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BREAKING: Trump Fires FBI Director James Comey


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Trump has discharged James Comey. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us just what you believe in the comment area listed below.

" The White House introduced on Tuesday that Head of state Trump had discharged FBI Supervisor James Comey. In a statement, it stated he had "acted based on the clear referrals of both Deputy Attorney general of the United States Pole Rosenstein and Attorney General Jeff Procedure."

" The FBI is among our nation's most valued as well as valued establishments as well as today will mark a new beginning for our crown jewel of police," Trump claimed in the statement.

We will certainly upgrade this story as even more info appears.

A look for a brand-new irreversible FBI Director will certainly begin promptly." *.

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  1. Posted by Martha Holt, at Reply

    Now’s the time to come clean, Comey. Tell us everything you know.

    • Posted by Sopho Cles, at Reply

      +Dorothy Zink Trump is an idiot … Comey has a long and distinguished career at the FBI and ther are many who support him within the agency … if there is evidence of corruption than it’s already in the lap of the editors of the major newspapers – Trump may have sacked Comey but he can’t stop the leaks he is finished

    • Posted by Dorothy Zink, at Reply

      Sopho Cles, I concur. I give him a month, 3 months tops.

    • Posted by Sopho Cles, at Reply

      +Dorothy Zink he was a lame duck president the day he took office – we are living through Watergate 2.0 fascinating times … all the best

    • Posted by No One, at Reply

      Sopho Cles. Yeah well, you have to admit that Sophocles with all his noble suffering and weaving on and on about it wasn’t any Aristophanes who instead preferred the coarse laughter of citizen rowers.
      Besides in Sophocles plays the world is an ordered place and the gods in the pantheon play their respective roles according to their portfolio. No dancing mad Kali and Thor in dress there.

  2. Posted by Peepod Humperdink, at Reply

    Trumptards are having circuit meltdowns trying to justify the firing of Comey,when the Orange loser was praising him for the Clinton email investigations. These people are so deluded into thinking that he’s not corrupt or bought that they’ll buy his and sessions reasoning he was fired “Because of mishandling” the email investigation, when he directly praised it and cited it during the debates. Trumptards are the lowest form of life on the planet

    • Posted by Eva Pawlowska, at Reply

      Except he is trying to obstruct any efforts to conduct an investigation to prove his innocence.

    • Posted by Eva Pawlowska, at Reply

      Amazing Trump supporters have now justified treason.

    • Posted by dlee t, at Reply

      Amoebas are unisex and can’t be misogynist so the comparison is flawed. Trumpanzees were promised “If you like your 48 chromosomes (24 pairs) you can keep them” because no thinking is involved in their species. Neanderthals were 46 chromosomes but could only grunt or repeat fox soundbites too.

    • Posted by linda merchette, at Reply

      Rubberkidney, He praised Comey when he sent that letter one week before the Election, He was very upset that charges wasn’t brought against Hillary . Now he did not like the way Comey Treated Hillary, by saying she was careless, And found it was unprofessional of of him to send that letter saying they were reopening the investigation one weeks before the election, that helped Him (Trump} win the election lol …..This is too damn funny. Pull up the letter, You will see Trump did not fire him for not charging Hillary. He was fired having telling everyone she was careless. Again so funny. Russia nipping at his heels.

    • Posted by TheFluttershyFan, at Reply

      Eva Pawlowska What treason? Define treason in the Constitution.

  3. Posted by do ht, at Reply

    If there was ANY DOUBT about the russian collusion. this confirms EVRYTHING. Also how dangerous Jeff Sessiosn is to American democracy

  4. Posted by Sarkastik Leader, at Reply

    I said this from the beginning, If you give Trump enough rope, he will hang himself, and now here we are.

    • Posted by Trolius Maximus, at Reply

      Communist indeed _give_ you the rope. Capitalist charge you for it.

    • Posted by definitelynotacop, at Reply

      Sarkastik Leader and he’ll think he’s just swinging.

    • Posted by iloveyoumadhuri, at Reply

      Sarkastik Leader democratic socialism is way better than a far right, fascist dictatorship built on xenophobia and blatant white supremacism.

