Brain Freeze Is Real!: Fails of the Month (June 2017) || FailArmy | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

Brain Freeze Is Real!: Fails of the Month (June 2017) || FailArmy


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The end of June suggests something, it's time for Fails of the Month!! We located some awesome video clips to take you into July. Consisting of some mind freeze falls short, rope swing falls short, and also instant karma! Have a favored? Let us recognize in the remarks! If you have a video clip of your very own, submit it to


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Diva Trips Off Phase
Quad Driver Collisions right into Lake
Guy Tries to Ride A Snowmobile in the River
Young boy Faceplants Doing Acrobatics
Couple's Photo Spoiled by Wave
Little Lady Putting on a Tutu Falls off Bed
Man Fails to Bounce off Trampoline Appropriately
Diva Trips Off Phase
Kid Faceplants Doing Gymnastics
Dust Cyclist Erases right into Puddle
Little Lady Spins Steel Post Around Really Quick
Pair's Picture Ruined By Wave
Wakeboarder Breaks Fencing
Sibling Shoves Dandelion in Sister's Mouth
Man Breaks Glass Doing Curl Flip
Man Attempts To Tons an ATV on a Pickup Truck
SUV Gets Struck by Train
Motorist Loses Control of Automobile as well as Strikes Parked Cars
itten Loss Trying to Catch Computer Arrow
Man Falls Down Patio Stairs
Lady Strikes Her Head on Chair
Drunk Guy Faceplants into Laundry Basket
Baby Elephant Chases after Birds
Woman Trips Over Baggage
Longboarder Faces Camera
Male Stumbles Off Ski Chairlift
Lady Falls after Hitting Close friend with Pillow
Guy Stops working During High Bar Technique
Guy Crashes Motorcycle Trying to Wheelie
Cyclist Falls Off and Mistakenly Trips Buddy
Guy Falls Off Roof Aiming to Jump in Pool
Man Obtains Hit by Golf Ball While Taking a Selfie
Cheerleader Faceplants After Backflip
Kid Loss as well as Scorpions While Operating on the Coastline
Motorcyclist Gets Hit by Vehicle
Guy Faceplants on Bar Throughout Backflip
Segways Unexpectedly Quit
Buffalo Feeding Goes Out of Control

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  1. Posted by Jona, at Reply

    I am the first comment deal with it

    • Posted by TitanDolphin, at Reply

      Jona 8th

    • Posted by Jona, at Reply

      Matthew Sharp stfu dumbass its a damn joke

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      If it’s a lie, then you saying it’s a lie is a lie, so it’s actually the truth.

    • Posted by Matchlesmage0, at Reply

      no, its a black hole

    • Posted by RaptoR, at Reply

      William Hiers but if it’s actually the truth then the comment is really a lie

  3. Posted by Jet Black, at Reply

    Scroll down to see the best comments …but then I Realised i was too early

    • Posted by Micaiah Bardwell, at Reply

      Well thats why a wait an hour or two.

  4. Posted by Thomas Z., at Reply

    If you das lesen kannst, you wirst find Vanille Pudding in deiner fridge.

    • Posted by Nancy G-son, at Reply

      Thomas Z. YES! Tack so mycket!

    • Posted by Basic7x7, at Reply

      +Boundless – Melodic EDM Harbour
      The Nazis hätten sure such ein Denglisch zur language gemacht.

    • Posted by Martin Bode, at Reply

      The Vanillepudding is a lie!

    • Posted by Christian Stepanek, at Reply

      Aber I do nicht mag vanilla pudding :'(

  5. Posted by SUPER JARED CAMPBELL, at Reply

    To the one percent who see this, good day to you😀

    • Posted by Nordic, at Reply

      And good day to you Sir :^)

  6. Posted by Rafael, at Reply

    0:03 What happens to most trolls on the internet … They dig a hole for themselves and then they run towards their moms lol

    • Posted by Jack H, at Reply


    • Posted by Schnell Straße, at Reply

      this elefent is so stupid xD

    • Posted by Max Luiting, at Reply

      oh the irony 🙂

    • Posted by shoes, at Reply

      Schnell Straße I love how you said the elephant was stupid yet you can’t spell.

  7. Posted by Maurits Verkouille, at Reply

    If you read this have a nice day!

    • Posted by Purple Mako, at Reply

      Thank you!! You too

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  8. Posted by Gabriel Incognito, at Reply

    Being on Failarmy at age 1 achievement unlocked.

    • Posted by FireNationAttacks, at Reply

      Gabriel Incognito Next up: Being on Failarmy when your in the womb

    • Posted by MoolahNasreddin, at Reply

      I hope this dad will not broke this kid psychologically! He can.

