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Bill O’Reilly Got A New Job


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That really did not take long. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, tell you where Costs O'Reilly landed. Inform us exactly what you believe in the comment area below.

" Presumably that Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck will be collaborating to do regular discussions with each other on TheBlaze.

Former Mediaite reporter and also Capital press reporter Joe Concha highlighted a minute from O'Reilly's most recent "No Spin Information" podcast, where the former Fox Information ratings king stated he was joining forces with his old coworker.

It would seem that Costs O'Reilly as well as Glenn Beck will certainly be teaming up to do once a week discussions with each other on TheBlaze.

Former Mediaite writer and also Capital reporter Joe Concha highlighted a moment from O'Reilly's latest "No Spin Information" podcast, where the previous Fox Information rankings king said he was signing up with pressures with his old associate.

Expense O'Reilly on Glenn Beck
" We're going to do that every Friday until Beck obtains tired of me," claimed O'Reilly. "As well as it's an excellent electrical outlet for me to, you understand, go over things backward and forward with Beck, who's a friend. We do not settle on everything, but it's extremely dynamic."

It was roughly one month ago when O'Reilly was pressed out of Fox News amidst the after effects of multiple unwanted sexual advances legal actions versus him. O'Reilly appeared on Beck's radio show to talk about this last week, and also he claimed his shooting belonged to a "hit" from the political left in order to silence conservative-leaning voices. O'Reilly likewise suggested that he was wanting to take additional lawsuit over the matter."

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  1. Posted by doxide, at Reply

    Bill O’Reilly’s real job is working as Trump’s fluffer.

    • Posted by Laverne Blaszczyk, at Reply

      ropisfun in my understanding a fluffer is someone who gets the person ready/lubed up for the actual sexual partner…funny to how you jumped to a homosexuality thing…project much??

    • Posted by Joel Smith, at Reply

      That is very funny. Probably going to make the cheetoh supporter angry. I love how the cheetoh cult followers call non cheetoh supporters snowflakes, yet they immediately start crying like little bitches every time someone talks the truth about the cheetoh

    • Posted by humboldthammer, at Reply

      Bill’s real problem is not Progressives, but progressive alcoholism.

  2. Posted by Robert House, at Reply

    Pedophile Republicans joining forces.

    • Posted by Frankish Empire, at Reply

      Well, isn`t it the islamic religion of pieces that is selling underage girls ….

    • Posted by Fre DeHeerser, at Reply

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  3. Posted by Bryan Rowe, at Reply

    inb4 paid Russian YouTube accounts downvote this video. Russia has a propaganda war where Putin pays people to go on social media and sites like 4chan to pretend to be in support of Trump to get him more supporters to suppress progressive ideas that they know would benefit all Americans. Sadly people who lack critical thinking skills are buying into it and are being influenced to support Trump.

    • Posted by SmackThePanda, at Reply

      just lol. liberals

    • Posted by schackmountain, at Reply

      and they care so much about OReilly!!! (?)

    • Posted by Fre DeHeerser, at Reply

      Join Cenk’s Bacon Fund, become a TYT-beta today

  4. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    This is like seeing Wonder Woman in Black Adam’s country, for she lost everything, in Injustice 2.

    • Posted by Blob Loblaw, at Reply

      Is Bill O’Reilly Wonder Woman in this situation?

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      Yup. He’s Wonder Woman.

    • Posted by Blob Loblaw, at Reply

      But then you’re essentially calling him a fallen hero… Just sayin’

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      I’m calling him a defeated and exiled villain. Wonder Woman is a villain in the Injustice Universe.

    • Posted by Blob Loblaw, at Reply

      Ahhh… That makes more sense then. I apologize for my ignorance.

  5. Posted by Cisco Blue, at Reply

    has anyone heard of the twitter profile DemocratsforTrump? what is your opinion on them?

    • Posted by Cisco Blue, at Reply

      +B. Chan not really they have 50 thousand followers

    • Posted by Phlebas, at Reply

      I looked them up. They seem like any other group of Trump supporters except they identify as Democrats for some reason. Assuming this isn’t some sort of AstroTurf movement (I suspect it is), these people seem to be confused idiots.

    • Posted by Cisco Blue, at Reply

      +Phlebas astroturf?

    • Posted by Phlebas, at Reply

      AstroTurf=fake grass. AstroTurf movement=Fake grassroots movement.

    • Posted by Starry2000, at Reply

      “not really they have 50 thousand followers ” Yeah its bots. Every online promotion or raffle, kids talk about how many tens of thousands of bots they rigged the system with followed by them winning stuff. So yes. Thats how it works.

