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Bernie Sanders Introducing ‘Medicare For All’ Bill


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Bernie Sanders isn't really waiting. He's pushing global health care today. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, simplifies. Inform us exactly what you believe in the comment section below.
" Following the Republican failing to reverse the Affordable Care Act on Friday, leading figures in the progressive wing of the Democratic Event are rallying behind a single-payer health insurance and a plethora of other bold reforms.

These lawmakers as well as grassroots leaders have actually long believed that the troubles afflicting the Affordable Care Act, additionally known as Obamacare, are rooted in the initial health care law's attempt to suit, instead of slowly replace, the personal, for-profit medical insurance system.

Now that efforts to remove the legislation wholesale are successfully dead, they are once more suggesting that the most effective way to improve the country's health care system is to challenge the power of company healthcare suppliers a lot more directly.

" We have actually reached have the digestive tracts to take on the insurer as well as the medication business and move forward towards a 'Medicare for all,' single-payer program," Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) claimed on MSNBC's "Done in with Chris Hayes" on Friday evening. "And also I'll be presenting legislation soon to do that."" *.

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  1. Posted by pnhnut, at Reply

    Healthcare is a human right – Medicare for all is common sense.

    • Posted by iGot TheMojo, at Reply

      Paulie Walnuts so getting hurt and going to the doctor is dependence on government? You sound exactly like the media that fogs up Americans head with this same bullshit you’re saying

    • Posted by whyamimrpink78, at Reply

      “you’re dumb as hell who said you’d be forcing them? They’d still get paid idiot.”

      You have the right to a jury. Jury members are paid. But if you get called to do jury duty and refuse you go to jail.

    • Posted by Paul Swanee, at Reply

      +Remy Melanie The federal government does not directly create policy at the local level. They will give money to the states either for a specific purpose or general purpose. The state then gives money out to the local level. In your example for schools, the federal government does not ever give funds directly to local districts. They usually supply block grants to the states. Also just fyi private schools do not receive public education grants. It is defined as charter grants in the budgets.

    • Posted by Nancy the cat, at Reply

      We should make it a right. We are the only wealthy country that does not.

  2. Posted by xD Clan Agario, at Reply

    Bernie 2020

    • Posted by Teammm, at Reply

      xD Clan Agario — Or Elizabeth Warren

    • Posted by hartfoundation99, at Reply

      Teammm Im a Democrat and I think Trump would beat Warren easier than he beat Hillary..Shed be the worst person to put up against Trump, other than Hillary again..Theres no way Warren wins places like Ohio, Pa, and Florida over Trump

    • Posted by Bengt Kiil, at Reply

      The best you can hope for is Bernie to enter office by the next month. After the Supreme Court has arrested Trump & co.

    • Posted by Steven, at Reply

      xD Clan Agario he’ll be dead by then

  3. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    Republicans waited 8 years to destroy obamacare and still failed. They have a obsession with it.

    • Posted by Kas Katari, at Reply

      +GraHakku Consumer Rights​​
      Yes please do use it
      Because this is the best argument for single-payer I have found.

      Even against the most die-hard
      Who will quip back they don’t want government doing it.
      To which I usually respond
      A not-for-profit We the People’s Co-operative, run by the people and for the people is an acceptable alternative.
      Believe it or not most Republicans like co-ops. Just don’t tell them it’s socialist lol.

    • Posted by blameitonthepixie, at Reply

      Kevin Montrond Their agenda is a racist one and the fact that they say they want less government means they want democratic party gone .

    • Posted by Double Pownage, at Reply

      Vitorio Rodriguez called insurance

    • Posted by Adam Kadmon, at Reply

      what’s up with your picture? #notallpepes.

      To hate Pepe is bigotry

  4. Posted by blaze12771, at Reply

    In an alternate reality Bernie Sanders is president.

    • Posted by lolz99, at Reply

      it’s technically not socialism

    • Posted by Paulie Walnuts, at Reply

      and that reality is a hellhole.

    • Posted by Hafa Ball, at Reply

      +Thetruth908 and what’s Earth 2 like then? WW3?

    • Posted by Raven Haili, at Reply

      if only the time travelers succeeded….

    • Posted by Ellena M, at Reply

      I say this all the time 😂

  5. Posted by Rey R., at Reply

    Is America great yet?

    • Posted by Axel xXx, at Reply

      It hasn’t even been half a year. Though, I suppose it’s better than Obama doubling the national debt, killing innocent people in the middle east, spying on anyone that opposes him, taking more vacations than any president, etc.

      At least Trump has brought jobs back.

