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Burger King’s BRILLIANT New Ad Teaches Important Lesson


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Burger King wants to show you the value of Internet Neutrality … yes, THAT Hamburger King. Cenk Uygur, the host of The Young Turks, reveals you the commercial. Inform us just what you assume in the comment area below.

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" Hamburger King launched a new advertisement Wednesday that trolls the Trump management's decision to repeal net nonpartisanship regulations.
The three-minute advertisement shows a "social experiment" where a Hamburger King shop implements a Whopper "fast lane." Anybody not going to fork over $26 was required to wait longer for their dishes. Consumers who refused to pay any type of additional charges had to wait as long as 15 to 20 mins.

The advertisement, called "Whopper Neutrality," was indicated to parody (with burgers) what advocates say reversing web neutrality policies will do to the net– allow service providers to prefer some internet sites and applications over others.

President Trump's Federal Communications Payment relocated to place an end to Obama-era web nonpartisanship guidelines in December, giving the issue restored public attention.

The Burger King consumers who showed up in the ad were naturally not happy.

" You cannot give me the sandwich? It's ready yet you cannot provide it to me?" one irate client asks. "Oh God, this is the worst thing I have actually ever before become aware of!"

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  1. Posted by Bmon624, at Reply

    Gotta admit, that’s pretty fantastic. Maybe it’ll get through some skulls.

  2. Posted by Brian Petersen, at Reply

    Wow!, for the first time I’m impressed with Burger King. Β Great idea, that hit’s home the case for net neutrality.

    • Posted by janglestick, at Reply

      +Shawn Smith NO you idiot, using your analogy it would be more like this; if you bought a package (a book?) from an approved source that book would come to you on time. If you bought an un-approved book it would arrive slower IF you were allowed to even have access to buy it at all. It’s hard to believe that you don’t understand this is the simple physical mechanism by which censorship is applied.

    • Posted by Shawn Smith, at Reply

      That’s why the internet’s been thriving for the past 20 years right? Nice try, but i’ve been around long enough to realize the free market takes care of censorship in the private sector just fine. If you want the govt to control the internet, move to China.

    • Posted by janglestick, at Reply

      I don’t quite understand, but, if you want to use the free market/”product availability to be determined by demand”, model, you might want to ask yourself how a new product would get started if it isn’t given the same accessibility as established products from large corporations that have a deal with the delivery service, and if it is not allowed to be sent to certain areas, and it’s advertising is restricted from reaching those areas. How is the market supposed to know about and get hold of it to make the corrections.

    • Posted by Shawn Smith, at Reply

      Nice theory, but it hasn’t happened. What HAS happened is that the corporations in favor of nn (Google, YouTube, Facebook etc) have censored accessibility and products.

    • Posted by Bryan Busbey, at Reply

      What would you do if Burger King really put this on the menu and you were a customer that likes hamburgers?

  3. Posted by Telephonicus Maximinius, at Reply

    the customers were all obviously actors, but point well taken just the same. that’s pretty bold for a giant soulless corporation

    • Posted by DROGOZES MAN, at Reply

      They could add this fast lane if they wanted to, but they don’t.

  4. Posted by Walter u., at Reply

    I like how they also put up a poster that says “Wi-Fi only for $6.33” lol

    • Posted by 𝐡𝒢𝓀𝒢 π’ͺ𝓅𝓅𝒢𝒾, at Reply

      Can’t tell if you realize the wifi cost is part of the point of NN.

    • Posted by Walter u., at Reply

      𝐡𝒢𝓀𝒢 π’ͺ𝓅𝓅𝒢𝒾 That is why I liked it. lol

  5. Posted by Farhan Ihram, at Reply

    I looooovvveee it.

  6. Posted by [ Media Xissx ], at Reply

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  7. Posted by 2% milk, at Reply

    You know America is doomed when fast food chains have to educate society with a physical representation of something by means of a commercial.

    • Posted by vagas99, at Reply

      2% milk is awesome!

    • Posted by vagas99, at Reply

      2% milk taste really good with glazed donuts 😍

    • Posted by BeeFriendlyApiary, at Reply

      Yep…Americans are literally the most stupid people on planet earth…

  8. Posted by Dank Memes, at Reply

    There’s a kid in the comments of the video defending the repeal… He has no friends

  9. Posted by Bruce Leroy, at Reply

    In 1 day Burger King taught more about how the government actually works than 10 years of fox news.

  10. Posted by thepokekid01, at Reply

    Really, that is a genius move in advertising: Ad-tivism.

    I mean, obviously it is a gamble, you need to find a cause that is incredibly popular with the people (preferably people regardless of party), but being pushed anyway, but once you do, it makes an excellent target for an ad. Even more, this actually makes me want Burger King even though I am “meh” at best at their food just not only because of their support, but how this commercial portrays their burger as a “must have” item.

  11. Posted by Asher8328, at Reply

    That was an amazing ad.

  12. Posted by Bernie Zelvis, at Reply

    I’m off to Burger King

  13. Posted by SaiyanZ Entertainment, at Reply

    They were all actors obviously lol

  14. Posted by M D, at Reply

    I need to go to Burger King as soon as I can. Way to go, Burger King.

  15. Posted by Skyler Grey // Fifty Shades Freed, at Reply

    That ad was AMAZING!!

  16. Posted by Sandra Nelson, at Reply

    This commercial is a public service announcement. “Folks, this is what Trump and his circus has just stolen from you.” Because many people don’t understand what Net Neutrality means.I’m 54, have had a little bit of computer training, I’m on the net all the time, and I STILL had to REALLY think hard about what net neutrality really means.
    I firmly believe that this government meddling can be gotten around. I believe that a new publicly owned net company can be made which will give people a choice. A company that is a not for profit system. People can join through their municipality, city, county or even state. So the people running the system are public service employees. Not Verizon, AT&T or other profit based company. These GOP companies would lose huge amounts of customers and profits. Hit them where it hurts; the wallet.

    • Posted by Zach Ast, at Reply

      Sandra Nelson — Where is the Burger King ad about the Trump tax cuts ? Unlike net neutrality, BK benefits from those cuts, and so will never make a similar commercial about their corporate theft of the American people.

  17. Posted by G. Perez, at Reply

    Unfortunately I couldn’t watch this Burger King commercial, my internet slowed down really badly right before I got to see it. idk why, usually my verizon internet is fast…

    • Posted by Zach Ast, at Reply

      G. Perez — Never fear, your new best friends at Burger King will save you

  18. Posted by Diecast Show Customs, at Reply

    Love it

  19. Posted by paxwallacejazz, at Reply

    Take all the help we can get gonna go buy a Wopper.

  20. Posted by Filip Mikuz, at Reply

    if only all commercials were like this.