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CBS Keeps Making Same Mistake


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Jeff Glor is currently the anchor of CBS Night News. Cenk Uygur, the host of The Young Turks, inform you why that is essentially just repositioning the folding chair on the Titanic. Tell us exactly what you believe in the remark area below. Sign up with TYT:

" Emmy-award winning CBS News correspondent Jeff Glor has been called support of the CBS Night News, the network's front runner night information program, it was introduced today by CBS Information Head Of State David Rhodes.

Glor has reported around the world for basically all CBS News programs and also electronic platforms in his Ten Years with the network. He has anchored numerous damaging news stories, consisting of most lately in the field for Typhoon Irma and also in the studio for the Las Vegas capturings.

Glor was a lead support on CBSN, CBS' 24/7 streaming news solution, throughout its essential launch period. As CBSN remains to expand, Glor will keep a popular presence on the digital streaming channel."

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  1. Posted by Ian Hruday, at Reply

    TYT is OK, but these stories are self-indulgent. Also, it would be a mistake to assume that “because younger viewers have different viewership habits, they’ll keep those viewership habits over their lifetimes.” To take an extreme example, its like saying “since almost nobody under thirty uses arthritis medication, there’s no future in selling the stuff.”It doesn’t follow!

    Finally, its bad form to brag about ratings or demographics. Ratings are like penis size. Even if yours is great we don’t want to hear about it!

  2. Posted by "BOGIE", at Reply

    l love TYT and Bernie !!!

  3. Posted by Azez Nassar, at Reply

    Cenk shitting on MSM are my favorite videos

  4. Posted by Flash, at Reply

    Lol, no one on planet Earth knows who that is, not even his own mother.

  5. Posted by A Giant Sloar, at Reply

    The evening news is a great way to get the day’s top stories in a short amount of time. It’s great if you want to avoid spending hours on the Internet reading/watching news. I’ll check out the new anchor to see if he has any gravitas. I’m just disappointed they went with another white male.

  6. Posted by Archivian, at Reply

    “CBS Keeps Making Same Mistake” its called “Reflexive Modernity”. Its science. Its happens all the time. And yes its kinda sad when it happens like this.

  7. Posted by jeffry fernandez, at Reply

    You made me watch phil d. that was aggravating. maybe old people see you that way. change is scary. if you start talking that fast (you’re old enough to remember the micro machines guy) my head would explode. Muir has been in the business forever, he reads now but that’s not how he got there.

  8. Posted by moismyname, at Reply

    Wasn’t there some rivalry between Defranco and TYT recently for some internet reward? Who won?

  9. Posted by Steve Joseph, at Reply

    Wow really makes me want to watch evening news like an idiot

  10. Posted by rasnac, at Reply

    Dana Carvey? :/

  11. Posted by yeahwhatever, at Reply

    I LOOOVE PHIL! I wish you guys would do a show together/ debate

  12. Posted by Matt Christensen, at Reply

    I know I’m an exception but I watch David Muir every night and I’m 18

  13. Posted by Chris Soniak, at Reply

    Lester is my guy

  14. Posted by By Design, at Reply

    For the best factual news, it shouldn’t matter about the personality reading it.

  15. Posted by ocelotecpatl, at Reply

    Luckiest guy, got a career that would help him more than his background.

  16. Posted by Slagon Drayer, at Reply

    I’m sure more people know Cenk Uygur than any of those clowns.
    Still cant pronounce his name, but they know him. 😉

  17. Posted by Tiek Bane, at Reply

    I watch whatever network news comes in best from my antenna that day. Dudnt matter to me who reads it, unless it’s a naked lady.

  18. Posted by Pete Lind, at Reply

    Jeff Glor was a lead anchor on CBSN , CBS’ 24/7 streaming news service, during its critical launch period … everyone knows that right ? … anyone even heard about that ? 
    He got News & Documentary Emmy Award for Outstanding Business and Economic Reporting in a Regularly Scheduled Newscast … and anyone what year was that ?

  19. Posted by Bertus Kamphof, at Reply

    ” ….no1 knows this guy including his mom ..” = crossing the line = not funny Cenk = 2 self happy 2 arrogant

  20. Posted by John King, at Reply

    In the UK most people know who anchors our main news programmes. BBC Ten O’Clock News is Huw Edwards and the ITV News at Ten is Tom Bradby. Unlike you in the USA, we here in the UK have three national news programmes each day on the two main networks BBC One and ITV, and not just one bulletin each night like you have.