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Chinese President Has To Explain North Korea To Trump


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Trump was able to pay attention to a person concerning North Korea for 10 minutes … the Head of state of China. Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola, as well as Michael Shure, hosts of The Young Turks, talk about. Inform us just what you assume in the remark sectioen below.

" Head of state Donald Trump stated a definitely astonishing detail regarding among his conversations with Chinese President Xi Jinping in comments released by the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday mid-day. Obviously, Trump entered into his very first conference with the Chinese leader, in very early April, persuaded that China might simply remove the risk presented by North Korea's nuclear program. Xi then patiently clarified Chinese-Korean history to Trump– that after that without delay transformed his mind.

" After listening for 10 mins, I recognized it's not so very easy," the president told the Journal. "I really felt very highly that they had a remarkable power [over] North Korea. … But it's not just what you would believe."

4 fast observations regarding this:

1. Trump thought China might take care of North Korea till the Chinese head of state politely informed him that North Korea remains in truth complicated.
2. Trump seems to have called for the leader of China to clarify standard truths to him that he might have Googled, or at least asked among the numerous United States government North Korea specialists around.
3. Trump came to an extensive realization about among the most harmful problems in the world after a 10-minute conversation.
4. Trump is obtaining his info about Eastern Asian events from the leader of The U.S.A.'s biggest rival in the area." *.

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  1. Posted by Lauran Hartsock, at Reply

    We are doomed. Our government is out of control!

    • Posted by BHaDizzle, at Reply

      Lauran Hartsock The last President to try and reel it in, was shot in Dallas.

      The last two candidate’s​ to run for President, that would have reeled it in were cheated by the Establishment and media.
      Those two were Ron and Rand Paul.

      One candidate that may have exposed everything, was Robert Kennedy. Unfortunately he was killed in California.

  2. Posted by quaxk, at Reply

    *OMG!!! trump doesn’t know everything?!!* call the national guard or something!

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      These uppity libs act like they know everything, just sickening. They’re more ignorant.about NK than Trump, fakers. 🤡🤡🤡

    • Posted by Movout Of The Net, at Reply

      +quaxk Let me correct it

      *OMG!!! the PRESIDENT doesn’t know a thing about who he’s messing with?!!* call the congress, impeach his dementia!

    • Posted by Inner Machinations, at Reply

      stop it, hes like a smart person

  3. Posted by Vittorio Codogno, at Reply

    Its cos North Korea don’t have Pepsi

    • Posted by dagda3000, at Reply

      Yes. North Korea is Coca Cola Country.

    • Posted by Steven Anchundia, at Reply

      They give choke-cola to their rival

    • Posted by Sof Bof, at Reply

      No, they don’t have a Rothschild owned central bank, that’s the only thing that dictates USA’s behavior with a dictatorship.

    • Posted by evil Duck, at Reply

      I think you will surprised, the only western country they have working relationship with is Switzerland.
      I don’t think this is only for clocks and chocolate.

    • Posted by occupynewparadigm, at Reply

      Sof Bof try again.

  4. Posted by Khan Singh, at Reply

    How is Trump supposed to find the time to read up on things between all the golfing?

    • Posted by Barry Nichols, at Reply

      Trump can read ?

    • Posted by paul chisholm, at Reply

      +iceberg265 Who said I’m a Republican? I’m from detroit dumbass. You trailor trash don’t understand union towns and their true policies.

    • Posted by paul chisholm, at Reply

      +Barry Nichols You must be related to Terry Nichols.

    • Posted by Remlat Zargonix, at Reply

      ET64WRBEJR WT5vsd …..hahahah……really?

    • Posted by Stefan Hensel, at Reply

      Maybe one could break down the relevant information into 140 character chunks. Or present it via Fox.

  5. Posted by imortal slayer, at Reply

    I swear if trump bombs NK im killing myself

    • Posted by Hugh Mungus, at Reply

      imortal slayer please kill your self 😁

    • Posted by xadam2dudex, at Reply

      you are killing the wrong person think about who really needs killing…you know it’s like the old southern saying “some people just need killing”

  6. Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

    to be fair Trump is new to this game of politics and governing , and being geopolitically challenged should come as no surprise? but what is surprising is just how in the hell this man is the showpiece of American strength to all the world? kinda explains why the world is laughing at us!

    • Posted by tobz d, at Reply

      Did you not read?

