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Border Patrol Thinks Dead Mexicans Are Hilarious


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An altruistic volunteer employee has been detained for supposedly providing undocumented immigrants food and also sanctuary. This happened hrs after his company posted a video clip of boundary patrol agents unloading water to eliminate undocumented immigrants by dehydration. Cenk Uygur, Brett Erlich, and Aida Rodriguez, hosts of The Young Turks, go over. Inform us just what you believe in the comment area below.

Learn more below:

" Hrs after a humanitarian group released video clips revealing border patrol agents kicking over water bottles left for travelers in the Arizona desert, a volunteer for the organization was arrested and also accuseded of nurturing undocumented immigrants.

Scott Daniel Warren, 35, a volunteer with the team No More Deaths, faces a federal cost of harboring 2 individuals in the country unlawfully.
Caitlin Deighan, an activist with No Even more Deaths, cut short of calling the arrest revenge yet stated it looked suspicious that Warren had actually been billed so soon after the release of the video clips.

" We see it as an acceleration as well as criminalization of aid workers," Deighan said on Monday.

The border patrol did not instantly react to an e-mail looking for comment.

William Pedestrian, an attorney for Warren, said his customer's actions were not criminal.
" This is a humanitarian help employee attempting to conserve lives," Walker said." *.
Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Brett Erlich, Aida Rodriguez.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Brett Erlich, Aida Rodriguez.


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  1. Posted by S G, at Reply

    Since when did Logan Paul join border control?

    • Posted by Ameri Wryter, at Reply

      S G that’s not funny

    • Posted by JB JG, at Reply

      He looks a lot like Logan, though. Totally could him doing this as a stunt if the whole suicide fiasco hadn’t happened first.

    • Posted by SAMURAI JACK, at Reply

      Wow unfair

    • Posted by Nikola Tesla, at Reply

      I see more of a jake paul

    • Posted by James Stone, at Reply

      You’re right, he does look a lot like Logan Paul.

  2. Posted by Fabian Jacquez, at Reply

    Deplorable fake Christians at it again.

    • Posted by Johnny the Boy, at Reply

      Fabian Jackquez – Just heard they are atheists. Deplorable fake atheists at it again.

    • Posted by mr powerline, at Reply

      Noah Philter

    • Posted by J Rangel, at Reply

      +mr powerline… 95% Come on man that is totally made up number. It’s way less than that. It’s more like 94%

    • Posted by mr powerline, at Reply

      J Rangel

  3. Posted by Thankfull Friend, at Reply

    Humanity at its finest

    • Posted by lupi lupano, at Reply

      I love the faces of these liberals now that trump has won and they have to deal with it! hahahaha they are totally triggered!

    • Posted by Karuska22ps, at Reply

      lupi lupano
      Trump loves his lowIQ supporters!

    • Posted by Thankfull Friend, at Reply

      Triggered about what?

  4. Posted by Traci M, at Reply

    So America is arresting people for trying to stop human beings from dying?

    • Posted by Liza Tanzawa, at Reply

      Frozilla15 RIGHT TO LIFE, DICKWEED!!!!!

    • Posted by Frozilla15, at Reply

      Liza Tanzawa What does that have to do with illegals crossing the border?

    • Posted by Bryan Taylor, at Reply

      We also arrest and imprison Doctors for curing Cancer.

    • Posted by Grey Jeremy, at Reply

      Crossing the border doesn’t put people on death row. Murder does. Who is the real criminal?
      If you care about the rule of law, you do it through the courts, not by committing a different crime.

    • Posted by The1980Philip, at Reply

      Funny how you assumed that I am a Trump supporter. I’m not a Trump fan, but he’s had the right message on immigration (be it for the wrong reasons). Even a broken clock tells the correct time once or twice a day (depending on the type of clock).

  5. Posted by TheBig Phenom, at Reply

    I’m no fan of the border patrol, but you could literally scope out the gallons of water (as if some sort of trap). also they may want to keep people alive, if to only tell anybody else the trek isn’t worth it, and because they’re human beings

    • Posted by Generic Scout, at Reply

      Arresting people crossing makes more sense, most of these illegals end up in unsavory positions.

    • Posted by Fukai Kokoro, at Reply

      They want them alive to torture them, to harm them.. What about those mass graves the BP like to do instead of doing it right.

    • Posted by Fanboys Suck, at Reply

      Fukai Mass graves? Wat.

