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BREAKING: Explosions At Ariana Grande Concert


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Surges have burst out as well as casualties reported at an Ariana Grande Concert in Manchester England. Cenk Uygur, Hannah Cranston, and also Brett Erlich, the hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Inform us just what you assume in the remark section below.

" MANCHESTER, England– At least one surge, which might have been a suicide battle, rumbled through a Manchester concert sector on Monday evening just as an efficiency by the pop star Ariana Grande ended, in just what the authorities called a "terrorist occurrence." They claimed a minimum of 19 individuals had actually been eliminated as well as 50 wounded as panicked spectators, including adolescents, shrieked as well as fled.

There was no instant word from the police on the accurate cause of the blast, yet it stimulated the terrorist assaults in Paris in November 2015, that included a fatal attack inside a concert field where the Eagles of Fatality Metal had been playing.

" This is presently being dealt with as a terrorist incident until the authorities know or else," the Manchester police said in a Twitter blog post.

Individuals at the concert at the Manchester Sector said they had actually listened to what seemed like surges at the end of the show, around 10:30 p.m."

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Hannah Cranston, Brett Erlich

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Hannah Cranston, Brett Erlich


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  1. Posted by Adrian Myers, at Reply

    It was those darn Buddhist monks again !!!

    • Posted by jenkind1, at Reply

      +Nathan Thompson The IRA has hardly been relevant for decades, and is now a Labour Party rather than a terrorist group. Violent actions from them certainty isn’t an everyday occurrence unlike a certain other group.

    • Posted by Captain Of A Starship, at Reply

      +Stephen Cody When you say attack and fight would you mind specifying that you aren’t talking about physical attacks or fights.

    • Posted by Hunter Reid, at Reply

      Seth N He is apparently having an allergic reaction to facts….

  2. Posted by Andy Dominguez, at Reply

    Muslims listen to Ariana Grande? That’s interesting.

    • Posted by Jnxzify, at Reply

      Im Muslim i have listened to tons of her songs.. lol

    • Posted by Andy Dominguez, at Reply

      I’m not a racist. I just say things that may sound racist to some. The truth hurts. But I don’t actually hate any race of people. And I have never been a fascist.

  3. Posted by zz773, at Reply

    It was probably the Amish. They are known for being a violent religion!

    • Posted by Ubermorph1000, at Reply


  4. Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

    This is heartbreaking, The hell is wrong with these murderous, evil, vile and cowardly people!

    • Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

      To whom it may concern? Once a former Christian , I now consider myself a believer in a higher power. I don’t care what religion or belief the individual or individuals that carried out this cowardly act were….. but they are terrorists and cowards to the first degree! No other species on the face of the planet goes around and purposely destroying one another the way the human race does!

    • Posted by Caroline Beltran, at Reply

      Jamie Cox, unfortunately, you have been brainwashed by the global elite. They are the owners of TV, news networks, theater, Hollywood, the music industry, social media. You have lost your way by leaving Christianity behind. Additionally, you have chosen to follow a party that is corrupt to the bone, guilty of every single crime imaginable.

    • Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

      +Caroline Beltran show me where i said I follow or followed ANY party whether political or otherwise? There are more religions than just christianity ya know? How in the world did you get out of what i said that I’m a Muslim?

    • Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

      +Caroline Beltran And i probably know more about geopolitics and global corruption than you! I don’t trust ANY POLITICIANS, Republicans Or democrats!

  5. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    Why the bloody hell would you bomb an Ariana Grande concert?

    • Posted by Baked Apple Pie, at Reply

      because you follow the quaran to a T. Have you been living under a rock?

    • Posted by Abraham Lopez, at Reply

      Hal Jordan Islam the religion of piece. Piece of you here and there.

  6. Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

    my heart goes out the people who lost their lives. just trying to enjoy themselves at a concert and cant even do that.

    • Posted by Darkside Media, at Reply

      +rouge1ful Are you familiar with the concept of Taqiyya? Because it’s petty clear that the Muslims you have dealt with have been using it.

