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Bernie Sanders Blasts Trump’s Phony Populism


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With Donald Trump's revolting budget plan proposition giving a slew of giveaways to the well-off while screwing over the functioning course, Legislator Bernie Sanders blasted the Head of state for being a bogus populist. Trump ran as an extra "populist" variation of a Republican politician, but as Sanders points out, that appearance has come crumbling down and he's been exposed as a typical Republican political leader. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins reviews this. Subscribe to the Ring of Fire for much more:

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  1. Posted by f581474x, at Reply

    Bernie Sanders 2020. lets get it right next time people.

    • Posted by AlphaGainForce, at Reply

      My point is that Trump would presumably run for re-election if he lasted through his first term, and he’s only 5 years younger than Sanders, so why should Sanders let his age stop him from running?

    • Posted by gatesbrown26, at Reply

      f581474x like Young Turks fans kept saying to southerners who don’t want their Confederate statues removed, BERNIE LOST, GET OVET IT!

    • Posted by Ashley Johansson, at Reply

      you do know that once a candidate loses, he/she cannot run again??

  2. Posted by Planét, at Reply

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    • Posted by Antonio Ponton, at Reply

      Hello, welcome to the discussion.

    • Posted by John Whitlow, at Reply

      Antonio Ponton welcome to the “liberal” discussion and the republican hate comment section!

    • Posted by RiffSkozz Fanzzz, at Reply

      John Whitlow republicans deserve it

  3. Posted by Marcus lewis, at Reply

    It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” ~Mark Twain

    • Posted by Kevin Sarpei, at Reply

      Yeah, too bad most Americans still believe that Bernie is trustworthy. Wrote a story explaining why he isn’t (“3 Reasons Why Bernie Sanders Might Be Controlled Opposition,” a link to my Medium profile is on my YouTube channel).

  4. Posted by DeAndre Fuentes, at Reply

    Bernie Sander would have made the greatest president ever

    • Posted by Pondok Indah_12310, at Reply

      Never trust someone who needs to edit a <10 worded comment.

    • Posted by harrymar11, at Reply

      +Pondok Indah_12310 Only you.

  5. Posted by Balling Like I'm Tobe, at Reply

    half the country was dumb enough to vote for this guy…. I can’t get over that

    • Posted by commentor2013, at Reply

      Balling Like I’m Tobe half of the united states are just 3rd world savages with wifi.

    • Posted by Arctic, at Reply

      Or smart enough since he was by far the best presidential candidate.

    • Posted by Balling Like I'm Tobe, at Reply

      +Arctic yeah things have been great……

    • Posted by Arctic, at Reply

      So how has Trump affected you so badly? Did he bomb your house or something?

  6. Posted by joey robinson, at Reply


    • Posted by DeAndre Fuentes, at Reply

      joey robinson Bernie Sanders is a socialist WHITE SUPREMACISTS

    • Posted by Carl Moritz, at Reply

      DeAndre Fuentes why?

    • Posted by DeAndre Fuentes, at Reply

      +Carl Moritz he left out that he’s signed the crime bill that locked up Black males and now they’re​ the most in prison people in the world .

      He also forgot to mention that Bernie said no Black reparations.
      The same year he signed to give your tax dollars to Jewish reparations.

      He is a socialist WHITE SUPREMACIST

    • Posted by Carl Moritz, at Reply

      DeAndre Fuentes you realize that the top 1% want a class division, and want a low class racial division also right. As long as we hate each other it’s hard to hate them. Personally I think Sanders wants to equalize all classes, since you know socialism. I see where you are coming from though, I just think that we need to elevate all, not just one race. It would be super decisive, and wouldn’t get passed in the Congress. You’ve got to pick your battles. Also, you have to admit he is better than the other two. Even if we had a Democratic congress, I don’t think it would pass. I am not against the idea, I just don’t think it is feasible.

    • Posted by DeAndre Fuentes, at Reply

      +Carl Moritz that’s the same rhetoric whites supremacists use when it’s time to elevate Blacks . Everyone in America has enjoyed black wealth in America and ALL non blacks need to pay a tax to Blacks in America.

      Like I said before Bernie signed for reparations for JEWS and your current tax dollars are going to Jewish people but you say blacks shouldnt get it ?

  7. Posted by joey robinson, at Reply

    BERNIE 2020

    • Posted by DeAndre Fuentes, at Reply

      joey robinson why?

