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Chuck Todd: Bernie And Bannon Are The Same


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Chuck Todd believes that Bernie's Medicare-For-All expense coincides as Steve Bannon's bigotry. Cenk Uygur, the host of The Young Turks, simplifies. Inform us exactly what you believe in the comment section below.

" MSNBC host Chuck Todd started today's broadcast of MTP Daily by hitting on one of his preferred subjects– regreting both sides.

In his opening monologue, Todd kept in mind that leaders in Washington found out in the past few weeks that "you can not regulate alone" before clarifying that this is a choice that vulnerable Democratic legislators encountering re-election currently have to deal with negotiating with Trump or otherwise.

" That is the larger story brewing here on both sides," Todd claimed, before snarking about just how some individuals would certainly respond to that expression. "Cue the both siderisms. We understand you prefer to do that on Twitter."

He included, "If our leaders learned anything else in the last couple of weeks it's that there is a major battle in 2018 that could remove each event of its more moderate regulating wing or just what remains of it."

The Meet journalism host went on to highlight that both the GOP as well as Democratic Event are pushing for even more pureness in ideology as well as policy stances, noting that some moderate Republicans have decided to retire in 2018 rather than run once again.

After pointing out that the base GOP will skewer anyone who slams the president while the Democrats will do the exact same to those who hedge on saying Trump needs to be impeached, Todd concluded by making this observation:"

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  1. Posted by Dustin Hakonson, at Reply

    No, Bernie wants to help you by giving you answers to our problems. You just won’t accept them for some reason. They’re popular, they’ve been proven to work in other places. The problem is you and the Democratic Party are bought and paid for and can’t think, speak or act for yourselves.

  2. Posted by SidheKnight, at Reply

    “Moderate & Governing wing” = Corporate wing.

    The Establishment (both Democrat and Republican) wants predictable, controllable candidates that will give them tax cuts and other benefits, regardless of the cost to the American people.

  3. Posted by xAbominationx, at Reply

    bernie should run as an independent. he could go down in history as the person that turned america in to a three party nation. Personally I’d like us to have 5 or 6 parties because it would completely break our current system. And since the current system is broken by design, it might make things better… they sure cant get a lot worse than trump as president.

    • Posted by MinimalHans, at Reply

      The best thing Donald Trump did by winning the election was ensuring the Hilary Clinton didn’t. Donald Trump is not the establishment — if he was, he wouldn’t also be at odds with the Republicans and fighting with his own party to get through his agenda. Love him or hate him, Trump is an actual anti-establishment independent.

    • Posted by Fridayschild, at Reply

      LOL. That’s why he filled his cabinet with GoldmanSachs people.

    • Posted by xAbominationx, at Reply

      +MinimalHansĀ So was pol pot.

  4. Posted by James Vickers, at Reply

    Democrats are driving a big wedge between themselves and the progressive wing by not allowing us health care, and seemingly wanting us to die suffering, without.

  5. Posted by Slagon Drayer, at Reply

    In a world where white supremacists are marching in the streets, Hilary Clinton and the Dems would appear moderate. Rationality would appear extreme.

    • Posted by Bullshotinbutt, at Reply

      You made a valid point and drew a trump troll within seconds.

    • Posted by Slagon Drayer, at Reply

      Bullshotinbutt I’m used to it. I laugh at their terror and humiliation.

    • Posted by trumps still in office losers, at Reply

      Slagon Drayer Bank Fraud Bernie dragged your party so far left that a 2020 loss is guaranteed. Your party is split between corporate shills and lazy millenials looking for handouts.

    • Posted by Fridayschild, at Reply

      Copy, paste. Copy, paste. It’s still bullshit.

  6. Posted by Humble Trekker Bushcraft, at Reply

    So wanting people to have healthcare and a decent wage is not moderate? That is the most moderate thing I can think of .

    • Posted by trumps still in office losers, at Reply

      Humble Trekker Bushcraft Bank Fraud Bernie dragged your party so far left that a 2020 loss is guaranteed. Your party is split between corporate shills and lazy millenials looking for handouts.

    • Posted by Therrydicule, at Reply

      trumps still in office losers
      Bank Fraud? Bullshit.
      The US GDP is 18.57 trillion USD.
      The British’s NHS cost 116.4 billion pounds a year, but the UK got a smaller population: multiplying by 5 to correct for the population size, and by 1.11 for a bit of a margin for errors, and rounding up because this is not rocket science: you have 650 billion pouds or 881… Let’s say 890 billion USD. You spend $2.6 trillion on healthcare annually, so you actually could save a trillion dollars or more by copying the Brits and nationalizing healthcare. You just don’t account it all as government spending.

