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Betsy DeVos Wants To Know What MRA’s Think About Rape Policy


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That much better to ask about rape policy than a bunch of Guy's Rights Lobbyists? Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us just what you assume in the remark area below.

" DeVos has actually not taken a placement on 2011 education and learning division support on campus sexual assault, which broadened securities for sexual offense survivors by calling for all colleges to have treatments in position to take care of as well as quickly examine problems. But her decision to meet with these groups isn't really a great sign.

The National Union for Men, which was founded in the 1970s, has a lengthy history of what is now called "males's civil liberties activism." Among the groups' phases published the photos as well as names of females, while calling them "incorrect accusers."

In 2012, the group supported the Republican politician Home variation of the Physical violence Versus Female Act, which removed securities for LGBTQ people in dilemma centers. The group has actually been really litigious when it notifications occasions specifically assigned as for women. Its members sued a strip club for allowing women in completely free throughout its "women night" as well as filed a claim against a firm called Chic CEO for not letting males into a women's networking occasion." *.

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  1. Posted by Grant Putnam, at Reply

    Rape culture is a myth.

    • Posted by spoder man hates TYT, at Reply

      Islam is the REAL rape culture

  2. Posted by AL(O)TM, at Reply

    Some are genuine and have decent points that should be heard, but the majority of MRA’s online are no life basement dwellers who can’t get women. They fall in the same category with the anti-sjw pc loser crowd that flourishes only on anonymous comment threads.

    • Posted by AL(O)TM, at Reply

      DeadFishFactory I’m referring to the mid to late twenty something demographic who’ve never been married let alone with a woman.

    • Posted by DeadFishFactory, at Reply

      You don’t have to be with a woman to see flaws in the system. Otherwise, why are there feminist men when they will never be a woman?

    • Posted by Gouky, at Reply

      Generalizations are ok if leftists make them … Leftists are retards

    • Posted by David, at Reply

      AL(O)TM. That’s very true. Same with feminism. Some feminists have decent points as well but a 3rd wave of feminism has taken hold of the movement and has tarnished their image.

      Watch The Red Pill. A feminist looked inside the world of the MRAs and actually what she found was shocking. She’s still for gender equality, but she isn’t a feminist.

  3. Posted by Pallas AnitaSarkeesian, at Reply

    The false rape accusation epidemic is the greatest hoax of our time. MRA cucks are scum.

    • Posted by Kaname Tōsen, at Reply

      Pallas AnitaSarkeesian not an epidemic but it does happen. I’ve been taken advantage of and accused of rape before. plus men rape other men so having a policy that deals with those issues would be nice.

    • Posted by Kaname Tōsen, at Reply

      Jane Creek you know it’s easy to stimulate a penis, right? after that you can just go at it as you please. I’m guessing you just wanted to comment but not really think about it. apology accepted.

    • Posted by Jane Creek, at Reply

      +Kaname I guess that a woman who is much smaller and weaker than her male counterpart can drug a guy and then anally rape him with a strap on dildo but this isn’t the norm. 99.9% Of rapes are perpetrated by males. Males raping males. Males raping females. Males raping children. Males raping animals. A woman stimulating a penis, holding down the male and then impaling herself on him, riding until she is satisfied? Come on now you are really grasping at straws.

    • Posted by Jane Creek, at Reply

      +RogueBishop89  The concept of the teenager is a 20th century invention. Alexander of Macedon was 14 when he was bloodied in Battle and Scipio Aemilianus was 15. Do you understand what rape is? These young men weren’t raped and these cases are still in the minority.

  4. Posted by ItsThatKidGreg, at Reply

    I think the most telling part about this video is that Cenk himself barely says anything of substance in the entire 11 minutes.

    • Posted by How do you eat yours?, at Reply

      take your fingers out of your ears and stop screaming blah blah blah.

    • Posted by MrB1923, at Reply

      How do you eat yours? Your the one who needs to do some research. Cenks analysis is superficial, misdirected and erroneous.

  5. Posted by David Espinoza, at Reply

    American Universities definitely have a problem with false accusations:
    1. Rolling stone case
    2. Duke lacrosse team case
    3. Matress girl case
    4. The case of the girl who had a threesome with 2 football players in a bathroom and them accused them of rape
    All of them completely false.

    • Posted by Apollo Sun, at Reply

      David Espinoza No doubt about it, the false rape accusation epidemic is out of control.

      It has become a money making cottage industry

    • Posted by It doesn't matter who we are, what matters is our plan., at Reply

      The Occidental case. 50/50, drunk, with text message evidence. Title IX kept it in their own campus and school administration had to convince the woman that she was raped so they could attack the man. Even continuing to harass him after he tried to go to another school.

    • Posted by TamPacks, at Reply

      False reports of rape are about 8%. Roughly the same as false reports of all crime.

  6. Posted by Apollo Sun, at Reply

    Only radical feminists have a right to discuss public policy

    • Posted by Coos Oorlog, at Reply

      no, just the non-idiots

    • Posted by Syrup Forever, at Reply

      Coos Oorlog Guess that disqualifies you libtards then.

  7. Posted by Andrew Wells, at Reply

    So TYT don’t think MRAs even have the right to be heard … because? Men don’t get raped or sexually abused? This just far removed from reality TYT are and how little “progressives” actually care about rape victims. As per usual, they only care in so far as they can stand over people’s suffering for petty political gain. Classic “progressive”!

    • Posted by Despicably Irascible Rapscallion, at Reply

      Andrew Wells It’s likely because the most vocal MRAs have made a joke of the movement.

    • Posted by Andrew Wells, at Reply

      Yeah but Cenk dismissed that there was any problem or discrimination against men, he didn’t just dismiss a few figures in the movement.

