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Canada Strikes Blow In War Against High Heels?


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British Columbia passed a legislation claiming that companies can not compel females to use heels to function. Ana Kasparian and John Iadarola, the hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you assume in the remark section listed below.

" The rural federal government in British Columbia, Canada, has actually changed workplace regulation to stop companies to force ladies to wear high heels at the workplace.

BC Eco-friendly event leader Andrew Weaver submitted an exclusive member's expense in March "developed to prevent employers from setting differing footwear and other requirements based on sex, sex expression or gender identification".

As opposed to embracing Weaver's costs, the BC government instead changed footwear guidelines under the district's 1996 Workers Compensation Act, which did not discuss high heels.

" In some work environments in our district, women are called for to wear high heels at work. Like most British Columbians, our government assumes this is incorrect. That is why we're changing this regulation to quit this risky as well as inequitable method," claimed BC leading Christy Clark.

A mandatory high-heel gown code "is a workplace health and safety problem," she stated. "There is a danger of physical injury from sliding or falling, along with possible damages to the feet, legs and back from long term wearing of high heels while at work."

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  1. Posted by Kyle Leslie, at Reply

    Canada steps forward while America steps back

    • Posted by cody1212143, at Reply

      Young Xehanort I guess they complain about being cold,but they could always wear a sweater, can’t they? is just shoes,I’d rather wear those then a suit and tie…

    • Posted by Young Xehanort, at Reply

      You know what cody? Why don’t you try walking around in heels for an entire work day. I am content listening to what the women in my life have told me. But it seems you need a more “heels on” experience.

    • Posted by Mandy Schmidt, at Reply

      B ST troll is pathetic at trolling. Fail

  2. Posted by SeKToR, at Reply

    How about allowing men to wear sneakers to work. My feet hurt too. Of course this has to be from BC where biggest dykes live.

    • Posted by Joe Scirrotto, at Reply

      Hayley Myatt it was a theory, nothing more. it is important to try and see any possible angle to a situation, and that’s what my original comment was, an angle to consider

    • Posted by Lechiffresix six, at Reply

      actually yes the booster seats are frankly a good idea. we have them. we have a two petite asian dudes at work who needed those. They are tinier than the average south asian. the dress code can be intact without the need of heels. I just hope one day the corporate structure will not coerce black ladies into having their hair straightened , if they wish to wear short curls or bigger ones it should be their choice also.

    • Posted by Michelle, at Reply

      Joe Scirrotto this law is directed mostly at restaurants that make us wear heels while at work. When I first started working for one of these companies years ago the standard was 3 inch heels and a very short dress. These restaurants have recently been forced to change their uniform requirements but the heels policy has never left. It’s very unsafe to work in a slippery kitchen while in heels.

    • Posted by Christina Fitzgerald, at Reply

      Wearing boots is not the same as wearing heels. Most guys couldn’t last one day wearing heels. Have you tried them?

  3. Posted by Eay Dagawd, at Reply

    I wonder how many innocent people America killed today

    • Posted by John Doe, at Reply

      Outside of the US, nobody is innocent.

    • Posted by Meka Achilles, at Reply

      oooooohhh yeah …Tons!

    • Posted by SSanf, at Reply

      Clearly, we killed hundreds of thousands who tripped and hit their heads while running from lust driven males looking at legs in high heels.

  4. Posted by willemdee, at Reply

    What is this imaginary pressure that Ana has perceived that women have to cover up and paint their face everyday? If you’re an insecure person don’t blame society for it, confidence comes from within.

    • Posted by Diva Artist, at Reply

      What is this real pressure that sensible human perceive that men have to hide their sexual decline post-35 and feign indifference to male grooming? If you’re a willfully apathetic person don’t blame woke people for it, wisdom comes from empathy!

    • Posted by Vee Nomme, at Reply

      Not imaginary. Many, many businesses REQUIRE that a woman wear a full face of make up, everyday, or she will be disciplined or fired.

  5. Posted by Grace, at Reply

    Its extremely hard to be a server or hostess while wearing heels, especially when you’re working 5-10 hours a day and walking around spilled food/drinks, slippery now grip floors. Literally rushing around. I don’t think its a first world problem, its just a rediculous problem that is super unneeded. Whats a first world “problem” is employers need and expectation their “girls” to wear high heels…its just really unneeded. (This petition started around the restaurant business and a specific popular restaurant in Canada requiring this). Some other jobs for instance I can see how heels are appealing (office job) while not always walking or standing. Definitely shouldn’t be forced to wear heels though, a bit rediculous

    • Posted by Kekkai, at Reply

      Michelle Michelle You’re welcome to make unfortunate choices for yourself. You are not however welcome to make them for other people.