  9. Posted by IAMSAKAR, at Reply

    i’m early so lemme think of a joke


    • Posted by John Devadhas, at Reply

      IAMSAKAR that aint a joke, thats a fact 😂

    • Posted by TriggerTitan, at Reply

      IAMSAKAR And it sells lile a god church?

  10. Posted by Wow Doge, at Reply

    Admit it youre using youtube right now

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    • Posted by TROLL ARMY, at Reply

      Aw shiet…

    • Posted by Snagalishus Man, at Reply

      Did you just assume my gender?

    • Posted by jessica jalynn, at Reply

      how dare you just assume something like that, god what is wrong with people now ?

  11. Posted by coub army, at Reply

    Here are several tracks from the video I’ve recognized:
    00:37 Die Ärzte – 1/2 Lovesong
    02:45 Charles Berthoud – Juggernaut (Full Mix)
    06:11 Margaux – Eyes On You

    • Posted by Kiroho Joka, at Reply

      The only thing i hear at 00:37 is AAAHHHHH!!!!!

    • Posted by Daniel Nippel, at Reply

      00:37 is like “you wirsd me vermissen, ik vermissen dich schom jetzt.”

  12. Posted by Charles Akujobi JR, at Reply

    What happened, did you fart?

    • Posted by ALICE LIDDELL, at Reply

      Charles Akujobi JR ashe hit her head. tho the question was stupid

  13. Posted by Biliana Biliana, at Reply

    “u gonna be on fail army at age 1 ”

    • Posted by Punching Panchito, at Reply

      Biliana Biliana, lmao

    • Posted by Raskolnikov70, at Reply

      Another stupid kid fail staged by the parents to exploit their kids. Wonderful.

    • Posted by MoolahNasreddin, at Reply

      _this_ future is doomed. I will unsee this.

    • Posted by jessica jalynn, at Reply

      that was so cute haha

  14. Posted by kicking Everything, at Reply

    *Oh i feel bad for all of them :(*

    • Posted by kicking Everything, at Reply


    • Posted by lo lo, at Reply

      kicking Everything now thats what we call funny content i subbed to you

    • Posted by Zack Knight, at Reply

      kicking Everything yeah me too

  15. Posted by guillaume m, at Reply

    Did you fart? 😅😅 3:27

    • Posted by Palestineball, at Reply

      guillaume m Is

    • Posted by Schnell Straße, at Reply

      women do not fart so stupid question

    • Posted by Th3Unkn0wn, at Reply

      In public. But if they feel comfortable… x(

    • Posted by Matchlesmage0, at Reply

      then you should meet my little sister

  16. Posted by Tsubaru, at Reply

    I love that “You’re gonna be on FailArmy at age 1” 😂😂

    • Posted by Raskolnikov70, at Reply

      Only because the parents staged the fail to exploit their kid.

  17. Posted by Sam, at Reply

    You are going to be on FailArmy at age 1

    • Posted by jessica jalynn, at Reply

      that part was so cute lol

    • Posted by Wheatley, at Reply

      I was the 1111 like

    • Posted by zaqwe, at Reply

      Sam hahaha XD

    • Posted by Icey Sue, at Reply

      Sam Beat me to the punch there

  18. Posted by Cherry Daily, at Reply

    I upload sweet cherry everyday!

    • Posted by YaBoiAaron - Road to 2K!, at Reply

      Cherry Daily nice!

    • Posted by Erect, at Reply

      Can I pop your cherry

  19. Posted by Kevin Rudfeldt, at Reply

    Why is the Nitro Circus videos back? They suck balls.

    • Posted by William Hiers, at Reply

      I say ban any fails involving people performing stunts on bikes, not just Nitro Circus ones; they all turn out the same.

    • Posted by StringTheory, at Reply

      Nitro Circus doesn’t suck you clown. What sucks is FailArmy put up their videos.

    • Posted by James Bone, at Reply

      StringTheory reread your comment… that made no sense

    • Posted by StringTheory, at Reply

      James Bone “Why are the nitro Circus videos back? they suck balls.” Was the first comment. Now YOU reread my comment, smart one.

    • Posted by partlycurrent, at Reply

      Those ain’t fails. Those are stunt men not landing their tricks.
      Neither should they be included nor seen as fails.

  20. Posted by Poti, at Reply

    the floor is lava in

    wait you’re already on bed

    • Posted by Jose Rojas, at Reply

      Poti k that was good

    • Posted by Yeti Dolores Gutierrez, at Reply

      Poti true

    • Posted by Matchlesmage0, at Reply

      *sits on ground* i want to die

    • Posted by Blue Stark, at Reply

      Poti wow