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“Chuck And Nancy” Cancel Trump Meeting


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Trump's Twitter shenanigans created Chuck Schumer as well as Nancy Pelosi to terminate a set up meeting with him. Ben Mankiewicz, Brett Erlich, and also Amberia Allen, hosts of The Young Turks, go over. Inform us just what you think in the remark section listed below. Join TYT:

" House and Senate Autonomous leaders on Tuesday quickly withdrew from a scheduled White Residence conference about avoiding a federal government closure after President Donald Trump publicly banged them and also called into question the negotiations.

Trump tweeted very early Tuesday that Home Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Us Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) "want illegal immigrants swamping into our Nation untreated, are weak on Crime and also intend to substantially RAISE Taxes," including, "I do not see an offer!"

Pelosi and also Schumer responded by terminating their strategies to meet Trump and GOP leaders to go over a deal to maintain the federal government open, elevating the leads of a shutdown as government financing expires following week." *.

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Hosts: Ben Mankiewicz, Brett Erlich, Amberia Allen.

Cast: Ben Mankiewicz, Brett Erlich, Amberia Allen.


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  1. Posted by Donald Trump, at Reply

    Ben the cuck.

    • Posted by Slamz Dunk, at Reply

      The Neck Vagina has SPOKEN.

    • Posted by D Mc, at Reply

      Donald Trump the urophiliac.

    • Posted by VHSAlien, at Reply

      You’re right Shapiro is a cuck.

  2. Posted by Arthur Hull, at Reply

    Tulsi Gabbard 2020

    • Posted by Dave Gracie, at Reply

      I do believe your in the minority! LOL

    • Posted by westingtyler ideas, at Reply

      35 upvotes. and 2 people who say you are in the minority. Tulsi all the way. if not Sanders, Tulsi.

    • Posted by ricomajestic, at Reply

      LOL! That woman has no chance!

    • Posted by N G, at Reply

      Amen. Sanders or Tulsi. Or Sanders/Tulsi or Tulsi/Sanders, for that matter!

  3. Posted by Tyron 'Black Don't Crack!' Woodley, at Reply

    Lavar Ball 2020

    • Posted by Festus LoraxHagin, at Reply


    • Posted by John Griffith, at Reply

      Lavar Ball for Time Person of the Year.

    • Posted by saquille Ahem, at Reply

      Tyron ‘Black Don’t Crack!’ Woodley hello my niggah .how Ara yoo .!?

  4. Posted by Michael Nelson, at Reply

    I had a DREAM, that Trump’s not going to be around much longer!!!

    • Posted by don simpson, at Reply

      koolbass not that long he will be impeached

    • Posted by dumpthe chump, at Reply

      Or be hauled off to the looney-bin.

    • Posted by Alice's Dairy, at Reply

      Michael Nelson 😁😀🙎👏👐👋👏👏👏👏

    • Posted by The Falcon, at Reply

      I too have a DREAM, that Trump gets re-elected in 2020

    • Posted by Aaron Gwozdz, at Reply

      Michael Nelson hahaha!!! So you are EXACTLY like the conservaturds!! Haha!!! Same crap they spewed about Obama. Haha!!!

  5. Posted by Optimus Fine, at Reply

    Chuck, Nancy, and corporatist hacks. They should have disappeared along with Hillary

    • Posted by Bob Schwartz, at Reply

      Optimus Fine I totally agree, I believe that they will both be primaried

    • Posted by D Mc, at Reply

      You get rid of Trump and then we’ll talk.

    • Posted by dumpthe chump, at Reply

      But smarter than trumplethinskin!

  6. Posted by M Blake, at Reply

    Another bump to his racist fear bated base

  7. Posted by wiseass 5000, at Reply

    Poor trump…nobody wants to play with him anymore

    • Posted by Pete Lind, at Reply

      When Trump only puts things what other presidents have done since Nixon on scrap heap is it any wonder no one likes him ?
      EPA is Nixons and a must when US cites have Beijing type of smog and thats only 40 years ago .
      Reagan did gat rid of lot of executive orders but they where mostly war era obsolete things
      Clinton set up CHIProgram and AIDS team in White House … those both are gone now .
      Obama some what water down conservative things he did are being undone and only thing more right is dont give a thing to people .

