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CIA Great At Overthrowing Democracies… Dictators Less So


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The CIA is terrific at toppling democratically chosen federal governments that intimidate company revenues in any way. Cenk Uygur and John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, talk about. Tell us what you believe in the comment section below.

"" If this president is evaluating, for whatever reason, some type of novel, newly hostile armed forces action toward North Korea, just what are the choices and just what are the likely repercussions?" host Rachel Maddow asked.

" He might evaluate an option of intercepting a rocket or a choice of striking a nuclear examination website," Terry explained. "Yet I honestly don't assume it's going to follow through with this. This is a trouble with that said plan because you're placing on your own in a bind, either you need to back down or you need to shed your reliability, or now you're stuck on a step and run the risk of a military choice, which is very, very high-risk. North Korea is not Syria or Afghanistan. It's mosting likely to need to be ravaging consequences. North Korea will certainly retaliate to any type of kind of military alternative."

She took place to explain that North Korea has 70 percent of its ground pressures as well as 50 percent of its air as well as naval pressures deployed within 100 kilometers from the DMZ. There are millions of people in Seoul and lots of are American soldiers." *.

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John IadarolaCast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola.


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  1. Posted by cuck, at Reply


    • Posted by Rusty Shackleford, at Reply

      When? Because you loons have been saying you’re going to overthrow the government, bring on the rapture etc etc for decades… Look like a bunch of pussies to me.

    • Posted by Senad Elezovic, at Reply

      jamesbriggstown antifa is a terrorist organization and they are not jost being against nazis.

    • Posted by Oblio1942, at Reply

      im I now?

  2. Posted by Jacob Hansen, at Reply

    I live in South Korea, just across the border from North Korea, and I must say that TYT are just not honest about this.

    • Posted by B Marti, at Reply

      When did u move to SK? last I heard you were a Black Muslim Armenian from Syria

    • Posted by Affram Antar, at Reply

      Jacob Hansen you were in Turkey an hour ago.get a life dude and then girl friend or something

    • Posted by Elijha 717, at Reply

      your ip says otherwise

    • Posted by Guillermo Sanchez, at Reply

      You need some friends and a woman.

  3. Posted by Jon Bones Jones, at Reply

    So cenk is just cool being morbidly obese for the rest of his life ?

    • Posted by Chuck R, at Reply

      an morbidly obese imagination from living under the bridge too long!

    • Posted by Jon Bones Jones, at Reply

      Joe Reyes you can recently correctly spell 2 syllable words….. kill yourself while you’re ahead.

    • Posted by Pauline Gregory, at Reply

      Jon Bones Jones More of a man than you.

    • Posted by ODIEkriss, at Reply

      Alex Jones is like 5″10 so if Cenk Uygur squaring up to Alex is about the same height as him I’d say hes more like 5″9-5″11 but keep trying with your false equivalencies.

  4. Posted by Lenin is love, Lenin is life, at Reply


    • Posted by feralbear3615, at Reply

      That’s right! Listen to the jew Lenin!

    • Posted by J M., at Reply

      Don The Con Yes. The DPRK is a victim of U.S. Imperialism.

    • Posted by Don The Con, at Reply

      DPRK is a victim of Kim Jong Un’s stupidity

  5. Posted by eliw 6965, at Reply

    These trolls are showing some true dedication tonight. Thanks for supporting TYT!

    • Posted by Icearchon, at Reply

      Adam Chester is just a troll. He’s said stuff in the past that is too hilarious and outrageous to not be satirical or a joke. He’s just pulling our legs.

    • Posted by SuperbowlJoel, at Reply

      What else is new lol?

    • Posted by Sejez, at Reply

      the town fool deserves a little support at least 😛

    • Posted by 123lowp, at Reply


    • Posted by The Plug, at Reply

      russian trolls.

  6. Posted by Taprman, at Reply

    The situation in North Korea doesn’t bother me as much as most people, North Korea ISN’T going to attack the USA first. The Generals in the military for the USA WON’T let ourselves attack a nuclear armed country. My dad who was a Korean linguist in the military has the same exact opinion as me

    • Posted by Jeremy Merrifield, at Reply

      +Taprman , Normally I would agree with you . But we have 2 children in charge of the 2 nations… Duck

    • Posted by AuraDivinity, at Reply

      Trump released command of strikes to Gen. McMaster and his advisor Mattis. The militia can choose its attacks

    • Posted by Bam Westy, at Reply

      Trump doesn’t care for logic

    • Posted by Brad Kirsch, at Reply

      Taprman Well if your Dad says so, that makes me feel SO MUCH BETTER. When you see that wall of nuclear debris coming at you, you can say: “Hey Dad. WTF”.

    • Posted by America On Fire, at Reply

      Taprman keep teeling yourself that lol

  7. Posted by NGP Design, at Reply

    CIA is great at overthrowing democracies because they don’t like democracies.

    • Posted by daddyleon, at Reply

      Yes, the CIA likes a certain type of stability, the one favourable to the interests of the USA and their business (and businesses).

    • Posted by MRostendway, at Reply

      I wouldn’t even say the interests of the U.S.A.. A lot of their actions have literally zero to do with U.S interests and more with corporate interests.

    • Posted by Rob James, at Reply

      Does it ever occur to anyone that the power behind the CIA that hates democracies so much could one day set it sites on the American people?

    • Posted by JB JG, at Reply

      Kind of a silly question. By definition a democracy would be easier to overthrow considering they actually have elections. In a democracy you can at least fake an election. In a dictatorship there is no opening to change leadership.