  6. Posted by vinnythewebsurfer, at Reply

    Republicans genuinely believe that illegal immigrants are more dangerous then anything else. It’s amazing. One guy tells me that illegal immigration is what destroyed the USSR. That’s the logic. No, the politicians and corporations aren’t the problem, mass shooters and right wing extremists aren’t the problem. 12 year olds illegals with brain tumours, those are scary. THEY BROKE THE LAW. Pfft. As if laws mean anything to a republican. Spare me.

    • Posted by Prof. Weed, at Reply

      vick3d You are projecting. I strongly recommend read up on Perestroïka.

    • Posted by Odin's Scrotum, at Reply

      Sally Jackson huh? youre all over the place. i didnt say anything about ms13. my point was that drugs are brought into the US by a wide variety of methods. its a cat and mouse game that has no end. as long as drugs are illegal and in demand (which is guaranteed), smugglers will get them across the border. the war on drugs is a miserable failure. no, a wall wont make any difference in the long run. it may disrupt some supply lines in the short term. the solution is to legalize and tax and regulate.
      i didnt say anything about water bottles, but no, tv in prison is not analogous. for one thing, those border crossers dont even know for sure where the water is. they cant count on it. to the extent that it makes the journey slightly less likely to kill you, yes its possible a marginal number of additional people will attempt it, assuming they even know about it. but.. so what? obviously they are desperate enough to risk their lives. youd rather make sure they die than to let them live and solve the real problem, which is american employers hiring them? you sound very scared and angry to me. and youre correct that im ignorant of a great many things, but you havent demonstrated what was ignorant in my previous post.

    • Posted by Muhammad Obama, at Reply

      The point is they are ILLEGAL! ILLEGAL you stupid commie.

  7. Posted by Raven Feather, at Reply

    The Christian Right.

    • Posted by Meg C, at Reply

      Yeah, I’m starting to think certain pockets (not all) of US Christians would harass, deport, or lockup Jesus…err, in the name of Jesus. Oh, and call him a communist, socialist, etc., liberal snowflake.

    • Posted by Edward Moran, at Reply

      Jesus would obey the law with the exception of beating up the money changers 😉 . Why do you think Pilate did not want to kill him but the Pharisees twisted Pilates arm. The more things change.

    • Posted by Ben Smith, at Reply

      Edward Moron
      Who’s law would he obey?
      Even the pope denounced the wall.
      Rothchilds ” given the ability to print a country’s currency. And I care not who makes the laws.”

  8. Posted by Jerome Hugh, at Reply

    Feels like they have recruited all the racists in ice.

    • Posted by James Guilford, at Reply

      billy the dead; I don’t know; the White House, perhaps ?

    • Posted by James Guilford, at Reply

      Frozilla 15; Because we are living in the land of the free and home of the brave; and thus we believe all persons should be free to travel, and we do not allow our fears of other people and crime, to diminish our our commitment to the principles which make this a great country.

    • Posted by James Guilford, at Reply

      Frozilla 15; No, illegal, nor legal immigrants suppress wages; the business owners, do that.

    • Posted by Muhammad Obama, at Reply

      Or patriots that obey our laws and don’t allow illegals that are citizens of other nations to come here.
      You know.. OR THAT.

    • Posted by James Guilford, at Reply

      Muhammad Obama; American Patriots, believe that the freedom to travel ,is a human right. If you do not believe that all persons are equal and have a right to travel, then you simply are not an American patriot. Once again, in case you missed my first comment; we Americans have constitutionally protected rights, not because we are Americans, but because the rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights are the rights the founders believed all persons should enjoy.

  9. Posted by hendrsb33, at Reply

    The loss of human compassion is astounding… so when do we start hunting each other?

    • Posted by jejejejeje jejejejje, at Reply

      loss? at what stage of history did we have it?

    • Posted by melania bettarelli, at Reply

      hendrsb33 in America they are already doing that – even to children. There are regular mass shootings at schools – and churches too.

    • Posted by tab0108, at Reply

      Reminds me of slavery

  10. Posted by Artificial Avocado, at Reply

    Hope this guy is real proud of himself. This clown probably can’t go more that 3-4 hours without a cheeseburger and Coke and he’s dumping out emergency water caches for people who are dying of thirst. But whatever they are brown guess is the attitude.

    • Posted by Johnny the Boy, at Reply

      yes, you are right, brown people should be given a pass to commit crimes and we are racist is we try to stop them.

    • Posted by Brooke Wang, at Reply

      Littering is illegal…. just like the Mexicans.

