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Boy Steals Mom’s Car For McDonald’s Run


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A boy in Ohio obtained starving so he took his Papa's van and owned to McDonald's with his 4-year-old sis. Ana Kasparian, Brett Erlich, and also Aida Rodriguez, the hosts of The Young Turks, simplify. Inform us just what you believe in the comment area listed below.

" An 8-year-old Ohio young boy took his 4-year-old sibling on a delight flight to McDonald's after they began desire cheeseburgers.

According to FOX 8, the case happened on Sunday around 8 p.m. after the children's daddy got here from work and went to sleep early.

Police officer Jacob Koehler told FOX 8 that the youngsters chose to leave after their mother had actually dropped off to sleep on the couch. Witnesses later on saw the young boy driving his dad's job van and called the cops.

Koehler told the information station the child drove regarding a mile from his residence with his little sibling in the back of the van. He drove via four intersections and over railroad tracks.

In a surprising twist, witnesses informed the cops the young boy complied with all web traffic regulations and drove the speed limitation, FOX Report.

When the little driver brought up to the drive-thru home window with a piggy bank in tow, McDonald's workers were convinced it was a joke, according to WFMJ, a neighborhood terminal."

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Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Brett Erlich, Aida Rodriguez

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Brett Erlich, Aida Rodriguez


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  1. Posted by Adam North, at Reply

    first. the guy before me doesnt count.

    • Posted by orochimarujes, at Reply

      Columbus, is that you?

    • Posted by Алина Старковa (Alina Starkova) 2nd Account, at Reply

      HA I got that reference orochimarujes

  2. Posted by quaxk, at Reply

    looks like ana could do with a happy meal…

    • Posted by Driz M, at Reply

      24mrdanny Ana was goddess………..10 yrs ago 😓

    • Posted by Trollop 7, at Reply

      I threw up on a bum on my way to MacD’s. It was a nice warm meal for him.

    • Posted by i boom, at Reply

      Somebody wants to date anorexics.

    • Posted by mud cat, at Reply

      Trollop 7
      Wtf hahahaha 😂😭 fucked up

    • Posted by mm1996, at Reply

      Ana is normal… how fat and American are you? Gross.

  3. Posted by barry worthy, at Reply

    i rather he run the country then cheetos nazi

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      “Nazi” “Russian” “works for Russia”… You libs are stupid.

    • Posted by Henry Christensen, at Reply

      Big T. Larrity so are you jobless bums gonna cry for 4 years straight? Get over yourselves hahaha

    • Posted by Erick Baddy, at Reply

      Henry Christensen just like you bums cryed for eight years straight

    • Posted by Erick Baddy, at Reply

      Listenbuddy1 No alot of things he wanted to such as give Muslims ID tags and other ideas he had

    • Posted by Brown Buffalo, at Reply

      Big T. Larrity What ideology dumbass?

  4. Posted by Donald J. Trump, at Reply

    I like how he obeyed all traffic laws. He’s probably the kid who reminds his dad that he didn’t stop completely at the sign.

    • Posted by Matthew Bridges, at Reply

      Donald J. Trump Thats me. My mom always says STOP AT THE STOP SIGN. Yet she doesnt. Then its my turn to yell

    • Posted by torchandhammer, at Reply

      Trump can’t drive.

    • Posted by Joseph Inhiding, at Reply

      Destined for F1 or Daytona.

  5. Posted by Cartesian Phantom, at Reply

    That 8-year-old gets no points. McDonald’s? If the dude drove to Five Guys or Shake Shack, then he’d get respect.

    • Posted by UltimateBreloom, at Reply

      Cartesian Phantom There’s also the fact that he was paying out of a piggy bank. May not be able to afford real food.

      But now I want Five Guys. Dammit.

    • Posted by Cartesian Phantom, at Reply

      Perhaps if he learned to drive from Grand Theft Auto, he’d steal his mom’s purse with those keys…? lol

      But, yeah, you’re right. Dude’s ballin’ on a budget. So I respect him a bit more.

    • Posted by Wini G, at Reply

      Those places aren’t everywhere.

    • Posted by Cartesian Phantom, at Reply

      @wini True, Wini, true. But I’m willing to compromise. If you have to do a fast-food burger, I think Steak N Shake or Wendy’s does that best.

    • Posted by Get Real, at Reply

      White Castle.

  6. Posted by Tekken Kagamine, at Reply

    I’m 16 and an 8 year old kid beat me and i’m twice his age too

    • Posted by zOgOs, at Reply

      Who cares, Im 30 and it looks like your going to beat me. If thats any consolation.