    • Posted by Rey R., at Reply

      Axel xXx being sarcastic right?

    • Posted by Rip Sumrall, at Reply

      Sarcasm? that’s too subtle for this one. Look at his subscriptions… it’s nothing but anime fairy tales. Nothing approaching intellect crosses his plate.

    • Posted by Axel xXx, at Reply

      Is what I said false? Did Obama not involve himself with many scandals, destroy the economy and kill over 400 innocent people?

  6. Posted by RingoBars, at Reply

    Medicare For All (or Single-Payer) is the ONLY logical step forward in healthcare, it’s time we take our place among the other 1st world countries in giving a damn about our citizens lives and livelihoods. With the savings alone, we could cover our entire [absurd] annual military expenditure .

    • Posted by whyamimrpink78, at Reply

      “The top 10 countries for healthcare”

      Those rankings are arbitrary. When you run through the numbers you see minute differences and can’t say one system is better than the other.

    • Posted by Paulie Walnuts, at Reply

      Where are you getting this nonsense from? Canada’s healthcare system was so bad that their supreme court ruled it a violation of human rights to not let people go private. They also ration care to no end that innovation in healthcare is non existent.

    • Posted by TheViewFromUpHere, at Reply

      The USA at #11 and costs of $8504. is an embarrassment to the whole world. Imagine paying more than 2x what the top 10 spend and not even covering everyone.

    • Posted by TheViewFromUpHere, at Reply

      The USA at #11 and costs of $8504. is an embarrassment to the whole world. Imagine paying more than 2x what the top 10 spend and not even covering everyone.

    • Posted by whyamimrpink78, at Reply

      Read that book. Your site does not give clear methods or citations. I have seen that list many times and every time I dismiss it. Nothing indicates that universal healthcare is better when you run through the numbers.

  7. Posted by Steve Martin, at Reply

    Dems that don’t vote for this will experience political blowback come 2018 and 2020.

    • Posted by Hugh Jass, at Reply

      They can easily vote for it because it has no chance of passing whether they vote for it or not. Doesnt mean theyll fight for it come 2018 and 2020.

    • Posted by nachocheez99, at Reply

      No they won’t. most Americans are clueless about healthcare. They think Obamacare covers everybody and will continue to defend the status quo.

    • Posted by Shadyjake100, at Reply

      nachocheez99 I will agree with you because I am one of the clueless (Well maybe not completely clueless) Americans about health care. For many Americans it is not because they want to be clueless it is because both sides have conflicting ideas, information, and data on what plan or route would be best suited for America (which is why I am leaning for States figuring out thier own plan). If a person watches TYT all day then the answer is simple if a person watches Steven Crowder all day the answer is simple but if you are like me and watch both sides the answer is not so simple.

      I have tried to research it and listen to both sides about health care and can not come up with an opinion on where I stand on the issue. I am a Classical Liberal so one side tells me that people should take care of thier own health care (example: get a job that offers health care) but the other side of me says the Government should step in (I was in the military and out health care was pretty simple) and get this mess figured out and help people that need the help another side of me says Charities should step in (Example: Churches/Religions or non-secular type).

      One item I don’t understand is why the States can not step in and come up with a plan for health care in thier State? Why do we have to run it up to the Federal Government? Being a Classical Liberal I’d rather see the states do it on thier own.

    • Posted by Double Pownage, at Reply

      Shadyjake100 states cant do it because repubs wouldnt do it so neefs to be federal.
      democrats are right on this one, tying healthcare to jobs is being a slave, u got less freedom to quit or find better job. getting fired then getting sick would be a disaster.

  8. Posted by ken tobias, at Reply

    Bernie Sanders is a Wise man, a modern Sage 😇

    • Posted by Jay Meh, at Reply

      ken tobias 🙌🏽💯

    • Posted by Ben Shapiro, at Reply

      So wise he goes down on his knees for Hillary and the DNC.

    • Posted by J L, at Reply



  9. Posted by Mrtwomangang, at Reply

    Why can’t the “leaders of the free world “just supply it’s citizens with free healthcare? like the uk

    • Posted by Mrtwomangang, at Reply

      Paul Swanee I was not making this statement in relation to sanders was critiquing American health care on its own

    • Posted by Reno Roscoe, at Reply

      Mrtwomangang To many insurance companies would go out of business…

    • Posted by g w, at Reply

      What’s wrong with your basic reading comprehension. It is crystal clear Paul Swanee was specifically commenting on Sanders. You must be insane!

