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Ceasefire Couldn’t Stop Aleppo Bloodshed


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Civilians continue to be targeted despite ceasefire. Cenk Uygur and John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – A plan to evacuate civilians from eastern Aleppo stalled on Wednesday as renewed air strikes and shelling rocked the city.

A ceasefire brokered on Tuesday by Russia and Turkey was intended to end years of fighting in the city, giving Syrian President Bashar al-Assad his biggest victory in more than five years of war.

But air strikes, shelling and gunfire erupted on Wednesday and Turkey accused government forces of breaking the truce. Syrian state television said rebel shelling had killed six people.

Here are the views of some aid agencies and human rights organisations on the humanitarian situation in eastern Aleppo and their concerns for the conflict in Syria.”

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola

Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola


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  1. Posted by JO 93, at Reply

    don’t worry guys trump has a secret plan!

    • Posted by Andrew Feazelle, at Reply

      Trump and Tillerson are not going to know what to do so they will ask the
      deputy secretary of state, John Bolton, who is a viciously pro-war neocon,
      and he will say, ‘boots on the ground in mass’.

    • Posted by MickeyLovesIceCream, at Reply

      Then he’ll flip flop on that plan, and put a CEO in charge. -____-

    • Posted by Ethan Her, at Reply

      Build a wall. Lol

    • Posted by Mxtroll, at Reply

      He’ll put Assad in charge of foreign relations.

  2. Posted by Sample Text, at Reply

    Its always people from Alt-right and the anti-American RT news crowd who
    come to troll these videos

    • Posted by end times, at Reply

      Sample Text no we come to troll idiots that label everyone like pos bigots
      like you that have zero clues of reality and feel a need to spread your
      fantasy land ideas

    • Posted by Drragnorr, at Reply

      well there is not much to love about america, isnt there? what should they
      love america for? the thing that they invading countries and supports
      military regime changes to ensure their oligarchs are happy? america
      created unprecedent rise of extremism in the world. yeah I guess we can
      applaud them for destabilisation of the world, bravo, bravo.

  3. Posted by The Liberal Anarchist, at Reply

    Nobody panic! I just found out Gary Johnson knows what Aleppo is now.
    That was a close one!

    • Posted by Nathan Long, at Reply

      The Liberal Anarchist elections over.

    • Posted by ganoji praneeth, at Reply

      The Liberal Anarchist
      you’re kidding

    • Posted by Randomfully Wonderful, at Reply

      I bet you’d prefer Stein to Johnson, you Marxist.

    • Posted by Juan Herbert, at Reply

      Move on and get a life. Most irrelevant comment I have read all year

  4. Posted by RM Nimitz, at Reply

    US condemns Russia while funding Saudi Arabia in places like Yemen.

    • Posted by blech143, at Reply

      RM Nimitz 1 wrong doesn’t make a right

    • Posted by dancinkindofguy, at Reply

      +Juan Osorno ” To compare the Israeli army *with nukes* to the Palestinians
      makes you look like an idiot”

      Yeah, it’s more than close, it’s spot on.

    • Posted by Stranger “Things Have” Happened, at Reply

      *Some facts about Aleppo/Syria the MSM/TYT do not report*:
      1. No “mass executions” and “mass suicides” are happening, no evidence
      of that, no confirmation, only claims by jihadists that
      West/Saudis/Qatari/Turkey fund and arm,
      2. John continues to quote statements from Al-Qaeda/its clones. They are
      literal terrorists, including the CIA-vetted and armed Al-Zenki gang
      that ON CAMERA have beheaded a child and tortured another. CNN went so
      insane that they interviewed Bilal Kareem, Al-Qaeda publicist, get their

      3. Russia has stopped bombing Aleppo since September already. Russia
      does not have ground troops there either, so Cenk attributing whatever
      claimed on Russia is absurd. Obama is already killing terrorists’
      families, even if they are US citizens, even if they are 16 year olds;
      and all that without a trial;

      4. Syria has carried already dozens of such “peace deals” with “rebels”
      being evacuated to Idlib province from their previously-held
      territories. Why would they want to all of sudden start to “kill
      civilians”, if pro-government forces, as per the deals, do not attack
      even “rebels”?

      5. The civilians have been used as a human shield by the jihadists, this
      is what people who evacuate from Aleppo say ON CAMERA even to AFP and
      CNN, the “historical evil” is done by the terrorists;

      6. Turkey is “ally”? They backs the jihadists (including Daesh/ISIS) all
      the way through, not just random “Sunnis”. Actual Sunnis condemned
      Wahhabi/Salafi perversion of Islam in their religious conferences;

      7. The medal T-Rex oil StateDep guy received has thousands of other
      recipients, including many other Americans. Why Cenk talks about it? Are
      they all Putin’s agents? What is with this neo-MacCarthyite framing?

      On the other hand, there is evidence (videos) of thousands of civilians
      evacuated from Aleppo peacefully, but, of course, the media do not
      report what is actually happening.