      “For the first time, the Chinese government appears to have laid down a bottom-line with North Korea and is threatening Pyongyang with a response of “unprecedented ferocity” if the government of Kim Jong Un goes ahead with a test of either an intercontinental ballistic missile or a nuclear device.”

      Alternative facts from left wing media outlets that have always despised Trump? nah i think your just upset.

    • Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

      Guys we can debate this until the cows come home, but at the end of the day all politicians including Trump, Hillary, Obama, George Bush and every other president in the Modern Age have been bought and sold by their political constituencies and no longer truly do the bidding and the will of the American people! They are instead doing the bidding of their political constituency and are basically puppets for the puppeteer Masters that are funneling hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars into the corrupt hands of our government!

      We are all doing exactly what they want us to do which is stay at the throats of one another as a distraction tactic to start wars for geopolitical positioning and financial gain under the guise of humanitarian reasons! If we honestly if we want to change the system, we first have to wake up and realize the system is broken and presidents are nothing but puppets!

      Sorry for any grammatical errors I may have as I am driving down the highway!

    • Posted by paul chisholm, at Reply

      +Jamie Cox zNot trump. He’s too rich to be bribed. He’s not a politician.

    • Posted by tobz d, at Reply

      Jamie Cox how would people go about that? rising against the governments of the world? you so realize that peaceful protests are not going to do anything, politicians laugh at that. Do you want to take the ANTIFA route?

  7. Posted by Iron Bowtie, at Reply

    Xi Jinping had to limit the explanation to one page though. It was in pop-up book format.

    • Posted by Flash, at Reply

      Iron Bowtie lol

    • Posted by Hillary4Pres AlwaysWithHer, at Reply

      I heard he gets his intelligence briefings in *colouring book* format

    • Posted by James Aldridge, at Reply

      Iron Bowtie

      Unfortunately, he coloured South Korea in as communist red and lost the blue one up his nose.

    • Posted by I Stand With The Poor And Downtrodden, at Reply

      Goddamn my sides from these trump jokes lol

    • Posted by ブロンディブラック, at Reply

      Iron Bowtie Don’t you mean 140 characters?

  8. Posted by Chinie Chin Chen 陳小城, at Reply

    stop it hes like a smart person

    • Posted by IheartChiroptera, at Reply

      +bob surman is right – everybody knows it – Gawd wrote it in our hearts before we were even conceived!

    • Posted by Inner Machinations, at Reply

      “smart” and bigly so called “presidential”

    • Posted by shadow19831, at Reply

      he is tremendous

  9. Posted by Jack Bauer, at Reply

    We have the village idiot at the wheel folks. It’s going to be a long ride.

    • Posted by Full-Metal_Jacob, at Reply

      + Nega Tiv Might want to cover that up… your confusion is showing…

    • Posted by necroryda, at Reply

      Nega Tiv you are an outright liar. no one in Europe likes trump except the uneducated idiots who support people like nigel farrage or marie le pen

    • Posted by Ro Jaws, at Reply

      necroryda Europe and the rest of the world is rofling at Trump and his confused supporters.

    • Posted by Garden-Variety YouTube User, at Reply

      Once again – it’s “the last person in his ear” thing with trump. After the meeting with Xi, trump wants to give them a better trade deal (which… is exactly opposite of what he said he’d do), and no longer consider them a currency manipulator (which… is exactly opposite of what he said he’d label them). Children have better processing of information and judgment than this man child.

    • Posted by BoojumFed, at Reply

      Morons Are Governing America!

  10. Posted by PLC The Legacy, at Reply

    Can we fire a president for gross incompetence?

    • Posted by Alexandra Amaral, at Reply

      IMPEACH him already ppl

    • Posted by ranger1000, at Reply

      No thank you

    • Posted by mrcalderon93, at Reply

      PLC The Legacy well we had bush so…. no

    • Posted by Lucas Martinez, at Reply

      If not, then we should.

  11. Posted by Luca Toni, at Reply

    American is gonna regret the bombing of other people’s countries soon…

    • Posted by michael cook, at Reply

      +Seth N I can’t even imagine how small your penis must be for you to be that angry…

  12. Posted by Jack Bauer, at Reply

    Trump folks . . . except for the racists stuff, is there any campaign promises he is keeping? Help me out here.

