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California Just Made Ajit Pai Very Sad


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California simply accepted an expense to recover net neutrality in the state. Cenk Uygur and John Iadarola, the hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us exactly what you think in the comment area listed below.

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" The California State Senate the other day authorized an expense to impose web nonpartisanship restrictions on Access provider, testing the Federal Communications Compensation attempt to preempt such rules.

The FCC's abolition of its very own internet neutrality regulations included a stipulation to preempt state and also community governments from enforcing similar guidelines at the neighborhood level. Yet the governors of Montana and also New York have actually signed executive orders to apply internet nonpartisanship, and also numerous states are thinking about internet neutrality regulation.

The FCC is currently being sued by 21 states and also the Area of Columbia, which are attempting to turn around the internet neutrality repeal and the preemption of state legislations. Efforts to impose internet nonpartisanship policies at the state or neighborhood degree might end up being challenged in different lawsuits.

No blocking, throttling, or paid prioritization
The golden state may be the closest to passing such legislation after the other day's Senate authorization of SB-460, an expense suggested by Sen. Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles).

The costs passed 21-12, with all 21 ayes coming from Democrats. The bill is now being moved to the State Setting Up, where Democrats have a 53-25 bulk over Republicans."

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola

Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola


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  1. Posted by Julius Smith, at Reply

    Way to go California!

  2. Posted by lovemoviesful2, at Reply

    That’s why republicans are republicunts. 😂🤣

    • Posted by Smug Bernie, at Reply

      the best thing about cali is how bad cuckservatives get triggered at our success.

  3. Posted by adi weedeos, at Reply

    Ajit pai is just a loathsome personality

    • Posted by SeekingTruth2014, at Reply

      We get it, he’s not white. Wah wah wah.

    • Posted by Marc Touss, at Reply

      has nothing to do with his race.. his crap character is what makes him a piece of ajit..

    • Posted by Ryw316, at Reply

      If lizard people were real, he’d be the most obvious one.

  4. Posted by brandt justensen, at Reply

    I LOVE CALI !!!

  5. Posted by David Chidester, at Reply

    Go California!

  6. Posted by Chalky, at Reply

    When Trump supporters end up with 90s dial-up internet speeds and can’t watch their porn they might finally criticize Trump for something.

    • Posted by Cosmo Joe, at Reply

      most of trump country still does.10 million dialup users in redstates.

  7. Posted by jmtnvalley, at Reply

    Washington (state) uses California’s automotive pollution standards. If California makes a change, Washington looks at it and adopts it (usually). Fortunately Washington did not adopt California’s gasoline formula.

  8. Posted by Matt Powers, at Reply

    Thumbs up, MT, NY, and CA! Thumbs all the way up.

    • Posted by Aries, at Reply


  9. Posted by tutenkharnage, at Reply

    I’m sure the party of “states’ rights” will support this movement because they are totally NOT selective and hypocritical.

    • Posted by Status Q, at Reply

      Judging on their current position on marijuana legalization..

  10. Posted by Cadger Christmas Light Show, at Reply


  11. Posted by juan gomez, at Reply

    Pai won the most punchable face prize in a very close race with the pharma bro

    • Posted by paul coy, at Reply

      No way, Pharma Bro for the win! He adds “smugness” to “most punchable” !

    • Posted by Iron Bowtie, at Reply

      Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan and Sean Hannity outrank Pai on punchable faces.

    • Posted by Mark Hansen, at Reply

      schreli, martin schreli…. (screw the spelling, not about to look that fucker up…)

  12. Posted by Toby Towbs, at Reply

    I live in an area that has many Indian residents. They are usually very proud and supportive of Indians that achieve prominence.
    The funny thing is, all my Indian neighbours tell me that they feel betrayed and ashamed, by everything Ajit Pai has done!

    • Posted by Linda Bealer, at Reply

      So sorry he’s put your neighbors in that situation. As a white American, unfortunately, we have the Donald. I too (disclaimer- I didn’t vote for him) feel betrayed and ashamed. This is not the “American Dream,” unless you’re a rich white republican male!

    • Posted by Toby Towbs, at Reply

      Vee K. – True. Like all human societies, they’re not perfect. But from my western perspective, some differences are striking and sweetly innocent and pure!
      When I’ve been in India, I’ve always been fascinated by close male friends holding hands in public, with absolutely no sexual connotations, or public judgement. Whereas, it’s something that ingrained western homophobia, prohibits. Apparently, Britain lost this kind of innocent brotherly love, when Oscar Wilde was very publicly convicted, of homosexuality! It’s a reminder, of just how broad the social effect. That silly, irrational, and divisive human fears, can have on the whole of a society.
      No wonder, it has been SO easy. For loathsome, sociopathic con-artists, to achieve total power in the west!

    • Posted by Linda Bealer, at Reply

      Long ago, I had a friend from Iceland, who expressed something similar: she (wistfully) spoke of how she and her friends could walk down the street holding hands, and it was a gesture of affection (human touch is so very reassuring, isn’t it?) but when she came to the states, that simple gesture was met with avoidance and derision. More recently, but a long time ago, I was reminded of that when I was walking down a street in a tourist district with a family friend and my 14 year old daughter. We were having a fun time, seeing the sights and enjoying the fresh air/warm day, and I love my daughter- I took her hand and we walked awhile connected as such (and if you have ever had a teenage daughter, you might know that these moments of mutual acceptance are few and far between.) Later, my friend told me he’d seen a couple of passers-by look at us and one scornfully stated “Lezzies!” to her companion. Really!? I don’t understand why it’s so difficult for western society to accept love, in all its varied forms. It seems that love has been sexualized to the point of exclusion of affection. (And then then the sexualization, as perceived, is judged by puritanical rules.)