  11. Posted by Wozzie, at Reply

    I am ashamed the guy pouring out the bottled water is a fellow citizen. Regardless of opinion about immigration, leaving someone to suffer severe dehydration is despicable and very easily deadly.

    • Posted by Nicholas Sablan, at Reply

      Do we know his name and where he is from? I’m all for more public shaming.

    • Posted by B R, at Reply

      Stop tying to come in illegally and that wouldn’t but no following the law is too much to ask I guess

    • Posted by Nicholas Sablan, at Reply

      You dumbass.

      Even if we grant you that the law is honest and just, this is indefensible. Remember, this is America, a nation of immigrants founded when we murdered the people who lived here, then brought as slaves people who lived elsewhere, so white Americans saying, “Just do the law,” when they made it legal to murder and enslave people is inherently a flawed argument as is.

      Even if we grant you that immigrants are bad people who are breaking the law, THIS IS THE WRONG WAY OF DEALING WITH IT.

      If your kid jaywalked, would you say, “Just kill my kid. I don’t care. LOL following the law is too much to ask I guess.”

      In America, we believe in the justice system. Letting every two-bit racist cop be the judge, jury, and executioner out on a trail where they can do whatever they want to the victims and hide the bodies goes against the very purpose of having a court system.

      Every crime is not appropriate for a death sentence.

      And even in a case where a death sentence is an appropriate response, you STILL get a trial. You can’t just have a guy murder people and say, “Well, I’m a cop so it was cool no matter what.”

  12. Posted by Sir Isaac Mormont, at Reply

    Human beings are truly despicable creatures

    • Posted by Klash716, at Reply

      Sir Isaac Mormont you been watching too much 7.

    • Posted by durk roberson, at Reply

      I agree

    • Posted by jesus treto, at Reply

      Yes we are humans now in days are garbage , animals have more empathy than us

    • Posted by Peter Tremblay, at Reply

      Honestly our extinction is the only real solution!

  13. Posted by JessieBanana, at Reply

    Hope this man isn’t pro-life. Children also come across the border.

    • Posted by hoosierhiver, at Reply

      He is not a man

    • Posted by Aleena Prasannan, at Reply

      Oh..they are just pro-life until the umbilical cord it cut

    • Posted by Spirit Orb 1616, at Reply

      JessieBanana You know how it works, they fight tooth and nail for abortions to stop but when a child is born they work to take away all their rights!!

    • Posted by hoosierhiver, at Reply

      The fact that the Republicans control every branch of government and are not trying to make it completely illegal should tell you something. They don’t really want to get rid of abortion because if they did they might lose those voters to other issues. As it is, they are guaranteed those voters.

    • Posted by Dan Ryan, at Reply

      Most “pro-lifers” support the death penalty and can’t even recognize the cognitive dissonance.

  14. Posted by Melvin Ray Spence III, at Reply

    a wall huh? So delusional…so mindless…how long do you think it would take to build a 2000 mile wall? Best president ever?!?! Trump sure has the poor people under some serious mind control…best president ever after 1 year…a wall will fix this problem?!?!? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Delusional poor people 💣💣💥💥

    • Posted by Dan Ryan, at Reply

      Little Johnny you’re like a smart person

    • Posted by M. Brennan, at Reply

      If you Really want to stop “white genocide”, cut off or poison the water supply in predominately colored demographics. Oh, wait, they already do that: Flint

    • Posted by James Guilford, at Reply

      Robert Johnson; So we should build a wall along the Canadian border to ?

    • Posted by Audrey Lee, at Reply

      Slawischstreiter Of course you resort to violence and killing. Typical.

    • Posted by M. Brennan, at Reply

      The YT nazis resort to shooting off their racist keyboards in between rounds of Wolfenstein, milo videos, and porn.

  15. Posted by Melvin Ray Spence III, at Reply

    the last time I checked a wall can be defeated…so anyone thinking that this will solve the problem is about as delusional as trump. lm sure there are other problems in the US then a stupid wall that nobody in trumps administration will never ever celebrating a wall opening I can assure you

    • Posted by Jonathan Sinclair, at Reply

      @Justin Hernandez
      Can you please be real about what you want? People break laws all the time in this country. Trump broke the law probably every week of his adult life. So why would you ever want people to be executed for trying to come to this country? When whites came to this country they didn’t immigrate. The natives welcomed them. Just about all they asked was for the land not to be destroyed because it was sacred to them. To say that people coming from Mexico should be shot is the same as saying all those Europeans who came here without permission from the natives should have been shot on site. You cannot benefit from a thing and be in favor of murdering other people who are trying to do the exact same thing. That is disturbing. If that’s your attitude how do you defend your own place and existence in the US? Why should you be here? Why should you have the right to live here when you have ancestors who weren’t born here?