    • Posted by Darkside Media, at Reply

      +rouge1ful Remove Kebab!

    • Posted by Darkside Media, at Reply

      +rouge1ful This is a poll of the E.U (Source Generation-what.EU)
      European youth asked would you join a mass uprising?
      Greece 67%
      Italy 65%
      Spain 63%
      France 61%
      Czech Republic 59%
      Wales 57%
      Ireland 54%
      Luxembourg 45%
      Switzerland 44%
      Belgium 41%
      Austria 39%
      Germany 37%
      Netherlands 33%
      And who is the most popular among the European youth…? The Nationalists! This is what your Diversity has brought. Expect all those numbers to rise!

    • Posted by Darkside Media, at Reply

      +rouge1ful “Not all” is NOT AN ARGUMENT! “You truly, truly are a sad, sad person and a moron” Ad hominem attacks are a sign you have no argument… like Cenk. I have provided statistics and quotes from the Quran. I don’t want to round them up throughout the whole world, a strawman. I want to round up them all in every Western Nation and throw them out and into the middle east were they belong. So ” I feel sorry for you that is a pretty damn sad world to live in, and I am done with this” you concede! You have no argument only feelings and emotions. The dead keep rising and you don’t actually care! You just want to virtue signal!

  7. Posted by YoungHugs, at Reply

    19 dead 50 injured

    • Posted by TerryMacka McKenzie, at Reply

      22 dead now. Kids were targeted in the attack. Just sickening.

    • Posted by Mathew Pulsifer, at Reply

      TerryMacka McKenzie a suicide bomber at an event like that probably wasn’t “targeting” anyone. The goal would just be to kill as many people as possible. Doesn’t matter if they’re kids or adults.

  8. Posted by Saffron Blaze, at Reply

    So they go out of their way to specifically mention the IRA, but not Islamic extremism?

    • Posted by Joshua Fogg, at Reply

      Saffron Blaze Amazing, isn’t it? The IRA hasn’t been relevant since the early 2000s.

    • Posted by Gustav The Mad, at Reply

      TYT are terrorist apologists.

  9. Posted by Binary-Technique, at Reply

    stop killing innocent Europeans you bloody Muslims

    • Posted by Gen Can, at Reply

      the fact that you cant reply but being sarcastic show that you know you’re wrong, and you cant say anything else. europe is of caucasian people, and races are so equals that they need to parasitize on us, and you get hurt about “racist” talk

  10. Posted by Roasted Got 'em, at Reply

    Why’d you scoll down? You know what’s in this comment section. Scroll back up.

    • Posted by Stefan S1984, at Reply

      Chunk Oooger The remaining TYT subscriber base is a special kind of stupid. None of which ever had to suffer Islamic oppression.

    • Posted by NYCAustinNYC, at Reply

      Bomb Cherry
      “Everyone knows if white men were Muslims instead of brown people, it would be acceptable and praised. ”
      The Westminster attack and the Boston bombing were both done by white Muslims. Yet.. no praise for it .. right?

      Please stop with the bullshit.

  11. Posted by YouTube Account, at Reply

    Gee! I sure hope Muslims don’t get called bad names because of this attack. That’s the real tragedy here…. not the little girls being blown up, but the Muslims who will get dirty looks from people…… kys TYT.

    • Posted by Brock Samson, at Reply

      +AlienPoppaHead I meant within the US. Even here the Islamic terrorist attacks are FAR out of proportion of the population.

  12. Posted by Michael Ramsey, at Reply

    Uhhhh, nice mention of IRA…. They’re known for suicide bombings

    • Posted by Scotty Logan, at Reply

      omg has the IRA claim responsibility yet? this is so sad

    • Posted by Dead-Owl 911, at Reply

      K L not to detract from this but didn’t they just recently kill a cop at a gas station?

