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CBO: Republican Healthcare Plan A Death Sentence


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The Republican politician medical care strategy has been racked up by the CBO. The outcomes misbehave. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, simplifies. Inform us exactly what you think in the comment area below.

" The Congressional Budget plan Workplace on Wednesday launched an updated score for the American Health Care Act, your house GOP medical care costs, that said it could leave millions a lot more uninsured and threaten protections for people with pre-existing conditions.

The CBO projected that 23 million even more Americans would certainly be without insurance by 2026 compared with the existing health care system– slightly below the 24 million even more Americans it approximated would be uninsured under the previous iteration of the costs.

" Premiums would certainly vary considerably inning accordance with wellness condition as well as the kinds of advantages supplied, and less healthy people would face exceptionally high premiums," the CBO's report stated.

The record, performed in the wake of 2 changes to the bill prior to it passed your house earlier this month, predicted that the AHCA would reduce the government shortage by $119 billion– $32 billion less compared to the savings the CBO approximated in March." *.

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  1. Posted by troubletr2, at Reply

    i made it before the trolls?

    • Posted by I C Clouds, at Reply


      well they don’t really have intellectual arguments it’s just cuck, libtard or some other childish name calling

    • Posted by Artemis, at Reply

      They’re hiding in shame realizing they voted for the worst politicians yet.

    • Posted by Longberrys, at Reply

      I C Clouds true. You are all as bad as each other.

    • Posted by I C Clouds, at Reply

      Not really most liberals actually have arguments Republican just don’t seem to understand them

  2. Posted by 100PercentCori, at Reply

    Upvote for PlayBox.

    • Posted by My Cat's Life, at Reply

      100PercentCori you are a male prostitute. you enjoy sucking poop off penises

    • Posted by KD KD, at Reply

      same i upvoted for playstation

    • Posted by bloodraighna, at Reply

      Playbox would be a cool hybrid. If only Microsoft and Sony would set aside their differences and join together 🙁

    • Posted by AdmiralBetas, at Reply

      Lol reminds me of the election.

    • Posted by Aesithair Runekafi, at Reply

      Playbox = cumdumpster = My ex.

  3. Posted by Robert House, at Reply

    Thank you old people for voting Republican. They’ll wipe you cucks off the planet and lessen the financial burden on us young people.

    • Posted by Robert House, at Reply

      Jaison Abraham Millennials will be in charge of the US government by the time I become old.

    • Posted by 𝐵𝒶𝓀𝒶 𝒪𝓅𝓅𝒶𝒾, at Reply

      I remember when “stupider” wasn’t a word. Then they had to appease the stupid people and add it to the dictionary. So now we’re all stupider.

  4. Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

    The Republican Health Care plan: If you’re not rich, die.

    • Posted by Tom Self, at Reply

      +torchandhammer The private death panels are way more efficient than government death panels, so the deficit goes down- or at least we can cut taxes…..

    • Posted by Elio Lopez, at Reply

      Exactly! I’d ask how Repugs sleep at night, but I know they just hang upside down in their closets.

    • Posted by Bob Boss, at Reply

      @FunwithReality Socialized Healthcare works. United States is the only first world country that DOES NOT REALIZE healthcare is a Human right.

  5. Posted by spectreshadow, at Reply

    They want to kill off the poor.

    • Posted by Info Illness, at Reply

      No – it is the age old situation – the poor are to serve as desperate slaves to the rich. If you have no healthcare you have to work for poverty wages right??

    • Posted by Corinne Yaworski, at Reply

      +Robert Parker not The same thing . War is generally oil.profits

    • Posted by Aesithair Runekafi, at Reply

      But who will they squeeze tax dollars out of to pay for all the corporate loopholes?

    • Posted by yahawashi forever!mfs, at Reply

      it a a war against the poor

  6. Posted by TrollTracker9000, at Reply

    If this does pass, hopefully it will kill off his dumbass supporters.

    • Posted by L C, at Reply

      People do realize that Democrats live in Republican states, right? Louisiana is a red state but has a lot of minorities on state assistance. Do you seriously think that most of the people on assistance in La are repub?

    • Posted by Big T. Larrity, at Reply

      L C Most of the people on assistance programs identify as republican, it’s not just based on state affiliation.

    • Posted by L C, at Reply

      Where exactly do you get this information? I googled state assistance by demographic and party affiliation never came up.

    • Posted by greenjelly01, at Reply

      Republican voters are the suicide bombers of American politics!

