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Betsy DeVos Sides Against Rape Victims


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Betsy DeVos is threatening defenses for rape targets. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, and Amberia Allen, the hosts of The Young Turks, tell you how. Tell us exactly what you assume in the comment area listed below.

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" After days of conflict surrounding conferences with stakeholders in the university sexual offense discussion, Education Assistant Betsy DeVos claimed Thursday that she wanted to aid both targets of attack as well as those that have been falsely charged of rape– a striking departure from the rhetoric of the Obama administration, which has actually concentrated mostly on survivors.

DeVos strongly suggested that she was planning to upgrade the manner in which the government handles school sexual offense, calling the current system of imposing Title IX broken.

" We should obtain this right, we need to secure all pupils, and we have to do this promptly," DeVos informed reporters.

For perhaps other education secretary, the meetings would have been common occasions. Yet earlier this week, DeVos angered supporters for targets of sexual assault by accepting meet with participants of a men's civil liberties group, which argues that men implicated of attack are treated unjustly by colleges under the Obama management's Title IX guidance. The National Union for Men has a background of frightening sufferers by publishing the identities of women that they claim made incorrect accusations.

As DeVos sat with victims' teams Thursday morning, protesters and also advocates, including Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, stood outside in the damp warmth, checking out tales of sexual assault survivors."

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Amberia Allen

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Amberia Allen


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  1. Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

    Bitchy DeVos strikes again!

    • Posted by Wini Olivache, at Reply

      OutlawRebel117 Betsy Dumbvos

    • Posted by Joseph Fry, at Reply

      I HATE this woman… but must begrudgingly admit she is right. 1. colleges should not “handle” criminal investigation or prosecution. 2. there must be a presumption of innocence. 3. if someone willingly has sex while drunk, it is not rape. people drink to lower their inhibitions, if you do something you regret while drinking you have no one to blame but yourself, even if that means drinking more drinks that the guy serves you. 4. a guy having sex with an unconscious woman, a woman he drugged, a woman who says no, or my daughter should be hung by his balls.

    • Posted by Felicia Woods, at Reply

      No Arkaine she’s not wrong simply because of who picked her. She’s wrong for giving consideration to rolling back title 9 protections (which there aren’t many in the first place for victims of sexual assault) and protections for student loan borrowers to keep them from being victimized.

    • Posted by Sonny J, at Reply

      OutlawRebel117 just change the crime should a college handle a robbery, should a college handle a assault case. Crimes should be reported to the cops since that’s their job.

    • Posted by Arkaine197, at Reply

      Felicia Woods that isn’t what the guy i was responding to said, he simply said she was wrong about “this as everything else” But either way i don’t think bringing people who’s lives have been ruined by false accusations of rape to the table for a discussion on the way rape is handled in universities is a bad thing. The student loan thing she’s a monster on, and her crusade to eliminate public education is terrifying, but this, not so much.

  2. Posted by Andrew Johansen, at Reply

    Today on Fake News..

    • Posted by vorsye, at Reply

      +What Key? – Wrong

    • Posted by Mint Julip, at Reply

      +vorsye, you’re correct. The channel receives advertisement revenue if the *whole* video is viewed. Thank you.

    • Posted by nevereverwinter, at Reply

      which proves you don’t watch the video, and that you are trolling and nothing more 😛

    • Posted by vorsye, at Reply

      +Mint Julip – Still wrong moron.

  3. Posted by Jeri Kourkoumelis, at Reply

    DeVos’s brother Eric Price is the Christin Zionist warlord founder of Black Water. Trump has surrounded himself with the worse people imaginable. Off topic Ana looks stunning as usual.

    • Posted by Factz Knight, at Reply

      Hexx Bombastus it’d basically being super pro Israel/pro Zionist Jew and being Christian

    • Posted by Aaron Burr At the woods, at Reply

      Jeri Kourkoumelis
      I think Amberia is beautiful and I’m really not attracted to black women usually. It’s just a personal preference but she carries herself very well.

    • Posted by starlight 76, at Reply

      Eric Prince, not Eric Price

    • Posted by Sterling Pound, at Reply

      I’m sure she’ll be pleased with the compliment.

  4. Posted by Blue Turtle, at Reply

    …but guys who were FALSELY accused have their entire lives ruined. Don’t get me wrong, I think survivors in colleges are totally getting screwed over. But people who are falsely accused are just as innocent and get in,arguably more, trouble than the “victim”. It didn’t seem like she was saying she didn’t support survivors. Just saying , I know very little about her, and what I do know I don’t like, but I feel the need to play devils advocate.