    • Posted by Jack Bauer, at Reply

      ISIS was already on the decline. So you can give Trump Credit the same way Obama kinda took credit for “getting us out of Iraq”. Everything else Reps. are doing is literally bringing us back to the 1800’s. I’m not exaggerating either. I hope you like the 1800’s . . . sucked for a lot of people.

    • Posted by Manuel Andradd, at Reply

      Jack Bauer he tried the Muslim ban. he tried to remove obama care and He used the biggest bomb which isnt nuclear recently. He mentioned He would bomb Isis and he did . Hes kept all the evil promises . Hopefully he gets more jobs back and avoid ww3. He has actually done a lot more than most of us would have expected from a lunatic like him.(P.S supreme court and the senate opposed trumpcare and the muslim ban so u cant put that on him) hopefully he finds dirt on Hilary soon

  13. Posted by Bill Smith, at Reply

    Chinese leader refuses coal shipments from N. Korea and tightens down on their money supply, plus China moves 150,000 military troops to the border to protect against millions of refugees escaping this hell hole. On top of that China has pledged if N. Korea attempts any missile strikes on other countries, China will protect its interests around the world and bomb N. Korea’s factories that produce the long and short range missiles. Looks to me Trump succeeded in getting China to begin helping with this problem. But you liberal communist will always have a different spin. Does it hurt not to be near your home land of Russia TYT?

    • Posted by kevalmarimuthu, at Reply

      that report talking about the movement of troops was fake….
      China always has like around 300000 active personnel in the area close to North Korea at all times

    • Posted by Bill Smith, at Reply

      +kevalmarimuthu  During the press conference the leader of China said they were moving an attritional 150,000 troops. It hard to call the leader of China fake, unless you just think he’s just lying.

    • Posted by kevalmarimuthu, at Reply

      Bill Smith
      I’ve haven’t seen xi say that so I’ll take you for your word
      but there is no evidence that China has moved 150000 troops, that’s from the department of defense

    • Posted by Bill Smith, at Reply

      +Kevalmarimuthu  Quite frankly China would need to move more troops to help with an orderly evacuation once the hostilities start. But it doesn’t make any difference to me one way or the other. But our company has several branches in China, and we were worried and thinking of pulling some people out of that area. You never know what that idiot from N. Korea is willing to do. But according to our office, which verifies what the Chinese leader said, they are securing this area with additional troops.

  14. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    Remember: This is the guy Neo Nazis think is the leader of their ‘master race.’

    • Posted by Raiku Anime II, at Reply

      Is your libtard “queen” Hillary any better?

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      I don’t like her. Nice try. Go back to fantasizing about Hannah Montana, freak.

  15. Posted by Gustav The Mad, at Reply

    North Korea is the prime example why communism is evil.

    • Posted by Gustav The Mad, at Reply

      +Matthew Gerald He killed over 60 million in sadistic ways from starvation to human experimentation.

    • Posted by Matthew Gerald, at Reply

      +Gustav The Mad yeah, Stalin ate all the food in the ukraine. I mean, there’s a big trash can in the Kremlin where there’s still rotting food from the 30s. Was stalin behind the dustbowl in the US to?

  16. Posted by Dark Patriot, at Reply

    You guys remember Stuxnet? How much you wanna bet they have something similar on every foreign countries’ ICBM targeting systems?

    • Posted by Randy d, at Reply

      yep, it destroyed Iran’s attempt to do anything.

  17. Posted by whatsgoingon07, at Reply

    I can see the Chinese president using puppets to explain the military situation to president trump

    • Posted by Shahan Cheong, at Reply

      Hand-puppets, sock-puppets or marionettes? I’m thinking Trunp would get too confused by marionettes. Maybe President Xi used plush-toys…

    • Posted by rehab joe buffet, at Reply

      whatsgoingon07 and the entire explanation would be one giant a catchy sing along song!

    • Posted by whatsgoingon07, at Reply

      +Shahan Cheong he’ll use the shadow puppet show, with dragons and the Chinese folklore music and whole bit

  18. Posted by Lugz X, at Reply

    Trump makes Bush look like a genius.

    • Posted by Marc Touss, at Reply

      he makes jeb bush look like a genius..

  19. Posted by Ragitsu, at Reply

    Trump on pretty much anything: “Gee, this is harder than I thought.”

    • Posted by Lucas Martinez, at Reply

      Me on Trump: *terrified*