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Bill O’Reilly Passionately Defends The White Establishment


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Bill O’Reilly recently lamented efforts to strip power from the “white establishment." Cenk Uygur and John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

"Bill O’Reilly sparked outrage online Tuesday for what he described as the “hidden reason” behind calls to abolish the Electoral College.

“This is all about race,” the conservative commentator said on his Fox News show. “The left sees white privilege in America as an oppressive force that must be done away with. Therefore white working class voters must be marginalized.”

He later added that liberals believe “white men have set up a system of oppression and that system must be destroyed … The left wants power taken away from the white establishment and they want a profound change in the way America is run.”

O’Reilly’s admission of “white privilege” and the “white establishment” struck a chord with Twitter users, and discussion on the topic became a trending topic overnight.”*

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola
Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola


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  1. Posted by pete275, at Reply

    but urban voters and rural voters have clearly different needs from their
    government. what if a candidate wants to put a 90% tax con corn? the rural
    voters are less, so their vote is worth less, and the urban people will be
    able to abuse them with policies like that

    • Posted by XLastXOneX, at Reply

      pete275 That’s why the Fed is supposed to be kept out of state matters…

    • Posted by Maurice McFadden, at Reply

      pete275 It happens on the daily. Whether gas taxes or cigarette taxes,
      segments of pop will always take a brunt of abuse and taxes. No equal
      stakes. Electoral college only affects Presidential vote. We all have equal
      stake there.

    • Posted by Juwoki, at Reply

      That tax is going to result in higher prices, who do you think pays for all
      products made of corn?
      EVERYBODY, so don´t believe that urban voters would support a tax like
      that. It is ONE country and everything has an effect on everybody in the
      end. The interests are not that different! You are proposing a concept of
      “everyone for himself first”. If the US is ONE nation thoughts like that
      sound very strange.

  2. Posted by Abbe Hazziz, at Reply

    White people always profiling and stereotyping people. Its time we do it
    back, whenever you see a white person by a preschool just yelp, scream
    “Chris Hansen where are you” real loudly and pull your child closer then
    watch all the white teachers, counselors, bus drivers and parents run away
    instinctively out of guilt from what they’ve done or are about to do to a
    child in their family or in the neighborhood. Whites please go back to the
    Caucasus mountains. Thank you


    • Posted by Abbe Hazziz, at Reply

      +OodlesOfSpoodles how is that racist

    • Posted by QueenFanPiper62, at Reply

      Oh really. Why is it that Asians are afraid of blacks too. You are running
      out of excuses. So stop bitching. Its getting old.

  3. Posted by The Cohen, at Reply

    Read the federalist 10 and you’ll see why we need a republic

    • Posted by Jakob Schulze, at Reply

      What is your point?
      The US is a Republic and so is Germany, Switzerland and most of the western
      This has nothing to do with the topic of the video (electoral collage).
      Heck even Germany 1933 (Weimar Republik) was a republic, which shows that
      even a republic can fail its ppl!

    • Posted by SpaceCaseZ06, at Reply

      Jakob Schulze
      it has everything to do with the electoral college system. the electoral
      college system enforces that every state has a voice. the republic is why
      every vote doesn’t count equally

    • Posted by FLCOM1, at Reply

      The electoral college is a republic-based system. That’s his point.

    • Posted by Chue Thao, at Reply

      But a Republic based on our current Electoral System doesn’t make any
      sense. If what you wanted was every state to have a voice, wouldn’t that
      just defeat the fact that each state has different amounts of Electoral
      votes? Which basically forces Presidential races to only appeal to those
      states with larger amounts of votes? And than also creating the root cause
      of the so called “swing states?” At the very least, you have to admit that
      the current Electoral College needs a fix at the very least if you don’t
      want it abolished.

