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BREAKING: Trump Appoints Mulvaney Head Of CFPB


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Could as well relabel it the Big Bank Defense Company. Ben Mankiewicz, Brett Erlich, as well as Amberia Allen, hosts of The Young Turks, review. Tell us exactly what you think in the remark section below. Sign up with TYT:

" There are presently two individuals claiming to be in charge of the Customer Financial Protection Bureau. It depends on a court to choose who's appropriate– Leandra English, who was advertised by the firm's outward bound supervisor, or Mick Mulvaney, the Trump management's choice. On Tuesday afternoon UNITED STATE District Court Timothy Kelly, that was appointed by Trump in September 2017, denied English's ask for an emergency situation momentary restraining order. Though English is most likely to remain to pursue her suit, the court's judgment suggests that in the meantime, Mulvaney can remain to lead the agency.

And also he's ready to alter some points. "Rumors that I'm going to set the place on fire, or impact it up, or lock the doors, are entirely incorrect," Mulvaney, who is presently the director of the Office of Administration and Spending plan, claimed in an interview on Monday afternoon. "That being said," he added, "any person who thinks that a Trump management CFPB would coincide as an Obama management CFPB is simply ignorant. Elections have effects."" *.

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Hosts: Ben Mankiewicz, Brett Erlich, Amberia Allen.

Cast: Ben Mankiewicz, Brett Erlich, Amberia Allen.


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  1. Posted by Y2K, at Reply


    • Posted by Barbara Jean O'Brien, at Reply


  2. Posted by Richie Sahlin, at Reply

    This is an illegal act! The Dodd-Frank Act applies here so English is in charge not this fucknut!

    • Posted by Marissa Vershaw, at Reply

      Paulus Landericus except the law says that the director had the right to choose his successor.

    • Posted by Don Emigholz Jr., at Reply

      You are cutting off your face to save your nose. Hey the Democrats make mistakes but their intent is not to destroy America. Obviously you are all about the hate so bad luck to that.

    • Posted by Antony Stringfellow, at Reply

      Paulus Landericus Lets see how intelligent you are (sniggers).
      Explain to us what Mr Trump meant when he said he would drain the swamp, and if you can – also explain to us how he’s managing to achieve that goal.

  3. Posted by john deere, at Reply

    2nd also Trump has his voters in the palms of his hands. Sadly it affects the majority of Americans who didn’t vote Trump.

    • Posted by ongo bongo, at Reply

      john deere even sadder is that those people don’t care. They don’t believe in freedom and democracy.

  4. Posted by Django Freeman, at Reply

    Haha, suck it Pocahontas!!!!

    • Posted by tate past, at Reply

      Oof oh man even knowing the world economy gonna be destroyed and millions will lose jobs and thousands of dollars. We at least got them SJWs right. You miserable failure.

    • Posted by justmemadison, at Reply

      Seriously? You’re that ignorant that you would cheer for something that will allow lenders to bend you over and take you for all you have just to spite the opposition party. It makes me nauseous knowing there is such ignorance and self-serving POS’s out there that are allowed to vote for things that affect millions of people’s lives.

    • Posted by RedRobot, at Reply

      Django Freeman Oh you poor willfully ignorant dumbass. People like you deserve a Darwin Award

    • Posted by D Mc, at Reply

      Haha Django Freeman. You’re so stupid!!!

    • Posted by no pe, at Reply

      too dumb to know how dumb you are

  5. Posted by TheMrturn1, at Reply

    Sensitive trumptards incoming!!

    • Posted by Maou, at Reply

      its incredible that still to this day, there are people that access this channel frequently and instead of paying attention they display their support for clown king whatshisname, funny and sad at the same time.
      you yanks are so fcked! 🙁

    • Posted by GR. Hollman, at Reply

      Why don’t you just listen to MSNBC? The coverage is vastly superior. Chris Hayes, then Racheal Maddow then Lawrence O’Donnell or AM Joy in the morning and Veshi and Ruhle. It is similar to Keith Olbermann or better. Plagerism comes to mind at best a discussion group at a coffee house. “Investigates” a ridiculous claim. Is a quick Google now the basis to claim full on professional reporting?

