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BREAKING: President Obama Imposes Sanctions On Russia


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TYT Politics Reporter Jordan Chariton ( ) reported on President Obama imposing sanctions on Russia for alleged hacking of the DNC and Hillary Clinton's campaign.

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  1. Posted by Tanner G, at Reply

    Jordan and Jimmy are the only people I can bare on TYT these days

    • Posted by Timefliesbye, at Reply

      Long as they muzzle Jimmy, can’t have him spitting on people again.

    • Posted by Derrick Minor, at Reply

      Tanner G Everyone else is garbage.

    • Posted by Tanner G, at Reply

      Timefliesbye that’s why I like him lol

    • Posted by Starbright Wingtips, at Reply

      +Timeflesbye. Alex Jones deserves to get spat on, he’s a piece of human
      filth. Jimmy was being very restrained by restricting himself to spitting
      when by right he should have just kicked Jones in the nuts.

    • Posted by Larvemannenz001, at Reply

      Tanner G Ideology is poison!

  2. Posted by Caroline Beltran, at Reply

    The Obomination is fixing to get us all killed.

    • Posted by real american, at Reply

      BartJ583 you are naive to think O Bummer is that intelligent

    • Posted by user1138, at Reply

      Sort of how “cuck” is an alt-right buzzword.

    • Posted by BartJ583, at Reply

      +real american
      I am not naive enough to discuss with racists.

    • Posted by BartJ583, at Reply

      +Szawel Saulencijus
      That is the other really bad thing about this video. How can Jordan say,
      “Putin might nuke someone” because of these sanctions? That is
      fear-mongering, and I thought we leave that to the Tea Party wankers.

    • Posted by 71,345,098 views, at Reply

      I thought you Trump supporters were tough? Don’t tell me you’re afraid of
      the Russians?

  3. Posted by Michael McClelland, at Reply

    This is all *BULLSH!T* guys, the government is trying to play us.

    • Posted by mike rune, at Reply

      yea the Russian goverment

    • Posted by julesgame, at Reply

      Yea, exactly. So lame. Doesn’t even want to acknowledge DNC primary

  4. Posted by Saleem Says, at Reply

    I never thought I’d say this but Obama is Bush 2.0. Imposing sanctions on a
    foreign country based on CIA “evidence” he can’t show us

    • Posted by DARRYL PHILLIPS, at Reply

      Saleem Says I never though.I would see a Democrat President more to the
      right of foreign policy than a Republican Why are the republicans so hell
      bent on protecting Russia.

    • Posted by BellaCodex, at Reply

      Sending home embassy officials and other intelligence agents isn’t sending
      in troops. As sanctions go they are mild, just a message.

      Here is the FBI and homeland security report.

      More importantly the government does not and SHOULD NOT wait to act on a
      matter until it is unclassified. That would be ridiculous.

    • Posted by HitManHey, at Reply

      There’s buthurt and then there’s Obama!!!!

    • Posted by ruirodtube, at Reply

      Saleem Says at least Obama didn’t invade.

  5. Posted by Njörðr Torbjörn, at Reply

    The peace loving Russians have never done anything wrong ever, Russia is
    innocent, didn’t do nuffin

    • Posted by Tililweet, at Reply


    • Posted by Pappala Papp, at Reply

      Njörðr Torbjörn hahaha you’re funny!

  6. Posted by A Cyr, at Reply

    FBI, DHS release report on Russia hacking (detailed Report just released)

    • Posted by A Cyr, at Reply

      If you know anything about Russia, which I am not saying you do or you
      don’t, nothing happens without Putin’s knowledge. The truth is Putin hates
      Hillary Clinton, and his business, geopolitical interests align with Donald

    • Posted by Saleem Says, at Reply

      +A Cyr We don’t impose sanctions on a nuclear power based on our gut

    • Posted by LabTech, at Reply

      Once again, is that supposition, or is that proof? It’s entirely
      supposition, with a heavy agenda behind it being SEEN as true, with no
      evidence that it is true.

    • Posted by Ninetails CosmicFox, at Reply

      Of course, so do the interests of any true capitalist.

