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Bill Maher Vilifies Bernie Sanders Supporters


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If Maher is interested in winning the following political election, he ought to realize that antagonizing individuals who had real worries regarding Hillary is not the way to go. As opposed to bashing those that demand much more, it's time to take their issues right into factor to consider. Organized by Ana Kasparian. See much more TYT Facebook Originals at

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  1. Posted by workhard1906, at Reply

    Bill is right. The bernie or bust people could have prevented all of the disastrous trump policies… they chose not to…

    • Posted by workhard1906, at Reply

      There’s really nothing we can do now, because everything that I mentioned is already happening.

    • Posted by Eric Fartman, at Reply

      “Bernie got cheated. We agree. Right? Can we move on? Ok.”

      -> Funny how you want Bernie-Supporters to move on from their candidate being cheated against yet you yourself aren’t able to move on from Trump being in office. Hypocrisy much?

    • Posted by workhard1906, at Reply

      I wasn’t responsible for Bernie being cheated. I support a complete overhaul of the DNC. What I am saying is.. there are things that we can control & things that we cannot.. When it was time for them to you to use what power you had, they didn’t.. and thus we have trump

    • Posted by Ivan Monroy, at Reply

      That’s complete fiction. Over 80% of Bernie people voted for HRC. The people who gave us Trump were Obama voters.

  2. Posted by Brent Geery, at Reply

    Bill Maher has a point. Morons that ‘couldn’t’ vote for Clinton put Trump in the Whitehouse. Own it. It’s true.

    • Posted by Ass Möde, at Reply

      F**k Hillary. We’re better off without her. Now people who hate left politics and have been waiting for a super conservatard president like Trump to “make america great again” are about to get woke tf up. 4 years of Trump (if he makes it that long) will be better than a slow decent into chaos with Hillary. We deserve better than Hitlery or Trump

    • Posted by Dan w, at Reply

      Go find a mirror to point that finger at Brent.

    • Posted by amonte10, at Reply

      @ Panzafat
      you’re intellectually not capable to realize that voting for the neoliberal democrat hurts America way more in the long run. Grow a brain

    • Posted by fringelife, at Reply

      I wonder how progressives will react if the 2018 midterms are lost again and then their fav candidate loses to Trump in 2020. You might think it’s not possible, but Trump’s heading an “election integrity” commission that will likely find new ways to suppress your vote. Tell me progressives, what will you do if Trump wins in 2020?

  3. Posted by Ekkie101, at Reply

    I agree with Maher. Purists are absurd. Not just in politics, but in just about anything. I was a strong Bernie supporter and sent his campaign over $1,000. (And I’m not rich.) Bernie himself supported Clinton. The Bernie purists helped Trump get elected. Get off your high horses and face reality. Purism doesn’t work.

    • Posted by R. A. S., at Reply
    • Posted by I C Clouds, at Reply

      dude over 80% bernie supporters voted for Hillary as much as we didn’t like her

    • Posted by Ekkie101, at Reply

      petite prince – I said I donated over $1000. Not all at once. $50 here, $100 there. And $27 was not the maximum one could donate; It was the average donation to Bernie. I sent no money to Clinton nor got a Clinton sticker on my cars. (I still display the Bernie 2016 stickers.) I voted for Hillary not because I was enthusiastic about her, but I was very enthusiastic about not having Donald J. Pussygrabber as president. I am still enthusiastic about that. We have to drive him out of the White House.

  4. Posted by A E S T H E T I C Vegan, at Reply

    I think this is the first TYT video ive ever agreed with 100%

    • Posted by jaydeviil, at Reply

      A E S T H E T I C Vegan wow you could always go to california i hear life is easy there and bill mar has jobs for you.

    • Posted by A E S T H E T I C Vegan, at Reply

      jaydeviil coming from the one defending TYT and their anti-liberal bullshit. funny you like sargons videos, yet hes the biggest critic of TYT and their virtue signaling nonsense

    • Posted by A E S T H E T I C Vegan, at Reply

      jaydeviil and its maher

    • Posted by A E S T H E T I C Vegan, at Reply

      jaydeviil life is easy there? you and TYT are the ones who are loving their obama phones and obama tvs

  5. Posted by R. A. S., at Reply

    I’m not mad at Bernie purists, i admire their resolve, but as a Bernie supporter who voted for Hillary against trump, i gotta admit they’re resolve screwed the country. Couldn’t we have just ran against Hillary in 2020 instead of hoping to survive till 2020?

