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Catalonia Declares Independence, Spain Doesn’t Care


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Spain has promised to 'take apart the Catalan government." Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Francesca Fiorentini, and also Nando Vila, hosts of The Young Turks, review. Inform us what you assume in the remark section below. Sign up with TYT:

" Catalonia stated itself an independent republic on Friday. But no one makes sure for how long it will certainly last.
Within hrs of Catalonia's emotional ballot, Spain's head of state revealed he would take apart the Catalan federal government, suspend its ministers, dissolve its upstart parliament, take over the local police as well as call home any type of Catalan diplomats abroad.
The orders were effective right away. In a Europe where modification as soon as took place at an antarctic pace, this was the current surprise in a continent rocked by division and also trouble, populism and nationalism.
However just how the central government will impose its orders is the concern every person is asking. Will the National Authorities execute the new orders? Or will the separatist leaders in Barcelona step aside to eliminate one more day?" *.

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Francesca Fiorentini, Nando Vila.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Francesca Fiorentini, Nando Vila.


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  1. Posted by Zachary Hough, at Reply

    Catalonian independence is despite being pushed by the established rich and powerfully also has a extremely liberal sentiment that continues to grow. The region is mis conceptualized, much like California there is a stable job market for millionaires, six figure earners, and the highly educated, privileged, or lucky few. Infrastructure in what is supposed to be Spain’s richest region is under funded, and with rising inflation the plight of the common man only gets harder and harder. This level neglect has been meant with much optimism for a solution whilst still under federal rule. However voices and concerns are not being heard, they are being over shadowed by either those who don’t believe in democracy, who want to crack down on their right to vote, and those who believe in absolute Independence. Several European counties are preemptively condemning this parliament, the central government taking control. If unity becomes any more forced or eminent, the exacerbate of such plight in turmoil shall indeed cause anti federal sentiment to grow. This will continue to become more volatile until there is either liberty or dictatorship. Both options seem rather poor, and not ideal, liberty preferable but at what cost? Allow the separatist to succeed now, Spain has already failed Catalonia, let democracy prevail.

  2. Posted by Universal Cerberus, at Reply

    What about Galicia? Will it merge with Portugal?

  3. Posted by Pray Station, at Reply

    First of all, nationalism isn’t right wing by nature. It just tends to be used by the right to gain support. Second of all, Nando not mentioning the legacy of Francoism in Spain, an outwardly fascist government, is a telling omission. More important than either of these points is this simple one: more autonomy is exactly what most left movements today are working for. This is exactly what’s happening in Catalonia today and it should be celebrated regardless of the specifics of the situation.

  4. Posted by Fascism Will Win, at Reply

    Dear Spain, please just rape Catalonia and in 9 months it will be majority Spaniard.
    Problem solved.

  5. Posted by Bruce Kizer, at Reply

    Rich white Spanish want to separate from poor white Spanish. This is interesting, could have implications for other countries.

  6. Posted by Noah, at Reply

    Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t the governing party of Catalonia a big tent party, made up of liberals and conservatives alike. And isn’t their supporting party a socialist and anti-capitalist party. If so, how can one paint the independence of Catalonia as right-wing and reactionary?
    The socialist movement in Denmark is suggesting this is a left-wing victory, but in reality nor right or left can take all the credit…

  7. Posted by KHooksMixer, at Reply

    Nando Vila, with all due respect, don’t come for Missouri, considering the state has been named one of the top states for start-ups and has also been home to many large businesses. That was a very careless generalization as Missouri being some poor state dependent on big states like California, just saying.

  8. Posted by Lara Beara, at Reply

    I can’t believe what’s happening. It seems that the majority of Catalan residents don’t want to leave Spain and that there are a few politicians pushing for it in hope to get fame and power. On the other side, Spanish politicians are acting out already seen repression. Stupid how few people in power can destroy the future of many. History is repeating itself.

  9. Posted by 3rk4u, at Reply

    It will be interesting to see how the Spanish react.

  10. Posted by MrKnight, at Reply

    Holy crap you guys in favor of a group of people declaring independence from a sovereign nation is dumb. Think about the implications for that for a second. Then nations really should be concerned about allowing immigration because they can just later declare independence!

  11. Posted by Ryan Hoang, at Reply

    Lol everyone just wants to keep dividing themselves until we get 300+ countries and beyond.

  12. Posted by Pepe Vinkin, at Reply

    I am a Spaniard and half of my family comes from Catalonia. That said, I agree with everything Nando said (the spaniard) but the rest of you at the table need to research more because it is a lot more complicated and has no comparison to Montenegro, Kosovo or Scotland. Why do you think that Catalonian indepenence lacks international support? It is all illegal

  13. Posted by R. Lewis Blake, at Reply

    He left out a lot about the Spanish government and corruption and connections to Franco’s fascists……ETC. Need better “experts”.

  14. Posted by GUD GUD, at Reply

    Love to see yanks being educated. Fair dues to TYT for bringing a Catalan onto the show to do just that. Anna was going all bolshie until the guest put her in her box with actual facts

  15. Posted by 601salsa, at Reply

    Aparently i head from a spanaird that when the country’s seven states unified they made it illegal to separate and declare independance. That was before the second world war but after their internal war. and had some dealings with a facist leader. Also there are rumours of catalonian corruption and embezzelling and the state gov trying to separate before they were to be audited and found out. Again these are rumours being heard from people in spain and portugal.

  16. Posted by Jeff Shoemaker, at Reply

    Screw spaniards who want to keep catalonia against their will. Staying with spain is right wing you dummy.

  17. Posted by Maarten, at Reply

    It’s not 50/50, it’s more like 70/30 in favor, you are clearly not objective. It’s not right wing nationalism, it’s liberalism at its core. The freedom to choose your own destiny as a culture or people isn’t something bad. I vote for the Socialist Party where I live, and I’m for democracy and freedom. The Catalan people are a distinct historical minority in Spain, the comparison with Califorina therefore doensn’t hold up at all. It’s about more than only being a rich region that pays more taxes. TYT should be ashamed!

  18. Posted by Markstubation01, at Reply

    Scotland and Montenegro are the more wealthy regions. This guy is lying.

  19. Posted by J Roig, at Reply

    Nando Vila is plainly wrong on the tax contribution argument. Catalonia doesn’t want all the taxes it can collect, here the proportion is what matters. The net contribution of Catalonia in taxes to the rest of regions of Spain is around 8% of GDP. Other rich regions in other countries usually contribute up to 3-4% of their GDP in taxes to the poorer regions.

    And while Catalonia lacks key infrastructures, Spanish governments have been building for years in other regions very expensive infrastructures that have turned out not useful at all, some of them had to be closed, and some of these infrastructures are linked to corrupt practices.

    He is also wrong in the fact that independence support rising from 20% to 50% in just 5 years. It’s been rising from the past 15 years from around 30% to close to 50% nowadays.

    Catalonia as a dynamic economic region has been attracting millions of workers from other Spanish regions over decades, who are precisely those who tend to support least Catalan independence.

    I could go on an on with other arguments like: most current spanish institutions were founded by francoists, mostly reactionary Spanish press against Catalan culture and language, constant injerence of Catalan regional laws by the Spanish institutions, …

    Catalan independentism is a very complex movement that didn’t rose just for one selfish reason.