    • Posted by Kyle Sampson, at Reply

      TheMrturn1 I would love to see how unfortunately ugly you are. I see you have a T as your profile pick. Very clever.

    • Posted by Yiṣḥāq David, at Reply

      Not a lot Trumptards left. They aare just trolls now.

  6. Posted by Thomas MacKelly, at Reply

    Oh trump voter, the degree to which you are screwed is downright hilarious.

    • Posted by justmemadison, at Reply

      Just because you didn’t vote for Trump doesn’t make you exempt from the horrendous affects of his presidency. Remember, they are coming for the internet on December 14th. We are getting ready to spiral into a lot more poverty, a lot less opportunity and basically become slaves to big corporations again. He is slowly working at destroying the media and without the internet — the American people will go back to only knowing what’s happening right outside their door. They will eliminate the ability to coordinate and protest. Welcome to the Oligarchy of the United States.

    • Posted by Drake ICN, at Reply

      Conservatives have on average 30 points lower IQ than liberals, so they will fall for banker scams more often. Yes, liberals will suffer, but conservatives will suffer more. It is not a big win, but I take it. You made your bed, Trumpanzees, now lie in it. Sure, we unfortunately have to share it, but you will get the piss-stained side.

    • Posted by Jean-Pierre Zapata, at Reply

      i feel disdain for Trump voters, but I also feel great pity. I’ve never said this without invoking hyperbole about anyone, so it means a lot in that sense, but I really do feel sorry for how duped and just how stupid and hurt the Trump voters are and will be without realizing it one single iota.

  7. Posted by Randy H, at Reply

    Here we go. I swear every day it looks more & more like they’re teeing up the economy for another taxpayer-funded banking collapse.

    • Posted by sdkeller72, at Reply

      Tell that to the millions of people that lost 5-7 figures every time it happens.

    • Posted by Barry Butters, at Reply

      sdkeller72 Other than the early 80s Recession that had 8-10 % unemployment lasting two years the economy has been fairly stable between the depression and 2008

    • Posted by Barry Butters, at Reply

      sdkeller72 In most cases average Americans don’t lose large amounts of investment money in these sprinkled recessions they are unemployed or not able to get loans

  8. Posted by Alessandro R., at Reply

    Such a banana republic.

  9. Posted by EmmittBrownBTTF1, at Reply

    Introducing Lucius Malfoy.

  10. Posted by Boy Blue, at Reply

    I guess consumer protections are a liberal thing. Well right wingers you win the middle class are gonna be f*cked thanks to your dumbasses

  11. Posted by stoeger 2, at Reply

    But shouldn’t the fox be in charge of the hen house.

  12. Posted by Minh Huynh, at Reply

    Fill the swamp!!!

  13. Posted by Steve Shelton, at Reply


  14. Posted by Maou, at Reply

    its incredible that still to this day, there are people that access this channel frequently and instead of paying attention they display their support for clown king whatshisname, funny and sad at the same time.
    you yanks are so fcked! 🙁

    • Posted by RedRobot, at Reply

      Maou Imagine being a sane American among these morons.

  15. Posted by bigraviolees, at Reply

    every worker ignore mulvaney and listen to the right guy

  16. Posted by alt-right Smasher, at Reply

    Another Swamp Thing added to the Swamp

  17. Posted by GT, at Reply

    its like appointing a known pedophile for the post of director of a middle school, or preschool… or an alcoholic to run a bar…. we all know, its common sense not to do so, but apparently Trump and his fellow league of screw common sense , see this in another light…

  18. Posted by Noah Poston, at Reply

    Trumptards will not be outraged because they have no idea what “draining the swamp” really means or what the CFPB is… they are uneducated buffoons who play in their own feces.

  19. Posted by pliny, at Reply

    Doesn’t Mulvaney look scared to death. I swear he looks like he’s about to have a stroke in every photo.