    • Posted by Amanda Bertelsen, at Reply

      R. A. S.- I think it’s natural for people to want to say “This isn’t my fault.” I think that’s kind of what Bill is doing in this video. However, people from all sides are going to want to say that, and you aren’t going to convince them otherwise. The reason I don’t blame non voters or third party voters for Trump is that both Hillary and Trump were known quantities. Democrats knew, right from the start, that Hillary was either loved or hated and the same went for Trump. They knew that almost no one was going to have to get to know either candidate.

      In the aftermath of the campaign, Trump’s strategy was to whip up his base, and Hillary’s was to grab for the middle. With two of the most unpopular national political candidates running, Trump’s strategy worked and her’s didn’t. She knew that some progressives would stay home or protest vote, she just thought she could make up those votes elsewhere. No one did anything unpredictable, except that she didn’t predict how unpopular she was in rust belt states. Those states had bernie voters vote third party or were no shows. She could have got them if she had wanted them. But she would have had to run a different campaign.

      You can’t blame people for acting in a way that was predictable, and Hillary never really tried to patch the bad feelings that existed after the primaries. That’s why she shoulders the blame.

      For the record, I did vote for her. I didn’t like it, but I couldn’t have Trump in the WH. However, a lot of progressives were drawing a line and she didn’t care about them enough to respond to their complaints.

    • Posted by R. A. S., at Reply

      +SirToby he did, he demonized the MSM before and after the election for such a narrative, I have those episodes on DVR, lol.
      Accepting blame is viewed too negatively nowadays, it’s just a simple matter of fact. I’m not saying the blame lies solely on those who abstained or voted against Hillary, it lies on ALL of us, including the MSM. I understand Bill, with all the BS going on in the White House and senate, I too am angry and disappointed, if I had a tv show I could vent in I would too, which is what he is doing in his recent episode. If you watch his previous episodes, he’s been talking about what we could do with his panels, he’s just feverishly venting whenever he can at the clusterfuck that is a treasonous bastard in the White House, and those feverish ventings get more attention than the rest of the subjects.

    • Posted by R. A. S., at Reply

      Idk if +SirToby or the rest can see this, but I hit restore a few times and the comment is still marked as spam._…_

    • Posted by SirToby, at Reply

      R. A. S. Fair enough.
      Don’t worry about the spam block. I wasn’t looking for an audience.
      Venting isn’t productive. But regardless, I don’t think that’s what he’s doing.

    • Posted by Joan Robinson, at Reply

      Bullshit argument. What I said was that the Democrats decided, when the most unpopular major party nominee ever (Trump) got the Republican nomination, to nominate the second most unpopular major party nominee ever, their most unpopular nominee ever. Let’s pretend it wasn’t our political system, let’s say we were overlooking another political system and that system decided to have the two most unpopular nominees in that system’s entire history run against one another. What would a logical person expect to happen, in regards to voter turnout? What also would happen if one of those rotten candidates was running in a country where wages for a majority haven’t grown since 1980, where inequality had exploded, along with private debt, when the costs of healthcare, medicines, and college education have been outpacing wage growth for decades, where most jobs were crappy, offered low pay and little to no benefits, and decided it was a bright idea to let it be known that she (already historically unpopular) was determined to not radically change anything. Think that would be a bright idea? What if that candidate also chose not to campaign in key parts of that country, parts that she ultimately lost and needed? What if they were running in a country spitting mad at the system and the status quo, and their top donors were giant corporations, banks, and if they had a record of backing policies that benefited those groups? What logical person would blame anyone but that candidate and the idiots that decided she was the person to run? What if I also told you that one of the parties had the option of selecting the most popular politician in that country, but chose that rotten candidate instead. Again, try to not attach names to my scenario, pretend it is another country and you don’t know anything about the actual individuals running. Would it make sense to blame the victims of the system? Of course not, but it helps if you are relatively well off and feel entitled to their vote for some odd reason. This is why you all look like fools.