    • Posted by colby4430, at Reply

      Pete Lind that’s great we have some snowflakes here,they need to learn about the real world. Feelings don’t pay,illegal aliens, are bad,global warming is a myth.
      Just put on your grown-up clothes and go to work,stop asking everyone else to pay for you.

    • Posted by colby4430, at Reply

      johnmburt1960 would settle if we got rid of all of obummers stuff and took back America.

    • Posted by The Falcon, at Reply

      No, just the STUPID don’t (like Nancy from my own state, I wish she would disappear) want to work on this

  8. Posted by XMorbidKiX, at Reply

    I agree with Ben on this one. I’m so over fake politicians! They need to start being more authentic and real, it’ll get them further.

    • Posted by elijah mikle, at Reply

      XMorbidKiX Real is boring. I wish it weren’t true, but there it is. No one will pay attention if you don’t entertain.

    • Posted by Qahir Makhani, at Reply

      XMorbidKiX – they’re politicians, not public servants

  9. Posted by hudsle, at Reply

    Cant imagine why they did that. Wheres the harm? I mean, he kept his end of the deal last time….oh right. Hey Donny. If you wanna pretend you’re open to dealing with Democrats, wait until AFTER you meet with them to say it didnt work. Doesnt really give em much incentive to take you seriously otherwise. And remember, theyre NOT the majority party. Yours is. So if something doesnt pass, its NOT cuz they blocked it.

    • Posted by Jimmy Talbot, at Reply

      hudsle.  Yep and it makes me wonder if John Kelly has lost control over the tweeting.

    • Posted by Sarah Kratky, at Reply

      +Jimmy Talbot did he ever have it?

    • Posted by Shelora Fitzgerald, at Reply

      hudsle They need 60 votes to pass the tax bill, and only have 52.

  10. Posted by The Inquisitor, at Reply

    Why has the United States government become a pissing contest?

    • Posted by DemonLordChaos, at Reply

      because that’s all they did since foundation of the country.

    • Posted by D Mc, at Reply

      Because we have a president who likes water sports.

    • Posted by TCt83067695, at Reply

      The Inquisitor it’s started with Marco Rubio i guess…

    • Posted by James Scully, at Reply

      This is nothing new. It’s been going on for decades …. it’s just that social media and the nut job in the White House makes it more obvious.

  11. Posted by ryan braun, at Reply

    So when’s the wall being built??

    • Posted by postmodern loser, at Reply

      It’s not. You got played.

    • Posted by Vaness AntifaFan, at Reply

      build that fence. ha ha ha.

    • Posted by Anthony Mcqueen, at Reply

      Never hes a legislative failure.

    • Posted by Deano Zumrap, at Reply

      Which wall now? The one Mexico is paying for? Or the one the US public will be paying for?

    • Posted by Gizmo fromPizmo, at Reply

      Never. If people think the government can afford that boondoggle now they’re kidding themselves.

  12. Posted by Salli Ala Nabi, at Reply

    TTTA! Take Trump’s Twitter AWAY!

    • Posted by Rob M, at Reply

      Salli Ala Nabi : Let him keep his Twitter and “TAKE HIM AWAY”! Then he can tweet himself into Oblivion!

    • Posted by saquille Ahem, at Reply

      Salli Ala Nabi hello my brothar

    • Posted by Salli Ala Nabi, at Reply

      saquille Ahem hi bro, how is it going

    • Posted by Trekkie down under, at Reply

      Twitter should make a deal with Trump.

      Twitter should disable Trump’s Twitter account and offer to only re-activate it if Trump resigns as President.

  13. Posted by Andrew Stewart, at Reply

    So Trump just straight out lied again.

    • Posted by spygirl43, at Reply

      Andrew Stewart every time he opens his mouth

    • Posted by Nashresi, at Reply

      By this time the headline should read ” President Trump told the truth “! I expect the Orangutan to lie 90% of the time he opens his cakehole! Him actually telling the truth should be stop the presses, hell just froze over time!

    • Posted by Exterioris-vallem, at Reply

      Andrew Stewart – Hello! This is comment number 700. I couldn’t help myself, and thought I’d put it here. Also, yes, did you expect anything else from The Imbecile in Chief?

