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Can Amazon’s Alexa Call The Police?


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Did Alexa call the police as well as possibly save a person's life? Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, simplify. Inform us just what you believe in the remark area listed below.

" We're gradually finding out that clever residence tools could be rather useful for cops. Following a current case where Amazon turned over data from its Mirror tool to authorities investigating a murder, a smart device called the police when a couple was purportedly associated with a violent domestic conflict. [See improvement below]
Inning accordance with ABC Information, officers were called to a house outside Albuquerque, New Mexico today when a clever device called 911 as well as the operator listened to a fight behind-the-scenes. Cops say that Eduardo Barros was house-sitting at the residence with his sweetheart and their little girl. Barros apparently pulled a weapon on his sweetheart when they entered a debate as well as asked her: "Did you call the constables?" A smart device in the house obviously listened to "call the sheriffs," as well as proceeded to call the constables.

A SWAT team arrived at the residence and after negotiating for hours, they had the ability to take Barros right into safekeeping. Police tell ABC Information that the man's partner was hurt yet did not should see a medical facility. The pair's child was secure and also unhurt."

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  1. Posted by Rontay Gibbs, at Reply

    Alexa should learn what we do with snitch in da hood before calling 5-0!

    • Posted by The Deep North, at Reply

      Rontay Gibbs Yeah… go ahead and punish that snitching electronic device. That ought to teach it a lesson…

    • Posted by Kris Radke, at Reply

      You going to shoot a speaker? How are you going to listen to your jungle music by killing your speaker.

    • Posted by bloodraighna, at Reply

      lmao I love how no one in this comment section understands what a joke is. XD

    • Posted by AwesomeBlackDude, at Reply

      @Archivian why do people keep calling my name and having me show up. Hey, do I know you?!!?

  2. Posted by Cornelius Cody, at Reply

    Having Alexa is no different than having a smartphone in your pocket idiots. End to end encryption is end to end encryption. Your just as vulnerable with your phones as you are with your other smart home devices.

    • Posted by S Cin, at Reply

      So true. The fact that Ana and Cenk would say something like what they said just proves their level of ignorance and gullibility.

    • Posted by Anonymous, at Reply

      Cornelius Cody But still there is a difference between having a smartphone and having a device that can control or listen everything.

    • Posted by LeTetSpiN, at Reply

      I’m confused, did they disable the *Alexa* _wake word_ some how or did they change it to *Did you*?

  3. Posted by Lorange J, at Reply

    I hope “they’re always listening” isn’t news to anyone. This was obvious to me the second I saw the first ad. The only way the home device could respond to its name is if it’s always listening to hear it.

    • Posted by DownassMusic, at Reply

      Lorange J not only is the device listening, it’s storing and SELLING your habits to 3rd parties without your consent. The women in the video, has a smart watch on…. does she not understand “Siri” is listening? All the time? Not just that, but there are smart TV’s that are also doing the same thing! Think that’s bad? Remember you only have control of what you know is there. Did you know places like Khols know when you are shopping without you having to log into their wi-fi? How, well you know your home network is let’s same bobsinternet, well when you are away from range, your phone is sending out probe requests including your MAC address, looking, Khols AP’s hear this, then know it’s you! Wake up people this has been going on for years!!!

    • Posted by Arella Jardin, at Reply

      Google does that without voice commands. Every search engine collects your browsing habits and uses it for target advertising. Devices like Echo aren’t “storing” or recording your information at all times, they only listen so they can pick up their command trigger. But the services they connect to, like Google, do keep track of what you used it for.

      Similar, but not the same.

    • Posted by Nate Morey, at Reply

      you can disable siri or google on other smart devices though, that’s the difference! and according to their tos it wont listen at all if its disabled. doing so would then be illegal so i doubt they lie.

    • Posted by Cruznick06, at Reply

      Arella Jardin Depends on the smart device and it’s terms and conditions of use.

    • Posted by Sebastian O, at Reply

      Nate Morey sure and alexa comes with mute button

  4. Posted by Jairo Herrera, at Reply

    I still hate the US Patriot Act.

    • Posted by bloodraighna, at Reply

      everyone does 🙁

    • Posted by minombre esnada, at Reply

      If you voted for Bush, you have no right to complain.

    • Posted by Jairo Herrera, at Reply

      minombre esnada
      I didn’t at all. I am lean towards Democrats. What makes you assume that I’m a republican?