    • Posted by Grace, at Reply

      Hmm maybe im 20 and in university…hmmm

    • Posted by Zaprozhan, at Reply

      Okay, but as long as the employer doesn’t REQUIRE you wear shoes that compromise your balance, thus your safety and health. In

  6. Posted by Kiran, at Reply

    I’m from Vancouver so I can provide a bit more information regarding this particular law. This bill specifically targeted the restaurant industry. Mainstream restaurant chains required their female servers & hostesses to wear a minimum heel height (varied by chain). It was known for a long time that female servers often worked while their feet were bleeding or experienced this after their shifts. If women refused to comply with the restaurant’s heel policy, they would be denied employment.

    • Posted by Whatupkelly, at Reply

      +badfeminist i looked it up too and they get quite a few lawsuits. But they counter saying they allow comfortable kind of footwear in their employee guide, but its the management that makes them wear heels.

    • Posted by Spotted Purple, at Reply

      Kiran restaurants in America require all workers to wear non-slip shoes and you’re not allowed to wear heels.
      It’s been like that for years

    • Posted by Vegan Nation, at Reply

      Wow, that’s messed up.

  7. Posted by A1Cvenom, at Reply

    Let’s throw out suits and ties while we’re at it, we can all look like slobs.

    • Posted by MrAwesomeTrex, at Reply

      It’s an either or scenario, either you wear formal dress, or a grease stained t-shirt and ripped jeans. And anyone wearing a suit is instantly not a slob, no matter how ill fitting, wrinkled, or clashing their attire may be.

    • Posted by Angelique Farmer, at Reply

      A1Cvenom no one told u to go to work naked or footless, just not require painfull footwear. being a slob would be your choice

  8. Posted by PKNHET, at Reply

    my friends who are actual professionals not a Internet news outlet, they are forced to wear expensive suits and be clean shaven have a respectable hair cut and have a tie. So to sit there and say men dont in counter any of these issues just goes to show how much of a bubble these two live in.

    • Posted by VALENTINEBEAMS, at Reply

      NoneOfTheAbove I’m sure it’s not a problem, then.

    • Posted by Ranadinn, at Reply

      If you have such a hard time figuring out how to tie a tie without hurting yourself. There are videos on Youtube to show you how it’s done. If you still can’t do it there’s always clip-on ties, and zipper ties.

    • Posted by Senad Elezovic, at Reply

      Ex-Muslim Libertarian Atheist Being hurt from shaving doesn’t damage health in the long run the way heels do.

  9. Posted by J Briggs, at Reply

    My job used to require me to wear steel toe boots. #female privilege

    • Posted by Vans, at Reply

      How dare they try to keep your body intact.

      I bet those assholes made you wear a hard hat too!

    • Posted by Robert Leslie, at Reply

      Cartesian Phantom The feminists complaining about this are even dumber, if you don’t like heels, then don’t work at those restaurants

    • Posted by SSanf, at Reply

      Right! Just do without money for yourself and your family. Then, you won’t have to wear heels. There, problem solved

    • Posted by Robert Leslie, at Reply

      +SSanf You don’t have to work at Hooters to feed your family

    • Posted by Robert Leslie, at Reply

      +SSanf There are plenty of restaurants (even those with female only staff) which do not require you to wear heels or dress sexy. Unless you like dressing sexy at your job, but are not prepared to go full out with the heels

  10. Posted by StarWonder, at Reply

    As a Canadian, and as a Woman, I was unable to do certain jobs because of the footwear requirement. I have a physical disability that requires me to wear very select shoes, and I can’t physically continuously wear heels. I just hope they start making heels for men more available – they were made for men first after all.

    • Posted by The Independent Canadian, at Reply

      As a Canadian, look up the bank of Canada lawsuit!!!!!

  11. Posted by J Briggs, at Reply

    TYT do a video about the black murderer cleveland police are currently hunting. Blacks are 800% more likely than whites to commit murder. The violence in the black community needs to stop. #blacklivesmatter

    • Posted by Trollop 7, at Reply

      Spoken just like anyone else who only gets their news from TYT.

