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Cable car riders stranded while transit workers watch 49ers game


San Francisco municipal transit workers are among the highest city transit workers in the country. They’ve got gold-plated pensions and an $800 million operating budget. The average operator earns at least $101,000 in yearly salary and benefits. So what were SFMTA workers busy doing while on the taxpayer dime this Sunday evening? Watching an NFL game and leaving cable car passengers in the lurch for more than hour! One rider tweeted photos of the government employees gathered around the TV set:

You know what’d be great? If @sfmta_muni workers quit watching the 49’ers game and started working.

— Brittney (@brittneyboop) December 9, 2012

Yup 6 @sfmta_muni workers still watching the game rather than working. Crowd growing inpatient.

— Brittney (@brittneyboop) December 9, 2012

The @sfmta_muni workers have a TV in their hut and are watching 49’ers rather than moving cable cars. Crowd grows to 7 workers.

— Brittney (@brittneyboop) December 9, 2012

Someone in the crowd said to @sfmta_muni workers “is the game over yet” wanting them to get back to work. Worker said no and kept watching.

— Brittney (@brittneyboop) December 9, 2012

After about an hour in line we just boarded the cable car. Still waiting though because @sfmta_muni workers still watching football.

— Brittney (@brittneyboop) December 9, 2012

Thankfully we got a commercial break in the 49’ers game and now the @sfmta_muni workers came to get our cable car moving. Sad and pathetic.

— Brittney (@brittneyboop) December 9, 2012

Made it to my destination. @sfmta_muni needs to supervise their employees better. Watching a 49’ers game on the job shouldn’t be tolerated.

— Brittney (@brittneyboop) December 9, 2012

Sheesh. Given that the city’s entire cable car system was down on Friday, you’d think these guys would be more attentive to providing attentive customer service.

ATTN: Due to cable issue all Cable Car Lines will be down for the rest of service. Bus shuttles to supplement service on all Lines.

— SFMTA (@sfmta_muni) December 8, 2012

Yes, but the workers would rather watch 49’ers than operate them. RT @sfmta_muni All cable car lines running.

— Brittney (@brittneyboop) December 10, 2012

Well, at least we know where SFMTA’s priorities are:

Reminder: @49ers game this Sunday @ 1:05pm. For #SFMuni options to & from Candlestick Park visit

— SFMTA (@sfmta_muni) December 8, 2012


“I LEFT MY CABLE CAR IN SF”: @michellemalkin: SF cable car riders stranded while transit workers watch 49ers game ==>…

— GLENN(@GCGATOR24) December 10, 2012

@michellemalkin That’s your government at work!

— Stefan Przystanski (@topiaryone) December 10, 2012

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