  5. Posted by Rajesh Kumar, at Reply

    Evidence please. Such false reporting escalated Aleppo 4 years ago

    • Posted by mike rune, at Reply

      ahh another fine example of people looking for news fitting their narrative
      rather then actual news

    • Posted by Rajesh Kumar, at Reply

      +mike rune which is?

    • Posted by PIZACLATON DDD, at Reply


  6. Posted by Aggiesgigem, at Reply

    They are afraid of being raped by Asasds men? Not ISIS? Propaganda..

    • Posted by Nathan Long, at Reply

      Aggiesgigem the wars over. Well in Aleppo.

    • Posted by tw3ist, at Reply

      The russian terrorists are known for even raping millions of German women .
      so no suprise

    • Posted by musti mon, at Reply

      Aggiesgigem Isis is not in Aleppo idiot

    • Posted by Aggiesgigem, at Reply

      +musti mon Says America, who is funding the forces fighting Assad…

  7. Posted by Stephan Simes, at Reply

    You guys realize there are two narratives here right? If you look at who
    was actually funding the jihadists, the story becomes clearer .

    • Posted by NoFace, at Reply

      Stephan Simes kek

    • Posted by Peter Lynch, at Reply

      You mean a certain US agency that has a 600 million dollar contract with
      the sole shareholder of the Washington Post? No way! That must be a FAKE
      NEWS! conspiracy theory.

  8. Posted by Rаv, at Reply

    There’s no bloodshed in Aleppo dumbass. Putin and Assad are liberating the
    city from terrorists.

    • Posted by Kurama, at Reply

      +Rаv You didnt answer my question

    • Posted by Rаv, at Reply

      Kurama, If I had to choose between the terrorists and my legitimate
      government, I would choose my government.

    • Posted by Juan Osorno, at Reply

      +Kurama Its crazy how people hate AlQada around the world but support them
      in Syria and Aleppo…..bottom line that is what this is

    • Posted by mini adam, at Reply

      you are delusional if you think there is no bloodshed

    • Posted by MarshalofFrance, at Reply

      +mini adam delusional is his middle name afterall.

  9. Posted by Sami Seif, at Reply

    Turkey and Israel are not backing the Sunnis, they’re backing Al-Qaeda.

    • Posted by AJ-, at Reply

      Yeah cause Shia Syrians care more about the Golan than Sunni Syrians?

    • Posted by AJ-, at Reply

      They’ve treated a few hundred civilians and it wasn’t even the gov but and
      NGO called “Amaliyah”. They’ve attacked Hezbollah, cuase Hezbollah fights
      Israel. And by that logic, if a jihadist uses AK 47, does that mean that
      Russia supports the rebels? Of course not, Israel is one of the worlds
      largest weapons manufacturer and the irony is that Jihadists actually use
      Russian made weapons for the most part (like AKs).

    • Posted by Sami Seif, at Reply

      +AJ- Civilians? The fuckers interviewed in the Israeli hospitals directly
      admitted that they are fighters. And yet, we still have trolls like you
      saying that they were civilians.

      THEY say that they are fighters, so stop bullshitting please.

    • Posted by musti mon, at Reply

      Sami Seif So what? At least they don’t kill children

    • Posted by TagMehirTzedek, at Reply

      Israel isn’t involved at all. All it does is great the wounded on both
      sides. The only difference is that when its Assads side they have to hide
      it since Assad would the torture and kill them for being treated by Israel

  10. Posted by Juan Osorno, at Reply

    TYT defending AlNusra and ISIS unfucking believable

    • Posted by Oken111, at Reply

      +Kevin Dominic It’s only the Syrian branch, not all of Al queida. But the
      main problem isn’t that, it’s the civilians massacre ! It’s a war crime

    • Posted by Nick Polymer, at Reply

      hey be nice to isos, they juz unterstewd

    • Posted by Juan Osorno, at Reply

      +Oken111 All the Western backed groups in Syria are TERRORISTS ISIS AlNusra
      Moderate Rebels they are all interchanegable…it doesnt really matter lets
      just call them TERRORISTS

    • Posted by Juan Osorno, at Reply

      +ElTrolldego I did watch the video

  11. Posted by Alex da Vinci, at Reply

    Gary Johnson: Aleppo is some kind of dog food, right?

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      To be fair to him, Aleppo is much more massively in the news now because
      this is such a nightmare.

    • Posted by Juan Herbert, at Reply

      Life moves on democrats still lost don’t blame Johnson 😂

    • Posted by Alex da Vinci, at Reply

      +Melanoma Trump

      Yep. I hear ya

  12. Posted by Ethan Shreve, at Reply

    Why do you people pity terrorists? They deserve no mercy. Putin and Assad
    are honestly on the right side here.

    • Posted by Juan Herbert, at Reply


    • Posted by Tata_Batata, at Reply

      This is not propaganda when the UN has called many such crimes on the side
      of the government.

