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Christmas Dog is the New Rudolph!


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Santa rides his new reindeer home to the North Pole – what a lucky dog!


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  1. Posted by Janiya Gill, at Reply


  2. Posted by Majesticmuffins AJ ツ, at Reply


  3. Posted by Essam Aziz, at Reply

    Funny .. Merry Christmas

  4. Posted by Essam Aziz, at Reply

    You should name it a Rodeo Game

  5. Posted by Frankie Guns, at Reply

    it’s the Target dog all it needs is the Target logo around his eye

    • Posted by TallTiger, at Reply

      Except in Canada, Target failed in Canada.

  6. Posted by Anderson Couto, at Reply

    That’s all you got??!!That dog has a black nose and not a red nose!!😒👎🏻

  7. Posted by Teddybear101, at Reply

    is it just me or does that look like the target dog

    • Posted by oliveoil22 gaming, at Reply

      oh ya… but without the patch on his eye XD

  8. Posted by Jazmin Caceres, at Reply

    So cute

  9. Posted by oliveoil22 gaming, at Reply

    “RODEO!! HAHA!! RODEOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” made my day

  10. Posted by fraziermay, at Reply

    Awesome rodeo doggie❣🤠