    • Posted by Mrtwomangang, at Reply

      g w his name comes up when I reply *I was not making this statement *

    • Posted by Paul Swanee, at Reply
  10. Posted by Don The Con, at Reply

    I will support this bill. I promised to take care of everyone. I will make sure everyone has healthcare. Made this promise to you to the American people. Will not let you down!


    • Posted by lori noyes, at Reply

      Medicare is not free. You pay for it…please read up on how it works……

    • Posted by Aesithair Runekafi, at Reply

      That’s just the stache talking.

    • Posted by Amen Knowtech, at Reply

      +lori noyes that’s the point lori…..IT WORKS….not flawlessly but still…IT WORKS.

    • Posted by James Wilson, at Reply

      American tax payers duh! Same people who pay for walls and military increases.

  11. Posted by jonesy, at Reply

    outside of america we respect bernie more than trump

    Honesty goes a long way

    • Posted by Josh Sanders, at Reply

      its funny that you call someone stupid by saying “Hes idiot”….You Sir… ‘are idiot’

    • Posted by Paulie Walnuts, at Reply

      +Mai Nem
      Name those policies that work.

    • Posted by Vitorio Rodriguez, at Reply

      you mean the guy that blasts everyone for not paying their fair share of taxes and turned out he paid just over half what trump paid?

    • Posted by Viv Pace, at Reply

      Vitorio Rodriguez Quiet frankly, you nor any one else KNOWS what trump paid in taxes. The FAKE NEWS received a CLIENT COPY with ‘alleged’ earnings and taxes for ’05. Can you or anyone other than trump swear those numbers are authentic? Just what I thought. Trump duped you again. Open your eyes, ears, and mind to receive the TRUTH. The truth can ALWAYS BE PROVEN. You should know by now TRUMP IS HIDING SOMETHING EMBARRASSING in those DAMN TAXES. Nonetheless, suit yourself.

  12. Posted by John O'Malley, at Reply

    This man keeps on fighting for what’s right. You gotta love it.

    • Posted by Gustav, at Reply

      Non Existent So was Albert Einstein. I hear he was more intelligent than the average.

    • Posted by King Elthibar Dunbroch, at Reply

      No, he’s delusional. If we further bankrupt us, it is going to ruin our nation.

    • Posted by Malcolm Sprott, at Reply

      Who can something that us other countries have that cost less per person of GDP than what the USA is already paying bankrupt you.

  13. Posted by Miss B, at Reply

    At least someone knows what TF is going on. I say we ban Trump -and his supporters- until we figure out what the hell is going on here.

    • Posted by Miss B, at Reply

      Ben Shapiro that’s what you came up with, really? Okay buddy, whatever you need tell yourself…as long as it helps you sleep at night.

    • Posted by David Green, at Reply

      Throw them in prison for unpopular political views?
      You won’t hear me disagree, but only because I don’t want to be locked up by such as you.

    • Posted by Miss B, at Reply

      David Green where did I say prison, and what part of sarcasm do you not get?

  14. Posted by anti-establishment, at Reply

    The paid trolls are on a blitz right now.

    • Posted by mazardeus, at Reply

      +Ben Shapiro Ben Shapiro is gay.

    • Posted by Tony C., at Reply

      Trump trolls are always venting.

    • Posted by David Green, at Reply

      because any disagreement must be from paid trolls?

    • Posted by Joe Black, at Reply

      +David Green Or professional activist paid by Soros. Like he is handing out $50’s from the back of his limo.

  15. Posted by julian brown, at Reply

    Medicare for all is the only way

  16. Posted by Atmost11, at Reply

    I am a conservative republican but I admit the liberals are 100% right about this issue.

    • Posted by M LeClaim, at Reply

      then you’re miles ahead of everyone online and any leader of any nation.
      the best quality of any human being is to take a stand on their side for the other side when the other side gets something right.
      Justin Trudeau esk. congrats.

    • Posted by The Federalist, at Reply

      Kevin Montrond Same here. No one likes trumpcare, but it really is ryancare because Paul Ryan is in bed with the democrats and they both want the same thing.

    • Posted by Paulie Walnuts, at Reply

      No they’re not you idiot.

    • Posted by Nickm6556, at Reply

      HAHA, your a conservative republican and support a pure socialist plan? (That has proven time and time again failed look at medicare’s current insolvancy issue). No your lying through your teeth.

  17. Posted by Left Anti PC, at Reply

    Bernie Sanders is the leader of the progressive movement.

    • Posted by Ex0dus111, at Reply


      Single payer would save Trillions of dollars, not spend it. That’s why your system doesn’t make any sense… Until you realize where those Trillions are actually going.