    • Posted by marvelfannumber1, at Reply

      Yeah, but so what? The war crimes are grusesome and awful, of course,
      anyone with any sense of empathy knows that. But don’t you see the
      narrative that’s being spun by MSM now? Why aren’t they saying that the
      people who oppose Assad in Syria are either ISIS or other Jihadist who
      BEHEAD CHILDREN! Why aren’t they pointing that out? Why aren’t they
      pointing out that overthrowing Assad would make Syria Libya 2.0?

      The reason is that they’re spinning a narrative, the US wants to urge other
      countries to support the terrorist rebels because they realize they are

  13. Posted by Duffman15000, at Reply

    Cenk you stupid mother fucker you’re not citing the UN. You’re citing
    ambassadors to the UN from various nato members!

    • Posted by Frank Parise, at Reply


      NATO is part of the UN

    • Posted by Duffman15000, at Reply

      Frank Parise no way! Could it be that NATO has a political/strategic agenda?

    • Posted by 93hickey, at Reply

      Frank Parise no it’s not

    • Posted by Bageer, at Reply

      Duffman15000 Cenk is pushing fake news.

  14. Posted by John Guiliani, at Reply

    You never mention that the terrorists use hospitals and clinics as command
    centers and weapons manufacturing facilities.

    • Posted by Bageer, at Reply

      John Guiliani DELETE THIS! REEEEE

    • Posted by John Guiliani, at Reply

      mrbadguysan There are multiple hospitals on the government controlled side
      of the city which are not used as military facilities. Anybody who wants to
      can go there. That is if the militants would let them leave and stop using
      civilians as human shields.

    • Posted by John Guiliani, at Reply

      Melanoma Trump There is clear video evidence from the liberated districts
      showing that most if not all hospitals and clinics in East aleppo were
      being used as command centers, weapons manufacturing and storage
      facilities, and also as sharia law Islamic courts.

  15. Posted by Juan Osorno, at Reply

    Cenk are you gonna do a story on Tulsi Gabbards new bill to stop the US
    from funding and arming groups like ISIS and Alqaeda?

    • Posted by Arsalan Nazari, at Reply

      Go Tulsi!

    • Posted by kharnak crux, at Reply

      go bite a chicken’s head off, you clitoris chopping garbage bag

    • Posted by Arsalan Nazari, at Reply

      +kharnak crux dude are you commenting in the right secton?!!

    • Posted by kharnak crux, at Reply

      +Arsalan Nazari
      no. to YOU

  16. Posted by KubeSquared, at Reply

    TYT, you should look up Eva Bartlett, a canadian independent journalist who
    has over the past week been dismantling the mainstream media’s narrative of
    the Syrian war. She spoke at the UN and show how the media and US narrative
    of the war is total BS.

    • Posted by KubeSquared, at Reply

      +Hogz Tcp I actually trust the main TYT team, I just think that this is a
      case where they have also unknowingly bought into the media’s narrative,
      and just need to be shown that not all is as it seems at superficial glance?

    • Posted by mike rune, at Reply

      i did, she is a propaganda hack, please do some reasearch

    • Posted by tomaalimosh, at Reply

      mike rune source for that, please

    • Posted by Douchenbag 6969, at Reply

      If the TYT actually did research and fact-checking, their sponsors in Saudi
      Arabia, Qatar and George Soros would be very unhappy with them. They have
      orders to keep defending terrorists in Syria

  17. Posted by jafron fronjay, at Reply

    Funny how the anti war left seemed to disappear as soon as Bush left office

    • Posted by jafron fronjay, at Reply

      +Odysseus exactly

    • Posted by orochimarujes, at Reply

      Don’t worry, I’m sure as soon as Trump does a single thing militarily, the
      left will go right back to hating war.

    • Posted by musti mon, at Reply

      jafron fronjay It’s genocide revention not war

    • Posted by Cesar Delarosa, at Reply

      Funny that you think the anti war left is not around. The anti war left is
      still around, and no one likes the war. These wars are being fought for oil
      and not for anything else.

  18. Posted by grumph pfft, at Reply

    so… assad and the russians win a major victory against Islamic extremists
    in Aleppo and that’s an unconscionable war crime. meanwhile us and their
    Saudi buddies are actively bombing and starving to death millions of people
    in Yemen and the entire western press crops even progressives like tyt are
    not even reporting the story. hmm…..

    • Posted by steelersguy74, at Reply

      TYT has covered the situation in Yemen.

    • Posted by GeneralBlackNorway, at Reply

      Well After the major victories in Iraq and Afghanistan the west needs to
      step up their game and get a major victory in Yemen too to stay ahead of
      the Russians in the competition for most major victories…!

  19. Posted by lorndarken, at Reply

    when america goes to war with a country nobody panics it’s all part of the
    plan , but when russia goes to war with a country then everybody starts
    losing their minds !

    • Posted by I'm black so it's ok to say, at Reply

      lorndarken BOTH ARE WRONG

    • Posted by John L, at Reply

      Introduce a little anarchy, and everything becomes Chaos.