  5. Posted by Theodore Zuffante, at Reply

    Did they even do any research? they got the story completely wrong,. the smart home device in question was the Amazon Alexa, which Amazon states does not even have the ability to make calls or alert the police.

    • Posted by Screen Bones, at Reply

      Actually, the Echo does have the ability to make calls in a recent update, but the contact list is based on who in your contact list has the Alexa app installed and calls activated on their end. It’s Echo-to-Echo calling, but still does calls. I don’t know if it can call 911, though, haven’t done research on that end.

    • Posted by Bernard Gilbert, at Reply

      Wouldn’t you have to say the activation phrase “Hey Alexa” before it would initiate any action though? Just saying “call the police”, “call the sheriff”, “call 911” shouldn’t do anything (that is unless this is some new emergency activation system, like a single button to call 911 on your smartphone).

    • Posted by Screen Bones, at Reply

      Not if the Echo misheard the word “Alexa”. Trust me, it happens. Not a ton, it’s once in a blue moon, but it DOES happen.

  6. Posted by Ricky Couture, at Reply

    Did Ana really just go on a diatribe about her lack of dependence on convenience-based technology while wearing a Smart Watch? Yeesh.

    • Posted by Liedetector101, at Reply

      that watch was built by slaves in China.

    • Posted by EsotericOccultist, at Reply

      That’s her level of intelligence.

    • Posted by That Recluse, at Reply

      there’s a big difference between smart watch and a smart home device that utilizes IoT.

  7. Posted by Arella Jardin, at Reply

    “Listening” all the time, is not the same as “recording” all the time. That’s a huge misconception of voice activated devices. They the capacity, but they don’t do it precisely because of privacy issues. Microsoft got a huge backlash for their Kinect, because they patented the tech to record, but they never actually implemented it.

    Also, I don’t know how the Echo called the police from that quote. To activate your Echo, you have say “Alexa” before you say your command. They’re designed that way so they don’t interrupt conversations or so the tv doesn’t activate them.

    • Posted by Arella Jardin, at Reply

      Also, are you deliberately giving stupid examples? Of course you don’t use it to channel surf. But if you say, “Alexa, what is the weather tomorrow?” that’s way easier than looking it up manually. It’s easier to say, “Alexa, call Mom,” than it is to pick up your phone.

      I don’t know, it just seems like an out of touch old guy using straw mans to dismiss technology that confuses him.

    • Posted by TonisTech, at Reply

      They don’t actually know what kind of device it was

    • Posted by Arella Jardin, at Reply

      Yes, thank you, I listened to the video. However, they used Alexa as an example. And all voice command devices use the same principle. You either have to say an activation word, or press a button, for them to take commands. If it was an iPhone and Siri, you’d need to push a button. These devices don’t randomly make calls on their own. My guess, the woman had a phone, was descretely pushing buttons, and activated Siri.

    • Posted by TonisTech, at Reply

      Yeah, I’m aware. The lady might have had an iPhone or an Apple watch and pressed the button in an attempt to get help and it worked out in her favor.

  8. Posted by Alex Jackson, at Reply

    Wait, you had to get up and go to the TV to do a Youtube search?

  9. Posted by mo7881, at Reply

    Wait till they find out about Siri and OK Google

  10. Posted by The Foolish Thinker, at Reply

    I’m so old school my first TV only had knobs.

  11. Posted by Satyam Patel, at Reply

    It wasn’t Amazon Alexa, it was a Google home system

  12. Posted by jo hay, at Reply

    also some NEW TV 😕 as we’ll your lap top to

  13. Posted by wtf, at Reply

    I love the Star Trek “Computer” thing but not when I have to give up my privacy 😂

  14. Posted by Tope Adekanbi, at Reply

    In the case of Alexa, you can mute it so stops listening.

  15. Posted by Candi Gryl, at Reply

    Amazon says Alexia cant call the Sheriff or 911. Sounds as if Alexa has evolved!

  16. Posted by Stephen M, at Reply

    They listen for the wake word, unless her name was Alexa, this story is highly suspect

  17. Posted by R. McBride, at Reply

    So, what does Alexa actually do?

  18. Posted by hermenutic, at Reply

    Right out of 1984. Kind of chilling. And who in their right mind needs something like this?