    • Posted by Charline Thom, at Reply

      Question should be when did he ever tell the truth?

    • Posted by Garen Truscott, at Reply

      Shocked, gambling, establishment, winnings etc

  14. Posted by mrfaithandphysics, at Reply

    Have they really forgotten how the GOP stopped government during the last presidency? With grandstanding and obstruction. It’s not that long ago. I don’t think they even understand what hypocrisy means.

  15. Posted by Carl McGregor, at Reply

    How to stop USA Govt from shutting down… Increase taxes on millionaires / billionaires, Close tax loop holes for corporations, cut Pentagon spending from $600 Billion p/a down to $300 Billion P/a

    • Posted by Rob M, at Reply

      Carl McGregor : Won’t happen under republicans! They are a capitalist corporate party and their “only” interest is corporations! Vote come the 2018 midterms and return the House and Senate and Governorships back to the Dems!

    • Posted by Deanna Delmar, at Reply

      Carl McGregor Well said! It is criminal that our home grown Terrorists [ meaning: the Corporations And Oligarchs And Republican Representatives Of Congress ] get super rich from wars that they start with Lies for their “justifications” for wars that Never EndSo they can get richer while our military personnel are maimed and die and the “so called enemies” are killed with bombs and our military personnel!

    • Posted by darcanjel7, at Reply

      So basically the opposite of everything they’re doing now?

    • Posted by Google it, at Reply

      Carl McGregor the problem is congress would never pass that with the GOP in control, which would cause the gov to shut down.

  16. Posted by tbitzel, at Reply

    But of course like all narcissists DJT blamed them instead of taking responsibility. According to all narcissists it’s ALWAYS someone else’s fault. Especially malignant narcissists, as Trump is.

  17. Posted by Hiker Feet, at Reply

    Politics has become the best reality TV show.

    • Posted by Urban Enigma America, at Reply

      Hiker Feet best comment awarded to you!!!

    • Posted by Hiker Feet, at Reply

      Haha!! Why thank you, kind sir. You know, when I was a child, I used to dream about growing up. I couldn’t wait to grow up. You see, I was bullied and made fun of a little. I thought that when I became an adult, that it wouldn’t happen anymore. I thought adults treated each other with respect and would never bully each other. I mean, they are adults! Adults don’t bully. Ahhhh, the naiveté of youth.

    • Posted by saquille Ahem, at Reply

      Hiker Feet hello baby

    • Posted by Evert Guzman, at Reply

      And we’re the bait

    • Posted by MBearchesterfield, at Reply


  18. Posted by Archangel Rivers, at Reply

    Nancy and Chuck did the right thing in not showing up for this ridiculous meeting. Trump and his cronies blame Democrats for everything – TAKE OWNERSHIP REPUBLICANS OF YOUR FAULTS AND ACTIONS.

    • Posted by Gore Magala 2000, at Reply

      Archangel Rivers You sure are right who wants to deal with those idiot Republicans and that old turd in office.

    • Posted by Rob M, at Reply

      Archangel Rivers : Republicans just want the Dems to take the fall for their disasterous tax bill, even if they got one vote from the Dems! They own it! They are trying to set up the Dems! I said before when Chuck and Nancy had that one meeting with trump! I said that was a mistake! I know Chuck and Nancy we’re waisting their time with this idiot, this clumsy buffoon! I said he was going to turn on them! And he did! Them Dems should do what republicans did all through the Obama years! Just say no, and do nothing! Republicans know they’re in trouble come the 2018 midterms! Vote in the 2018 midterms and return the House and Senate and Governorships back to the Dems! Otherwise you can read the tea leaves! We will be in for more trouble!

    • Posted by Dennis campos, at Reply

      A tweet hurt their feelings and they cancelled. PATHETIC!!!

  19. Posted by aceonfire11, at Reply

    “weak on boarders, weak on crime” yeh yeh same old routine he uses with literally everyone. He needs new material.

  20. Posted by D Gee, at Reply

    Trump tries to be so cleaver always,but he is just plain Stupid

    • Posted by Marissa Vershaw, at Reply

      D Gee You mean “clever”? I doubt Trump is trying to be a knife. He is not sharp enough for that.

    • Posted by John Handcock, at Reply

      meat cleaver….