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Bryan Cranston: ‘F**k You’ To Anyone Who Wants Trump To Fail


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If you want Trump to stop working, Bryan Cranston has just two words for you. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, inform you why Cranston desires Trump to succeed. Inform us just what you assume in the remark section listed below. Sign up with TYT:

" Star Bryan Cranston has no time for individuals who really hope Donald Trump will certainly fall short as head of state.

In a new meeting with The Hollywood Reporter, the "Breaking Poor" star admitted that Trump was "not the person who I desired" in the White Home.

Undoubtedly, Cranston pledged before the 2016 presidential political election to relocate to Canada should Trump win. (He really did not wind up making the move north, however.).

" That being said, he is the president. If he stops working, the nation is in jeopardy," Cranston stated in the piece released online Monday.

" It would certainly be egotistical for any person to claim, "I wish he fails,'" he added. "To that person I would certainly state, fuck you. Why would certainly you want that? So you can be right?".

Cranston described that he "honestly" desires Trump to succeed and would certainly sustain any person– Democrat or Republican politician– that has a good idea to move America onward.".

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  1. Posted by Trey Dezzy, at Reply

    You want him to succeed at national division and justified bigotry? No, Trump needs to get impeached and removed from office. Period

    • Posted by Secret lemons, at Reply

      Trey Dezzy he’s done nothing wrong, you brainwashed sheep.

    • Posted by 75joev, at Reply

      Trump plays to his base and divides people in that process. Not to mention he probably has alternative motives with Russia.

  2. Posted by starsimvidz, at Reply

    Its a nice sentiment.
    The harsh reality is that trump is utterly incapable of succeeding. He is a buffoon and an incompetent mental case. So yes, I want him to fail and fail fast so we can get him out of office (and not fail in a way that causes pain to the world)

  3. Posted by Don Post, at Reply

    “Philosophically” and “theoretically” Cranston is right. Trouble is, Trump already IS a failure. He is a sick, mentally and emotionally impaired kleptocrat who cares ONLY about money, NOT the country and needs to be removed by whatever means necessary.

  4. Posted by thegazette, at Reply

    Succeed in rolling back taxes for rich people, regulations for the environment, abortion rights, health care advantages, and get us into another war?! Yeah, I want him to FAIL at that, which is his entire agenda.

  5. Posted by ActosMagus, at Reply

    I want the country to succeed. But for the country to succeed bad ideas need to fail. Trump’s agenda has almost nothing but bad ideas (giant tax cuts for rich and corporations, massive and dangerous deregulation, more oil and coal infrastructure at the expense of renewable energy sources, not using experts and scientists in important positions).

  6. Posted by Rob James, at Reply

    Succeed at being a idiot? Trump`s ideas are half baked and out of touch.

  7. Posted by Damon Copeland, at Reply

    I think when a lot of people say “I hope Trump fails” they actually mean “I hope he is an ineffective President who doesn’t accomplish many of his goals.”

    • Posted by Ace Fury, at Reply

      And also maybe they want him to fail like fail out of office

      Not fail like destroy the country lol.

      But I get what cranston is saying

    • Posted by Damon Copeland, at Reply


  8. Posted by Edgar Bahena, at Reply

    I do want him to fail . Why because he’s not looking out for the well being of this country .

  9. Posted by Ithink Naught, at Reply

    If trump can’t handle the job, which appears obvious, he should quit (fail). Then the country can get out of the tailspin its in. Of course he’d have to take a few like Pence and Ryan with him. The best thing that can happen is for trump to fail: perhaps the county will rise from the ashes on the experience and actually become as great as it thinks it is – or could be.

  10. Posted by hermenutic, at Reply

    What Trump refers to as success ordinary people understand as failure.Bankruptcy for instance. It should be obvious that if Trump succeeds most of us will lose. Why would I want him to succeed when it means making things worse for most Americans.

  11. Posted by Meera Khan, at Reply

    He has already failed.

  12. Posted by TheDonBarracuda, at Reply

    made the same point back when people wanted Obama to fail.

  13. Posted by Jf H, at Reply

    I used to like Bryan Cranston. But when Trump wants a nuclear war with NK, i do want him to fail. When he wants to take away healthcare for millions of people so that a few hundred get a tax cut, i do want him to fail.

    When Trump wants to remove the “licence” to news media because he doesnt like what they say, i do want him to fail. And when Trump wants to plunge the US at the same level of debt then Greece in order to give the richest people on earth a major tax cut, i do want him to fail.

  14. Posted by M Luqman, at Reply

    Him succeeding means his ideology gets adapted into laws, which I am against. So of course I want him to fail

  15. Posted by john actor, at Reply

    Brian has failed in his view. Trump sets a terrible standard and is everything that is wrong in the world. He’s a terrible, terrible human

  16. Posted by ozzrob, at Reply

    I’m not a US citizen and I’m not ashamed to say that I don’t want the Presidency of the USofA to fail.
    That isn’t the issue here though. It doesn’t matter if you do or don’t want it to fail. The issue is that it is failing.
    But that’s not the worst part, plenty of Presidencies have failed (I mean when the Southern states broke from the Union it could be said that Lincoln’s Presidency was failing or had failed), some of those Presidencies recovered, some didn’t, that isn’t the issue here.
    The issue with this Presidency is the manner in which it is failing.
    It is failing at moral, social, local, national, economical, legal, international, financial, diplomatic, and so many other levels.
    The reason it is failing is that there were no real plans when he started, vauge ideas and fantasies but not one plan. Just a vitriolic twitter account.
    Winning the election through acts of demagoguery has led to a government of ochlagogy.
    And the longer this Ochlagogue remains in power the more damage he does to US standing on the world stage and the idea of Western Democracy as a whole.
    No I don’t want the Presidency of the USofA to fail, but when it’s obvious it’s about to then I think it’s time to make plans to save the Office of the President of the USofA, not the person and his/her administration.

  17. Posted by rupulstilskin, at Reply

    Trump is ruining this country and should be replaced by a more competent leader. Right now we just have a clown, a laughing stock, an unstable, unqualifed ,incompetent, and dangerous child in office.

  18. Posted by Alexia Tr, at Reply

    You can’t hope for him to succeed if that means taking the country down the drain.

  19. Posted by David Arnold, at Reply

    Trump failed the first day in office.

    • Posted by Chris Smith, at Reply

      David Arnold how? Give one reason, a legit reason, how? Other than your butthurt little options

    • Posted by David Arnold, at Reply

      He gave a lovely and articulate speech on his first day in office (that he obviously didn’t write) about being there for the poor and middle class people, cleaning up the sewage that is Congress, etc., etc., one huge lie after another. He’s done none of those things. He failed on his first day in office by purposely lying to everyone.

  20. Posted by Paul McElligott, at Reply

    I think the “fail” ship has already sailed for Trump. The best we can do is keep the ship afloat until we pick a new captain.