      And you will have a benefice because a lot of people keep working because of employers insurance when they want to open a business. Just like Hank Green did. After all, a trillion dollars of cost opportunity is massive.

      Education? According to the department of education, a free college would cost $62.6 billion dollars. And you would have a return on investment because education got beneficial externalities and allows for better jobs.

      There are trade-offs. It is a major shift in spending, they are risks involved, but the risks are not as massive as you make them sound for the USA.

      See Germany, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Slovenia, France, Spain, Greece (oh, and textbook for students in Greece are to the cost of government), Brazil, Argentina, Sri Lanka (yes, they do have free college over there: in fact, it is a constitutional right in Sri Lanka), Luxembourg. Pretty clear that free education and free healthcare are not the major cause of government financial problem.
      Too low taxes are a problem, so is tax evasion. So is unreliable data from the government is a problem. So is speculation (see Spain). So is bad monetary policies (see Argentina), labor market inflexibility (for which you need better education to combat).

  7. Posted by foxclaws56, at Reply

    Tired of the establishment terms..Bernie IS Moderate left when it comes to an actual political spectrum. “moderate democrats” are really just regular republicans..

    • Posted by ocelotecpatl, at Reply

      I prefer to call America’s “Moderate Democrats” hydra agents.

    • Posted by film79, at Reply

      Hey I love comics but I’m just curious do you really replace real names with one’s from Comic Books? Do you call Trump’s staff the Avengers? I guess Trump is Captain America and Bannon is Iron Man, Ivanka could be Scarlet Witch. The only problem is your friends might get confused if you’re talking about politics or the newest Marvel film.

    • Posted by Fridayschild, at Reply

      You’re correct. We should stick to Cheeto In Chief so there is no confusion.

  8. Posted by alansjf33, at Reply

    Chuck Todd is stupid. At least on this point.

  9. Posted by John Choi, at Reply

    I swear that sometimes these moderates are worse than Far-Right Wingers. It’s people like Chuck Todd who have so much potential to stand up with progressive causes but they decided to take the middle of the road approach because we apparently can’t progress fast enough even though more than half the population supports ideas such as Medicare for all and free college system. I hope MSNBC gets burned down to the ground along with the likes of Fox News, CNBC, and CNN because these fuckwads are such a joke these days and they’re not even trying to hide that they’re moderate anymore.

  10. Posted by TheEvolver311, at Reply

    haha The “leftist” MSNBC. This is the real difference between the right and the left, the right has become the Washington consensus, Liberal/Progressive ideas are not the establishment on any level when it comes to those in power. The GOP has dominated the US Gov since the 80’s and this is what is reflected in the Media. Suddenly HR Clinton is a liberal regardless of her Third Way political philosophy Rightwing on economics and slightly left of center on social issues when its already overwhelmingly popular to do so, when its risky to stand up for the poor the working class and minority groups to bad.

  11. Posted by Asher8328, at Reply

    Chuck Todd is a tool.

  12. Posted by Jean Charles, at Reply

    Key difference, Chuck – Bernie campaigned on healthcare for all and enjoys enormous support on that specific program and is the most popular politician in America; Bannon never campaigned, his objectives are mentioned in code and are ill defined and he has uneven, if not sparse support. Come on, man….

  13. Posted by Molly Baker, at Reply

    Todd is a corporate establishment shill, it’s no wonder his hair keeps thinning, it’s a result of all propaganda and the lies that he pedals.

  14. Posted by outstandings, at Reply

    No Chuck, Twitter dunks on YOU because YOU can’t stop with the, “Both sides do it,” nonsense. Christ, you suck at your job.

  15. Posted by DavidMillsSeven, at Reply

    The ultra right is the new moderate? There are limits to this ridiculous framing. Most here Chuck-le.

  16. Posted by Peter Huang, at Reply

    I see problem here. Chuck confusing ‘moderate’ with ‘corporate’.

  17. Posted by Maaike R, at Reply

    As a European it seems like the USA is getting more polarised. The left is going more left (by American standards…which is still right winged from a European pov). And the right is going extreme right.

  18. Posted by CW McClintock, at Reply

    BTW… Centrism isn’t an ideology, nor political policy/plan. It is a political tactic. You see where the Left is, and where the Right is, and you land in the middle to get elected. The problem is that everything has been dragged to the Right over the past 20 years. The Democratic Establishment may be moderate, but they touch down in the middle of the Right.