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Carter Page Shouldn’t Have Admitted This…


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Carter Web page keeps coming back for even more. Cenk Uygur, hosts of The Young Turks, talk about. Inform us exactly what you think in the comment section below. Join TYT:

" Having inexplicably consented to appear on All In with Chris Hayes, hrs after news broke that previous Trump project supervisor Paul Manaforthad been prosecuted and former plan consultant George Papadopouloshad begged guilty to existing about his calls with Russian authorities, Web page once more seemed strangely unprepared for someone who has been examined by the F.B.I.

Page, that has currently given greater than a half-dozen such interviews in the press, still appears unusually assured that he remains in no legal risk. "Papadopoulos has actually been cooperating because July; I have actually been complying considering that March. I want to obtain the reality available," he informed Hayes. While he has attracted fire for travelling to Russia in the middle of the governmental project, he has stated the adventure was unrelated to Trump. He didn't bring an attorney with him the last time he was questioned by congressional investigators, and also it is not clear whether he will have guidance when he testifies prior to Congress once more this week." *.

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  1. Posted by Gizmo fromPizmo, at Reply

    The best people you guys. The best.

  2. Posted by jambykool, at Reply

    Does he expect that whether he incriminates himself doesn’t matter because he has a certainty he’ll get a pardon?

  3. Posted by Brian Cartier, at Reply

    I don’t buy that Page is this dumb. Only DT is stupid enough to volunteer such information.
    Page may be trying to accelerate an immunity deal by ensuring that all possible information is in Mueller’s hands.
    And if DT somehow manages to shut down the investigation then Page has plausible deniability.

  4. Posted by dieubermensch, at Reply

    Russiaaaaa russiaaaaaa russsiaaaaaaa russiaaaaa. Maybe if we spend more time pushing the democrats to be more progressive things will be actually better. This gets us no where.

  5. Posted by walkrunfallsleep, at Reply

    Not believing he is this naive. Got to be playing some kind of angle.

  6. Posted by James Vick, at Reply

    Lawyer hell! What he needs is a small army of bodyguards and a food taster!

  7. Posted by bigraviolees, at Reply

    Page is always high

  8. Posted by EnderZ13, at Reply

    The authorities probably just think he’s too stupid, and is incompetent to stand trial.

  9. Posted by danny burton, at Reply

    But Cenk its a nothing burger with a” liddle” cheese

  10. Posted by Jerm J., at Reply

    As my Granddad always said, “Give idiots enough rope……and they’ll hang themselves….”. And these idiots seem to work at the rope factory!

  11. Posted by Swnsasy _, at Reply

    Anyone remember that show World’s Dumbest Criminals?? Yep, Trump administration. But to be fair, Papadapolous probably already told Mueller about Page..

  12. Posted by TheMikeSwitch, at Reply

    “You assume that criminals are gonna be smarter than they are. I don’t know. It kind of breaks my heart a little” – Saul Goodman/Jimmy McGill

  13. Posted by Valli Weidemann, at Reply

    This is not an interview, it’s an interrogation

  14. Posted by Grady Bledsoe, at Reply

    The show (is) called “All in”.

  15. Posted by Chason Wright, at Reply

    Alot of The presidential election team’s are sounding guilty of a crime.

  16. Posted by philbio66, at Reply

    Who’s Donald Trump going to surround himself with…a bunch or morons. LOL.

  17. Posted by Lisa Simpson, at Reply

    donald hires only the VERY BEST PEOPLE!

  18. Posted by Donna McDonald, at Reply

    Putina stupid A$$ and not one of those butt nut over at the kremlin has sense enough to go on the internet and look up how American government work not one person like the president has full control of this country that there are Senator and Congress that have a little said in it too, I guest Trump private school didn’t teach American government in junior high school.