    • Posted by Toby Towbs, at Reply

      Linda Bealer – The easiest way to conquer, is by first dividing. Isolating. Making them feel lonely, inferior, desperate for recognition from others, and fearful. That’s the first rule of psychological warfare. It also happens to be, the first rule of marketing!
      Great amounts of money and power, have been created by this kind of human misery.
      And nothing suggests, this will change anytime soon.

  13. Posted by erdvilla, at Reply

    Most people doesn’t understand that net neutrality is not about “cheap internet for everyone” and call it Communism (the usual when they don’t like something). The Capitalist model still applies; “Want faster internet? Pay more”. The true nature of net neutrality is to charge the same for a speed on all the market for all IPs. They can’t apply artificial bottlenecks to IPs they don’t want to reach their clients nor charge more for the same speed to a specific neighborhood.

    • Posted by Prof. Weed, at Reply

      erdvilla. Well, how do you feel about that now that you know that in South Korea, it costs about 25$ for a bundle that includes unlimited highspeed internet (100Mbps), home phone, and TV.

    • Posted by erdvilla, at Reply

      Consider Seoul is extremely over populated, to the point the government is actively trying to make people move out onto other cities. But on the other hand, having most of the population in a concentrated area makes it easier to provide such services, it is as if everyone there lived right by the servers in a LAN arrangement.

    • Posted by LᗩᑎDO LᗩᑎD, at Reply

      The net neutrality regulations first went into effect in 2015 and the only change I noticed was my bill going up every year. I paid the same price for 10 years and it’s tripled since net neutrality first took effect.

  14. Posted by Yolanda Romero, at Reply

    Luv you guys at TYT! I’ve learned so much since I’ve been a subscriber. Thank you for all the hard work! Cenk you made the show a very successful one!!!

    • Posted by A54321, at Reply

      Yolanda Romero How long have you been subscribed??

  15. Posted by Rhyas9, at Reply

    One could say he’s eating humble p[ai]…?

    • Posted by Gabriel Chia, at Reply

      You could also say that he received a pie in the face?

    • Posted by juggernuts, at Reply

      Well played.

  16. Posted by Hunter Reid, at Reply

    Why would republicans be mad?
    I thought they believe in state rights?
    Oh wait …
    Republicans contradict themselves on every issue that they supposedly stand for.

    • Posted by Dale Ray, at Reply

      Hunter Reid …………… Did You feel that Epiphany, Click? “Some People” it would seem, make the Speed Laws, break the Speed Laws, and pat Their own Back for getting to Work first! Simple enough, as a Core Philosophy goes……CHISELERS CABAL.

    • Posted by A54321, at Reply

      Hunter Reid Republicans disagree with the decision the state made. You can do that, it doesn’t mean you’re against states rights because you disagree.

    • Posted by Wardler, at Reply

      Hunter Reid I’m not a republican but I’m not mad, because I don’t live in California. Besides, this will be a great example of how unnecessary NN is.

    • Posted by LᗩᑎDO LᗩᑎD, at Reply

      So, anytime a representative votes against a bill, you interpret that as being against states’ rights? That’s a ridiculous argument. The Electoral College is one of the most important states’ rights we have but TYT and leftists have been calling to have it abolished since the 2016 election.

  17. Posted by Willow L., at Reply


  18. Posted by Sandra Nelson, at Reply

    I think that the enlightened states should create their own public ISPs. No corporate , corrupt, GOP driven ISPs. Hand the FCC their GOP hat and show them the door. The folks who want Net Neutrality can have it from their publicly owned ISPS. People who don’t want Net Neutrality can stick with corrupt corporations. There, everyone will be happy.

    • Posted by A54321, at Reply

      Yes because California has done a great job handling their business! $1.6 billion in debt, highest poverty rate in the union, middle class people fleeing as fast as they can. I’m sure they can handle creating an ISP.

    • Posted by BrokenLifeCycle, at Reply

      Tell me again the last time any government run organization was ever cheap and efficient? Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for setting a standard, but going straight to government run is no different to being run by corrupt corporates. Information technology and distribution such as the Internet is a great power. Control the information and you control how people think. I’m not comfortable with letting one institution have their hands on this alone.

    • Posted by Michael Berthelsen, at Reply

      A54321 Wrong every time you say that, you know that, right? Saying it more doesn’t make it true…

    • Posted by Wardler, at Reply

      NN sucks and I’ll take you up on that!! But the government ISP can’t be built on taxes taken from the corporations they are competing against. They have to build it all on maintaining a willing customer base.

      It’s laughable to think government can accomplish anything without stealing the money from real businesses who actually create things.

  19. Posted by Barry Nichols, at Reply

    I’m surprised that Republicans are not supporting States Rights. In fact writing it into the law to pre-empt States making a law.
    Republicans are the party of state’s right’s.
    It’s almost if they were lying the whole time.

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      Let’s flip the script. Strange that Democrats are supporting states rights instead of the federal government.

    • Posted by Sha Dow, at Reply

      Barry Nichols
      The Cons only care about “state’s rights” when it fits their greed based desires. The GOP gets very upset when states try to take anything away from their “donors”.

    • Posted by Generic Gmail Account, at Reply

      They’re not, they’re supporting net neutrality and calling conservatives hypocrisy.

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      Generic – As such they are supporting states rights.

    • Posted by polly blackburn, at Reply

      Yeah republicans are all about states rights except when it’s civil rights, marijuana legalization, net neutrality or any other freedom they want to take away!