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Big Game Hunter Gets Crushed By Elephant


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Theunis Botha was a South African large game seeker. He was just recently crushed by an elephant when on a current hunt. Cenk Uygur, Hannah Cranston, and also Brett Erlich, the hosts of The Young Turks, go over the seeker's death. Inform us just what you assume in the remark area below.

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" A South African large video game hunter passed away after being squashed by an elephant cow that had been shot on a video game get in Zimbabwe at the weekend break.

Theunis Botha, 51, was leading a search with customers when the team mistakenly walked right into the middle of a breeding herd of elephants at the All the best Farm near Hwange National Park late on Friday afternoon, Zimparks spokesperson Mr Simukai Nyasha said.

Three of the elephant cows charged the hunters. Mr Botha fired a shot from his rifle however he was captured by surprise by a fourth cow that stormed them from the side, the Afrikaans information site Netwerk24 reported."

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Hannah Cranston, Brett Erlich

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Hannah Cranston, Brett Erlich


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  1. Posted by DStyleBoxing, at Reply

    That Elephant is a boss

    • Posted by will mach, at Reply

      Big Game Hunting industry has helped these animals and has saved some of the rare ones. hunting has gave the local people and governments an incentive to protect these animals.Β  The money of the hunt goes to saving the animals, the meat goes towards feeding local tribes. If they didn’t do game hunting poachers would go unchecked and kill these animals without impunity and locals would not set aside land and protect land for these animals. You guys love these animals, but unfortunately you don’t love them enough to give your money to protect them, these game hunter do. Game hunters want these animals around for the future to continue their sport. also , many of the animals they kill are old males that actually hurt the younger males and prevent them from mating. plz read up, don’t let your emotions decide

    • Posted by bluebanana, at Reply

      will mach Right? In the end trophy hunting as crazy as it is actually helping. People like to judge things so easily butthings aren’ that black and white.

  2. Posted by Mr. Steal Yo Mom, at Reply

    Karma you cherub looking motherfucker

    • Posted by Ethan Davidson, at Reply

      Hey, when I was a little kid I was attacked twice in Central America by chickens as big as I was. True story. So I earned the right to eat some chicken.

    • Posted by samcad2013, at Reply

      Fox Doe true. I’m totally against big game hunting but this Karma theory is bullshit. People always seem to think Karma applies to everyone BUT them.

    • Posted by DeVaughn Currie, at Reply

      Mr. Steal Yo Mom πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • Posted by Jenny Lee, at Reply

      No you’re wrong sam, I believe in karma because it has hit me a few times.

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      @Jenny Lee: My Dogma got run over by my Karma.

  3. Posted by Joker, at Reply

    My condolences to the family of the elephant.

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      Bazinga! Fair play.

    • Posted by Janis Wilder, at Reply

      I agree.

  4. Posted by Badd, at Reply

    Can someone take a pic of the elephant holding his trophy hunter

    • Posted by thebusiness70, at Reply

      Badd πŸ˜‚

    • Posted by Larry Calloway, at Reply

      Badd πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • Posted by Larry Calloway, at Reply

      Bomb Cherry Exactly

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      @d campbell – many of the poachers are black Africans as are the hunt guides for these barbaric white boys. This is not a particularly race related issue.

  5. Posted by Joker, at Reply

    1 down, 60,000,000 more Trump supporters to go.

    • Posted by JosΓ© Guzman, at Reply

      assuming an foreigner was a trump supporter. nice. advocating for violence, even better.

    • Posted by SurvivorVeteran1, at Reply

      If you are dumb enough to support Trump, you deserve it.

    • Posted by SΟ‰Ρ”Ρ”Ρ‚ O-ΠΈΞΉgяι, at Reply

      +Andrew Curley actually there is an Adam Ruins everything about that it actually helps the species believe it or not.

  6. Posted by Susan Hepler, at Reply

    am I bad person for enjoying this?

    • Posted by jussayin mipeece, at Reply

      +OodlesOfSpoodles you kidding right? Their habitat has been there for thousands of years , its idiotic barbarians like these that cause them to be on the brink of extinction on the first place.

    • Posted by Senad Elezovic, at Reply

      +NickTheGreatAndPowerful elephants aren’t endagered

    • Posted by jussayin mipeece, at Reply

      prize hunting helps the animals? Really?
      Next you will be saying that the gas chambers were great for the jews.

  7. Posted by David Stunna, at Reply

    I’m From Zimbabwe and guys like Theunis Botha are an existential threat to the fauna of the entire continent…….I hope the Trump boys are next.

