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Best Of AFV – Winners Edition | America’s Funniest Home Videos


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To celebrate the best of The U.S.A.'s Funniest House Videos 29th Season – [!!!] – we create a few of our favored champion video clips! A goat that makes unusual sounds, an unintentional mug criminal offense, a healing area rambler, and the invisible rope sham! (+ much more).

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  1. Posted by Shuric Scan 2018 Logo, at Reply

    Video okay

  2. Posted by e.u.a - maior potencia no mar , terra , ar , espaço, at Reply

    hello americans from brazil i love the unitesd states god bless america

    • Posted by yogalin2000, at Reply

      Oh thank you

  3. Posted by Yara Deary, at Reply

    0:34 Is my favourite oh my god

  4. Posted by Anna-Maree Castillo, at Reply

    GOOD NEWS! I LMAO! That’s what happens when you have a HEALTHY sense of HUMOR. πŸ˜‰

  5. Posted by Allykins17, at Reply

    That woman’s really playing with fire with that monkey.

  6. Posted by KillerrBunnii, at Reply

    yall see people in front of you fall and you keep going oml

  7. Posted by Momina Umer, at Reply

    I can’t believe the clip at 3:54 oml πŸ˜‚

    • Posted by The Punisher, at Reply

      That looks like it hurts af.

  8. Posted by Yuvi Dhillon, at Reply

    That kid got smacked with muck…. Hahahaha hah….. Wat the HECK was doing infront of the nozzel!?…. Hahahaha..

    • Posted by America's Funniest Home Videos, at Reply

      *LOL* wrong place at the wrong time!!

  9. Posted by Buzry Hapro Mandalorian Bounty Hunter, at Reply

    7:14 he sacred her pants off!πŸ˜‚

  10. Posted by Girl Just Riding, at Reply

    Some family won’t let you bring your phone which your eating but I can and I was watching this and the part where she hit her head and stuff I spitted out my spaghetti

  11. Posted by sophie, at Reply

    The second guy is just…
    I love him and like he looks tough with the tats and Slipknot shirt & he’s so happy to have a dog. β™₯οΈπŸ’žβ€οΈ

    • Posted by AD Adri, at Reply

      He knew BATMAN!!!

  12. Posted by Calvin & Benson Playtime, at Reply

    3:42 Never seen so many b-ballers slip one after another…someone greased that floor for fun…Cameraman prime suspectπŸ˜‚

  13. Posted by Adyeri 98, at Reply

    3:11 Reminds me of the runaway car from Harry Potter

  14. Posted by furz kolio, at Reply

    Love the guy in the chair so happy he has a mum and dad and family …bless

  15. Posted by Moriganna Brown, at Reply

    at 0:42 had me πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£” I have a chair for me? awesome! I got a Mom! OMG and I got a Dad too OMG you’re so awesome!” *he cries* BOL What was he on and can I share it with him. LMAO

  16. Posted by Rj Gonzalez, at Reply

    4:25 peter parker still learning the ropes

  17. Posted by jammingalways, at Reply

    The guy at the dentist…. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! WOOO!!!!

  18. Posted by Satya Prasad, at Reply

    01:30 The guy doesn’t remember dad, mom and sisters and dog too, but when the
    dad says the dog name is BANE, tada he remembers a character from batman movie. lol.

  19. Posted by 1000 subscribers with no videos, at Reply

    *that goat says “woah woah wooooaaah woaaah woaah woo woo woo wooah…..”*

  20. Posted by AleeshaBeck, at Reply

    Those laughing quadruplets, omg. It’s an old clip, but a good one. ❀