  4. Posted by Death Klownin, at Reply

    when this cuck spoke of whites he said “they” not us or we what a self
    hater he proves he hates whites/him self SMDH

    • Posted by Death Klownin, at Reply

      +wajdef to me,it sounds like he doesn’t want to be white he rather be
      anything else. its just an opinion he puts off a id rather not be white

    • Posted by NW Capital, at Reply

      Sounds to me you made up your mind about what he thinks before he spoke.

    • Posted by Death Klownin, at Reply

      +NW Capital nope I let him finish then had an opinion he hates white people
      just like Cenk its part of the application process its required to white
      hate in order to work @TYT

    • Posted by NW Capital, at Reply

      +Death Klownin Well I didn’t see it, why would he like to associate with
      racists? Just like how people don’t associate with crackheads.

    • Posted by Death Klownin, at Reply

      +NW Capital look im sorry your hero hates whites but TYT prove it daily
      just listen up mr. cuck

  5. Posted by admrob, at Reply

    If I take the 16 lowest population red states and add up their
    populations, I get one California. (WY (3), AK (3), ND (3), SD (3), MT
    (3), ID (4), NE (5), KS (6), AR (6), MS (6), UT (6), OK (7), KY (8), LA
    (8), AL (9), SC (9).)

    Those ~40 million people have 32 senators to California’s 2.

    Those ~40 million people have 89 electoral college votes to California’s

    Those ~40 million people have 56 members of the House to California’s 53.

    • Posted by Monica Lewinsky, at Reply

      Just proves Hillary focused on the wrong states.

  6. Posted by Viran Invictus, at Reply

    Here is the explanation.

    It is NOT that there’s any sort of superiority in rural or metro voters.
    Its that the issues that effect rural and metro voters are not the same.

    It is just that simple and you most certainly know this. This is a perfect
    illustration where the right tears into the left in outrage. This kind of
    chuckling dismissiveness at issues that they are personally unconcerned

    Yet here you chuckle about how you think its silly not to go exclusively
    with the popular vote, and even agree that it would result in elections
    being decided in metro, and then go off the deep end and effectively say
    “and that is OK.” and then try to soften it by making some ludicrous
    assertion like rounding up and killing the rural people isnt going to
    happen, yet not realizing what you are inadvertently promoting a Hunger
    Games style disparity where those living in “the capital” are the only
    voices that need to be listened to.

    That is every bit as an anti-American sentiment as I have ever heard out of
    fascist neocons or white establishment pundits such as Bill.

    In fact, this cuts to the core of why the Dems lost this election. This
    seething disregard for anything that doesnt follow along with their stated
    position that will disregard anything as being invalid that will be said in
    dissent. Just because you dont agree with someones argument does not mean
    that you get to dismiss what supports their argument as irrelevant. Which
    this is what those on the left are notorious for doing. As long as you
    blatantly approach ALL people of this country with such hubris and
    arrogance, then those you dismiss will actively try to stand against you.

    I am no conservative by any stretch of the imagination. Nor am I a liberal,
    or any other specific ideology. I have no interest in supporting
    conservative ideology. That is not the purpose of me speaking out against
    this. If anything I am a reasonist. One that uses, in a case by case
    situation compares all variables of an issue to deduce what is the logical
    choice based on facts, regardless of political policy or party platforms. I
    am this way because the simple truth is no party holds exclusivity over
    what is right and both parties have more than their fair share of stupid to
    go around.

    This is a perfect example of stupid that comes from the left. This is the
    lesson the left needs to learn from out of their failings this year.

    The simple truth is… the electoral college IS a system that leaves our
    election system broken. However the popular vote would be every bit as
    broken of a system, if not worse. What we need is some sort of revision
    that balances both, because we cannot keep ignoring the popular vote, Yet
    we cannot forsake the voters outside of metro areas to allow the people to
    be ruled by those in the cities either because even if more people live in
    cities today… it is just narrowly so, and that means that roughly half
    the country still live outside and there voice is no less important than
    any other.

  7. Posted by Gaius Frank, at Reply

    Congrats, most of Cali and NY gave clinton 3+ million votes, the rest of
    the country not so much. This is why the popular vote is overrated even if
    the electoral college isn’t perfect.

