Best Fails of the Month: Driving Me Crazy! (January 2018) | FailArmy | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

Best Fails of the Month: Driving Me Crazy! (January 2018) | FailArmy


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The most effective stops working of the month are in for January. We are pumped about this set, we have actually got a crazy driving mishap, funny tricks as well as some hard hits. 2018 is off to an outstanding begin! Exactly what did you think about the grandfather boxing? Let us understand below!


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Female Slips Throughout Outdoor Dance Routine
Lady Falls off Barrier Course
Woman Faceplants Into Door While Putting On Ice Skates
Man Falls Throughout Towel Dive Rope
Individual Fails to Go Up Wall-Mount of Basketball Hoop
Guy Turns Over ATV While Driving up Hill
Dog Flails Into Water Throughout Leaping Competition
Grandfather Obtains Struck by Speed Bag
Dog Chases Leash Around Couch
Beer Train Tips Over
Cars And Truck Speeds From Financial Institution Drive-Thru and Flies Over Vehicle
Person Falls Into River While Trying Backflip
Guy Faceplants While Surf Sledding
Lady Forgets to Park Auto
Individual Slides While Going Across Road Using Skis
Skier Collisions Into Snowboarder
Chocolate Water Fountain Goes Wrong
Animatronic Santa Scares Little Girl
Woman Splashes Dirt From Flower Pot While Doing Yoga
Guy Kicks Hat into Cam While Breakdancing
Car Crashes into Roadside Snow
Bicyclist Holds On Vehicle as well as Rides Behind Truck
Shark Practically Bites Man's Hand
Person Flies off Skies After Effective Stunt
Versatile Woman Falls Into Swimming Pool
Pet dog Thinks He's Trapped Outdoors
Auto Accidents right into Motorcyclist
Female Meditating on Bridge Disturbed by Insects
Guy Rides Minibike on Tire Swing
Guy Pranks Mother-in-Law With Box
Man Stops Working Polar Bear Plunge
Person Hits Eye With Plaything Plane
Jogger Trips Over Steeplechase
Three-Legged Pet Trashes Residence
Guy Falls on Close Friend While Attempting Long Jump
Individual Breaks Gym Rowing Machine
Young Puppy Takes Stuffed Pet From Kid
Angler With Colder Slides on Ice
Semi-Demolished Recreational Vehicle Drives Down Road
Van Drives Across Hill in Center of Roundabout

Best Stops Working of the Month: Driving Me Crazy! (January 2018)|FailArmy

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  1. Posted by FailArmy, at Reply

    The end of January brings us some awesome fails, here’s hoping February is just as great. Which fail was your favorite from the compilation?

    • Posted by NighteeeY, at Reply

      wheres the 0:42 video?

    • Posted by Don McFeely, at Reply

      if you could have the source for the clips listed in the description in order of when they appear in the video, that would be great. Is there a reason why you don’t do it like that?

    • Posted by arkmario, at Reply

      FailArmy hate car accidents… very bad. 👎

    • Posted by Skeptical Frog, at Reply

      FailArmy the 2nd one 💀💀💀

  2. Posted by Peter Pansen, at Reply

    omg the beer omg omg thats so … such a waste!

  3. Posted by Daniel M, at Reply

    0:45 Holy crap!

    • Posted by Engin Türksoyu, at Reply


  4. Posted by VelloGP, at Reply

    Fail army is supposed to make you laugh. Car crashes are not fun because people can get seriously hurt. Please, don’t show these.

    • Posted by arthurmasonic, at Reply

      VelloGP get out of here then

    • Posted by Felendor, at Reply

      Fail army is about showing fails, that’s it.

    • Posted by Danny.Z, at Reply

      a car accident its not a fail , its something serious

  5. Posted by Teo Chee Min, at Reply

    3:55 coolest one i’ve seen

  6. Posted by Engin Türksoyu, at Reply

    0:50 :'(

  7. Posted by 1 2, at Reply

    Hey failarmy i really like your videos and u make me laugh more often than any other youtube chanel. Please PLEASE stop including car accidents in your videos i know literally nobody who finds them entertaining. if you want to rise the awareness to car accidents i can understand that but pls collect them all in seperate videos. feel free to like if you think like me

    • Posted by ImJamon, at Reply

      Honestly i find them entertaining

    • Posted by COC AND MORE GAMING, at Reply

      1 2 they are one of the funniest

    • Posted by Anonym way !!, at Reply

      I love them! 😀

    • Posted by 1 2, at Reply

      😀 yes sometimes ^^

  8. Posted by white2 sugars, at Reply


  9. Posted by Bacio Wilku, at Reply

    2:48 Polska kurwa

  10. Posted by mateusz urbaniak, at Reply

    2:19 its actualy huge win

  11. Posted by Joseph Adam, at Reply

    I want a link to the motorcycle one at the intersection

  12. Posted by Flo22, at Reply

    All the car crashes are very dangerous!

  13. Posted by ItsMeBro, at Reply

    Fails of the week. Yesterday was my birthday

  14. Posted by Swedish Otaku, at Reply

    0:18 WTF?! And who screamed after?

  15. Posted by Vitor Gamer, at Reply


  16. Posted by Swedish Otaku, at Reply

    0:50 His fucking leg ouch!

  17. Posted by Swedish Otaku, at Reply

    2:20 There was no fail… Stop including clips that aren’t fails…

  18. Posted by Skeptical Frog, at Reply

    1:50 I’m pretty sure that’s CheatDeathNYC

  19. Posted by iBeThatNinjaTone, at Reply

    Couch privileges lol ahh white people

  20. Posted by Swedish Otaku, at Reply

    3:54 Um…. how?