  7. Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

    The $56B that Trump wants to add to the bloated Defense budget – the one that is already more than the next 14 countries _combined_ , 50% of the revenue, and 38% of the budget – would pay to keep real health care in place and leave a surplus of $200B to boot over 10 years.

    • Posted by minh dao, at Reply

      nah check your math. do a quick google search on us mili budget and us gdp and compare with china mili budget and china gdp, us is 3.3% of GDP while china is 1.3% that’s 2.5 time larger.

    • Posted by Technicolor YaYa, at Reply

      Adam Smith… Not true. On a pie gragh, next to all the rest of the major military countries, we fill 55%. It’s the very first thing you see when you Google military budget…

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      @Adam Smith: GDP is irrelevant. It’s a question of the percentage of the money we spend. Having a larger or smaller GDP doesn’t mean it should cost more, or less to Defend a country. We’re not defending the factories.

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      % of GDP is a dodge the Republicucks use to justify massive corporate
      welfare to the military-industro complex. My original post still stands
      and highlights the idiocy of this President and the pwned Republicans.

  8. Posted by Jeremy Cheng, at Reply

    Trump’s administration is a Death Sentence.

    • Posted by atheistram, at Reply

      I’d suggest you read some of Shakespeare’s play’s if you think “tragic comedy” is an oxymoron.

    • Posted by jondeare, at Reply

      I feel bad for the Senate and House of Representatives….Kill them all. If were all dying…………who the hell cares.

    • Posted by Curseius, at Reply

      couldnt have heard a better solution to the problem.

    • Posted by Shadow Phace, at Reply

      The House gonna pay next for this health bill.

  9. Posted by Travis Rogers, at Reply

    Republicans are the dangerous domestic terrorist threat in this nation that is far more likely to kill more American lives and Isis or Al-Qaeda could ever dream of. the only way to make America great again is to exterminate the Republican threat from within America.

    • Posted by Adam Christopher, at Reply

      Travis Rogers the absolute truth

    • Posted by Adam Christopher, at Reply

      Lee Price yes because whites receive food stamps more than any other group in America so, yeah your people will suffer the most while you sit here and make idiotic, nonsensical, delusional statements. The white folks who voted for him will suffer the most and they should.

  10. Posted by Matthew Condie, at Reply

    I hope trump voters are learning their lessons.

    • Posted by Howlbigbadwolf, at Reply

      Matthew Condie they never do.

    • Posted by Patti crabtree, at Reply


    • Posted by Bernie Smith, at Reply

      They won’t learn their lesson. They are not capable of learning. That’s why they are called Trumptards.

  11. Posted by JUSTMISH 2U, at Reply

    The self anointed Jesus party better hope there is no real hell because if there is they will be in a pile of rotting flesh. I hate these motherfuckers so much.

    • Posted by JUSTMISH 2U, at Reply

      +Y2K If you day dream of Dump having a stroke or equivalent you’re in! Haha.

    • Posted by Carl Woodard, at Reply

      I can dream of far worse for Drumpf…

    • Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

      Carl Woodard IDK, man. I can be pretty sadistic when it comes to ppl I really hate.

    • Posted by JUSTMISH 2U, at Reply

      +Carl Woodard Lmao. I am avoiding the FBI but I don’t think they’d side with him

    • Posted by JUSTMISH 2U, at Reply

      +OutlawRebel117 This death sentence the GOP is trying to push through for the poor will only equate to the death of the party.

  12. Posted by Mirror Channel, at Reply

    I’m happy about this because the American electorate voted for this. They are single most stupidest voter base on the planet. And you know the funny thing? They are so worried about Muslims destroying this modern day Rome, when in fact Rome is sacking itself faster than any Muslim nation has or could. Well done. The Darwin awards have finally come home.

    • Posted by Info Illness, at Reply

      Yeah which the Democrats have colluded to create – both parties serve only one master MONEY ( and by extension Corporate Power).

    • Posted by Bernie Smith, at Reply

      It was Trump and the Russians who stole the election from the American people. He needs to be in jail and we need a new election.

    • Posted by Matthew Dobbs, at Reply

      Mirror Channel Great comment, well put! Trump offered ‘Bread and Circus’, thats what they plebs got, ‘Bread and Circus’ now they lose their healthcare!

    • Posted by J Dial, at Reply

      Mirror Channel I am US citizen and you are unfortunately speaking the truth.

    • Posted by m shelton023, at Reply

      As a US citizen, there is a lot of truth in this post. I absolutely did not, nor would I ever, vote for Donald Trump. But there are so many stupid and completely uninformed, ignorant people in this country that it makes me fear for the future.