    • Posted by Blue Mosquitoes, at Reply

      Yeah and most of the middle states gave Trump his votes. Why just focus on
      2 states? in a democracy, all votes would matter. Even the millions of
      Republican votes in California and NY. It’s such a stupid argument and I
      keep seeing it.

  8. Posted by subversive775, at Reply

    Young Turks, Thank you for making me realize that because of my white skin
    everything that i say or do is evil and wrong. I now know that i can never
    trust my instincts because if i do i will end up committing hate crimes
    against other races and that no matter what i think, that i am inherently
    racist. Thank you so much!

  9. Posted by Kessler Hassenstein, at Reply

    as a white man where can I cash out on my privilege? I really need some

    • Posted by Kessler Hassenstein, at Reply

      +Elizabeth Ochoa theres a fuckton of racist blacks out there so blacks are
      privileged too then! also a crapton of Japanese racists in Japan now

    • Posted by Artificial Intelligence, at Reply

      Fellow Eastern European (Slav) here, bro. Putin is saying that Russia is
      capable of taking on America and NATO. We might have to side with our
      Eastern brothers over these liberals. Be prepared. +Kessler Hassenstein

    • Posted by Adrian Lasscano, at Reply

      Kessler Hassenstein atrás to be BlackBerry i guess

    • Posted by Adrian Lasscano, at Reply

      Kessler Hassenstein try to be Black

    • Posted by Kessler Hassenstein, at Reply

      +Adrian Lasscano I can’t change race, but I would avoid alot of black
      racists in America if I was black, thats probably it.

  10. Posted by Alex M, at Reply

    I never understood why geography matters more to republicans than
    demography. Acres of land don’t vote, people do!

    • Posted by Greaseball Jones, at Reply

      Alex M It almost seems like they want to go back to fuedalism. Hmm…

  11. Posted by ChrisJ Fox, at Reply

    Bill, what the hell does believing the EC should be abolished have to do
    with the white establishment? Some of us just want the system to be more
    representative of the people – race has nothing to do with it.

  12. Posted by Michael Vander Wal, at Reply

    This is the definition of fake news. Bill wasn’t defending ‘the white
    establishment’. Bill doesn’t even think the white establishment exists. He
    was analyzing what the left thinks about race, and how they view themselves
    as bringing down a supposedly white dominated establishment.

  13. Posted by Dennis Lee, at Reply

    Try preaching diversity in any Muslim dominated country, or any Hispanic
    dominated country, or any Asian dominated country, or any African dominated
    country, if you can understand how the world works. This is why Whites want
    to have their culture.

  14. Posted by jmtnvalley, at Reply

    Every time the electoral college has fucked us up, it has benefited the
    Republicans. And Bill’s comments are some of the most blatantly stupid I’ve
    heard him say. O’Reilly’s is really obvious here.

  15. Posted by Greg Camp, at Reply

    The problem is that there is a difference in interests between rural areas
    and the big cities, and eliminating the electoral college would allow the
    cities to ignore the interests of much of the country.

  16. Posted by Jonathan C., at Reply

    The problem is that we are already we to far along in this gargantuan
    monopoly game to start over, but it is the Federal government that has
    indebted us all and robbed us blind, not to mention responsible for all the
    wars we are in. We need to clear the board, hand out the chips again, and
    let each state rule itself, so that they all can reflect their own values.

  17. Posted by ナコルル王女(Proud Teaboo), at Reply

    I was just thinking it’s been a while since I’ve seen some bill O’Reilly

  18. Posted by Hard Candy-e, at Reply

    I’m conservative leaning and occasionally will agree with tyt, this is one
    of those occasions. Bills statements were kind of ridiculous, I’m not 100%
    against the electoral college though.

  19. Posted by Alex Smith, at Reply

    this bullshit news is run by the jews. the jews control american foreign
    policy. the young turks is no different than fox news. the agenda is to
    create a greater israel and expel all the palestinians.