    • Posted by Rocco Luciano, at Reply

      DeAndre Fuentes because he’s still fighting after defeat

  8. Posted by Completely Original Name, at Reply

    Bernie Sanders is A LOT better than Trump. He should’ve been president.

    • Posted by sweet rocka, at Reply

      Except the democrats screwed him and made sure he didn’t win. Trump was actually the only one who defended Bernie

  9. Posted by Stacey Williams, at Reply


    • Posted by Stacey Williams, at Reply

      DeAndre Fuentes I only said the truth was told in this video nothing else, from what​ has taken place jeff sessions plan is to open more jails to inconserate more black and brown brothers for up to 10yrs for a dime bag a nonviolent crime, really

    • Posted by Stacey Williams, at Reply

      DeAndre Fuentes we agree to disagree, currently that is not the law jeff sessions is changing it to a law and order threatening states if they don’t comply it will impact federal funding I’m done have things to do on this beautiful day enjoy yours

  10. Posted by Darylifill Ifill, at Reply


    • Posted by DeAndre Fuentes, at Reply

      Darylifill Ifill why ?

  11. Posted by njintau, at Reply

    The thing is, the media loves someone who acts like a populist but hate anyone who’s an actual populist.

    • Posted by Austin Zappas, at Reply

      njintau the media values money over the lives of actual people

  12. Posted by Damien Rellik, at Reply

    no one is buying what that orange orangutan says, the guy has a 36% approval rating, the polls speak for themselves.

    • Posted by Jim Jeffcoat, at Reply

      Damien Rellik That’s a racist statement.

  13. Posted by Johnny 5.0, at Reply

    The only thing Trump cares about is Trump

    • Posted by Gollum for Trump, at Reply

      Nobody cares about America more than Trump. Saoron told me. It has to be true.

  14. Posted by Beef Pho, at Reply

    Can’t blame it all on Hillary’s cheating. The Democrats have just as many dumbass voters as the Republicans. Just straight up stupid.

    • Posted by Ild lyn, at Reply

      factually incorrect.

    • Posted by MAD COWS R US, at Reply

      Daddy Trumpzilla said to repeat Hillary Cheated Hillary Cheated at left wing sheep to trigger them into mad sheep mode. Worked like magic! Mad sheep attacked Hillary then jumped off the cliff! We won! MOOOGA!

    • Posted by Purple Curiosity, at Reply

      Beef Pho your pic is making me hungry.

  15. Posted by Marcos Gibson, at Reply

    Hey guess what America you’re dumb

    • Posted by Ashley Johansson, at Reply


  16. Posted by Thomas Anderson, at Reply

    Americans are morons, the fact that they elected donald trump is proof of that.

    • Posted by dnate697, at Reply

      I mostly agree but I think the Russia thing is overblown. The Bernie Or Bust movement didn’t happen due to the Russians. I do get why many didn’t vote or voted 3rd party. I get why folks were suckered, I get the Alt-Right’s seeing SB picked to help Trump and the rest. I just wish they’d be honest about why they continue to support Das Orange Fuhrer!

    • Posted by dnate697, at Reply

      Me too! I mean are glad about the Dutch and French but Hillary not being elected wasn’t in the hands of the Russians. The “white card” or as Van Jones coined the Term, “Whitelash” did her in. Trump played the us against them game and apathy by too many did Hillary in. 8 voters voted for neither of them and millions more didn’t bother voting at all. Not talked about much?

  17. Posted by toby buckwyler, at Reply

    Do you ever notice how many fucken right-wing f***** infowar assholes come in and f****** attack cuz they can’t f****** praise their f****** guy for all his broken promises.

  18. Posted by Vaughn Gainey, at Reply

    I don’t think that budget will pass in it’s present form but the fact that budget was even proposed in the first place should show Trump voters who President Trump and the Republicans really care about the wealthy.

    • Posted by Vaughn Gainey, at Reply

      Kruger Yeah, right!

  19. Posted by Synerrox เ, at Reply

    Trump in 2020, ridiculous claim

  20. Posted by V Ling, at Reply


    • Posted by NARKISDUDE, at Reply

      ugh, no. hell no. try Gabbard or Turner

    • Posted by Michael Ray, at Reply

      Tammy Duckworth 2020