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Billionaires Prepare for the Apocalypse


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Wealthy and also effective individuals in the tech-industry are getting ready for the armageddon. They are constructing shelters and also collecting vehicles, products, weapons, and ammo. Some have pointed out problems over nuclear battle or a break down of society, but a constant motif is an anxiety of a popular backlash against the tech-industry as automation as well as AI eliminate an enhancing variety of American works. There is a genuine fear in the tech-industry that many Americans may be produced of work in the near future that there could be fierce retributions versus tech-industry staff members, trendsetters, as well as business owners, whom they might involve deem responsible for the loss of their livelihoods. While many believe such a scenario to be extremely not likely, it plainly provides a major enough risk that rich individuals have actually evaluated it rewarding to invest in their very own protection.

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  1. Posted by Lex Calia, at Reply

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    • Posted by NoFace, at Reply


    • Posted by Lex Calia, at Reply

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    • Posted by NoFace, at Reply

      +Lex Calia Google who?

    • Posted by Lex Calia, at Reply

      NoFace lol the ribless legend

    • Posted by NoFace, at Reply

      +Lex Calia Omg, what is that..thing?

  2. Posted by Andrew Walsh, at Reply

    maybe these ‘wealthy and successful’ individuals should focus on making a more-just society and economy that works for everyone, instead of making contingency plans for when wealth/income inequality progresses to the point of mobs and pitchforks

    • Posted by Shannon Jacobs, at Reply

      I sort of want to believe the tech guy, but… Occam’s Razor meets Fermi’s Paradox.

      Where are the rest of the intelligent species?

      My current belief is that we’re in a race condition. On one side the oscillations are getting wilder, so even though the average trend is upward, we have reached the point where any of the downward swings could take us below the zero point of extinction.

      On the other side, we might be on the verge of replacing ourselves with artificial intelligences, and if any of the previous intelligent species have done that, then those intelligent machines have nothing to say to us and the naturally evolved species that created them may have died out anyway.

    • Posted by Clear Singularity, at Reply

      Isnt that just the point? Why would they give up on their wealth to us peasants which they so “rightfully” stolen in the past half century so they wouldn’t live a lesser, more inadequate lifestyle to what they’re used to. When they can just create new monopolies to take over TV channels to pit us against each other. Or to do false flags to make the peasants fight one another just to prolong their extravagant lifestyle just a decade longer. This continuous cycle of class warfare which has been mostly prevalent since the 80s will.. has to come to an end. LIFE WILL FIND A WAY.

  3. Posted by Adrian Brown, at Reply

    Nuclear = DEAD

    It’s just like how these nutjobs think their stockpiles of pea shooters…will protect them from a government with tanks, and missiles…

    • Posted by Ted Bundy, at Reply

      Tell that to the guy down my street with a 3 story underground bunker, we’re always real nice to him. lol

  4. Posted by Ms. K, at Reply

    This sounds really crazy that billionaires believe this stuff so much that they are making bunkers. But then again maybe they know something we don’t know. It’s not like we run in the same circles of people and get the same information as they do. Maybe we should take notice instead of laughing at them.

    • Posted by Ariel Dancer, at Reply

      Ms. K You sound smart

    • Posted by Ms. K, at Reply

      +Ariel Dancer Thankyou

  5. Posted by L.D. LeDay, at Reply

    well. I farm and I was raised farming and hunting. and one reason we do that is so we can always be prepared ( just in case something happens) . I don’t think it’s called being cynical unless your whole existence revolves around preparing for that. it’s just being on the safe side. if something like that DOES happen, at least my family will be prepared for the time being. That is until we have to go and hunt others for their goods as well. lol

    • Posted by Movout Of The Net, at Reply

      There is nothing to do with your raising or the right to defend. The meaning of cynical in this subject is If you know you’re running the system with everyday questionable decisions, and you get afraid of having to hold the consequence of that, but instead of going back to the track you just build bunkers? That’s cynical.

    • Posted by xadam2dudex, at Reply

      the nuclear fail out will poison the northern hemisphere for years and cause a nuclear winter so you won’t be any better off

    • Posted by L.D. LeDay, at Reply

      +xadam2dudex my uncle has a sealed regulated bunker and we harvest and dry ice. So, may not last for long but I’ll last longer than you would. My family has been doing this for years, since I was a kid.

    • Posted by L.D. LeDay, at Reply

      +Movout Of The Net we might agree, but the guy in the blue shirt didn’t specify just the elites. He was talking in general.

  6. Posted by thekenner, at Reply

    This is a perfect example for what people with too much money prioritize. Their tiny little world, at the expense of everything else.

    • Posted by David Payne, at Reply

      Billionaires sleep, and have sex with billionaires — they’re only concern is with themselves.