    • Posted by Vitorio Rodriguez, at Reply

      and a loser. just like the progressives.

  18. Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

    Republicans had 7 damn years to come up with something solid for ALL Americans. so what do they propose? put over $300 billion back into the pockets of those making $200,000 or more, and cutting 24 million people off of healthcare! that’s not healthcare……that’s republican status quo! GO BERNIE!

    • Posted by John Noecker, at Reply

      That’s not health care…that’s wealth care !

    • Posted by tptCJ, at Reply

      You’d probably think different of Bernie if you did a little research on what he’s proposing. Also, the Republicans really just failed to get together something that wasn’t Obamacare and instead a Lite version of it. So are you a fan of Obamacare or even a version with some of the policies from it or are you a fan of getting rid of it and replacing it with something entirely different. It’s hard to tell what some of you fellas want, lol. My opinion is they should have communicated more with Congress to find out what they are looking for, which probably was a complete replacement of a healthcare plan.

    • Posted by Oliver Garcia, at Reply

      We want Healthcare to be a human right. We want the health care premiums to be affordable for all. The best way for this to happen is if the government gets involved and takes care of its citizenry.
      Cut defense spending in half. What America is spending on war material is an absurd exaggeration!
      Use that half to take care of your people. Education and healthcare are normal in an advanced 1st world nation.
      Is the USA not a 1st world nation??
      Sometimes America really tries hard to come across as a 3rd world shithole. Thank the republican party for that.

  19. Posted by Mark Lapworth, at Reply

    Why does every politician ONLY talk about doing things for “working Americans”? Are there no children? Disabled? Aged retirees? Unemployed? Chronically ill?

    • Posted by TomdeArgentina, at Reply

      Workers indicate a social status. On the other hand Ellison is a bit of a phony.

    • Posted by David Green, at Reply

      Because working Americans aren’t deadbeats. People don’t mind helping those who are trying but resent those perceived as being leeches, draining the blood from working Americans. (spin control)

    • Posted by Strato Incendus, at Reply

      David Green And still, there will always be people who cannot work even though they want to. Happened every now and then, even during the merely six weeks I worked at that vocational rehabilitation centre. There are people with such a multitude or unlucky combination of impairments that they are just no longer able to work, no matter how much they would like to. This actually often takes a toll on their psyche, because they feel useless themselves. And others labeling them as “leeches” or whatever only increases that damage.
      Don’t over-glorify your work, guys. We work to be able to live, not vice versa. What you’re doing at your job is an achievement, but having one in the first place is a gift.

  20. Posted by vandertuber, at Reply

    Healthcare is actually a necessity, not a right. Without it you die. We do need universal health insurance.

    • Posted by Viv Pace, at Reply

      whyamimrpink78 Guess you never heard of CORPORATE WELFARE? It sponsors free food, FREE Healthcare, FREE VACATIONS, FREE WINTER HOMES, FREE AIRPLANES THAT FLY CEO’S WITH SUITCASES FULL OF MONEY TO THE CAYMANS, AND ON & ON. You’re a crackpot TROLL. I hope your shenanigans come back to haunt your rabid mind.

    • Posted by Paul Swanee, at Reply

      +vandertube “Healthcare is actually a necessity, not a right” This is 100% false. Healthcare is: the services rendered to a person to maintain and improve their health. You don’t have to improve your health. For the grand majority of americans youre not going to die if you don’t have healthcare. There are already laws in this country that if your life is in danger hospitals have to take you in and try to help you regardless of pay. Of course its beneficial to have health care, and in the long run will probably save you money, but it is by no means a requirement of existence or a human right.

      You could potentially argue that some medication that healthcare provides is a human right, as it allows some people to live, but the actual service of providing the medication should never be guaranteed in scenarios where life is not threatened.

    • Posted by myko freder, at Reply

      He’s heading in the right direction, I think Republicans are
      starting to see that also. You still have to leave some room for business and
      make it affordable or you won’t even get enough Democrats in the real world for
      this. Cover the middle and basics, let business/private health plans cover
      large deductible, expensive medicine, expanding the coverage cap for things costing
      a lot more than heart surgery.

    • Posted by AlphaMikeOmega, at Reply

      I don’t consider it a right (after all, if it costs $6 trillion to provide healthcare to someone who’s going to die soon anyway, there are better ways to spend the money). However, universal healthcare is half the cost, so I support it.

    • Posted by bodaddly, at Reply

      myko, the whole problem is that it is a ” business ” . Profiting from the vulnerable is morally wrong.
      That is why civilized nations provide Universal Healthcare as a necessary Right.