      That’s also completely hypocritical given that TYT and “progressives” are the political wing of SJWs and feminists.

    • Posted by Ser Frazier, at Reply

      Despicably Irascible Rapscallion Not really. Anita Sarkessian and her ilk are almost universally regarded as jokes now, except by sjw cuck progressives.

  8. Posted by Rawbeard, at Reply

    man do not have all the rights in the beginning. Cenk will come begging the MRAs once he gets divorced and hasn’t seen his kids in years.

    • Posted by Patsy Stone, at Reply

      Rawbeard prove your own legitimacy, you dont need an activist organization to support your credibility to raise your children. Get a lawyer. Your problem and your problem alone.

  9. Posted by Kevin Hodgson, at Reply

    Why is so hard for people to understand that the burden of proof in rape cases, just like any other sort of criminal case, should be on the accuser? Just because rape is one of the most horrendous crimes a person can commit, doesn’t mean you can just throw the justice system out the window and start accepting the accusers statements as fact. If you think that rape cases should have a a bias towards the accuser, then its pretty clear you don’t truly care about justice as you only care about it when its convenient for you’re own morals.

    • Posted by Heat And Serve, at Reply

      That is also why so few rape allegations lead to trial and even fewer lead to conviction. Also why they are so troublesome to deal with because the accused can agree to pretty much every circumstance as long as he/she says it was consensual.

      But the notion that false accusations is somehow prevalent is just wrong. There’s been a few studious about wrongful reports and those measure to 2% to 10% (depending on jurisdiction). I say wrongful because it’s not necessarily criminal intent behind those. Because filing a false report knowingly is at least a misdemeanor in most jurisdictions. So a vast majority of rape charges deserves to be taken seriously because they really can’t be dismissed as wrongful or false.

  10. Posted by Therapist, at Reply

    I think rape is bad..

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply


  11. Posted by spoder man hates TYT, at Reply

    Islam is the REAL rape culture

    • Posted by Pete Lind, at Reply

      Funny when DeVos family runs christian schools and are pro rape .

    • Posted by Patsy Stone, at Reply

      Pete Lind where do you think all if the rapists and pedophiles hide???CHURCHES!

  12. Posted by Coos Oorlog, at Reply

    False rape accusations were not a problem for conservatives when the accused were mostly african-americans and latinos. Like the Central Park Five who were wrongfully convicted (and Trump still believes they were guilty because they’re not white.)
    Now, it seems more and more young white men are being falsely accused of rape. So it becomes a problem for conservatives, and they become these “men’s rights advocates”.

    • Posted by Captain Cox N Dix's Itchy Trigger Finger, at Reply

      Coos Oorlog well said guy…well said. I couldn’t agree more.

    • Posted by Heat And Serve, at Reply

      Well, another part of the problem is that the number of false allegations that can be proven amounts to roughly 2% to 10%. Depending on jurisdiction, of course. That, however, doesn’t mean those are maliciously filed false allegations. In many instances the reporter was victim of a crime, just not rape. Or rape could not be proven or proven not to have taken place. It was not necessary a rape accusations intended to smear a specific perpetrator. Also worth noting is that even conservative estimates are that more than half of all rape or sexual assaults is not reported at all.

      So it’s fairly safe to say that the notion false rape accusations being prevalent is demonstrably false. So it’s a tad bit disturbing that the Education Secretary just goes straight pass the vast majority of actual reports and goes straight for the false ones.

    • Posted by Ser Frazier, at Reply

      Coos Oorlog Doesn’t seem to a problem now for progressives either.

  13. Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

    TYT doesn’t care if young men get railroaded by the system and don’t even have the most basic rights to defend themselves when accused. I thought TYT was about helping preserve the rights of the accused? Regressive fools

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      Cenk doesn’t support false rape accusations. He states that those falsely-accused of rape should be defended at the 1:19 mark of the video, fool. Watch, and then troll, next time.

  14. Posted by cne08, at Reply

    A divorce is never equal Cenk. The wife always gets favored in a divorce.

    • Posted by Emily McDonald, at Reply

      cne08 that’s not true at all.

  15. Posted by Patsy Stone, at Reply

    OMG! That photo of her as Cruella is fabulous!

  16. Posted by zaid zuberi, at Reply

    what’s wrong with listening to other groups. I remember when tyt used to try to be unbiased news

  17. Posted by mus5599, at Reply

    The tables have turned on those who practice stank-hoe-ism.

  18. Posted by StrategySceptic, at Reply

    Women have more rights than men do. You couldn’t name a single law that favors men over women, but there are quite a few that specifically favor women over men.

    • Posted by Evil Bastard, at Reply

      What healthcare rights? ProTip: Healthcare isn’t a right.
      so….toplessness… That’s literally all you’ve got to argue with? thats it?

    • Posted by Kimberly Mehrer, at Reply

      StrategySceptic These laws don’t FAVOR women, they PROTECT them! You’re an idiot.

    • Posted by StrategySceptic, at Reply

      Toplessness would be a red herring here. Women and men have sexual organs on different places of their body, hence different requirements for clothing. Not to mention you could go on a beach in a thong for example, but in most places a guy would be thrown right out if he tried that.
      I’m not sure what healthcare rights you are talking about that men have and women don’t.

    • Posted by Emily McDonald, at Reply

      Evil Bastard There are still rights within healthcare. Women in prisons are having their tubes tied against their will.

    • Posted by Emily McDonald, at Reply

      StrategySceptic women’s and men’s nipples are no different. And men can go to beaches in thongs – they’re called speedos.

  19. Posted by Sinessa, at Reply

    And many manchildren were triggered that day.