      Since the election the Democrats chose Pelosi to lead them in the House (a person that oversaw her party’s collapse and went on TV and announced that her party didn’t want any policy changes), Schumer (Wall Street’s BFF) to lead them in the Senate, Perez to head the DNC (a person we know also took part in undermining Sanders) and they chose as a party to continue to accept corporate donations. No critical self reflection, no real changes, same failures running the party, after they do this they demand “unity”, and you ant to blame the people that tried to warn you all and are trying to drag you to accept popular positions on the issues? Give me a break. The DNC doesn’t do those things anyway because it would require them confronting their top donors, whose money they continue to rake in.

      I also find it fascinating that you on the one hand talk about voting and democracy, yet have such an authoritarian mindset. You expect people that have been harmed by policies to vote for a continuation of those policies. You expect the young, who are utterly screwed on every level, to vote for a continuation of policies that have screwed them. In addition to being massively in debt, entering a horrific job market, in addition to have a trillion and a half infrastructure gap passed off onto them, in addition to them having to live at home longer than previous generations because of this, not being able to buy homes or start families until much later in life than previous generations, they will also inherit and environment in a state of collapse. You see this, and basically say that they owe you their vote. Piss the hell off.

  6. Posted by lee yang, at Reply

    im sorry to say this but bill maher is right .. bernie sander supporters either voted for trump, third party or not vote at all and now we have to deal with this man child president .. so no need to make excuses TYT.. sorry my grammar suck.

    • Posted by Ivan Monroy, at Reply

      Majority of Bernie supporters, well over 80%, voted for HRC, Lee CHANK. It was actually Obama voters that cost HRC the election.

    • Posted by I C Clouds, at Reply

      lee yang
      over 80% of bernie supporters actually voted for Hillary

    • Posted by kant, at Reply

      What are you talking about? It doesn’t matter if Hillary would be slightly better than Trump on some issues. She’s a terrible and extremely unelectable candidate. She motivated people who otherwise wouldn’t bother voting to vote against her and she couldn’t inspire apathetic people to get involved. The blame likes solely on her and people who supported her. It was completely obvious to anyone paying attention. It’s like you’re blaming customers for not buying a shitty product.

  7. Posted by Yan Enn, at Reply

    TYT haters keep telling me TYT are schills for Clinton….that couldnt be further from the truth

    • Posted by Mike Hascats, at Reply

      jeremy, tell me how you reacted when trump was elected. i want all the details

    • Posted by Jeremy Julian, at Reply

      Mike Hascats Figures you’d want details of that….Like Trump you Trumptards love incest stories.

  8. Posted by jay Cee, at Reply

    Bill Maher was right, bernie supporters thought this would hurt hillary but it back fired big time. Trump has done everything the progressive wing of the party hates. Hillary literally was the better of two evils amongs the progressive wing of the democratic party.

    • Posted by TheMoonKingdom, at Reply

      The fact the people can disagree means it’s obviously subjective. Who are you to judge whether someone you’ve never met is a responsible adult, because they have different concerns than you? If you agree with me, then you accept the premise of “one person, one vote”. Again the burden of convincing is on the candidate. Also, Bernie, support was never about a perfect candidate, but challenging the corruption of money in politics. No matter which issue you care about the most, this is what stands in the way. Hillary, will not be pushed left on this issue.

    • Posted by jay Cee, at Reply

      AGAIN, you’re missing the big point, 6 conservative supreme court judges can prevent ANY progressive options regardless if bernie or the perfect candidate wins next time.

    • Posted by TheMoonKingdom, at Reply

      I’m not missing anything. The supreme court is the most important consideration for you; I got it. However, I was clear in saying it’s not about Bernie, or any perfect candidate. To continue bringing it up as a straw man, is pointless. Again, I’m interested in systemic change to campaign finance & voter representation. All of these candidates are bought by big money donors, so they represent those donors needs over mine. Hillary, clearly wants the system to stay that way. If Democrats fail to change; they’ll keep losing. It’s really as simple as that.