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      Jason, you’re an ignorant POS. The Natural Resources Defense Council took in $106 million last year in donations. The World Wildlife Fund took in $178 million. There is lots of money being donated through these an other organizations.

    • Posted by Corinne Yaworski, at Reply

      +jenny phillips I know how you feel. Now with their greedy budget cuts. What will we do if we, aren’t wealthy?

    • Posted by jenny phillips, at Reply

      Corinne Yaworski Thankfully, it looks like 45’s close to a bullet or an impeachment.

    • Posted by Corinne Yaworski, at Reply

      +jenny phillips Better yet, let’s put Trump and Ryan in a big cage at the CENTRAL PARK ZOO, and people will throw peanuts and banana pieces at them and make fun of them.all day. ,

  8. Posted by Jace Solomon, at Reply

    The only reason you should hunt it to eat. Hunting for fun is insane and horrible.

    • Posted by Javier Fernandez, at Reply

      Jace Solomon said the can of spam. hahahahhahaha

    • Posted by Sarah Santos, at Reply

      @Humpty Dumpty You need to work on your reading comprehension. I said that sport hunters are insecure males (most of them ARE male) trying to overcompensate, which is most likely true. However, nowhere in that sentence did I mention ALL, MOST or any other claims about what percentage of males I am describing. I was specifically talking about sport hunters. Are all males sport hunters? Obviously not so it was ridiculous for you to jump to that conclusion. Its like when someone mentions that rape is a problem in society and some idiot right-winger screams, “STOP SAYING ALL MEN ARE RAPISTS!!!”

    • Posted by Humpty Dumpty, at Reply

      +Sarah Santos Lol you clearly didn’t understand what I meant. Nvm though, I get it.

    • Posted by Javier Fernandez, at Reply

      +Humpty Dumpty Fart to you too, dumbass.

  9. Posted by emmett n, at Reply

    thoughts and prayers to the passing elephants family through this heart breaking time.

    • Posted by Barrie Wright, at Reply

      Armen! , rip packaderm.

    • Posted by Rick James, at Reply

      theres 8 billion humans…only a few thousand elephants left

    • Posted by horace wayne, at Reply

      approx 700thousand+

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      @WikeddTung – Even longer… elephants will return for years to the spot where a friend or family member died.

    • Posted by turntableone, at Reply

      The Hunter gets captured by The Game….an old song by The Marvelettes.

  10. Posted by Jared Sherr, at Reply

    Elephants doing velociraptor tactics.

    • Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

      Clever girl.

    • Posted by AboxoroxRoxursox, at Reply

      OutlawRebel117 πŸ‘

    • Posted by PyrrhosHans, at Reply

      OutlawRebel117. You are fuccin right, boi! Maybe this were exactly his last words….

    • Posted by jammy woo, at Reply

      Rome war tactics

    • Posted by Bryna L., at Reply

      Jared Sherr. they’re smarter than us.

  11. Posted by Guy McGenius, at Reply

    YES! Screw hunters and poachers.

    • Posted by Santiago Carrillo, at Reply

      Guy McGenius poachers yes but not hunter.

    • Posted by Gary Turbo, at Reply

      Guy McGenius Screw poachers AND hunters

    • Posted by Playfulpanthress, at Reply

      Guy McGenius Same thing. If you aren’t hunting for food and making a profit, you’re a poacher.

  12. Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

    what did you expect to happen? you walked into these animals breeding ground, of course they’re going to be pissed

    • Posted by Paul Temple, at Reply

      Although it is hilarious that this idiot got his comeuppance it is still true that capitalism ensures that one day the only animals left will be the ones with an economic value – and hunting places a value on them.

    • Posted by jamc666, at Reply

      @Paul … when the last elephant will be killed, no matter how much money we put on him, it will be too late … Kudos humans, very “intelligent” specie.

  13. Posted by Vagabond Jon, at Reply

    Was it caught on video? I want to see the irony on his face before he slips into the void

    • Posted by miles lawrence, at Reply

      Nice, You shrunk GMs imaginary Violin back down to it’s planck length, It’s now invisible to the naked eye. Stupid people can still pretend to see it though.

    • Posted by Vagabond Jon, at Reply

      Its called “Dramatic Irony” its used theater. Mosty when the audience is aware of the irony but the character totally oblivious. Now can all the word nazi’s with obviously nothing else better to do get a girlfriend or go play N1Z1

    • Posted by Carlto Evand, at Reply

      TheGM ss==%

    • Posted by PlanetCharn Baby, at Reply

      You have a point, lol.

  14. Posted by Jay J, at Reply

    its a shame about the dead elephant.

