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Cats Who Think They Are Dogs | Funny Cat Compilation


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We've all heard a person claim this in the past, right? "My cat is really a canine!" That's needs to be difficult! Well, if that's just what you believe, we at AFV urge you to view our most recent AMUSING CATS COLLECTION, CATS WHO ARE REALLY CANINES! We were once similar to you, a pet is not a feline and a cat is not a canine. After watching this video, nonetheless, we think you'll concur that's it's not only feasible, it holds true! CATS THINK THEY'RE DOGS which'S HUMOROUS! Make Sure TO SHARE THIS VIDEO CLIP WITH YOUR PALS!

That is your favored PET CAT CANINE in today's video? Is it the cat CHASING HIS TAIL at 3:26? Exactly how around the feline PLAYING FETCH at 3:54? Our preferred is the feline on HIND LEGS at 4:40! Tell us your faves IN THE REMARKS LISTED BELOW as well as make certain to SUCH AS As Well As SUBSCRIBE to AFV on YouTube!

Pet cats Who Are Really Canines|Amusing Cats Compilation


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  1. Posted by danta royal, at Reply

    Meowoff wth doggo high on catnip

  2. Posted by Gman, at Reply


  3. Posted by Kim Becker, at Reply


    • Posted by Maeda atsuko/ Center, at Reply

      Kim Becker does it matter? Damn Americans…

  4. Posted by Chase Verhagen, at Reply


  5. Posted by The Adventures Of Jimi Jaden, at Reply


  6. Posted by Laura Gadille, at Reply

    This isn’t cat’s acting like dogs, it’s cats being cats

  7. Posted by Caleb Meckstroth, at Reply

    Super funny

  8. Posted by Melanie Russell, at Reply

    My dog thinks she is a cat lol

  9. Posted by Niklas Palonen, at Reply

    Super fynny😂

  10. Posted by Terra Coonce, at Reply

    Cool video xD and funny xD

  11. Posted by Stuff animals, at Reply


  12. Posted by Brandon Chauca, at Reply


  13. Posted by Brandon Chauca, at Reply


  14. Posted by Ponytastic, at Reply

    Wow! Awesome

  15. Posted by Jason Allen, at Reply

    Like on “homeward bound” Sassy would say cats are smarter than dogs