    • Posted by Sarkastik Leader, at Reply

      iloveyoumadhuri I couldn’t agree with you more

  5. Posted by RationalMinded, at Reply

    The corruption knows no bounds. They don’t even have a replacement LOL. This just spells out Desperation.

    • Posted by BenjaminFranklin99, at Reply

      It spells out corruption, and fascism.

    • Posted by Glaciator Greenstone, at Reply

      Well when you look at Trumps other appointments to key positions, the choice of replacement becomes pretty obvious. -> Bernie Madoff

    • Posted by rubberkidney, at Reply

      lol you people dont even know what fascism is. What a bunch of fools you are.

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      @ToningBullet: What a shocker… the guy who would become acting director, and who is the most likely nominee because he’s a vocal Trump loyalist and a Sessions favorite, is the guy who recommended Comey be removed. But I’m sure he has no ambitions to take the position.

  6. Posted by Æ Æ, at Reply

    *Trump supporters be like*
    “He’s just draining the swamp you stupid liberals!”

    • Posted by Chuck U Farley, at Reply

      +Tristan Williams
      Whatever you trumpets Wil do mental gymnastics to defend trump.

    • Posted by Tristan Williams, at Reply

      +Chuck U Farley Go back down in your hole and don’t waste my time.

    • Posted by Chuck U Farley, at Reply

      +Tristan Williams​
      You have nothing but childish insults

  7. Posted by Barnaby Wylde, at Reply

    This just in, The Donald appoints Jared Kushner as FBI director…( I wonder how many people are scratching their heads trying to figure out if that’s a joke )

    • Posted by Doreen Sacco, at Reply

      It sure wouldn’t surprise me!

    • Posted by Billy Skidmore, at Reply

      I went an looked it up you jerk. I thought you were being honest.

    • Posted by SUNRISE NEWEARTH, at Reply

      +Billy Skidmore lol

    • Posted by RML 3000 v, at Reply

      Barnaby Wylde trumpty dumpty gonna have a big fall … can’t wait …. Donald chump and his chimps are more dangerous to America then Isis

    • Posted by Jason Reyes, at Reply

      +Billy Skidmore lol. Be careful man. The sky is falling. You don’t want to get hit.

  8. Posted by Walruse 2020, at Reply

    Alex Jones will be the new director of the FBI

    • Posted by Roger Solid, at Reply

      alex jones makes millions acting on his show, he does not need it:)

    • Posted by Aki79, at Reply


    • Posted by INFOSWORDS, at Reply

      FBI director needs to be confirmed, learn the way the US works TurkeyTerrorists lok

  9. Posted by Tink Bell, at Reply

    Trump can’t Fire James Comey when it is an Investigation going on against the President. It’s against the Constitution.

    • Posted by Darth Mawrak, at Reply

      Except there is no investigation…

    • Posted by Ish, at Reply

      Darth Mawrak no investigation????

    • Posted by Jj Ek, at Reply

      Don’t worry, impeachment is coming. There was an inside game, and Trump was stung. There are plenty of charges to impeach him easily.

    • Posted by rubberkidney, at Reply

      Maybe you should pay attention. it has been stated multiple times that trump himself is not a part of this farce investigation. This whole charade is to convince stupid people like you that it wasn’t hillarys fault she lost.

  10. Posted by im NEGAN, at Reply

    If i was an FBI agent i would LEAK everything!!!

    • Posted by Budred123, at Reply

      You’d be either killed or captured and tortured.

    • Posted by delta38vader, at Reply

      except there’s nothing to leak

    • Posted by calavante, at Reply

      George Webb says otherwise, and I trust him more than the Young Turds and a bot.

    • Posted by cgcmaster, at Reply

      im NEGAN 2 grand juries say there is. Why are you an authority?

  11. Posted by Nikki Beacth, at Reply

    Trumptards think it was a great move. Low IQ sucks…. Inbreds

    • Posted by Strange Life, at Reply

      So basically your ‘re saying that Democrats have low IQ’s. Just 6 months ago they were calling for Comey to be fired.

