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Cam Newton Makes Sexist Remark To Female Reporter (VIDEO)


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Quarterback Web cam Newton remains in difficulty for exactly how he responded to a women sports press reporter's inquiry. Ana Kasparian, Poise Baldridge, and also Amberia Allen, the hosts of The Young Turks, reveal you his reaction. Tell us what you assume in the remark area listed below. Join TYT:

" Carolina Panthers quarterback Webcam Newton appeared making a sexist remark throughout Wednesday's interview.

Newton chuckled and also said it was amusing to hear Jourdan Rodrigue, a female press reporter for the Charlotte Onlooker, ask him regarding passing routes. Bridget Condon of ABC 11 in Durham, North Carolina, shared a clip of Newton's reaction to the question:

GQ's Jay Willis provided the transcript of Rodrigue's inquiry:

NFL Network's Ian Rapoport shared a statement from Panthers representative Steven Drummond: "I have talked to Jourdan and also Cam and I understand they had a discussion where he revealed remorse for using those words. We aim as a division to make the environment for media comfy for every person covering the group."

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Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Elegance Baldridge, Amberia Allen

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Elegance Baldridge, Amberia Allen


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  1. Posted by The Young Turks, at Reply

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    • Posted by Alexander hicks, at Reply

      I posted two comments about the fact that there’s three women talking about sexism without the male perspective, and that Ana is a hypocrite for not being surprised by cams comments. Can’t find them anywhere, I’m gonna assume they were deleted, which makes me lose a lot of respect for these people. I used to like this channel at one point, but you have become the same as the people you condemn. Pathetic

    • Posted by Joseph Reeves, at Reply

      You guys should speak about her apologizing on her twitter for her racist tweets in the past

    • Posted by we need more affordable housing built, at Reply

      The Young Turks talk about affordable housing stupid channel we need more affordable housing so people don’t need to rent rooms with strangers that are crazy

    • Posted by drake man, at Reply

      You feminist twits can rest in hell. That’s all.

  2. Posted by Geovanni Hernandez, at Reply

    But if a guy knew a lot about makeup and a girl said she’s surprised by that you’ll never see anyone saying “wow how can she question him about makeup?? sexist, rude, facist”

  3. Posted by systematic101, at Reply

    Can someone actually provide stats citations to back up that claim that women are half of the viewers? I’ve watch many different sports and rarely come across women that do. I know they do but I would think if half of the viewers were women the ratio of people I run into that watch would be close to 50/50 but it’s no where near that.

  4. Posted by Hector Loohan, at Reply

    Sounds like 3 exes getting together to bust a guys balls

  5. Posted by Chief Tee, at Reply

    Not that serious tyt.

  6. Posted by Mikhail Tagallie, at Reply

    see the dislikes? im one of them. this is why i cant be liberal.

    • Posted by deepfriedchocobo, at Reply

      Mikhail Tagallie because you’re a knee jerk moron…

  7. Posted by alienanxiety, at Reply

    I took his smile and comment to be more like he was impressed, that times are changing and women’s roles are progressing – I don’t think he meant it as disrespect to her – it was more like, damn, this is new and it’s cool to see.

  8. Posted by NickTheGreatAndPowerful, at Reply

    Chicks can know all about football, and guys can actively avoid learning about it because they don’t care and think its a stupid expensive waste of time and the league as a whole is largely corrupt and terrible.

  9. Posted by Chad Hickey, at Reply

    Sell it on “let go” let it go!! We need a female month now. I was going to defend women but after hearing this I can’t decide who to defend.

  10. Posted by Dad Orasco, at Reply

    who……gives……a……$#!T ?!?!?!? Lez-Be-Honest here…..These chicks was “triggered” by Newtons remarks…
    i personally dont care much for Cam Newton but i have to have his back on this… I dont like hearing woman talk about football and/or any sports because most the time you can tell they have no EFFIN clue what they are talking about… seems to me that most the time they are just reading questions someone else wrote down for them.. *****.EXCEPT for Heather Harrington here in Knoxville, Tenn….. that woman knows her sports… but you can tell when listening to her she knows her stuff *****

  11. Posted by Jonty Rosenow, at Reply

    “and we have an all female panel to discuss this” oh GREAT.

  12. Posted by EOR podcast, at Reply

    Okay. So the guy said something stupid. Why are we crucifying him exactly?

  13. Posted by ANony Mouse, at Reply

    PLEASE from the rest of the English speaking world, Route is not pronounced “rowt” its “root”

  14. Posted by JUSTIN JAMES, at Reply

    I don’t know who that guy is?!? If that’s not a testament to why woman shouldn’t be doing this job idk what is. Also I’m sorry but we need you to talk about the game not domestic violence. If we want to hear about that we’ll tune in to CNN.

  15. Posted by humlesvampen, at Reply

    Amazing when great minds come together and talks about the important things in life…

  16. Posted by Jo Jo, at Reply

    Men may not understand nor grasp this because we deal with sexism everyday, and society taught us to man up; which is sexist in itself…

    Many guys can’t relate, because we let sexist comments go unnoticed throughout our day. Until this whole Cam Newton “Scandal,” I never thought much of the many instances were I experienced sexism. There where times where I applied for one job, but my duties shifted because I was a man….

    Should I have been offended? Never considered this until yesterday.

  17. Posted by brucelee fan, at Reply

    Yall must be bored to talk about this

  18. Posted by How to Eat a Red, White, and Blue Eagle, at Reply

    Ana, you’re sexist, so you should just shut up. You man-hater.

  19. Posted by Mason 32, at Reply

    This is the worst bullshit😑

  20. Posted by Poop Mcpooperson, at Reply

    ?women make up 50% of the NFL fan base” (skewed statistic, anyways)
    so we have an all female panel to give their opinions.