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CATFIGHT: Chris Christie vs Ted Cruz


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Chris Christie called out Ted Cruz for his gross hypocrisy. Cenk Uygur and John Iadarola, the hosts of The Young Turks, damage down their catfight. Tell us what you think in the comment section listed below. Sign petition here:

" New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie discharged back Wednesday at Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who in the consequences of Storm Harvey has actually defended his 2013 vote versus an aid package for Superstorm Sandy.

" He discussed playing politics. That's what he finished with individuals's lives in 2012 and also 2013. He was playing national politics to attempt to make him look like the most conservative person in town," Christie stated Wednesday on MSNBC's Early morning Joe.

In a meeting on MSNBC on Monday, Cruz stated he voted against the $51 billion help bundle due to the fact that it was "loaded with unrelated pork"– a case Christie called "dead wrong." "He just made it up. I suggest, you know, Ted's especially good at that," Christie stated. "He simply made it up."

A Washington Message reality check called Cruz's claim "hugely wrong," keeping in mind that the expense consisted of financing for several relief products that didn't seem storm-related in the beginning glimpse, such as fixings to the dripping Smithsonian Institution roof covering and erosion at the Kennedy Area Facility that resulted from tornado damages.

" He knows it," Christie stated Wednesday. "He should just stand now as well as say, 'You understand what? I was incorrect. I was wrong in 2012. It was the wrong point to do, and currently I hope that the people of New Jersey and New york city want to allow bygones be bygones and also vote for alleviation for Texas.' I'll inform you that's specifically just what New Jersey people would do." Cruz was among several Texas Republicans to elect against the Sandy relief package. The 2013 bill eventually gone by a ballot of 62 to 36 in the Us senate and also 241 to 180 in your home."

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  1. Posted by CLureCo, at Reply

    Cruz is scum of the earth, and the fact checkers have proven that your “too much pork” talking point on the sandy bill is complete BULLSHIT.
    You lying, conniving, weasel cretin.

  2. Posted by mac churl, at Reply

    OMG !!!! Chris Christie actually said ‘ pork ‘ without salivating .

  3. Posted by Good Life, at Reply

    They are doing all these dramas so that Trump will ultimately spend no money for Texas infastructures. The only thing Trump will do is loan and make people slave

  4. Posted by PlumbDrumb, at Reply

    Christie’s got that “I need a new job so I got this haircut” haircut.

  5. Posted by Michael g, at Reply

    People hating on John’s Beard have beard envy. Beards are majestic, Im sorry some of you can only manage to grow a couple hairs on your lip and chinny chin. Sad!

  6. Posted by K-Scale, at Reply

    Is John getting ready to play Santa Claus at this years macys day parade? 😉

  7. Posted by Brooklyn1973, at Reply

    Epic beard! But shape it up just a little.

  8. Posted by Bailey, at Reply

    WOAAHHHH I leave for like 2 weeks, I come back, and John has this lumberjack beard out no where lol? Sorry that really just threw me off, and I HAD to say something.

  9. Posted by Simon Randall, at Reply

    Why does YouTube keep changing the format!?

  10. Posted by EinChris75, at Reply

    Was John on a search for Hillary in the woods?
    Or is he just tired of being compared to Bert?

  11. Posted by Galloe Of the sea, at Reply

    Obviously you can’t trust the Zodiac Killer and once more he proves it.

  12. Posted by Al Somethin, at Reply

    Once again Turd boy Christie is trying to climb his way out of the septic tank by attaching himself to an issue to work it into a way to benefit himself.

  13. Posted by D Mc, at Reply

    They are both immoral sociopaths.

  14. Posted by The Boone, at Reply

    Jesus, shave that thing. Or at the very least trim it.

  15. Posted by Julien Lefebvre, at Reply

    I want a polar bear to slap the evil out of Ted Cruz.

  16. Posted by Joshua Carlstrom, at Reply

    I dig the beard John

  17. Posted by lovemoviesful2, at Reply

    They both deserve a bullet to the head. Help the people of Texas, but let the politicians drown.

  18. Posted by D.L. Young, at Reply

    Cruz voted against Hurricane Sandy bill claiming “too much pork”.

    Not so long after that, a Texas fertilizer plant blows up due to apparent OSHA violations, and instead of forcing said fertilizer company to pay for the damages in the neighborhood, Teddy Boy Cruz demanded Obama use federal tax-payer $$$’s to help lift this company out of their dire straights…that they caused…and ultimately harmed an entire community in doing so…

    A natural disaster: no federal funds!
    A private company guilty of negligence: they deserve all kinds of federal funds!

    Conservative hypocrisy has no limits