    • Posted by NAMELESS AWESOMENESS, at Reply

      Justin Hernandez – 99% of Americans are illegals. The blacks have some legitimacy because they were brought by force in slave ships. All others except for Native Americans are illegal.

      So Mr. Hernandez, please pack your bags and go to where in hell you came from. If crossing the border is a crime, then your white ancestors committed the same crime and just because the crime was committed a while back it does not become a lawful act. You are still a criminal illegal alien.

    • Posted by Jonathan Sinclair, at Reply

      If America was only inhabited by its true and actual natives the United States would not exist, much less be the superpower that it is. That’s the problem when people allow themselves to be spoon fed propaganda by white supremacists. They think its only great because of them. No, back when they were still coming from “shithole” countries America was already being built, benefitted, advised, and influenced by people of all colors and ethnicities. It is the diversity that makes us great. Fear of diversity conversely makes us weak.

    • Posted by Muhammad Obama, at Reply

      The last time I checked Mexicans don’t have the power to cross a massive wall if they can’t even make it through the desert without American help.

  16. Posted by King Kodjo, at Reply

    This is a slap to the face.

    • Posted by Dark Blade, at Reply

      – –
      America was founded by Masonic criminals

    • Posted by Captain Bube, at Reply

      if you go ahead and go somewhere you are not supposed to go. then you are an illegal person.

    • Posted by TheNextTurn, at Reply

      America was suppose to the Beacon of humanity .. a place where the down trodden can flee to when being repressed in other countries. Thats what made the US different then all other countries in the world.

      It now has become a place of white people trying as hard as possible to keep it white. They did this by changing the law making it illegal to cross the US border in this way.( Yes this act wasnt illegal until the 1900s) And by degrading foreigners and minorities in the US.

      Now the US is just like every other country … lets take care of our own … and screw the people from other countries. Are u actually proud of that?

  17. Posted by Lynne Barnes, at Reply

    While we are busy hating people of different color, the 1% are continuing to screw the poor. This is ultimately about class not race.

    • Posted by Carolyn Kincaid, at Reply

      Yeah.. it’s about Class.. and THE MASTER RACE.. HAS BEEN REPLACED BY THE MASTER CLASS..

    • Posted by hellshade2, at Reply

      crazy world it is very much about class,race and religion are just some of the weapons being used against us

    • Posted by Brian Race, at Reply


    • Posted by Lynne Barnes, at Reply

      Crazy World, of course race is “used” to start the majority fighting among themselves, but it was the “war on poverty” that MLK tried to start, that got him shot.

    • Posted by MANGO ZOO, at Reply

      It’s Race first then Class…

  18. Posted by Sun Salads Restaurant, at Reply

    The only solution for all this crap is voting and making the biggest blue wave in history

    • Posted by Armando Miranda, at Reply

      Sun i agree it’s going to be Huge beautiful # Blue WAVE

    • Posted by Ian Potocnik, at Reply

      We need to stop gerrymandering first or that blue wave won’t even be a blue splash.

  19. Posted by aldi404, at Reply

    America has now become the 4th reich

    • Posted by Vet Tech, at Reply

      aldi404 Absolutey You are so correct !!

    • Posted by ANony Mouse, at Reply

      NicksTUT Give it time .. Go read about 1935 Germany and see the similarities .. USA is on the same road..

    • Posted by Karen Winston, at Reply

      ANony Mouse
      Right. There was a long lead up to the gas chambers in Nazi Germany. That didn’t happen overnight. Many people looked the other way when the initial atrocities started happening.

    • Posted by ANony Mouse, at Reply

      Karen Winston
      Yes .. People always say about the holocaust “How could this have happened?” .. “Didnt the public know what was happening?” etc .. Well this is how .. Demonize your target being the first step along with weakening laws and morality .

    • Posted by Muhammad Obama, at Reply

      Because we don’t allow illegals that are citizens of another country to break our laws?????????

  20. Posted by Mike Stewart, at Reply

    Thank you Scott Daniel Warren for standing up for life! Your sanity stands out in a world gone mad.