//#BidensOfficialDuties: Citizens can’t get enough of hilarious VP mocking

#BidensOfficialDuties: Citizens can’t get enough of hilarious VP mocking


While mocking Vice President Biden on a day ending in “y” is nothing new, Twitter users couldn’t seem to stop today. First there was the news that he was grounded and sent home to Delaware , which sparked the guessing of his next gaffe. Then there was the news that Hillary was rumored to have turned down a spot on the ticket, which had Twitter users offering other hilarious reasons why Biden should not be replaced. Next came the side-splitting reasons to free Joe Biden from exile. Even Virginia Governor McDonnell got in on the action!

The latest: Twitter users suggest some official duties for Biden, using the hashtag #BidensOfficialDuties.


To clear out White House parties by insulting the guests #bidensofficialduties

— Sam Valley (@SamValley) August 17, 2012

#bidensofficialduties Carrying Michelle's luggage to Air Force 1 for her vacations.

— Graham (@PoofImGraham) August 17, 2012

#bidensofficialduties Scraping gum from the bottoms of Oval Office Chairs #tcot

— Bryan R.. (@youthpastorbry) August 17, 2012

#bidensofficialduties if any of his duties are "being a friggin' moron" he deserves a huge raise.

— Graham (@PoofImGraham) August 17, 2012

#bidensofficialduties Check calendar, cancel any scheduled meeting of the White House jobs council, rinse, repeat

— Josh Painter (I-TX) (@Josh_Painter) August 17, 2012

#bidensofficialduties Finding the missing 7 states

— CO2 Insanity (@CO2Insanity) August 17, 2012


Say something stupid, smile, repeat. #bidensofficialduties

— Sam Valley (@SamValley) August 17, 2012

#bidensofficialduties Mailing iPod's loaded with Obama Speeches to world leaders

— CO2 Insanity (@CO2Insanity) August 17, 2012

#bidensofficialduties tending to Anna Wintour's napkin at Mr. In-touch Obama's $40k a plate fundraisers

— Graham (@PoofImGraham) August 17, 2012

It's like the food chain. Biden cleans up after Bo the dog, the media clean up after Biden. #BidensOfficialDuties

— Blaknsam (@Blaknsam) August 17, 2012

And, bringing it full Twitter-circle.

#bidensofficialduties Mastermind behind hash tag hits such as #Forward #AskDavidAxelrod #WHChat and #DontDoubleMyRate

— Stephen Kohls (@STKohls) August 17, 2012

Keep them coming!