    • Posted by Niklas Hansen, at Reply

      Corporate Imperialism Agency

  8. Posted by juan gomez, at Reply

    Usually the dictators around the world are a CIA job.

    • Posted by Jacques Celliers, at Reply

      The dictatorships are the democracies in retrospect. Was Saddam a CIA job? Was he a democratic leader? What about Gaddafi? anti-imperialism and dictatorships seem to go hand in hand.

    • Posted by Jacques Celliers, at Reply

      I mean in reality you are correct, but the narrative is not that. I would say the DPRK is more democratic than south Korea; however the accepted narrative is the opposite.

  9. Posted by Burning Aether, at Reply

    The American democracy was overthrown years ago, and replaced with a 2-party dictatorship.

    • Posted by bobomber, at Reply

      What if I told you the two parties represent largely the exact same policies? :O

    • Posted by A Girl Has No Name, at Reply

      America never had a democracy to begin with. You don’t have a true democracy now. If you did, the candidate with the most votes would have won. They didn’t, so you don’t.

    • Posted by Fred Beer, at Reply

      Burning Aether the us has never been a democracy in fact the founding fathers set up federalist government so that wouldn’t happen we have a constitutional republic

    • Posted by A Girl Has No Name, at Reply

      Fred Beer << What he said 🙂

    • Posted by tedtrash, at Reply

      Some might think you are way of topic here, but when Jesse Ventura won the 1998 gubernatorial race in Minnesota, he was “interviewed” by the CIA to determine how he had won on the third party Reform ticket.
      Ventura has not been shy about saying that he believes that it came down to having a voice in the debates.
      Third parties had been prevented from having a voice in televised debates prior to that time, but perhaps the importance of ensuring they are never allowed to debate the 2 parties’ candidates came from Ventura becoming governor of Minnesota.

  10. Posted by Spencer Toe, at Reply

    so true the CIA destroy my beautiful country Liberia

  11. Posted by HaoSci, at Reply

    **It’s inherently difficult for any intelligence agency to overthrow a totalitarian regime (e.g., North Korea) than a democratic government, simply because democratic governments have less government surveillance, so in a democratic society there are a lot of ways with which intelligent officers and operatives disguise themselves or support and fund oppositions. In a totalitarian regime like North Korea, there is virtually no way to safely gather intelligence on the ground or assassinate the leader, or organize opposition. Anyone who has any hint of 1) not being sufficiently loyal, or 2) has any hints of foreign connections will be jailed or killed. Everyone in a dictatorship is in a constantly state of paranoia of being jailed, let alone organizing an opposition with a foreign government. Therefore, intelligence gathering in North Korea almost elusively comes from satellite images and defectors.**
    It’s not like US government has not tried to overthrow a dictator before. For example, Bay of Pigs in Cuba failed badly.

    • Posted by Jacques Celliers, at Reply

      Also, anyone considered maybe that’s why the DPRK is the way it is? The country was literally founded on anti imperialism. If they were not totalitarian then the US would have invaded long ago and installed their own puppet. If the US left their border and stopped playing their war games every year then the DPRK could open up a bit without worrying that their nation is going to be infiltrated by a foreign invader. Its natural for people to become authoritarian when threatened by a foreign invader, and the people support the regime for protecting them.

  12. Posted by SirAlazar, at Reply

    looks like some type of CIA troll Blitz going on in the comment section

    • Posted by Bücherregal Domi, at Reply

      hahahhah “troll Blitz” ich mag diese Begriff xD

  13. Posted by New Moderate, at Reply

    Overthrowing democracies all over… No wonder people hate Americans. Not to mention the vacuum that it creates and allows a strongman dictator to come in afterwards

    • Posted by WeLikeItLikeThis, at Reply

      They put dictators in..

  14. Posted by I Ko, at Reply

    The Iranian revolution started the radicalisation of the Muslim world. Thanks, America.

    • Posted by trauko1388, at Reply

      Yeah, to liberate Palestine from US-sponsored occupation…

    • Posted by Rouzbeh Modarresi, at Reply

      +AhBeeDoi The PLO existed before the Iranian revolution. But don’t let facts get in the way of your stupidity.

    • Posted by colbfan report, at Reply

      Shia terrorism bombed Multinational Force in Lebanon killing 241 US soldiers and 41 french soldiers in 1983, it was the deadliest single terrorist attack on American citizens in general prior to the September 11 attacks, also the American embassy bombing in Lebanon in 1983 killing 63 including 17 Americans.

      Interesting fact, the Shia terrorism is credited with starting the first modern suicide bombing when the Iraqi Shi’a Islamist group al-Dawa carried out a suicide car bombing targeting the Iraqi embassy in Beirut, Lebanon in 1981 killing 61 among them the Iraqi ambassador and Balqis al-rawi who worked for the embassy’s cultural section, she was the Iraqi wife of the well known Syrian poet Nizar Qabbani who was famous for exploring themes of love, eroticism, feminism

    • Posted by colbfan report, at Reply

      The ones in the embassy were civilians and French and US soldiers were part of the UN multinational peacekeeping force that were there in coordination with the Lebanese government to assist the Lebanese Armed Forces in evacuating the PLO, Syrian forces and other foreign combatants involved in Lebanon’s civil war.

  15. Posted by Jack Cooper, at Reply

    Maybe because China wants to do it themselves. They like expansion.

  16. Posted by MW 77, at Reply

    And TYT says Alex Jones is a conspiracy theorist 😂😂

  17. Posted by Bill Bob, at Reply

    It’s probably because NK is isolated as hell, so it’s hard to infiltrate.

  18. Posted by Comrade Marie Lemieux, at Reply

    tfw the young libs think that North Korea was worse than the South back in the 60s