    • Posted by A Cyr, at Reply

      But, the malware is strictly that of Russian use. Even computer experts,
      not the government know which malware different countries use. This is a
      layman’s interpretation, though.

  7. Posted by Mark Kazlow, at Reply

    Well, I think we can at least all agree that it had to be *someone* with a
    whole lot of money and resources/power.

    • Posted by omar Jones, at Reply

      Mark Kazlow no it doesn’t only a computer and knowledge to hack a system.

  8. Posted by landfair123, at Reply

    We all know the Russians did it. And you know they left few if any digital

    • Posted by S7Robin, at Reply

      landfair123 omg they let people know the truth! How awful.. an informed

    • Posted by RedMangoFromPhuket, at Reply

      Why is the “proof” not published then? As far as I know, John Podesta,
      whose Mails were exposed by Wikileaks, was stupid enough to click on a
      Spam-Mail thus forwarding his Password to hackers. Does this take Russian
      secret Service? I don’t think so.

    • Posted by DatNiqqa, at Reply

      Yes but why not leak RNC emails as well?

    • Posted by IIBizzy, at Reply

      “We all know they did it”

      Yeah that’s how lawful actions should work :^):^):^)

  9. Posted by Real Hedi, at Reply

    The funny thing is about Americans is when Obama react they get scared and
    saying he is getting us killed bla bla he is angry black man etc. but when
    he doesn’t do anything they say look! he is weak we need to make america
    great again.

    • Posted by real american, at Reply

      Real Hedi O Bummer is weak and an utter failure

    • Posted by Robert Helm, at Reply

      Real Hedi welcome to my world buddy

  10. Posted by Markus Rubach, at Reply

    Vladimir Putin is crazy? Why would you say that? Because Obama said so?

    • Posted by snakey973, at Reply

      Markus Rubach um, no. why don’t you actually spend some time learning about
      what he has been saying and doing recently and ramping up war rhetoric to
      maintain his political support, among other things like pretending he was
      bombing Isis in Syria when that was not their target at all…how he
      murders journalists and politicians and intellectuals who dissent from his
      policies….seriously, it’s people’s IGNORANCE that is going to get us all

  11. Posted by julian brown, at Reply

    Before idiots write this will cause nuclear war, don’t be an idiot no it
    won’t. Also, Obama wouldn’t be doing this without knowing it was Russia

    • Posted by Luc Buydens, at Reply

      julian brown You really still believe politicians? At the end of 2016?
      That’s actually impressive.

    • Posted by BruceLeedar, at Reply

      And the US wouldn’t attack another country without evidence of malfeasance,
      right? Give me a break. Obama is not special and no angel, he’s just a
      regular (if charismatic) politician.

    • Posted by goldrush power, at Reply

      You’re right but, suggest who we do trust.

  12. Posted by David, at Reply


  13. Posted by sheek1982, at Reply

    This guy sounds like a total PRICK! Obama clearly has information you’re
    not aware of for him to make such a bold move. Obama does nothing, they
    complain. He does something and they still complain 😒 Obama can’t get a
    break anywhere. SMFH

    • Posted by real american, at Reply

      sheek1982 information Russia did what ?? They did nothing you silly tool

  14. Posted by renegado100, at Reply

    Blame Russia about Hillary corruption, DNC campaign against Bernie ,
    Pizzagate, etc.
    All in one !!

    • Posted by ЛевМЭХ, at Reply

      lol … but also, yikes

  15. Posted by Kim Jong-un, at Reply

    Russia gets sanction till Jan 20th lol

  16. Posted by Deadeye012011, at Reply

    Barry Soetorro is dead set on watching the world burn on his way out.

  17. Posted by Chunk Oooger, at Reply

    be a real man for the 1st time in your life Obama and bomb those filthy
    Russians. YEAH!

  18. Posted by David Hereaux, at Reply

    No big deal, it’s all part of the soap opera. Russia’s part of the NWO.

  19. Posted by Major Flash-Backs, at Reply

    Is Russia saying anything about this?

  20. Posted by musti mon, at Reply

    Haha yes Obama is the Man