    • Posted by jay Cee, at Reply

      Even in a perfect world were systemtic changed and voter representation takes place, If trump gets another supreme court pick, any policies the progressive want to enact will be challenged in the courts.

    • Posted by jay Cee, at Reply

      If you don’t care about the supreme court or policies, what is your endgame? To have the perfect candidate represent you? Liberals kill me with this purist mentality. I AGREE with your concerns but i don’t understand your endgame.

  9. Posted by Alex Cuellar, at Reply

    he’s 100% right, if you don’t get his rant you’re fucken REEEEEEEETARDED sorry

    • Posted by petite prince, at Reply

      lol you are the reeeeeetarded one, brainwashed by mainstream media
      no people who voted for hillary in the primaries were the problem, the
      dnc and hillary herself were the problem for cheating on bernie, he
      would have won easiely against trump, don’t blame progressives for not
      voting for a warmongering wallstreet sellout who supported fracing all
      over the country, was against single payer, against a 15 dollar minimum
      wage, was for private prisons, against legalization of cannabis, man she
      was 0,000% acceptabe or progressive, she could be a standart
      republican, she is even more interventionist than trump, she wants a no
      fly zone in syria which means that if a russian plane is flying there
      she will shoot it down.
      we are such a bunch of morons for not voting for ww3

    • Posted by Damien Mullan, at Reply

      Bit melodramatic there. One can argue about the pros and cons of a no fly zone. The conflict in Syria is entering its 6th year, with almost half a million dead and millions more displaced, both internally and externally, the consequences of which include destabilizing neighboring countries, as well as further afield, as the wave of refugees heading to Europe has caused a spike in far-right nationalism across the Continent.

      Juxtapose this situation with the Kosovo War of 1998, when decisive and immediate intervention by NATO to establish a no fly zone, inhibited Slobodan Milošević from reining terror from the skies as he attempted to massacre the Muslim population of the region. That limited air intervention, which lasted just over a year, brought to an end a conflict that had raged since 1991, which had caused the deaths of tens of thousands and the displacement of thousands more.

      If you believe that the Russians are going to launch an attack on the U.S., because one of their planes is shot down in Syria you obviously have a limited grasp of history. The Russians lost dozens of planes and helicopters in Afghanistan during the war there in the 1980’s, as U.S. assistance to the mujahideen began to impact Russian forces and ultimately force their withdrawal. No time during the intensification of U.S. involvement in that conflict did the USSR threaten war against the U.S., just as the U.S. did not threaten war against the soviets when they supplied the Vietcong during the Vietnam War.

      These are proxy wars, the combatant nations involved no that they must work through their intermediaries in the conflict to effect the outcome they want, they engage in proxy wars so as to avoid outright conflict with each another. A no fly zone in Syria could easily be attained, not by American fighters engaging in the skies over Syria with Russian fighters, but by arming the Free Syria Army on the ground with surface-to-air missiles to shot Russian fighters out of the air, just as in Afghanistan in the 1980’s and Vietnam in the 1960’s. The Russians have only a few dozen fighters in Syria, and although they have modernized their air force over the past decade, they still have only a fraction of the air power that the USSR had in the 1980’s before its collapse. So it would only take a few Russian fighters to be shot down for the Russians to recalculate their air commitment in the Syria war and thus withdraw air cover for their client Bashar al-Assad, this would give respite to the civilian population and lessen the deaths that indiscriminate bombing is inflicting on the Syrian population.

      Intervening in Kosovo changed the situation within a matter of months and brought that conflict to an end, in Syria however the opposite policy of western inertia and hand-wringing has witnessed a conflict stretch onwards and the causality figures ever upwards. With a change this war continues, just as it has done for the past 6 years, with more deaths and more refugees forced to flee their homeland.

    • Posted by PlacidDragon, at Reply

      No, you cant really argue the pros and cons of a no fly zone. Especially since the holy United States are always exempt from such an order. Hence any no fly zone is just untold bad news for whoever it is imposed upon, and great news for the vultures waiting to pounce (In the case of Syria, ISIS and the “moderate” opposition.. or just abbreviated to “local US lackeys”).