    • Posted by Blue Turtle, at Reply

      Look, guys. I’m not excusing rape. Trust me, rapists are the scum of the Earth. I’m inclined to believe the victim, being one myself. The point I was trying to make was that it’s not wrong to try and help people who were falsely accused. Somehow innocent people accused get treated worse than actual rapists. Because the victim gets blamed in real cases. That’s the point I’m trying to make

    • Posted by NoNameTheFirst, at Reply

      A86 Let’s say that statistic is correct, what are the other 90%? In words, describe who or what those 90% are.

    • Posted by Amanda Bell, at Reply

      Being falsely accused of a crime is NOT worse than being the victim of a crime. Getting raped is a lifetime sentence of emotional issues. A man accused who didn’t do it will have a much easier life once the rumors die down. He can move and have a brand new life. Victims of rape take it with them wherever they go. And very few men are falsely accused. In fact, even the 2-10% of false reports sited on TYT does not take into account that most false reports of rape NEVER NAME A PERPETRATOR. They are women or girls with issues who want attention from family, friends, the police, their school, whoever, and are vague about who raped them to the authorities. So the percentage of specific men being accused by a liar is way, way less than the 2-10% mentioned.

  5. Posted by Rayn Wolfsbane, at Reply

    Uh oh, “rape” is in the title. The trolls are going to spam the dislike since that’s the only way they can have sex.

    • Posted by The Secularist, at Reply

      it’s bullshit to think that some cretin raped a girl? Lol that girl has feelings, not that you would care, as a rapist and all.

    • Posted by Shikam187, at Reply

      Rayn Wolfsbane considering how creepy the alt right is, it probably is.

    • Posted by left leaning libertarian, at Reply

      ArisCarroll shut the foock up mate. I sexual identify as left leaning libertarian.

  6. Posted by Afro Kazama, at Reply

    I will never be surprised when a right winger says or does something dump.

    • Posted by mike hawk, at Reply

      Afro Kazama you should proofread your comment there captain irony.

    • Posted by Mozues Olympian, at Reply

      *Captain Irony*

      Sorry, i had to do it to you.

    • Posted by Chris Rembert, at Reply

      Afro Kazama because burden of proof is so evil

    • Posted by Sonny J, at Reply

      Afro Kazama because criminal offenses should be handled by paperpusher

  7. Posted by Michael B, at Reply

    You shouldn’t be expelled from college just because you’re accused of something. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

    • Posted by Jakob Drees, at Reply

      Michael B oo

    • Posted by Gaeron, at Reply

      Afro Kazama he’s being paid a student is paying

    • Posted by Warwolf1, at Reply

      The thing is that it SHOULD apply EVERYWHERE.

  8. Posted by Time Lord, at Reply

    “1 in 5 women at college will be sexually assaulted”.

    • Posted by Felicia Woods, at Reply

      And let me guess Time Lord, you don’t believe Sandy Hook happened either.

    • Posted by 2nd classCitizen, at Reply

      +Felicia Woods and let me guess …the kkk never lynched innocent blacks falsely accused of raping white women.Do you see now what an insidious hypocrite you are!

    • Posted by deenman23, at Reply

      its 4.5 out of 5 actualy

  9. Posted by I Rate Your Comments, at Reply

    I actually agree with Devos (words I never thought I’d say.) Some women lie about getting raped. Earlier this year there was the girl who lied about getting raped by two illegal immigrant teenagers; her lie had serious consequences. Do people not think this happens all the time?

    • Posted by I Rate Your Comments, at Reply

      I’ll check it out. Tangentially, your recommendation reminds me of “When Rabbit Howls” by Truddi Chase. In the 80’s she was on the talk show circuit appearing on Oprah and Donahue.

      I can definitely recommend it to anyone interested in “recovered memories” through hypnotherapy and psychology quackery.

      Basically, she goes into hypnotherapy for general anxiety and depression and after recovering lost memories of countless horrific sexual abuse comes out with multiple personality disorder with, get this, 92 different personalities, all who remembered something different. Written as an “autobiography” of the, ahem, 92 authors.

    • Posted by Dallas, at Reply

      2-5 percent of the time

  10. Posted by cne08, at Reply

    Saying it’s not sexist to publish the names of men suspected of rape, but is sexist to publish the names of women suspected of making false rape accusations is sexist.

    • Posted by asaenvolk, at Reply

      yes…we understand, hypocrisy…

    • Posted by Jolly Cocks, at Reply


    • Posted by Felicia Woods, at Reply

      cne08 the victim of crime (and rape is a crime the last time I checked) has a right to remain anonymous.

    • Posted by darkmantlestudios, at Reply

      Felicia Woods

      false accusation is a crowd me, ergo Victims of crime have the right to remain anonymous.