      Damn, I would award this kid a honorary permit for doing all this and obeying the laws, All but one.

    • Posted by tallflguy, at Reply

      Tekken Kagamine lol loser!!

    • Posted by Raksody, at Reply

      Thas the only thing Im thinking about, couldnt he have just grabbed an apple from the kitchen or something lol

  7. Posted by Alex da Vinci, at Reply

    Kid’s a genius in comparison to the snotty, smelly and spoiled kid in the WH.

    • Posted by Mike Lewis, at Reply

      Andrew Buss lmao

    • Posted by gatesbrown26, at Reply

      Brainless TYT regressives can’t talk about anything but Donald Trump. How stupid do you have to be to be one?

      Look a new black hole was just discovered across the galaxy
      TYT regressive: “who cares, I want to talk about Donald Trump”

    • Posted by Alex da Vinci, at Reply


      You’re sitting on a black hole, numbskull.

    • Posted by Alex da Vinci, at Reply


      Youre outta here!

  8. Posted by Daniel Yahzeer, at Reply

    yall still eat from that aborted baby meat of McDonald’s ewww

    • Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

      Only time I go to McDonald’s anymore is in March when they got the Shamrock Shake.

    • Posted by Daniel Yahzeer, at Reply

      OutlawRebel117 lmao shamerock shake! I remember those! still poison stop eating at all fast food places !

    • Posted by FunboxPhillips, at Reply

      Daniel Yahzeer ay, if it kills me, it kills me. We all gotta croak some day….

  9. Posted by Mr. Doggo, at Reply

    its the technology that they have access to. Kids these days get influenced by various things that social media and websites such as Youtube provide. Not all of em but some are very woke for their age and very sophisticated at a very young age which amazes me. Humans keep evolving and the next step in evolution is technology and how we as a species use it to achieve things such as colonizing our solar system or learning how to drive a Van at the age of 8 to get a hamburger.

    • Posted by Awfsome, at Reply

      great insight Mr doggo

    • Posted by Agent Washington, at Reply

      I also appreciate your insight, señior Doggo

  10. Posted by Proud Goy, at Reply

    YouTube truly is a great educational platform.

    • Posted by LordMantis101, at Reply

      its a double edged sword

    • Posted by Mnd0vrMnky, at Reply

      Agreed, Jordan Peterson has free university of Toronto psychology lectures that everyone should watch. 👍

  11. Posted by Lataco Grande, at Reply

    he earned his dame cheese burger.

    • Posted by Tom Mitchell, at Reply

      At the very least a happy meal with a large fries and drink. If I were the cop, I’d probably pay for the meal after the fact just as a moral imperative.

    • Posted by Iron Bowtie, at Reply

      At least he didn’t have to kill a bunch of church goers to earn his cheeseburger.

    • Posted by Bernie Smith, at Reply

      The country would be better off if he ran over a few Trumptards.

    • Posted by Seth N, at Reply

      Bernie Smith fortunately we dont protest in the middle of the street unlike you retards

  12. Posted by Hopelessly Hopeful, at Reply

    when my cousin was 15 (before taking drivers training or driving at all) took his sister’s car and went to McDonalds while she and my aunt were gone, he only got caught because he pulled into the McDonalds as my aunt and his sister were pulling out😂😂

    • Posted by Anthony GHB, at Reply

      Oh no that must’ve sucked haha

  13. Posted by george green, at Reply

    time to change the driving age limit

    • Posted by george green, at Reply

      Me to. Who need dl anyways

    • Posted by Mike Lofky, at Reply


    • Posted by Trebor S, at Reply

      Shadowtechnik driving age is 14 in some states

  14. Posted by Kathryn P, at Reply

    The kid should have gone inside, and not through the drive through. He just might have gotten away with it.

    • Posted by bobmarleysweg, at Reply

      Kathryn P Some McDonald’s only have drive thru open at night

    • Posted by Brown Buffalo, at Reply

      Kathryn P Until the parents see the trash in the garbage.

    • Posted by Zombiffix, at Reply

      Kathryn P The cops were called on him the minute he left the driveway. Don’t you listen?

  15. Posted by TYT Fake News, at Reply

    Kid’s obviously more capable than the average Leftist.

  16. Posted by edgeninja, at Reply

    I love this kid, but he needs to be grounded for 10 years.

  17. Posted by Kuma Sama, at Reply

    Watch, the mom and dad get charged with neglect because a kid took a car

  18. Posted by TechGroupF430i, at Reply

    132 people are jelly this kid can drive better than them. XD