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BOMBSHELL: Bannon Blasts ‘Treasonous’ Trump


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The general public feud between Steve Bannon as well as Donald Trump is officially on. Cenk Uygur and also John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, talk about. Tell us just what you assume in the comment section below.

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" In a new book, Steve Bannon, the previous White Home chief planner, calls a meeting of Trump project officials with a Russian lawyer in Trump Tower throughout the presidential project "treasonous" and also "unpatriotic.".

The book, "Fire as well as Fierceness: Inside the Trump White Home," quickly to be published by Henry Holt, was written by Michael Wolff, a reporter and also an author that has actually created a number of publications, consisting of a bio of Rupert Murdoch. In it, Bannon tears right into Donald Trump Jr.; White Home elderly adviser Jared Kushner; and then-campaign chairman Paul Manafort for taking a June 2016 conference with a team of Russians who promised dirt on Hillary Clinton, the Autonomous candidate.

" The three elderly men in the campaign believed it was a good idea to meet an international federal government inside Trump Tower in the boardroom on the 25th flooring without any attorneys," Bannon claimed, inning accordance with a copy of guide gotten by NBC News.

" Also if you thought that this was not treasonous, or unpatriotic, or poor spunk, as well as I occur to assume it's every one of that, you must have called the FBI instantly," he included." *.

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola.


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  1. Posted by NULLPTR, at Reply

    I wonder who’s side magatards will take?

    • Posted by The Alienated TV, at Reply

      They’ll side with the guy who has more power.

    • Posted by Jay Wilson, at Reply

      +Bo Na
      Why not? You should support your fellow brethren.

    • Posted by Syphaxis, at Reply

      Neither. They know it’s a distraction.

    • Posted by Meme Cakes, at Reply

      The real crazy nationalists are pro Bannon but the magaturds are of course pro Trump

  2. Posted by Augustus Caesar [ XIV ], at Reply

    That didn’t take long

  3. Posted by Danni Bentley, at Reply

    ❤ cenk.

    • Posted by Jay Rock Jinx, at Reply

      Jordan Danfyu You unsubscribed but you’re here? Uhhhh ok 👌

    • Posted by Victorian, at Reply

      He’s great going up to 15 year olds on a railroard track that they are whores in training it’s great we support Hillary Clinton who has a trail of death behind her and bill Clinton who rapes children

  4. Posted by Solen Ya, at Reply

    Season 2 baby!

    • Posted by rick mcintosh, at Reply

      Who needs house of cards anyway, when we have the news.

    • Posted by Jason Gray, at Reply

      Whatever happens I’m sure it will Huuugge!

    • Posted by Seth the Wicked, at Reply

      Not looking forward to the Pence spinoff show.

    • Posted by Justice Democrat 82594, at Reply

      Pickle man can borrow your portal gun?

  5. Posted by Toddler Trump, at Reply

    When the going gets tough… Trump will go down.

    • Posted by LardGreystoke, at Reply

      His work is avoiding work.

    • Posted by abbie ahi, at Reply

      LardGreystoke any chance you are on unemployment benefits

    • Posted by Toddler Trump, at Reply

      abbie ahi – Any chance you’re on the salt-right?

  6. Posted by Theo Lamp, at Reply

    Trump has spent his 1st year making enemies of all his allies. Is this the president who will bring our country together and create bi-partisanship ?

    • Posted by RedroomStudios, at Reply

      unfortunately the congress seems to love him right now for the tax cut deal.

    • Posted by beatthisroot, at Reply

      He will unite everyone in hate.

    • Posted by drbrunch, at Reply

      Let’s do bipartisan

    • Posted by Bobbi Nunyabiz, at Reply

      I remember saying early last year that maybeeeee (far fetched idea, but…) Trump’s whole drain the swamp thing was to actually drain the swamp by outting all these scumbags on the right one by one… maybe Bannon is just now catching on to that? Lol, naaaah… Trump’s just an idiot who surrounds himself with the swampiest of them all and is faaaaaar too stupid to realize the very swamp he’s draining is his own.

    • Posted by Linda Sandoval, at Reply

      Theo Lamp not

  7. Posted by Spunky1991, at Reply

    Steve Bannon is one creepy looking dude.

    • Posted by Kel Green, at Reply

      Spunky1991 That’s one sexy bug from Men in Black.

    • Posted by Kel Green, at Reply

      jeck jeck The bug from Men in Black?

    • Posted by Bill Anderson, at Reply

      That’s what a drunk looks like, bud.

