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BREAKING: UK Election Results Coming In


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Departure surveys disclose a bad evening for Theresa May. Ana Kasparian, as well as John Iadarola, the hosts of The Young Turks, damage down the election arises from the UK. Tell us what you believe in the remark section below.

" Leave polls are predicting a loss of Traditional seats in the U.K. general election, in a strike to Prime Minister Theresa May and her celebration. Reuters reports that May will win 314 seats, short of the 326 required for a majority in the 650-seat Parliament, according to exit polls released after voting finished Thursday.

If the estimates are appropriate as well as the Conservatives shed their bulk, May can remain head of state. But it would require a coalition with other parties.

" If the survey is anything like precise, this is completely catastrophic for the Conservatives and also for Theresa Might," previous British Finance Preacher George Osborne told ITV News, according to Reuters. "It's hard to see if these numbers were right, how they would put together the union to continue to be in workplace. However similarly it's quite challenging checking out those numbers to see exactly how Labour can create a union, so it's on an actual knife edge."

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  1. Posted by R. m, at Reply


    • Posted by Harry Knapper, at Reply

      Don’t worry Corbyn didn’t get in

  2. Posted by exter54321, at Reply

    Hope this outcome is better than what we’ve seen in the past.

    • Posted by May the Science be with You, at Reply

      exter54321 better but most UK citizens seem to love May and her idea of Brexit.

    • Posted by Sam Vimes, at Reply

      May the Science be with You it’s not that we love may. it’s more the fact we HATE corbyn. he represents most of the last labour governments worst parts….

  3. Posted by Gregory J. Broderick, at Reply

    I might literally scream if Corbyn won. was rooting for that fella

    • Posted by shebzydon, at Reply

      Amazing how you disregarded my entire comment and expect to be taken seriously when you pass me off as someone who has absolutely no idea what I’m talking about. Typical tory mentality. You’ll never learn.

    • Posted by Simon Piotrowski, at Reply

      Andrew Wells wrong. it’s an amazing result to go from 20 points behind to then increase both your seats and vote share.

    • Posted by Simon Piotrowski, at Reply

      Andrew Wells he had no such thing. I’m here in the UK and he was over 20 points behind at the start of campaign.

    • Posted by Simon Piotrowski, at Reply

      Andrew Wells you are both a liar and a Tory apologist. I’m in the UK and this fella is talking shite.

  4. Posted by Carolyn Westlake, at Reply

    It’s 2am here in the UK. Should go to sleep but so excited. Labour doing well😊😊😊

    • Posted by Jorun28, at Reply

      The Concan I just said Sweden was implemeting more policies which can be described as socialistic. They have a social market economy like most civilised countries. Sometimes more social, sometimes more market.

    • Posted by The Concan, at Reply

      Jorun28 yeah and you’re trying to make it sound like it’s a socialist country, which it isnt even close to being, just like all other socialists who cant admit that actual socialism is cancer.

  5. Posted by Harry Christofi, at Reply

    Jeremy Corbyn is the best lol

    • Posted by InfectedByEli, at Reply

      Fred, wow, what a shitfest.

    • Posted by Sharmac77, at Reply

      I got a true story for you americans.

      Talking to a customer in my shop yesterday

      Me: are you going to vote today?
      Her: yes
      Me: may i ask who you intend to vote for…if you dont mind?
      Her: i can tell you who in NOT going to vote for…
      Me: ??
      Her jeremy corbyn….hes errr dont like him…..hes horrid.
      Me: why not? He seems pleasent, want to help us poorer folks….make the rich pay more….why dont you like him so much?
      Her: i really dont know….hes just urrrgh.
      Me: do you read the sun?
      Her: yes….of course i do.

    • Posted by Jirka Sas, at Reply

      Yes trockism is now mainstreaim in uk… Brits should get some lube for brexit negotiation

    • Posted by Frank Crossword, at Reply

      Sharmac77 .
      …..what else would you expect, from the Murdoch Media “Mind” Machine ????…….a cogent appraisal !!!

  6. Posted by William Hays, at Reply

    GO CORBYN!!!

    • Posted by zepbigfoot bearcove, at Reply

      Go George Soros! Go Karl Marx!

    • Posted by Evan Putterill, at Reply

      go sniff some more glue

    • Posted by Richard Strong, at Reply

      zepbigfoot bearcove Ah George Soros, the right-winger’s boogeyman. I hope I get some of that Soros money some day. According to you guys he’s paying off everyone but I’m not seeing a penny.

    • Posted by Drache222222, at Reply

      D D D U P hahahaha

  7. Posted by Matthew Sarson, at Reply

    Serves her bloody right for using terrorist attacks as a pretext to roll back human rights and increase surveillance.

    • Posted by Manny Santiago, at Reply

      Matthew Sarson well, it worked in america. was worth a shot lol

    • Posted by Michael Blake, at Reply

      well it will save lives

    • Posted by Matthew Sarson, at Reply

      Michael Blake the patriot act in the US has not prevented any terrorist attacks. All it resulted in was a massive invasion of peoples privacy. So i would have to suggest, its been tried and failed.

