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Best Water Fails 5! | AFV Funniest Videos 2018


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Summertime isn't really over as well as we have plenty a lot more funny water and also summer cannot make you laugh! Which video clips make you laugh the most? I need to say that the video clips of cats falling into water or delving into the water (and also instantaneously regretting it) HAVE to be my favorite today. Share your ideas in the remark section listed below!!

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  1. Posted by Skycraft Gaming, at Reply


  2. Posted by Arvipoika 1, at Reply

    1 st

  3. Posted by Arwa Arwaadnan, at Reply


  4. Posted by Savannah Clark, at Reply

    Yes I have done so many water fails in my life time half of the are bellyflops
    Edit:imma like my own comment

  5. Posted by Trinity Raively, at Reply

    5th Ily ❀️❀️

  6. Posted by {Memes_l0l }, at Reply

    A new vid is a good vid

  7. Posted by M /Best Video, at Reply


  8. Posted by Artsy Minecraft, at Reply

    These and cat ones are the ones I look most forward to!

  9. Posted by Jordyne Bland, at Reply

    Name of the video 1:10

  10. Posted by Brandon Bounleaungkoemany, at Reply

    Back again with AFV’s banger videos to make my day xD

    • Posted by Brandon Bounleaungkoemany, at Reply

      Also 2:15 THUMBNAIL

  11. Posted by CooL FuNs, at Reply

    Hi. Hahaha, I have to admit, you made me laugh.
    Tell me if I make you laugh with my videos as well.
    Good videoπŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

  12. Posted by Rvage, at Reply

    0:37 fortnite

  13. Posted by Elizabeth Carroll, at Reply

    Poor cats when they fall in the water

  14. Posted by Diamond wolfey, at Reply

    9:15 that’s like my cat, just kinda walks not knowing where she is going πŸ˜‚

  15. Posted by Jojo H, at Reply

    0:21 wtf that laugh

  16. Posted by Lauren G, at Reply

    I’ve never watched a video so many times

  17. Posted by Owen Lopez, at Reply

    I Love This Videos xD

  18. Posted by stickloaf, at Reply

    @4:32 thats because he can smell your brothers nuts

    • Posted by John Thompson, at Reply

      stickloaf This is the best comment I’ve seen in my life

  19. Posted by ebonyonce, at Reply

    Some of these….not even near water

  20. Posted by Aaron Rist, at Reply

    Why do you even think someone wants subtitles for laughing and screaming… just stop