    • Posted by deathgirl71, at Reply

      stephen colbert said that bannon looks like “when syphilis gets herpes.”

  8. Posted by Jack X, at Reply

    This is one of those Freddy vs Jason scenarios..

    • Posted by Jhordan Stoutmire, at Reply

      Nah don’t give those 2 such a cool title

    • Posted by Jon Ericson, at Reply

      Yeah, see, that was fun to watch, and there was no chance of something horribly crazy coming out of it.

    • Posted by ricomajestic, at Reply


    • Posted by 503leafy, at Reply

      Alien vs Sexual Predator.

  9. Posted by Ruben Gutierrez, at Reply

    Trump did it!

  10. Posted by Latte Cat, at Reply


    • Posted by Jon Ericson, at Reply

      How about skipping to hanging?

    • Posted by goodfella21f, at Reply

      Jon Ericson whats typically done to traitors? Prison at the very least?

    • Posted by goodfella21f, at Reply

      Jon Ericson well if he guilty then hes guilty.

    • Posted by footy vids, at Reply

      Its already proven that Russia didn’t hack the DNc emails

  11. Posted by Minority Voice, at Reply

    So 2 people with no morals turn on each other who would of known. SAD!

    • Posted by John Miller, at Reply

      Would it have been moral if they supported each other in this lie till the end?

    • Posted by Lucy's Mom, at Reply

      “who would have known”… “who would of knew” makes no sense…

    • Posted by Jedediah, at Reply

      Minority Voice, yes. It’s Thunderdome! Trump v Bannon. Get to the weapons. Use them any way you can. I know you won’t break the rules. There aren’t any!

  12. Posted by Desmond Quick, at Reply

    Steve Bannon from ex chief strategist to now the bean spiller,Trump your Karma has begun

    • Posted by 75joev, at Reply

      Bannon’s pissed Trump is saying it’s his fault for losing Alabama, and for being pushed out of the WH. Bannon’s verifying all the crap about Trump’s WH. LOL
      Now Trump is saying Bannon has lost his mind. LOL

    • Posted by Bobbi Nunyabiz, at Reply

      “If it’s what you’re saying it is, I love it!” lmao

    • Posted by Jon Jacoby, at Reply

      Hey stupid people ! Don’t use the word karma to put some one down. You are putting it on your self. Karma is the balance of the universe and we don’t control it. The world will work this out even if we don’t survive.

    • Posted by Patterson CURSE, at Reply

      Desmond Quick Im grabbing the popcorn, havent enjoyed so much infighting since Donna threw Hillary under a truck and Obama under a vehicle. Wonder if DNC are still broke.

  13. Posted by Laguna Zancruz, at Reply

    This administration is a mess, a failure… Trump has fired much of his cabinet, he spouts xenophobic nonsense, he clearly and obviously caters to the corporate elite and wealthy.. and yet the conservative middle and poor class still blindly support him even though he will do nothing to better they’re lives at all(at least he’s building a wall and keeping them terrorist out hyeehaw)

    I get why he loves the uneducated…

    • Posted by nah, at Reply

      they’ve been raised to trust in a magical deity without questioning the biblical details and shunning anti-thesitic views for all their lives.
      Easiest folks to manipulate.

    • Posted by willia3r, at Reply

      William R Warren Jr please dont compare Trumpsters to Luddites. The Luddites were actually responding to unfair working conditions pushed on them by elites and management.

      The Luddites are the reason why there is a social safety net and fair workplace rules for working class people.

      Please don’t put Luddites in the same box as far rightwing conservative Trumpster morons.

    • Posted by Jenny Lee, at Reply

      He hasn’t just fired a lot of people, some left on their own but his main deficit is that he has yet to appoint people into numerous posts. We are lacking numerous ambassadors.

    • Posted by StuntpilootStef, at Reply

      His base doesn’t care what he does, they simply care wether or not their ‘team’ is in power. Even when that team continually screws them over.

    • Posted by Martine, at Reply

      You forgot senile, and he probably has Alzheimer.

  14. Posted by DevilDog 2600hz, at Reply

    Wow…. Steve Bannon talking like he’s on a WOW chat session.

    Even Bannon knew it was treason. Rico all of them… including Bannon.

    • Posted by peacefulheart, at Reply

      Bannon should keep his mouth shut, he’s looking guilty or making enemies he would never want. Something feels super wrong about this situation.

    • Posted by Hazzycakes, at Reply

      Bannon SHOULD keep his mouth shut… about anything other than bashing Trump. That’s perfectly acceptable.