  11. Posted by Patrick Cox, at Reply

    There was a case in my college just recently where a girl was arrested for falsely accusing someone of rape. Before it came out that it was false the police reported that there was a sexual assault and emailed all the students to be safe. This was the first and only time sexual assault was reported in my 3 years so far in college.

    • Posted by Puffn Treez, at Reply

      Patrick Cox cool story bro

  12. Posted by MentalAtheist, at Reply

    People who are “Accused” of rape should have to do NOTHING until proven Guilty!!!

    It is idiotic to think otherwise

    • Posted by Pan2 パンツ, at Reply

      +bongo155 The burden of proof shouldn’t be less in any situation.

    • Posted by Okaro X, at Reply

      bongo155 Universities should not have their own trials. Period.

    • Posted by R Vanzo, at Reply

      That is ridiculous. The burden should always be beyond reasonable doubt and they should allow cross examination, forensic evidence and everything else if they want to step in the shoes of the court system.

    • Posted by Sam Kha, at Reply

      bongo155 Universities rules are stupid and shouldn’t have those rules. I’m happy to see an attack on this unjust system.

    • Posted by Moonlit Shadow, at Reply

      Tell you what, I’ll let universities have their kangaroo courts so long as federal student aid is eliminated and these colleges receive no government funding.

  13. Posted by jesus barrera, at Reply

    it’s kind of fucked up how they just says it’s no biggie getting expelled over an accusation

    that just shouldn’t happen, rape is harder to prove and is a serious subject but you just don’t expell a student over an accusation

    seriously, that’s fucked up TYT

    • Posted by Simon Winn, at Reply

      It’s next to impossible to apply to a new college, when your record says you got expelled for rape.

    • Posted by Felicia Woods, at Reply

      jesus barrera it rarely if ever does happen. But one thing that I do know that happens more frequently than people want to believe it does is sexual assault on campus.

    • Posted by Islam is cancer, at Reply

      Felicia Woods It happens way too often and getting your whole life ruined because of false accusation is far worse than being raped.

    • Posted by JoeyTheRedKangaroo, at Reply

      @ Woods
      As an African-American male, if some white girl said I did something to her I am going to lose everything and you know this. And it happens A LOT.

  14. Posted by Adam K, at Reply

    I feel any female who lies about being raped should get no less then 10 years in prison….. it is just so damn hard for a male to prove he is innocent especially if they had sex. cause how is he supposed to prove there was consent? there is a stigma where like the burden of proof is starting to fall on the male. There needs to be more lie detector tests made available…. My cousin broke up with his GF and then 2 days later she cried rape…. another guy I went to college with got accused after he had a one night stand with the girl and she caught feelings for him and he blew her off and he got kicked out of school and she came clean 6 months to late

    • Posted by hhotmama123, at Reply

      A female making false claims should definitely be punished and can be sued in court…however most individuals proven guilty of rape hardly ever get even close to 10yrs in prison, unless for extreme cases

    • Posted by Alic Unknown, at Reply

      Adam K you can’t possibly do that. How do you determine if a woman’s accusations were false beyond a reasonable doubt?

    • Posted by beer is good, at Reply

      Alic Unknown Check out the Sara Ylen case.

    • Posted by TheKrazyGoob, at Reply

      Lie detector tests are a terrible idea. Absolute garbage science proven many times over and over and over again.

  15. Posted by Lib Libest, at Reply

    There are LOTS of situations where women falsely accuse men of raping/assaulting them. They know this is one way to “get back” at a man they have issues with and destroy his life. There are girls who have consensual sex with a guy, regret it and cry RAPE. This epidemic NEEDS dire attention. Its destroying lives and I personally know someone affected by this mess.
    Men are humans too with feelings. They get hurt AND they feel pain. And YES they can be wrongly accused of crazy stuff.

    • Posted by Derick Rhodes, at Reply

      Do you have any statistics on that, or are you just repeating what you’ve heard? I find it difficult to believe these is some coven of women in every college out to screw over men they regret sleeping with by ruining their lives. I find it hard to believe that kind of psychopathic disregard for another people’s well being is at all common enough to warrant structuring out law around the possibility of someone falsely making accusations.

    • Posted by Lib Libest, at Reply

      Derick Rhodes, No I’m not just “repeating what I’ve heard”. I don’t have statistics but I personally know someone who this has happened to. Even Cenk stated in the video that he knew of someone who was a victim of that in college. It EVEN happened on the TV show “Bachelors in Paradise” where a woman (Corrine Olympios) claimed sexual assault on some guy (Demario Jackson), when SHE SEXUALLY APPROACHED him. If not for video evidence showing she initiated the sexual event, that guy’s life would have been utterly destroyed. His reputation is already hurt for merely being a suspect of sexual assault. These things are happening quite a lot and its not just on college campuses by the way.