    • Posted by BOSS RK, at Reply

      Strange Life true lmao if trump gives a liberal a million dollars they’ll protest against him smh🤔

  12. Posted by Sarah Augustine, at Reply

    So Comey is free to talk. He needs to stay home and avoid poisoning……And blow his whistle.

    • Posted by tommy605, at Reply

      Technically, he’s not free to talk. Any information he has, I am sure he is bound to not reveal it. And going to Russia like Snowden wouldn’t be an option for him, for obvious reason. He will have to get information out in a different way.

    • Posted by Tracy Buening, at Reply

      Sarah Augustine , immunity is a possibility, if not expected.

    • Posted by granpausthai, at Reply

      leaking through intel agencies is his best bet.

  13. Posted by Paulette Sopel, at Reply


    • Posted by spyer productions, at Reply

      Diva Artist I suppose you haven’t even read the whole bible.

    • Posted by spyer productions, at Reply

      Paulette Sopel If your praying worked, Trump would be out by now. Everything is planned, including Trumps victory.

  14. Posted by nanpopco nanpopco, at Reply


    • Posted by The Patriot Lenny, at Reply

      Give me a break, jeez. Comey is a snake and Trump couldn’t trust him. It’s that simple folks. It’s not like the Russian investigation has ended with his dismissal. I’m an independent, I usually vote Republican but have voted Democrat from time to time…I think those days are over. The Democrat Party is nothing like it was back in the early 80’s when I first started voting. The modern Democrat Party are Marxists or just flat-out crazy.

    • Posted by The Federalist, at Reply

      nanpopco nanpopco You’re 14 years old. STFU

    • Posted by Pwner 1775, at Reply

      nanpopco nanpopco Trump puts Nixon to shame… both ways lol

    • Posted by Chad Austin, at Reply

      +Roadrage I’m not sure you’re looking at things objectively either. Firing James Comey without ceremony because of his poor handling of the Clinton email investigation is an incredibly fishy thing to do for a man who praised Comey multiple times for doing so. Also, why now? If it was for the mishandling, why wait five months to fire him? There’s been no new evidence in that investigation so the timing is at least very suspect.

  15. Posted by Asmahani Ali, at Reply

    Remember how Obama sneezed & they said he was the anti-christ. Can you imagine if Obama did/said 1/10th of the things Trump has they would have impeached him long ago. They would have lost their heads & said it was an example of exeutive over-reaching, corruption, etc. There is no decorum.

    • Posted by Samuel Baugh, at Reply

      (Obama strikes a Field Hospital with missiles, committing a war crime and a crime against humanity)
      (Trump fires someone who, was recommended by Hilary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and MSM to fire)

    • Posted by cgcmaster, at Reply

      Asmahani So it is obvious Republicans are corrupt.

    • Posted by cgcmaster, at Reply

      Asmahani Ali Obama didn’t make the mistake the Armed Services made the mistake. Not a valid aurguement.

  16. Posted by d3x3d, at Reply

    Cenk is correct in his analysis of the firing. just grab the popcorn and enjoy the show folks.

    • Posted by passing through, at Reply

      Comey fired. Snowflakes sobbing. Popcorn is GREAT!

    • Posted by tnt mac, at Reply

      + Chad Austin He didn’t get in any trouble for his press conference confirming that Clintoon had broken the law with her private server.

    • Posted by INFOSWORDS, at Reply

      The reason you look stupid is you sidnt read the letter, hillary should have been prosecuted is what the conclusion was and comey lied under oath

    • Posted by cgcmaster, at Reply

      d3x3d this is your country. Acting like this is a show shows how unpatriotic you are. Shame!

  17. Posted by Darkness1984, at Reply

    Funny how democrats hate Comey when he investigated Hillary and now love him after Trump fired him.

    • Posted by Ralph Bernhard, at Reply

      Darkness1984 ….everybody loves a turncoat 🙂

    • Posted by KyleTVProductions, at Reply

      Trump could personally cure cancer and the Democrats would rage and say he needs to be impeached for “killing healthcare jobs”