    • Posted by Mega Arbok, at Reply

      Havrvey Dent style 👆

    • Posted by kosmosyche, at Reply

      peacefulheart One thing is for sure. He got a lot of very fine people upset, very very fine people, some of whom have very fine Russian accents. They thought he was their droog, but it turns out all this time he was actually a typical cyka blyat. So now they are probably seriously considering chiki briki i v damke the poor bastard.

    • Posted by Nunaya Business, at Reply

      Nice double reference with the wow chat

  15. Posted by rocky19421, at Reply

    Trump is exactly the person my parents raised me not to be…..

    • Posted by jeck jeck, at Reply

      Vladimir Putin?

    • Posted by BMWM316 G, at Reply

      Brett-Better than a community activist and crook who scams his own people ACORN Chicago, Michelle’s hospital job Chicago, Sen Obama CAR and 2008 Crisis. Government is a business should be run by businessmen not bootlicking huckster politicians Obama proved that extremely well.

    • Posted by Brett, at Reply

      jeck jeck

      Putin runs his country, so I’m sure there are millions of Russians that wish they were him.

    • Posted by MacyLouWho, at Reply

      BMWM316 G is it scary when you realize just how alone you few Trump cultists are becoming by the day? Is it lonely? Do you feel ganged up on by the masses who no longer believe a word he says while you stubbornly hang on despite the mounting evidence, dislike, and pressure on this puppet government? We know how much you fell in love with this guy the minute he said the words “get rid of immigrants” and that you worship him for hating blacks as much as you do. Gosh those cultural differences are SO scary for people like you, aren’t they? Frightening. You hate it sooooo much. So much you’d watch this country be handed to Russians for it because even though they aren’t from here-at least they’re white. That’s not “as” scary for you. And the KGB has it right all along didn’t they? Stomp anyone into the ground that you want-no repercussions or moral implications should get in the way of “white power”. Sad, sad little men. Always willing to do anything to make themselves feel better or more powerful. Tiny penis syndrome at work here? I seriously think so.

  16. Posted by Peter Lorimer, at Reply

    Hell hath no fury like an alcoholic scorned! Lol.

    • Posted by lolocopter K, at Reply

      Peter Lorimer lmfao

    • Posted by Redefining Myself, at Reply

      Yup. Resentment # 1 offender

  17. Posted by rocky19421, at Reply

    So will trump now add Breitbart news as fake news??

    • Posted by BMWM316 G, at Reply

      Timo Wayne – I understood you don’t support the President. Your attempt at sarcasm suggests you may believe this BS and the idiots onTYT.

    • Posted by Erica Berry, at Reply

      BMWM316 G my bubble is not busted, many dummies still listen to him and thinks he is the truth!!

    • Posted by Erica Berry, at Reply

      BMWM316 G and your hilarious, I read your whole crap, garbage paratrash.

    • Posted by MacyLouWho, at Reply

      If so he only has Faux News left to pacifier his baby butt. It totally cracks me up-all other news agencies in the entire world are “fake news”. One lonely station in the world tells the truth. Yeah right! 😂😂😂. More like one news station in the world is home to the lowest common denominator in the world-the Trump type people who desperately need to believe their own drivel no matter how low or wrong it is! Fox is the home of the deluded and immoral, and that’s all it will ever be to the rest of us and the entire world!

    • Posted by Jens Beauty Vanity, at Reply

      I am confused by such alternative. Either Trump would be right (Breitbart is fake news), or Trump is not right (Breitbart is not fake news)…. my head is spinning…none of these seems right 😀 😀 😀

  18. Posted by Dallas McQuarrie, at Reply

    I think the real news here is that Bannon finally told the truth about something!

  19. Posted by My Space, at Reply

    Finally the chickens have come home to roost.

    • Posted by Ll G, at Reply

      The chickens came home wasted and are shitting everywhere.

    • Posted by Hatchett Harley, at Reply

      More chickens to come…

    • Posted by Leo Veyne, at Reply

      My Space Again……

    • Posted by Adrienne R, at Reply


  20. Posted by Mace S, at Reply

    2018 I’m not a crook. Coming soon.

    • Posted by Captain Caveman, at Reply

      Mace S lol… Zingggggg

    • Posted by Stephen Erickson, at Reply

      Except it’ll be, “I’m not a traitor!”

    • Posted by Connie Raiford, at Reply

      LMAO I can dig it!

    • Posted by Bronzebk, at Reply

      Mace S Now that’s funny!!