    • Posted by Damien Mullan, at Reply

      Just allow the Syrian and Russian air forces to act with impunity is your answer, allow these governments to willfully break international laws against the use of chemical weapons, bans which have been in place since 1924. I lament the state of the left in this generation. In the 1930’s Leftists the world over knew exactly what was at stake during the Spanish Civil War, when they flocked in their tens of thousands to the Republican cause to fight against Franco, but today none see right in defending innocence against merciless slaughter, back when a democratic government was being challenged and overthrown by a fascist military dictatorship in the making. Now in 2017 we throw are hands in the air and say the Syrians must submit to the dictatorship of the Assad regime, which is held in power by military might alone, all so we can continue to pretended we live in an uncomplicated world devoid of moral imperatives. Our moral bankruptcy only grows the more hundreds of thousands died needless deaths, future generations will judge us harshly for our ignorance.

  10. Posted by jim Morrison, at Reply

    Does Bill Maher really think there was enough liberal purist in the rust belt states to have swung the election? ridiculous! she lost because she supported Trade deals and the banking industry that ruined those states economies . she also took those states for granted deciding not to campaign in the rust belt very often. The New ID laws made it harder to vote and the popular vote Trumped the popular vote but all he talks about is liberal purist without proof there was enough of them to swing there election. Mahar has become a Tool.

    • Posted by jim Morrison, at Reply

      Brian Burns so you think Hillary Clinton’s policies, her lack of time in the rust belt, her ties to big money, voter ID laws, and the electoral college don’t play a significant role in her losing. I’d be fine with his segment if he mentioned those as well but he makes it seem like it’s all liberal purist fault which is not true.

    • Posted by Brian Burns, at Reply

      I highly doubt your economic chops are satisfactory enough to debate that claim with nuance. Hillary dominated the vote of the working poor, even in the primaries over Sanders. You’re whole nonsensical rant about being self reflective is irreverent at that point, because the poor voted for Hillary over Bernie in the primary.

      I enjoy seeing folks like you disregard their integrity and common sense for idol worship justified by half baked arguments that make tea parties seem logical. You whole rant about the poor not voting for Hillary can not be supported by fact.

    • Posted by Brian Burns, at Reply

      I already layed out the math that you seem to be avoiding. Taking the rust belt for granted certainly was a flaw in the campaign. Its hard to say her “ties to big money” had an effect. Its kinda of anti intellectual talking point. Obama had just as many donors and it didn’t seem to matter.

  11. Posted by 32shumble, at Reply

    To be totally accurate Bill Maher is not vilifying all Bernie supporters.
    Just the hard-core ‘Bernie or Bust’ people.
    ie. those who ignored Bernie’s advice to vote for Hillary in order to keep Trump out.

    • Posted by Victor Lopez, at Reply

      Sorry but you have to #EarntheVote

    • Posted by Brittany S, at Reply

      +Victor Lopez Well don’t complain about Trump then if you didn’t vote for her or in general.

    • Posted by Ivan Monroy, at Reply

      But it was Obama voters that cost HRC the election. Sanders people are scapegoated once again.

    • Posted by 32shumble, at Reply

      Bernie asked his supporters to vote Hillary to keep Trump out.
      You didn’t do that. Trump is now President and the world is a much shittier place.

  12. Posted by kingda117, at Reply

    There’s no excuse, if you call yourself a progressive/liberal and failed to vote for Hillary.

    • Posted by kingda117, at Reply

      +Abram Carroll
      Hillary was not evil.

    • Posted by airthrow, at Reply

      What do you call being pro-needless wars that will murder thousands, if not evil? You’ve hit peak neo-liberal

    • Posted by Bradley Harrison, at Reply

      The Overton window has shifted dramatically. Neoliberals now think that they’re progressives and that human rights violations are tolerable if framed within the context of worse human rights violators.

    • Posted by airthrow, at Reply

      Which is why they’re so fucking gross and dangerous.