    • Posted by NYCAustinNYC, at Reply

      Scotty Logan
      This bombing was done by ISIS, they took credit.
      The IRA has not done a bombing in 16 years.
      Also… when the IRA did bombings their goal was to do economic damage not necessarily kill people. For example they would call the police to give them time to evacuate.
      Muslim bombers by comparison never give warnings and try their best to maximise civilian deaths

  13. Posted by Marcus Oliveira Spiegelman, at Reply

    Say it with me: Muslim attack

    • Posted by Creepychewy12345, at Reply

      thelonius monk thats what happens when they refuse to fight back against isis, instead they shelter them

    • Posted by Praxis, at Reply

      Creepychewy12345 man, it’s too bad you didn’t get killed by one of those drone strikes. nobody would miss you.

  14. Posted by Starpowerplayboy, at Reply

    “please be white please be white please be white please be white please be white”

    • Posted by DaMunch games, at Reply

      Wrong answer try again

    • Posted by Starpowerplayboy, at Reply

      +DaMunch games Isis claimed responsibility, but who knows, it was probably one of those damn buddist monks again.

    • Posted by Shaise Mughal, at Reply


    • Posted by Anonymous Anonymous, at Reply

      you know that’s exactly what the TYT were hoping. lol 🙂

  15. Posted by SugaryCoyote, at Reply

    Zero Muslims = zero Islamic terror attacks. It’s not a difficult concept to get.

    • Posted by ᚠᛟᛚᛚᚲᛟᚱᚾ ᚹᚨᛗᛈᛁᚱ, at Reply

      It matters where they live because the phrase “no muslims” just means deportation if you are only talking about the west. If the op actually meant “no muslims” at all, he would be suggesting a genocide of nearly 2 billion people, which would be the single greatest atrocity in the entire history of our planet. There’s a big difference.

    • Posted by SugaryCoyote, at Reply

      Ben Wasserman

      You’re just plain wrong. Survey after survey of Muslims in Western countries turn up results that large numbers of them believe Sharia law should replace the laws of the country, that homosexuality should be illegal, that it’s acceptable to have more than one wife. These cultures are not compatible.

      If the majority of them are good people then why are Muslim majority countries the way they are? It doesn’t take a majority to cause death and destruction.

    • Posted by Ben Wasserman, at Reply

      SugaryCoyote Well we did overthrow a democratic Iran in the 50’s leading to a US-backed Shah and the Iranian Revolution, which in turn set the template for an Islamic faith-run state. Oh and our actions in during the 2000’s destabilized the Middle East, allowing a group like ISIS to form.

      Also you sound like you got that “proof” from Fox News. Plus we already have Christian conservatives attacking women and LGBT people in their policies so America Sharia is already afoot

  16. Posted by Bad Gengar's Bad Gaming, at Reply

    But terrorism is just something we have to accept now…right?

    • Posted by Bad Gengar's Bad Gaming, at Reply

      Azamat Bagatov global terror has a religion, the facts back this up time and time again. Islam is the problem.

    • Posted by Joshua Fogg, at Reply

      Bad Gengar’s Bad Gaming

      Like Hell.

    • Posted by Anonymous11243, at Reply

      We DO terrorism, so…

  17. Posted by Vegeta's Hairline, at Reply


    • Posted by Logan Hatcher, at Reply

      OG Crip yeah most people don’t know about it because our media decides not to talk about the problem. It’s ridiculous. But all the info is out there if you look for it.

    • Posted by Milos Pejovic, at Reply

      “So called” They are terrorists you idiot. Islam is literally the single biggest problem on the planet right now.

    • Posted by Aiko, at Reply

      IRA did the Armenian genocide

    • Posted by jaylib86, at Reply

      Vegeta’s Hairline tyt are races they are quick to blame any white people for anything and if it’s a Muslim they will try to protect the Muslim and they’re going to stay quiet now that it’s confirmed that a Muslim did it

  18. Posted by IMC IMC, at Reply

    Libs in denial again, quick to blame the IRA for some stupid reason, muslims eh no.

    • Posted by Joshua Fogg, at Reply

      IMC IMC The IRA hasn’t been relevant since the early 2000s.