Best Fails of the Week: Is Winter Done Yet? (January 2018) | FailArmy | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

Best Fails of the Week: Is Winter Done Yet? (January 2018) | FailArmy


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Is Winter months done yet? Stops working of the Week is right here to maintain you cozy. Enjoy some exercise stops working, ice skating fails and an arbitrary violin fall short! Have a preferred? Allow us know listed below!!


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  1. Posted by Zondu, at Reply

    Fotw 1 12 YT

  2. Posted by GaLive, at Reply

    FOTW 1 12 YT

    • Posted by Leffe B., at Reply

      Fails of the week, 1 = month 12 = day

    • Posted by Batemen, at Reply

      GaLive You can write what you see? Cool. now kys

  3. Posted by Gabriel Cañamero, at Reply

    Not a single comment about the clip yet. I still don’t understand why are you always saying you’re first or asking for a heart. Really? Don’t you have other goals in your life?
    So sad.

    • Posted by Trevor Newman, at Reply

      I don’t understand why you’re commenting? Really? Don’t you have other goals in life? Sad!

    • Posted by Fyrrikon Smite, at Reply


    • Posted by Scorpio Dynasty X, at Reply

      Gabriel Cañamero …something a person “asking for a heart” would say

  4. Posted by MoneyCZ, at Reply

    What’s wrong with the title?

    • Posted by B Er, at Reply

      MoneyCZ nothing

    • Posted by Dre, at Reply

      Pretty sure failarmy has several clips prepared for upload, they just keep the title in a format that helps them find the one for the right date without hassle

    • Posted by Spark99 Gaming, at Reply

      MoneyCZ Monday

    • Posted by JazzJackrabbit, at Reply

      It’s acoustic.

    • Posted by Conner Smith, at Reply

      JazzJackrabbit Do you mean autistic?

  5. Posted by ModalToaster, at Reply

    whats with title lul
    rn its “FOTW 1 12 YT”

    • Posted by Lady Daria, at Reply

      Kuba14682 PL Weak to po ang ,,słaby” chodziło ci chyba o słowo ,,week” czyli tydzień

    • Posted by LevelAnimations, at Reply

      ShadowKirbae in ‘Murica the date is reversed

      1/12 means 12 January

    • Posted by NoobGamr, at Reply

      LevelAnimations Phoenix83uk didnt get it tho, like why the hell are you gunna post fails of december 2018 when its just january?

    • Posted by ShadowKirbae, at Reply

      +LevelAnimations I know that that’s what it means.. I was talking to Phoenix lol.

    • Posted by LevelAnimations, at Reply

      Woops my bad mentioned the wrong guy xD

  6. Posted by Hazel Miranda, at Reply

    When they’re just so tired that the title is just as simple as that lol still good vid thooo

  7. Posted by lexey rock, at Reply

    The title

  8. Posted by Bronyboy5463, at Reply

    Wtf is with the title?

    • Posted by mike james, at Reply

      hi you must be new, failarmy as we knew it ceased to exist about a year ago, the people who come here are slowly starting to realize how bogus this all is. but yet here i am as well.

    • Posted by Caedo, at Reply

      I’m prety sure this video isn’t quite supposed to be public yet. There are no cards on the end screen yet either.

    • Posted by Bronyboy5463, at Reply

      mike james I’m not new

  9. Posted by L - ESH, at Reply

    1:24 Dustin from stranger things?

    • Posted by Mr. MoneySpent, at Reply

      Haha yah it does sound like him. And that’s something he would say

    • Posted by Suhh Dude, at Reply

      L – ESH lol right

    • Posted by Mauricio, at Reply

      I knew I couldn’t have been the only one who thought that.


    • Posted by Mr. MoneySpent, at Reply


    • Posted by Nicholas van der Waard, at Reply


  10. Posted by Mimi Yankova, at Reply

    1:47 hahahaahahaha😀😁😁😁😁😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Posted by B Er, at Reply

      Mimi Yankova do you really need that many emojis? Tf wrong with you.

    • Posted by Louk, at Reply

      I think it needs a little more emojis

    • Posted by Wessel Rigter, at Reply

      something broke at 1:49

    • Posted by chenzo, at Reply
    • Posted by Louk, at Reply

      chenzo Are you serious?

  11. Posted by coub army, at Reply

    Here are several tracks from the video I’ve recognized:
    01:07 Warner & Chappell Productions – Dance Birthday
    01:34 The Mid North – Where The Sun Shines
    03:21 The Mid North – Minnesota

    • Posted by Shuja, at Reply

      VIDURA JAYAWARDENE What’s wrong with you?

    • Posted by VIDURA JAYAWARDENE, at Reply

      Shuja nothing, what’s wrong with you ?

    • Posted by Shuja, at Reply

      VIDURA JAYAWARDENE Nothing, i asked because you apparently have a short fuse

    • Posted by mickey shaulov, at Reply

      coub army щ

    • Posted by VIDURA JAYAWARDENE, at Reply

      Shuja just leave me alone!

  12. Posted by Dash Tube, at Reply

    4:13 i feel sorry for that deer😢😢😢

    • Posted by 39abc93, at Reply

      Kane Christopher we? how did you contribute to any of that lol

    • Posted by Kane Christopher, at Reply

      39abc93 I was saying that in general, since that kid said people despise americans then i questioned why they still use and enjoy american-made products if they think they are above us americans. They should invent their own shits that are better than shits that americans created! If you can look down on someone, means you consider yourself better than them, so you can automatically do better than someone you look down on! BUT if you still use their shits, you’re a shameless hypocrite

    • Posted by Stefano Luigi Romita Giorgetti, at Reply

      Kane Christopher u need some help

    • Posted by Android User, at Reply
    • Posted by Rokka, at Reply

      Kane Christopher Isnt Skype an Estonian invention?

  13. Posted by Lizard ZTE, at Reply

    Best Title Ever

    • Posted by 9.999.999views, at Reply

      Lizard ZTE first comment getting a heart

  14. Posted by Flávio Souza, at Reply


    • Posted by Luan Eduardo, at Reply

      Flávio Souza maee voce e maluca

    • Posted by O'Dell, at Reply


    • Posted by Pai Jumbo, at Reply

      “O Tiago vai ficar louco”

  15. Posted by Tonnho Hu3, at Reply

    “O Thiago vai ficar louco” kkkkkkkkkkkk mds

    • Posted by Cristian Tramontina, at Reply

      Tonnho Hu3 kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkm

    • Posted by uchiha_sid gamers, at Reply


    • Posted by Sujo na Lama, at Reply

      depois aparece no datena!
      Tiago mata mae e enterra corpo junto a televisao quebrada

  16. Posted by Tribal Trap, at Reply

    01:00 bruh this is so much more impressive than actual weightlifting i’m not even mad

    • Posted by TheDwizzE 24, at Reply

      Tribal Trap Wow ! Love u ! # REALTRAPSHIT <3

    • Posted by Vic Hidam Hungama, at Reply

      01 havanaaaaa una naaaaa

    • Posted by x_leakz, at Reply

      Tribal Trap didnt know you were here! Mcdonalds 😂😂

    • Posted by FailArmy, at Reply

      A fail at lifting, but a win at life!

    • Posted by Thoms, at Reply

      That can’t be good for his spine. Not in the long run.

  17. Posted by Luciano Blecha, at Reply

    Tiago se fudeu

  18. Posted by Justo, at Reply

    Now u know how they call all of their videos

  19. Posted by rakkrisr123, at Reply

    The title of this video should be featured in the coming fails of the week video 😊

  20. Posted by hipster_jesus, at Reply

    Finally you stopped censoring kids mispronouncing words.