  13. Posted by Asura, at Reply

    You helped erode Hillary’s support the entire election, right up until the end. Bill Maher should do an entire show about the damage TYT has done to the left. You deserve every bit of criticism you get.

    • Posted by Asura, at Reply

      Not everyone on the left wants to be SOCIALIST. Stop assuming Bernie was a better candidate for everyone. He obviously was not.

      He only represent’s the average American if the average American agree’s with his policies.

    • Posted by AiguilleVoodoo, at Reply

      Yeah, and he was polling far better than Hillary against Trump, that’s why anybody who pushed for Hillary helped to elect trump.

    • Posted by scorpion32, at Reply

      lol “He only represent’s the average American” so by that I take it you are a special kind of american ? .

      I grant you that he wasn’t perfect if you honestly go through his foreign policy and voting record but he was as close to the full package (outside of ralph nader) that you’re gonna get in crazy Murica.

  14. Posted by soksantan26, at Reply

    Will everyone be quiet! I’m trying to listen to a millionaire comedian employed by a corporation that contributed to the Clinton campaign richsplain to me about how I should vote

    • Posted by soksantan26, at Reply

      Nunya Biznes time Warner cable absolutely did contribute to the Clinton campaign (which owns HBO, which employs Mahar as I said) but thanks for contributing with fallacies

    • Posted by soksantan26, at Reply

      Nunya Biznes ://

    • Posted by Nunya Biznes, at Reply

      +soksantan26 Really? Because the parent company of your employer contributed that means you did also. Stop being dense. So you’re saying if the NBA contributes to Donald Trump that means the trainer for the Cavs contributed also.

    • Posted by soksantan26, at Reply

      Nunya Biznes look maybe you are right. maybe Mahar’s condescending tone toward people who didn’t vote the way he wanted was not, in any way, influenced by the will of his employers who pays him millions of dollars. and maybe the best way to convince us to unite is to belittle us. I apologize for providing facts and evidence. I must commend your bravery in stating something you can’t prove. Oh, very clever sports analogy BTW

  15. Posted by RadioLaPrincess, at Reply

    I preferred Sanders too but voted Clinton because I knew how evil Trump was. People who refused to vote for Clinton are traitors in my opinion.

    • Posted by RadioLaPrincess, at Reply

      The laughing man isn’t laughing now.

    • Posted by TheMoonKingdom, at Reply

      Candidates aside, if one can’t vote their own conscience without being labeled a traitor by those who disagree, then how is it a democracy?

    • Posted by RadioLaPrincess, at Reply

      Because this wasn’t the time for that. This wasn’t a typical election. Stein lover, how will you feel when you no longer get welfare?

  16. Posted by Nunya Biznes, at Reply

    Bill was 100% right. The worse part is the dumbass “Never Hillary” people still won’t admit they helped Trump win. They blame Hillary,the DNC and even celebrities everyone but themselves.

    • Posted by HBSanta, at Reply

      Nunya Biznes You must be trolling. Did you read my comment? I’m only presenting facts, not excuses. See, I don’t need excuses. Reality is on my side.

    • Posted by Nunya Biznes, at Reply

      +Colten Siddons More excuses. You can’t even accept responsibility for what you helped to do it’s always someone else’s fault you’re stupid.

    • Posted by Nunya Biznes, at Reply

      +HBSanta Well your reality got us Donald Trump now take responsibility and next time use common sense.

  17. Posted by Jay Jones, at Reply

    I disagree with Ana, liberals who didn’t vote on Election Day are a disgrace. If you skipped out on voting because Bernie lost to Hillary you are a moron. Think about climate change and health care and just general competence around the world, Hillary is miles better than Trump

    • Posted by cool beans, at Reply

      I have zero respect for anyone who voted for Hillary in the primary’s. Hillary is the definition of corruption.

    • Posted by korky94, at Reply

      But of course jay said on election day.

  18. Posted by Bauks, at Reply

    Caucused for Bernie. Voted for Stein. No regrets!

    • Posted by Sean Robinson, at Reply

      Bauks Wow what a sexist Bernie bro