  13. Posted by Sarah Santos, at Reply

    Republicans are sociopaths. They aren’t going to care about people dying. The only time they even attempt to pretend that they care about life is when they can use it to try to control women by banning reproductive rights.

    • Posted by dudekool 888, at Reply

      +Saltvadoor Yes under AHCA, you are free to choose how to die

    • Posted by Anastasia Smith, at Reply

      Sarah Santos More like psychopaths. Remember, they tricked America into voting for them.

    • Posted by Anna Jackson, at Reply

      What is wrong with you? This issue goes way beyond just getting a job. This will affect the retired, the unemployed, the employed,  the disabled, and children.

  14. Posted by Malachi Owens, at Reply

    Everyone say it with me now:


    • Posted by I Piss On Trump Tards, at Reply

      Lee Price What happened? Italy, Finland, Norway, Netherlands, Ireland, Iceland, Denmark, Germany, France, Austria, Croatia, Serbia, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Canada, Portugal don’t fit your narrow minded agenda?

    • Posted by Samuel Ieuan Williams, at Reply

      I Piss On Trump Tards No they much prefer to be on lists with Saudi Arabia, Iran, China and North Korea

    • Posted by xenoblad, at Reply

      A54321 isn’t care giving a social contract?
      Why are you entitled to have other people pay for your security?
      Why should I pay for your judges?
      Why can’t people pay for those services when they want to use them? Like you said.

  15. Posted by Queen Queen, at Reply

    Trump supporters will only wake up when they find themselves sick with no healthcare and broke with no jobs.

    • Posted by snarkleton26, at Reply

      Queen Queen Trump supporters at the base are violent angry white folks, mostly rednecks, too worried about their precious semiautomatic weapons to care about health insurance.

    • Posted by sunnydaze80, at Reply

      Queen Queen one would hope, but then they would just cling their whiteness because they’ve been told that t makes them better than everyone else.

    • Posted by Mike Harper, at Reply

      sunnydaze80 a perfect snark response – I am genuinely giving you a compliment.

  16. Posted by Travis Rogers, at Reply

    Republicans are the ACTUAL dangerous domestic terrorist threat in this nation that needs to be eradicated.

    • Posted by Samir Saweras, at Reply

      Too bad we can’t just walk into Congress and shoot them up.

    • Posted by Travis Rogers, at Reply

      We can wish.

    • Posted by Christian Dauz, at Reply

      If 23 Million of us demand their deaths…

  17. Posted by Jeffrey Pride, at Reply

    How do you dislike a video showing a factual independent CBO estimate of trumps healthcare plan? Lol are you mad your party factually hurts people

    • Posted by KD KD, at Reply

      simple answer.. a hatefilled trump voter that is focused on obama’s skin color

    • Posted by Anna Jackson, at Reply

      What kind of hot stinking  gibberish are you blabbering?  The AHCA will never improve the system overall unless you call murdering people successful.  We need a single payer system that is modeled after other countries with a successful healthcare system.

    • Posted by Reuben Wills, at Reply

      m shelton023 well said

  18. Posted by Save the USA, at Reply

    If the Republicans keep enough seats in 2018 for the majority, this country is truly lost.

    • Posted by Christian Dauz, at Reply

      Start Lobotomizing Stupid People (Aka Trump Voters)

    • Posted by Annah Anguiano, at Reply

      Save the USA ignorant Trump supporters will be the downfall of America.

  19. Posted by ken4yaya, at Reply

    Trumpcare motto: Get rich or die trying!

    • Posted by Catharsis The Antidote, at Reply


    • Posted by Info Illness, at Reply

      Rubbish – it is get “born rich” it is God’s will – sadly…It is a principal of Calvinism and hence Protestantism ( which invented the idea of the work ethic i.e. wage slavery) that only the chosen will go to heaven. There is no redemption for the rest of us…

    • Posted by greenjelly01, at Reply

      The REAL Trumpcare motto is: If you are already rich, get richer. The rest of you can die.

  20. Posted by Y2K, at Reply

    ISIS is probably jerking off to the Republican party killing Americans for them.

    • Posted by Samir Saweras, at Reply

      They don’t need to attack us to kill Americans.

    • Posted by Patti crabtree, at Reply


    • Posted by Arr Ere, at Reply

      Patti crabtree Its great to see downfall of another “great” nation don’t worry this has happened many times in history you lot aren’t special .