  8. Posted by gunnyo50, at Reply

    May fucked up majorly. She thought her and her party would of wipe out all the opposition by calling this snap election. It’s a massive miscalculation that could cost her job as prime minister. Boy, this is what greed does to ppl they make fucked up decisions.

    • Posted by Lar M, at Reply

      I knew the moment when she made her decision in calling for June election in April.I predicted a Labour minority that time.

    • Posted by Sam Vimes, at Reply

      +Lar M ….but there isn’t a labour minority! It’s still a conservative government…

  9. Posted by Matt Wrigley, at Reply

    Politicians won’t ignore the youth vote EVER again, looks like they’ve come out in droves for Corbyn!

    • Posted by Sam Vimes, at Reply

      +Matt Wrigley lol….if conservatives can work with a lib dem government that possessed 57 seats they can sure as hell work with DUP who only have 10….no offence but you don’t seem to have a decent grasp of the situation

    • Posted by Matt Wrigley, at Reply

      +Sam Vimes Except that was a proper coalition, the lib dems made up parts of the cabinet and were directly involved with creating policy. Those 57 seats gave the conservatives a healthy majority given that the lib dems, for the most part, were willing to cooperate. Even if the DUP were to vote with the conservatives evey time they would have a majority of 3. As the DUP are angling for a soft brexit and there being a significant faction within the conservatives pulling the party towards a hard brexit, i find it very difficult to believe that a 3 seat majority will hand the victory to the conservatives on many occasions.

      So no offence, but you dont seem to have a decent grasp of the situation.

    • Posted by Anthony Fradley, at Reply

      Matt Wrigley they have a majority of 6 in the commons (speaker doesn’t vote and Sinn Fein’s 7 MPs abstain).

      The DUP will likely back the Tories in everything they put forward in exchange for more powers in Northern Ireland and for them to help negotiate Brexit.

      If may can somehow rally the Tory party behind her she can very much continue to govern, the alternative is a minority Labour government that would almost instantly find ourselves in a political gridlock.

      Also the DUP are pro hard brexit, they just want an open border with Ireland. Which will likely make the Tories go softer

    • Posted by Matt Wrigley, at Reply

      Anthony Fradley I sincerely doubt that the conservatives will see this parliament through to its finish, i also do not believe that Labour will take the reins as a minority government because, as you said, the country would be in a state of political gridlock.

      It’s likely the relationship between the GUP and conservatives will breakdown, i just dont believe that some of the back bench conservstice mps who are particularly right wing will be happy for the concessions to be made in Northern Ireland or for their brand of Hard Brexit to be threatened.

      May is also going to have one hell of a challenge on her hands to pull the party together now after a disastrous campaign and one that has resulted in the loss of an overall majority, for now the tories seem to be fairly united in their stance on May continuing to lead the party but i wonder if that will be maintained in the face of tough negotiations with the EU, made tougher with this election.

  10. Posted by MRostendway, at Reply

    Corbyn ran the campaign the DNC should have ran, instead they chose to go with shillary and lost to a buffoon.

    • Posted by Jorun28, at Reply

      Corbyn managed to do what Bernie couldn’t (secured his leadership in the party) but the “moderates” were to busy back stabbing him to help a Labour victory,

    • Posted by ollehkacb, at Reply

      +Jorun28 don’t compare that two, People actually like bernie.

    • Posted by Jorun28, at Reply

      ollehkacb Corbyn mobilised exactly the same demographics as Bernie and you can’t compare the UK to the US when it comes to popularity, the Brits have a radically different way to express their emotions and opinions. I love the UK, though, been there loads of times.

    • Posted by Simon Piotrowski, at Reply

      Jorun28 I express my emotions in a dark room in my house. it’s not proper to be seen expressing them in public here in the UK

    • Posted by Jorun28, at Reply

      Simon Piotrowski I know, John Oliver told me 😉

  11. Posted by Freddy Looger, at Reply

    Republicans be like: its the mooslims, its the poor, its people with pre existing conditions. Its everyone elses fault, but ours!!!

    • Posted by Ti esrever dna ti pilf nwod gniht ym tup, at Reply

      Freddy Looger No republicans be like a sloth w an iq of 90 as home secretary is terrifying

    • Posted by t y, at Reply

      Ti esrever dna ti pilf nwod gniht ym tup more like 90- 89

  12. Posted by BTG, at Reply

    Did Theresa May stage those terrorist attacks to scare people because she knew she might lose to Corbyn?

    • Posted by Phil Exley, at Reply

      +Joe Doe I’ll go back to the question I asked earlier. Can you suggest evidence or even credible speculation that any UK government has carried out or considered a false flag attack? Because that’s what the op suggested.
      A readiness to believe preposterous theories like this end up with the feeble minded making dangerous responses like walking into pizza restaurants and starting shooting.
      I notice your arguments are full of expletives too. Don’t bother to apologise for your language though, it illustrates your character nicely.

    • Posted by Jamie Robbins, at Reply

      “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” Carl Sagan.

  13. Posted by Amelia Ivashkova, at Reply

    Oh Tories your arrogence has finally pissed on you #Corbyn! ❤

    • Posted by Sinessa, at Reply


    • Posted by lespauly f, at Reply

      As a practicing psychologist, i enjoy these type of comments. You are clearly projecting and hate your life.

