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Buzzfeed Exposes Breitbart’s Neo-Nazi Roots


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Steve Bannon firmly insists that there's "no room" for neo-nazi's and white supremacists in the alt-right movement, Buzzfeed simply called bullshit. Brett Erlich, Nando Vila and Hannah Cranston talk about on The Young Turks. Register for our channel:

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" In August, after a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville finished in murder, Steve Bannon insisted that "there's no room in American culture" for neo-Nazis, neo-Confederates, as well as the KKK.

Yet an explosive cache of files gotten by BuzzFeed News shows that there was a lot of area for those voices on his web site.

During the 2016 governmental campaign, under Bannon's leadership, Breitbart courted the alt-right– the insurgent, racist right-wing activity that helped sweep Donald Trump to power. The previous White Residence chief strategist notoriously mentioned that he wanted Breitbart to be "the platform for the alt-right." *.

Hosts: Brett Erlich, Hannah Cranston, Nando Vila.

Cast: Brett Erlich, Hannah Cranston, Nando Vila.


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  1. Posted by copycoonie, at Reply

    Poor Milo ..he is so desperate to stay relevant ….makes sense he should turn to a movement that is desperately trying to stay relevant . I know they have a small up tick at the moment ..but Hate movements burn out quick …the members tend to self destruct because they act on their irrational hate and it leads to very bad outcomes …same for the movement as a whole .

  2. Posted by geeksworkshop, at Reply

    Far right, alt right, hard right… By using the term alt right you are perpetuating their rebranding

  3. Posted by Chaoitcme, at Reply

    Is Milo not aware that the Nazis would have executed him because he is a gay of Jewish decent.

    • Posted by AudibleAnarchist, at Reply

      Nazis are tolerant of gay jews if they push the nazi agenda like Milo has done.

    • Posted by Killer Sci-fi, at Reply

      > believing the holohoax nonsense
      Stop listening to what the Jews tell you

    • Posted by johl kohl, at Reply

      Milo hates nazis tho.

    • Posted by Chaoitcme, at Reply

      johl kohl Hates Nazis but gives the Nazi salute? Yeah, that makes sense.

    • Posted by johl kohl, at Reply

      Chaoitcme – Give me an example of nazi points he made.

  4. Posted by TheJcanno8, at Reply

    Alt-Right is just a euphemism for Neo-Nazism–an attempt to dress the term up and make it more ‘mainstream’.  But it’s still just the same racist cretins.

  5. Posted by Aron Pickrell, at Reply

    both sides make horrid alliances with unsavory people.😒

  6. Posted by D E, at Reply

    The comment boards at Breitbart were filled with obvious foreign trolls way before the election. Stirring up racial division was a popular tactic by the Soviets all through the cold war. With Obama in office and the rise of internet media, it was brought back with a vengeance.

  7. Posted by Phillip Armstrong, at Reply

    If they had an all white country they would have to find another group to hate. These people have made hatred their identity.

    • Posted by Yanassa Blacovich, at Reply

      Phillip Armstrong If there wasn’t white people who would you hate?

  8. Posted by Shimohi Kagami, at Reply

    So…Maybe the “storm” Trump was referring to in that ominous press conference is an attempted subtle reference to that Nazi German publication.

  9. Posted by WTFWhatTheFrak Amlak Nigus, at Reply

    Oh Ya so they’re not Klan members, Nazis and White Mediocritis (can’t call it supremacy if u LITERALLY need to undermine “the other”) ya they’re just playing smh 🤦‍♂️ and Drumpf is one of Them, better Wake the F up RESIST ✊️

  10. Posted by Tamas Marcuis, at Reply

    People with a deep sympathy for fascism have had the problem that ( Fascist = Nazi = Genocide = mass murder = totalitarian oppression ). They want to claim they have a legitimate political viewpoint like any other. In the past they simply denied that any of the crimes committed by Nazi Germany, Italy and Spain were factual. On occasion they would try to claim the crimes were much less than recorded and equivalent to action s taken by the other side.
    Today the neo-Nazis want to migrate to a new political body they have invented called the Alt-Right. In so doing they can say they are not Nazi and all the historical charges firmly clinging to the Nazis can be brushed off. Clearly they can’t rid themselves of the need to constantly nod to their heroes in the names they use and the coded language that gives them away. Also a couple of beers and a little excitement they start giving Nazi salutes and ranting about the Jews.

    • Posted by Info Illness, at Reply

      Tamas – or you could say they just love the attention – the sad dangerous f*ckers…

  11. Posted by El Guapo, at Reply

    Milo is cancer

  12. Posted by Audrey Baker, at Reply

    Well in other news of the exceedingly obvious dog bites man

  13. Posted by v_for_vegandetta, at Reply

    In other news, water is wet.

  14. Posted by MrTrainerGuy1, at Reply

    Ha wow epic fail

  15. Posted by MmeDefarge (Expose NYC Meth Labs), at Reply

    What gay guy who is Jewish wouldn’t be a neo-Nazi? Amphetamine addiction is a terrible thing.

  16. Posted by Cobesplay, at Reply

    Wow, the Captain American movies were right, Hydra did survive after Nazi Germany fell.

  17. Posted by FredricF, at Reply

    No matter the nazi salute, what about the singing? That was much much worse.

  18. Posted by mikailuscinema, at Reply

    Wasn’t Andy Brietbart gay?