    • Posted by thekenner, at Reply

      Totally agree with you

  7. Posted by Telma Elma, at Reply

    Oxford Studies and other studies say that in 20 years half of the jobs will be replaced by robots and our politicians have no solutions for that day, they make no preparations, except of more police and more control. So they know, there will be chaos and of course people will be angry at the 1%.

    • Posted by WORSHIPJESUS ALL DAY, at Reply

      Telma Elma there will not be an america in 20 yrs

    • Posted by Telma Elma, at Reply

      Says who? Jesus?

  8. Posted by ComYxCon4LiFe, at Reply

    They can prepare all they want, but in a post-apocalyptic world, their money is practically USELESS. Unless there’s some form of new currency in “the new world”, they’re gonna suffer with the rest of the unfortunate survivors.

    • Posted by Jorge Reyes, at Reply

      ComYxCon4LiFe betcha caps are going to be the next few currency.

    • Posted by WORSHIPJESUS ALL DAY, at Reply

      Jorge Reyes fallout lol

    • Posted by Edward Bernayse666, at Reply

      i think the new currency would be guns, ammo, tanks, water, oil, gas, food, etc which these billionaires would’ve horded a ton of and they would’ve been able to buy an army of other survivors with that. ever seen any of the mad max movies? lol

    • Posted by DJ T Rump, at Reply

      The rich will suffer through the apocalypse with a well stocked wine cellar

    • Posted by ComYxCon4LiFe, at Reply

      Yup. Nothing like dealing with a harsh reality with a bottle of Jack Daniels.

  9. Posted by ampoules1, at Reply

    Holy cleavage Batman!!!

  10. Posted by Morning Glory, at Reply

    Seems kind of naive to think the future isn’t bleak when trump is the most powerful man on earth right now

    • Posted by Django Marine, at Reply

      Normalcy bias.

  11. Posted by Adonis Welch, at Reply

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    • Posted by hieveryone67, at Reply

      That gay undocumented middle class guy is so annoying

  12. Posted by Vic Trip, at Reply

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  13. Posted by M White, at Reply

    Aida keep doing what you’re doing girl…

  14. Posted by TheThruster24, at Reply

    It’s the lower class that fights all the wars and does all the skilled labor, if they believe they have any chance against us when money becomes worthless… they’re delusional.

    • Posted by Aden Rahalaye, at Reply

      I think you’ve forgot about automation

    • Posted by Erin Winslow, at Reply

      Some still has to maintain and run the machines. . .

    • Posted by Nine Five, at Reply

      that’s why they’ll never make money become worthless 😉

  15. Posted by Some Guy, at Reply

    that white guy sounds like he scripted and rehearsed that whole platitudinous spiel.

    • Posted by Outback Dave, at Reply

      I thought the same thing

  16. Posted by raydeen2k, at Reply

    So when the nukes fly, and the EMP bursts and general destruction hit, the Internet will be gone. Everyone will become zombies because there will be no Google to tell them where to eat, how to set a broken bone, how to tie a tie, how to spell, do math, etc. There will be no Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and worst of all, no porn. Without porn, you get horny zombies. And a horny zombie is the worst thing I can imagine. All I can hope for is that it eats my brain before all of my warm, moist orifices are violently penetrated and used to incubate the mutant zombie larvae which will eventually hatch and eat their way to freedom.

    • Posted by D. Fab, at Reply

      Still a better love story than twilight.

    • Posted by I Love Japan, at Reply

      raydeen2k that sounds like it would be a great movie, you should send that script to Hollywood

    • Posted by Namelessandpure, at Reply

      raydeen2k If the nukes fly most people wouldn’t be dead, but all people would be dead. You wouldn’t need google because no one will be alive. you won’t just have to worry about the nukes but the nuclear power plants that will go un manned and fail. The nuclear winter that will destroy all life on earth, and a host of other things.

    • Posted by Simon Piotrowski, at Reply

      raydeen2k there’s a graphic novel called crossed which is basically sex mad zombies.

  17. Posted by Daniel Sanchez, at Reply

    This panel is a joke. Especially the flaming beaner.

    • Posted by Daniel Sanchez, at Reply

      Irony depends on a shared understanding of truth and beliefs.

    • Posted by Liber8, at Reply

      Someones been reading their literature books, nice, trying to come back with the philosophical retort of what irony really entails. Combating the statement of “only communicating in slurs”.

    • Posted by Daniel Sanchez, at Reply


    • Posted by Daniel Sanchez, at Reply

      Johnny Tony
      “quarter witted”…

      …how old are you? Shouldn’t you be in class, doing school work? I try not to correspond with pussies, who haven’t gotten their periods yet.

    • Posted by Daniel Sanchez, at Reply

      Johnny Tony
      Like I said, I don’t argue with children, so I’ll grant you a bone and let you have the last word, ok kiddo. 😉

  18. Posted by Safet Hamzagic, at Reply

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    • Posted by Jose Estrada, at Reply

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