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Cat’s Hate Plastic!: Best Fails of the Week | FailArmy


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It's that time yet again! Your Ideal Falls Short of the Week are here, and also we've obtained some humorous clips for you today! Take pleasure in a funny feline that dislikes plastic, individuals slipping by the pool and also a lot more! Have a preferred? Allow us recognize in the comments below!


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  1. Posted by Benedict Cruz, at Reply

    So many autistic kids saying First

    • Posted by One Inch Nick, at Reply

      Tori Romance everyone does, but you’d be pretty pathetic if you got to the point you have to rant about it

    • Posted by Tori Romance, at Reply

      One Inch Nick
      That’s true.

    • Posted by Nick E. Sparks, at Reply

      I like the irony here. He doesn’t seem upset. He’s just pointing out all the simpletons that have to comment first on a video and most likely not even watch it.

      But for somebody else to say, “Why you getting upset?” Is side splitting hilarious. The irony😂😂😂😂 now you’re upset that he’s “upset” this Friday is going to be awesome.

    • Posted by Just another Cunt, at Reply

      Nick E. Sparks 👏 your fridays must be fucking dire.

    • Posted by 1Nice1Guy5, at Reply


  2. Posted by Jeremy Boateng, at Reply

    Does anyone else here think that the extra music they add is unnecessary

    I wanna hear the raw footage

    • Posted by Ocrop Oid, at Reply

      Jeremy Boateng
      *NO MUSIC*

    • Posted by Doom2Guy, at Reply

      It’s either due to a lack of audio, or to prevent a copyright strike

    • Posted by Master Cobra, at Reply

      Jeremy Boateng go watch other videos than.. dont hate on it

  3. Posted by Badri Frg, at Reply

    To every body read This..I love U❤❤ i wish you a good day👏🎈🎁

    • Posted by innovative fish, at Reply


    • Posted by Badri Frg, at Reply

      POLARTTYRTM i respect your opinion😘 thank You for the good Word’s

    • Posted by Badri Frg, at Reply

      Belamundo yeah😂😂😂

    • Posted by POLARTTYRTM, at Reply

      Words* ingrish brotha

  4. Posted by Inkredible! / InkR!, at Reply

    0:48 Oh my Goat!

    • Posted by styx85, at Reply

      1:10 Oh sheep!

    • Posted by Inkredible! / InkR!, at Reply

      styx85 Yeah I was about to write it! 😂

    • Posted by FailArmy, at Reply

      Goat down! Goat down!!

  5. Posted by PepsiMaxProductions, at Reply

    Cats* please delete the apostrophe

    • Posted by Vizzigman Lol, at Reply

      PepsiMaxProductions Agreed, right now it just says “Cat is hate plastic” lmao

    • Posted by MrAndyCarlos, at Reply

      PepsiMaxProductions I’m not a native speaker of English, and I would never write like this.

    • Posted by Anonymous Cuber, at Reply

      Thank you

    • Posted by Riley Naidoo, at Reply

      PepsiMaxProductions I thought there was a big on my screen

  6. Posted by TheDiamondPiggy, at Reply

    1:24 A normal day in Russia

    • Posted by # Inventions, at Reply

      Well that does happen, like once a month

    • Posted by MaxusR, at Reply

      No it isn’t. There is no bear or snow on the video. Everyone knows, there must be at least one of these.

    • Posted by FutureDelica, at Reply

      Он занят поеданием мега-гамбургера, отстань. ))

    • Posted by Ray Espinoza, at Reply

      let me guess…that was a Russian fire cracker.

    • Posted by watchingrob, at Reply

      Cheeki Breeki!

  7. Posted by Counting Guy, at Reply

    I upload counting vids everyday!

    6,368 people approve of this!

    • Posted by EvilGamer, at Reply

      Counting Guy What is the point of you’re channel?

    • Posted by STATMAGNET, at Reply

      Counting Guy Shut the up

    • Posted by Dave Smith, at Reply

      I bet you don’t though do you bro ? I bet you have at least one off day where you don’t make a vid

    • Posted by Ander Kidley, at Reply

      Counting Guy No one cares, kill yourself.

    • Posted by STATMAGNET, at Reply

      Ander Kidley Edgelord

  8. Posted by Suh Dude, at Reply


    • Posted by clamstain, at Reply

      Fail Army Hate’s Punctuation

    • Posted by James Mayell, at Reply

      “Cat is hate plastic”

    • Posted by thot channel, at Reply

      yeah wtf it either shows possesion or cat is (idk what that one is called) it should just be cats

    • Posted by happy bandaner, at Reply

      cat owns hate plastic

    • Posted by B Er, at Reply

      Suh Dude “Cat’s’ve’st”

  9. Posted by Artem Strynzha, at Reply

    0:47 did she say “oh god” or “oh goat”

  10. Posted by Callam, at Reply

    I thought that clipboard was an iPad

    • Posted by my nightfury form, at Reply


    • Posted by Ben Schroeder, at Reply


    • Posted by Zion Fernandez, at Reply

      Callam omg same!!!!

    • Posted by Water Witch, at Reply

      You’re not the only one.

    • Posted by Whiffy the Ferret, at Reply

      I thought that Ipad was a tablet

  11. Posted by Gary Buckley, at Reply

    3:15 Is that Kevin Spacey with a beard? Watch the hand 😧
    Be careful people he’s everywhere

    • Posted by Owiko7, at Reply

      I keep seeing this comment on other videos.

    • Posted by watchingrob, at Reply


    • Posted by Owiko7, at Reply

      clearly you did.

  12. Posted by BeetzMeinName, at Reply

    Natürlich die deutschen wieder mit der Kuh! 😀

  13. Posted by AllenM10, at Reply

    5:25 That’s actually an amazingly perfect description xD

  14. Posted by Rowlend John, at Reply

    ” *you look like Lord Voldemort* ”😂😂

    • Posted by Robbie S, at Reply

      Written on his Tombstone after he kills himself out of Asphyxiation.

  15. Posted by Wizard 1673, at Reply

    2:19 I’m actually scared about these fail because when someone does these stunts they fall on the side of the pool

    • Posted by John Alvin Belarmino and Super Tekla, at Reply

      Wizard 1673 that’s scared

    • Posted by FailArmy, at Reply

      Definitely held our breath when we first watched it..

    • Posted by ionator2000ist, at Reply

      Just like that weight lifting one. Everyone I see a video for fails that involves weight lifting I cringe and tense up waiting for a joint to give out

  16. Posted by Helmet Crussher, at Reply

    1:02 why are you here again
    that look tho scared me little bit

  17. Posted by Ja Z, at Reply

    I recognize some of these people from the E.R.

  18. Posted by LucasArg, at Reply

    -Hello everybody!!!
    -Nobody is here.