has spent some time in the south…….or at least hangs out with some folk from there…..

  14. Posted by Carter Kinoy, at Reply

    More Berniecrats need to be run in traditionally Republican areas.

  15. Posted by Conker Squirrel, at Reply

    Looks like the Russian trolls don’t care much about this news.

  16. Posted by JennHeg, at Reply

    Now we have to get rid of Pete King

  17. Posted by Cheydinal, at Reply

    The non-progressive Ossoff only outperformed Hillary by 1 point. Seriously, look it up

  18. Posted by erockzz2010, at Reply

    Wow the over exaggeration of victory in these comments.