      Besides, we shouldn’t need high “statistics” to work on preventing men from being falsely accused and ruined by lying and conniving females.

    • Posted by Lib Libest, at Reply

      Derick Rhodes, If a woman falsely accuses a man of rape/assault and it has been proven to be false, she should get a LENGTHY jail sentence. I don’t know if that’s already law but it should be. We are talking about potentially destroying a man’s life here. These things should not be tolerated.

  16. Posted by Davy Crockett, at Reply

    WHY are men’s rights groups always looked at as a joke?

    • Posted by Sam Kha, at Reply

      Davy Crockett They fear mens rights group and the power they are gathering. All truth goes through three stages. First it is ridiculed, then it is violently opposed, then it is accepted as self evident. MRA’s are at stage one.

    • Posted by Islam is cancer, at Reply

      Jeremy O’Dwyer Historical discrimination is just that. Historical. Time get over it, it doesn’t exist anymore.
      The pay gap is a myth. The most privileged people on the planet today are the middle and upper class women. The only reason men’s rights groups are being looked at as a joke is because the society has become so gynocentric that even mentioning that men might be treated unfairly is a taboo topic.

    • Posted by Jeremy O'Dwyer, at Reply

      Islam is cancer Dude. If you look at all the most powerful positions in the world it’s pretty much all men. If you saw the recent news about people in american government making decisions on women’s health it was a room full of men. If you look at most of the big films coming out of Hollywood their mostly aimed at men. It’s taken years to get 1 female led superhero film made in a system that’s already put out ant man and guardians of the galaxy (who most people never even heard of). There still hasn’t been 1 episode of game of thrones directed by a woman. And they’re some of the reasons why when men’s rights advocates band together in the belief that we’re living in some sort of matriarchy with men as the discriminated minority those men sound frankly crazy. And there’s usually more than a hint of misogyny lurking right under the surface of many of those groups.

      And as I mentioned in my previous comment, an almost complete inability to acknowledge any of the discrimination woman face today just makes those type of people look anti women more than pro men. Those groups would get far more respect if they were more willing to acknowledge the issues women face today but many of them seem incapable of even that.

      Anyway, there’s a saying that when you’re used to privilege, equality seems like discrimination.

  17. Posted by David Espinoza, at Reply

    There is definitely a problem with false accusations in US universities:
    1. Rolling stone case
    2. Duke Lacrosse team case
    3. Matress girl case
    4. The case about the girl who had a threesome with 2 football players and then accused them of rape
    All of them proven to be false.

    • Posted by Sonny J, at Reply

      David Espinoza those are just the major stories they got off free since the spotlight was on them

  18. Posted by upgrader99, at Reply

    “Increasing the burden of proof to find someone guilty?” *DID YOU JUST SAY THAT??*

    It’s innocent until proven guilty beyond any reasonable doubt. Maybe those words haven’t entered your lexicon…

    • Posted by Isaiah Collins, at Reply

      upgrader99 it’s not innocent until proven guilty by a university, and since you don’t seem to know most rape cases at colleges aren’t investigated by the police but rather the college

    • Posted by Dun Hilda, at Reply

      Then that is illegal and the colleges are taking their laws in to their own hands, shut em down.

    • Posted by Isaiah Collins, at Reply

      Dun Hilda it’s not illegal at all, usually victim is given choice go to police or deal with it in school disciplinary process. The victims usually don’t want to deal with real police so they don’t get involved. The victim can get police involved anytime but they don’t and instead of nothing happening the school does something. Where they investigate and see if their code of conduct was broken. There’s no law forcing someone to prosecute in court. It’s like at a job sexual harassment comes up most people don’t call police but have hr deal with it.

    • Posted by upgrader99, at Reply

      I like Jordan Peterson’s solution. Cut college funding by 25% and let them fight over the scraps. The first courses to go will be worthless ethnic and womens studies. Then, maybe people will start learning things you can’t learn by googling stuff.

  19. Posted by Urhoboman5, at Reply


    Question : Why are Universities handling rape cases? The justice system should be handling that. NOT the University!!!

    • Posted by Alic Unknown, at Reply

      Urhoboman5 both handle it. Universities handle student conduct and expulsions

    • Posted by Poketto, at Reply

      Why are you “handling” a rape case? You’re passing judgement, and aren’t even on a jury smdh

      This is the value of applying arbitrary judicial standards to personal life.

    • Posted by Sonny J, at Reply

      Alic Unknown university handle cases just like a vigilante justice. You think you are right and even if you are wrong you don’t care