  6. Posted by JUSTMISH 2U, at Reply

    Oh the hypocrisy. The self-anointed Jesus party. Jesus would hang himself on the cross in shame of these cowardice assholes that support all these rat bastards and claim to be Christians. Authenticity is completely void.

    • Posted by Ray, at Reply

      I believe it says in the Bible Jesus will have no mercy on those types of hypocrites. It says that a person is better off not being a Christian at all than pretending to be a Christian and living a life of sin.. those people will get an even worse punishment on the day of judgement.
      Don’t quote me on it though, that’s what I remember from school.

    • Posted by JUSTMISH 2U, at Reply

      +OutlawRebel117 Nothing further need be added to that comment other than well said!

    • Posted by JUSTMISH 2U, at Reply

      +W N Jesus was a middle eastern, hippie, wore sandals sporting a Jew fro. And he was ALL about the poor. A socialist. Period. Oh and he wasn’t a Nordic track superstar. It creeps me out to see the White Jesus photos where he’s so ripped with his 8 pack that the blood runs through his rippling abs.

  7. Posted by Labyrinth9000, at Reply

    Hahaha! Here come the trolls who will have a 0% chance of changing our minds on TYT! I ahead, keep trolling, you’re just giving Cenk and Ana more money! Hahaha!

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      The truth is more important than Cenk and Ana’s money. What now. Lolz Ha Ha Ha!

    • Posted by guildgsx, at Reply

      Ever heard of Adblock, dummy? LOL

    • Posted by Nationalist Realist, at Reply

      TheRhinehart86 Bernie and TYT are sellouts.

  8. Posted by Annatar, at Reply

    Glen Beck fires Tomi and hires Bill. FAIL!

    • Posted by The Sleeping Senator of the Islands, at Reply

      Annatar Tomi probably has the worse blow jobs skills.

    • Posted by Artemis, at Reply

      Glen Beck has been craving for Bill-Senpai for quite some time!

    • Posted by Arthur Wellesley, at Reply

      If its anything like the last interview Beck and O’Reilly had … it’s going to be hilarious with Beck vengeful sarcastic tear against old Papa bill

  9. Posted by Nicholas Nubin, at Reply

    Glenn Beck better keep O’Reilly from Tomi she definably Bill’s type

    • Posted by Last Guy Minn, at Reply

      I think Tomi’s lawsuit and Beck’s counter suit pretty much ends any chance that Tomi and Bill-O will ever run into each other at the watercooler.

    • Posted by Linda Slamen, at Reply

      Nicholas Nubin and thanks to the Men’s rights dicks would put her picture online with other women an girls who came forward with disproved or unproven rape accounts as don’t date this woman list already happening

    • Posted by Bjarne Dehn, at Reply

      Nicholas Nubin Damn dude you’re savage!

  10. Posted by John Mirra, at Reply

    trump denies armenian genocide

    • Posted by bro guy, at Reply

      i do too

    • Posted by Martin H Emes, at Reply

      I do doo doo

    • Posted by Manly Men, at Reply

      donald dump denies sanity

    • Posted by guildgsx, at Reply

      Bernie Sanders denies economics.

  11. Posted by Queen Queen, at Reply

    Dumb and Dumber. Only the Dumbest will tune in and listen to their scripted drivel.

    • Posted by Last Guy Minn, at Reply

      I’ll bet they will get more views from reposts via Right Wing Watch.

    • Posted by Nate Diaz Fan: 5th March 2016 - 20th August 2016, at Reply

      *Are you talking about TYT?*

    • Posted by marukochan13, at Reply

      Who are you referring to?

    • Posted by Xlargenoob, at Reply

      Nate Diaz Fan: 5th March 2016 – 20th August 2016 no its about bill and beck

    • Posted by mary emma, at Reply

      Queen Queen so why are you?

  12. Posted by Mark Cruise, at Reply

    Filthy pigs stick together and like to eat their swill at the same trough. Oi/nk Oi/nk to both of them. Trump will join them soon as the new CEO

    • Posted by Peter Tremblay, at Reply

      Why do you insult pig since they are way more useful and nice than these 2 human trash!

  13. Posted by Celso Junior, at Reply

    Probably O’Reilly thinks that Tomy Lahren is still working there…

    • Posted by Tay Boone, at Reply

      Celso Junior you took the words right out my mouth.

  14. Posted by Same Day, at Reply

    tommi is an idiot. wtf are you thinking? tyt cosigbs that racist?

  15. Posted by robert karas, at Reply


  16. Posted by Aaron Tnt, at Reply

    still denying the Armenian genocide?

  17. Posted by chrisgangsta, at Reply

    The Blaze will become a real player now if they get O’reilly to become a regular

  18. Posted by Fre DeHeerser, at Reply

    Join Cenk’s Bacon Fund, become a TYT-beta today