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Best Piñata Fails of May 2018 | Funny Cinco de Mayo Compilation


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Delighted Cinco de Mayo from all of us at AFV! Just how do you plan to commemorate the vacation, today? Are you investing the day at the coastline with a margarita? Exactly how about celebrating the Mexican Military's unlikely triumph over the French Realm at the Battle of Puebla? Whatever you decide to do, we wish you appreciate on your own and also what much better means to do that with us at AFV compared to with a FUNNY CINCO DE MAYO COLLECTION, BEST PIÑATA FALLS SHORT OF MAY 2018! Give it a healthy and balanced view as well as make certain to SHARE THIS VIDEO WITH Every One Of YOUR FRIENDS!

What is the funniest Piñata stop working in today's compensation? Is it the papa just DUMPING SWEET ON THE CHILDREN at 7:16? How about WOMAN DROPPING FROM THE GROCERY ISLE at 7:53? Our favored is certainly the WOMAN THAT CLOCKS HERSELF IN THE KNEE at 8:50! Inform us your faves IN THE COMMENTS LISTED BELOW and also do not forget to SUCH AS As Well As REGISTER FOR AFV on YouTube!

Best Piñata Fails of May 2018|Funny Cinco de Mayo Compilation


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  1. Posted by Erik Lopez, at Reply

    Happy Cinco De Mayo!

    • Posted by Wolves Of Sunset, at Reply

      you too 🙂

    • Posted by Dαniel Mαuricio, at Reply


  2. Posted by #Yvette Fan, at Reply

    Happy Cinco De Mayo Everybody

  3. Posted by #Yvette Fan, at Reply

    Too Funny

  4. Posted by Ludo is salty, at Reply

    my life so far 1:31

  5. Posted by iiQuak_ Cookeiii, at Reply


  6. Posted by Wolves Of Sunset, at Reply

    at 2:42 the boy was hitting the Piñata and then the Piñata was like “no ya aint hitti’n me” and it punched him right in the face lol
    (it happened to me once)

  7. Posted by Wolves Of Sunset, at Reply

    7:53 is me. just me

  8. Posted by caterpillar cookie, at Reply

    Anyone here before 1,000 veiws?

  9. Posted by Saba Khan, at Reply

    So Early!!!!!

  10. Posted by MsKillerqueen5, at Reply

    The first 5 seconds….I just can’t lol

  11. Posted by MsKillerqueen5, at Reply

    Mexican rules are….1 never hit a piñata indoors……2 once the piñata falls the closest adult has to pick it up and shake the candy out for the kids to grab……3 everyone hits it, first the birthday person and then they go by size from shortest kid to the tallest. Those are the most important ones

    • Posted by Camila Perez, at Reply

      MsKillerqueen5 yes I’m always last

  12. Posted by Andrew Brooking, at Reply

    The first one look how acrobatic and fast she fell ouch

  13. Posted by Princess Moonstar, at Reply

    4:46 Hit that piece of sh#t! LOL

  14. Posted by Ruby Telles, at Reply

    Yay! I love piñata! And happy cinco de Mayo! 😊

  15. Posted by Brandon Chauca, at Reply

    I Guess she let it go 0:02

  16. Posted by Brandon Chauca, at Reply

    HE tried his best 2:59

  17. Posted by Renee Wirtz, at Reply

    Do a Furry Fursuiters fails.