    • Posted by horace wayne, at Reply

      he is correct-go back to your phone for your view of the world

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      @will mach: “Game hunters want these animals around for the future to continue their sport”. BS. Most hunters would shoot the last rare (pick one) animal just to put it on their wall and then brag about it. They don’t pay big money to kill one to preserve them, they pay it because that’s the price they have to pay to kill one.

    • Posted by Raena-Willow Deveruoix, at Reply

      Big game hunting uses the extravagant $$ those cucks use to hide behind their hand cannons and actually buys more land, supplies, advertising, research, and etc for those animals, when one is killed, the hunters don’t get to choose, they have to kill a specific animal(one who is usually causing trouble; ie fights or killing babies) of the herd. If they kill any other they will be fined and jailed as well as what they paid, and they will never be allowed to hunt that particular animal again. I hate hunting and I hate the idea of big game hunting and how these people have weird sadistic desires. But there is no denying where the money goes.

  15. Posted by William J Greklek III, at Reply

    I was hoping the story ended with the elephant skinning the hunter for a trophy lol

    • Posted by Thisdudeintheback, at Reply

      William J Greklek III role reversal

    • Posted by littlemissdimples88, at Reply

      William J Greklek III Tarantino movie plot

  16. Posted by gerard bain, at Reply

    Hannah made a valid point. This man hunted leopards and you don’t eat leopards, so he wasn’t hunting his targets for food.

    • Posted by hamdoggius, at Reply

      We have wild animals you can hunt in New Zealand too. We don’t hunt the endangered ones. Please inform me of the other detrimental variables that I in my liberal lala land can’t see. Instead of mocking me could you please add some context to this other than, keep it legal or it goes underground. Because that’s a profoundly stupid fallacy in this instance. You could arrest people found poaching, because, it’s illegal.

    • Posted by Matthew Welsh, at Reply

      OodlesOfSpoodles Lol, you’re such a troll. Are you still living in your parents basement lol

    • Posted by gerard bain, at Reply

      +hamdoggius Thank you.

  17. Posted by Ibrahim Hassan, at Reply

    why does anyone want to hunt inedible animals if not for food that makes nothing more than sociopath !

    • Posted by Playfulpanthress, at Reply

      Chris Ruiz Bought that bullshit line, huh?

    • Posted by Lauraislittle, at Reply

      because they’re less than men and feel like hunting beautiful creatures will make them “manly”.. twisted logic but I guarantee all of these hunters probably have very small man-parts and feel like they need to compensate somehow lol

    • Posted by Lauraislittle, at Reply

      Why does someone trying to spread knowledge about cruelty-free living affect you so much?? It’s an online comment that wasn’t even directed at you. Take a breath, scroll past and maybe work on not being so hateful

  18. Posted by Vans, at Reply

    The only sad part is that the elephant had to die to crush him

    • Posted by tasmand wd, at Reply

      Vans the second sad part was that the elepant only crushed one of them !

    • Posted by Sumudu V. Nagodavithana, at Reply

      And the other bad part is that Trump kids were not among the crushed ones!

    • Posted by Satanic Satanist, at Reply

      Sumudu V. Nagodavithana they’ll be trampled beneath the feet of the people.

  19. Posted by Al Capwned, at Reply

    I don’t believe in killing animals for game. If you aren’t killing it for survival, leave it alone.

    • Posted by Al Capwned, at Reply

      And before all the hunter fans go rah rah, yes we can make exceptions here and there.

    • Posted by creepybeaver3981, at Reply

      I don’t think we can make exceptions here and there, but I agree with your first statement.

  20. Posted by David Harrison, at Reply

    Is it really a sport if the other team doesn’t know that it’s playing?

    • Posted by Satanic Satanist, at Reply

      Senad Elezovic elephants are endangered to an extent, they don’t need their numbers culled like deer in America.

    • Posted by joe f, at Reply

      Tou motherfuckin che

    • Posted by tonedog77, at Reply

      Senad Elezovic no it isn’t, they aren’t adapted to being prey, it takes ages and a lot of effort for them to produce just one baby and in no way can they compete in evading being shot. “sport” isn’t a dirty word it means the hunt is competitive where the animal has a fighting chance to prevail by using its natural anti-predation adaptations. Hunting jack rabbit with a greyhound is sporting because the jackrabbit can use its amazing running ability to jink and jive and avoid capture, it will win most of the time, if it is caught it failed at being a jack rabbit and so it rightfully is killed and removed from the genepool keeping the species strong. Shooting an elephant in the face is just mindless destruction that isn’t fair or sporting in any way and you are simply damaging the species.