    • Posted by Sinessa, at Reply

      We’re all experts on the internet.

    • Posted by LaBlueGirlFanboy, at Reply

      Amelia Ivashkova Corbyn lost quite badly. tories won’t be affected by this at all.

  14. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    Im so glad Europe isn’t falling for right wing bullshit.

    • Posted by Dave Z, at Reply

      amu5238 Thats a bad argument, the terrorists dont care about who bombed who. Germany and Sweden were also hit by the terrorists.
      Also the latest terror attack was done by marrocans and they arent bombed by any country.

    • Posted by Drache222222, at Reply

      D D D U P hahahaha

  15. Posted by Don, at Reply

    I saw a picture of a Labour Party voter in the UK who was wearing a Bernie t-shirt.

    • Posted by Mango 4ttwo, at Reply

      The Tories do not believe in the NHS. But they suffer it as to oppose it is electoral suicide in the UK

    • Posted by Janno_O, at Reply

      Mango 4ttwo yeah stupid of me to mention the NHS while they want to privatise it

    • Posted by Povel Vieregg, at Reply

      American conservatives are really what you would call the far-right or populist right in the rest of the world. Conservatives in Europe tend not to be radicals and demagogues the way they are in the US.

      Even the so called extreme right in Europe tends to be more left wing than American republicans. Gert Vilders and Marine Le Pen etc aren’t against gay rights, universal health care, abortion etc like American conservatives.

    • Posted by Lar M, at Reply

      Are you sure ? He is still defending Hilary Clinton’s scandals.

    • Posted by Lar M, at Reply

      No way.Our Democrat is the worse we have for over 50 years.Can you see how useless they are in taking down Donald Trump who is a absolute amateur in politics ?

  16. Posted by Drunk Scottish Socialist, at Reply

    Jeremy Corbyn looking more and more likely to be our prime minister right now.. early days though. Sorry to rub it in America but you can only wonder what could have been if the Democratic Establishment did not get in Bernie’s way. Luckily Corbyn and the people did not let the right wing Blairite establishment of the Labour party take him out. Could have been so different for america right now if it was not for the democratic establishment.

    • Posted by Rick Sanchez, at Reply

      Drunk Scottish Socialist Socialism (Corbyn) isn’t the way.

    • Posted by joefish41, at Reply

      Corbyn never looked like he was going to be Prime Minister at all over night. He was always projected to lose.

  17. Posted by Cameron MacRury, at Reply

    I met Corbyn in Edinburgh a few weeks ago when I seen him walking past my street totally out of the blue… he’s an incredibly friendly man and enjoys speaking with normal everyday people

    • Posted by Janno_O, at Reply

      so cutting in NHS helps the working class?

    • Posted by Sam Vimes, at Reply

      Cameron MacRury yep very friendly to IRA . HAMAS , Hezbollah too…what a guy….

    • Posted by Timefliesbye, at Reply

      Cameron MacRury he’s a twat who has his head up his arse. He’ll borrow you into debt.

    • Posted by Mango 4ttwo, at Reply

      So Ironic. Neoliberal Toryism has Brits at all time high debt levels, thanks in no small part to trebling tuition feels and creating the Double Mortgage aka Help to Buy. Those debts will be drags on society and the economy for decades

  18. Posted by serge malena, at Reply

    So with only 44 seats left the Conservatives need 81% of remaining seats to claim another majority. But they’ve only captured 45% of the total vote because they’re corporate tools. So minority gov for 4 months and then a solid thrashing of them by Labour seems like the plan?

    • Posted by trier2123241243, at Reply

      So the cons will probably survive this time

    • Posted by Coyote Bongwater, at Reply

      trier2123241243 Yeah, now that I can agree with. There will be more resistance from the empowered left MPs, but Duporie’s policies will be more draconian than before.

  19. Posted by Tom Tom, at Reply

    Yay I am thrilled she is defeated ! It’s a great day

    • Posted by Sam Vimes, at Reply

      Tom Tom what are you babbling about? she is still in government and still prime minister!

    • Posted by SIXITHS, at Reply

      +Sam Vimes
      May has just lost her government majority, and will have to limp on with the support of the DUP.
      This was an election she called, after promising not to do so, because the Conservatives were over 20 points up in the polls. The media was prepared to write Corybn’s political obituary, instead they are asking how long May will survive as leader.
      Labour won 29 more seats then Milliband did 2 years ago, and had the largest increase in the share of the vote by a Labour leader since Clement Attlee in 1945.

      If you think that this election went well for May, you are deluding yourself. The only crumb of comfort for her party was the gain of seats in Scotland from the SNP.

  20. Posted by Mason K, at Reply

    So liberal/progressives are taking back their position across the world. UK, France, South Korea and so on. I bet Trump played a significant role.

    • Posted by Loken Lok, at Reply

      I don’t know about France. Just because Macron was a independent does *not* make him a progressive.

    • Posted by Gustav The Mad, at Reply

      They want to turn it to an Islamic Calaphate.