    • Posted by Kevin Carey, at Reply

      lol don’t hold your breath it was black on black ….TYT wont say a word

  12. Posted by Mending Wall, at Reply

    I love high heels but I see no point in forcing people to wear them. Its more trouble than its worth in the long run

    • Posted by liquidminds, at Reply

      There is this natural effect that causes us to dislike things we have to do.
      I’m sure you could think of a bazillion things that you love to do on your own terms, but would hate to do when forced to.

    • Posted by Spotted Purple, at Reply

      Mending Wall feeeeeeeel!

  13. Posted by Jax Teller, at Reply

    I never understood the appeal of high heels. Why is contorting your feet in an awkward position considered “sexy”??

    • Posted by mrblob20, at Reply

      SSanf no way, you have no idea. It’s like you’re a girl who has no idea what a man thinks. Guys like high heels because it makes the woman look tall, legs look longer, butt look bigger, and if anything they make them look more dominant.

    • Posted by allthings509, at Reply

      Women have to look stupid and vulnerable, that’s the point of heels.

    • Posted by Aerial Johnson, at Reply

      Jax Teller I do agree but apparently, I looked this up, it makes a woman’s legs look more toned…which is stupid.

  14. Posted by Penn1111432, at Reply

    I’ m Canadian and I looove my country <3

    • Posted by Trollop 7, at Reply

      I heard they eat croissants, or some such up there. Tell me it ain’t so.

    • Posted by LtKharn, at Reply

      Can’t be, that would be French cultural appropriation and Canadians are better than that…right

    • Posted by Penn1111432, at Reply

      LtKharn eating croissant is not cultural appropriation…But in Canada we prefer poutine…and maple sirop but yeah we pretty much eat poutine all the time <3

  15. Posted by SpurnOfHumanity, at Reply

    I wanna see some strippers in combat boots. For the lols.

    • Posted by Mischa Romo, at Reply

      SpurnOfHumanity omg. Ive done that. The club I worked at let me change into my docs if it was slow. Even went on stage with them on

    • Posted by SpurnOfHumanity, at Reply

      +Mischa Romo that’s great.

  16. Posted by fearlessarchangel, at Reply

    It’s a shame to see fellow men trying to point out double standards and failing to do so. The number one trait of heels is that they cause physical injury to the wearer and/or pose a safety risk unrelated to the job. It is not like a suit and tie, it is not like having to shave, it is not like wearing pants, etc. In an effort to point out the hypocrisy of feminists you guys are becoming just as bad as them. I like pointing out hypocrisy as well, but only when it is true and not a stretch. You guys sound like whiny babies with some of these “double standards”.

    • Posted by fearlessarchangel, at Reply

      I’ve never known guys who described shaving as painful. I practically scraped my face like a maniac when I shave, but I guess everyone is different. As for the suit and tie, was that an inside job? If so, don’t they have the AC running? And finally, if the military can wear their uniforms in the middle east, I think most people can get by in a suit just by staying hydrated.

    • Posted by mitch verr, at Reply

      not everywhere has AC and yup, inside job, kind of messed up that it happened. Hydration isnt the only thing, and as an FYI, when soldiers change climate they usually undergo climate training/climatisation usually, IE if they go higher or lower in sea level, they undergo a physicial check, if they go to a desert, checked, and so on. Pretty different actually and suprisingly so ^^. They dont just get dumped there and told “good luck bro” xD

      And yeah, not many people mention the shaving thing because they get told to “grow a pair” etc, I do wish i could shave like a madman but sadly nope.

    • Posted by fearlessarchangel, at Reply

      Climate training is nice but I’m saying if a soldier can survive the heat in uniform performing physical activity, a guy should be able to survive just being in a suit if they just stay hydrated. If you are expected to perform physical activity in the suit that’s a different story but the suit isn’t a direct cause of harm. I’ve worked outside in the summer 10-12 hour days of physical labor. The clothing hurts or help, but water intake is 95% of the problem. With heels, the problem is the heels. The danger comes from the heels.

      As for shaving that seems to be a different issue. It is news to me that people actually have problems with shaving. So I may be insensitive due to ignorance. However, if what you say is true and men were to gather and request a law that made it illegal to request a man to shave more than say 2 times a week, I would support that law as well since it appears that constant shaving damages the skin. We shouldn’t be jealous that women are getting a law that protects their health just because men aren’t.

  17. Posted by WikeddTung, at Reply

    The War of Jimmy Choo! Where’s Megyn Kelly?!

  18. Posted by John Do, at Reply

    People wearing heels are insane.

  19. Posted by PATO ROCO, at Reply

    Should allow them to work with high heels and bikinis.