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Cities Exploiting Black People To Fund Deficits


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Cities are funding their shortages by targeting the least powerful. Cenk Uygur and also Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Inform us exactly what you believe in the comment section listed below.

" If you intend to stop cops from disproportionately ticketing black areas, a current research has one potential response: Elect even more black people to city government.

The research study, by government researchers Michael Sances of the College of Memphis and Hye Young You of Vanderbilt University, had two significant searchings for.

Using information from more than 9,000 cities, the scientists first located that cities with larger black populations depend a lot more on penalties and also court charges to elevate earnings. The typical collection had to do with $8 per person for all cities that get at the very least some profits from penalties as well as fees, but that increased to as much as $20 each in the cities with the highest black populaces. The findings persisted after managing for other factors, such as differences in criminal offense rates and also the size of cities.

Then the scientists wished to look at what does it cost? this disparity would certainly be relieved if a minimum of one black individual gets on the common council. Using a smaller sized sample of regarding 3,700 cities as a result of information constraints, they located that contending the very least one black person on the city board reduced the relationship in between race and also penalties by regarding HALF.

" Just what a lot of cities do is depend on a resource of revenue that falls overmuch on their black residents," Sances informed me. "And when blacks get depiction on the city board, this connection obtains a lot better. The circumstance doesn't come to be perfect, but it ends up being minimized to an excellent level."

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

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  1. Posted by ElChapo Junior, at Reply

    I love how people say black people are inherently violent, but have never been in the economical situation many of them are in. Poverty breeds violence, not race.

    • Posted by Nate Hoffman, at Reply

      Poor whites are also extremely violent. See Russia and Eastern Europe generally.

    • Posted by John Zapotek, at Reply

      I grew up dirt poor in San Bernardino and was a minority surrounded by guns and drugs. did I rob a liqour store? shoot an defenseless person? mug a Chinese an old Chinese woman? no stop making excuses idiot. your a shame to Mexicans

    • Posted by Nate Hoffman, at Reply

      Jet Jenkins None of these people grew up in actual poverty. I’m pretty sure they all had both parents too.

  2. Posted by Pai0near, at Reply

    How about black people stop committing crimes?

  3. Posted by marc07112, at Reply

    if you black you BEEN knew this smh

    • Posted by Alexander Mikah, at Reply

      marc07112 In the same way you know how to properly speak, I presume.

    • Posted by StonedApes, at Reply

      Alexander Mikah if you know what he meant then it made sense.

    • Posted by Deftones Dsm, at Reply

      no just black poor, sadly blacks are on average in more poverty.

    • Posted by The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, at Reply

      That’s some nice grammar, Tyrone.

  4. Posted by SupaDr00g, at Reply

    Newsflash to TYT:
    You can’t be fined or cited unless you are breaking the law.
    Seems there is a fairly simple solution to avoid these things.

    • Posted by Hugh Janus, at Reply

      “B-b-but blacks should be exempt from the law because slavery and feelings!” -TYT

    • Posted by profd65, at Reply

      Newsflash to the moron who made the original post:
      You do something–probably many things–that are illegal every day. But the difference between you and a black person who lives in Ferguson, MO is that you don’t get fined or arrested for what you do.

    • Posted by SupaDr00g, at Reply

      Firstly no i don’t.
      Secondly even if i did, i would not be dumb enough to do it knowing full well the cops are around and just waiting to bust me for something.
      I would not speed knowing there are speed traps, i would not run stop signs, i would not drive without a licence, i would not drive while suspended, i would not drive with no insurance, i would not drive with expired registration, i would not jaywalk, i would do none of these things especially knowing someone is looking to give me a ticket.
      And i definitely and absolutely would not say it was the cops fault for fining me or citing me when i am guilty of the thing i am being fined or cited for.
      Did your parents not teach you to take responsibility for your own actions?

  5. Posted by Dru Zod, at Reply

    So if a majority of these cities are run by Democrats, then you should all support Republican candidates.

    • Posted by Ex Animus, at Reply

      +Dru Zod
      those are STATE laws and fines, city fines are ORDINANCES. if you had bothered to actually read the report before jumping to conclusions…or i don’t know studied or known the HISTORY of where these laws came from…you might have posted something a bit more nuanced than that one dimensional ‘blame the dems’ post idiot.

    • Posted by Dru Zod, at Reply

      To quote TYT: “Cities are funding their deficits by targeting the least powerful.”

    • Posted by Maxi Miceli, at Reply

      You say that as if TYT were supporters of the democratic establishment, they go against them as hard as they go against republicans, the answer is progressives, republicans are only the answer when the question is “who should we choose if we want to destroy the country?”

  6. Posted by Young Xehanort, at Reply

    Wow black people being exploited what do they think this is the United Sta….oh wait nevermind

    • Posted by abscondam, at Reply

      Young Xehanort no you didn’t. You didn’t use past tense at all. Nice try at trying to get out of the fact that your statement makes no sense LOL

  7. Posted by unbiased, at Reply



    • Posted by G Washington, at Reply

      ‘people on welfare’.. ‘liberals’… GOT IT.

    • Posted by Donaldthustra, at Reply

      We wuz kangz

  8. Posted by MokanaMomiji, at Reply

    blacks have been calling this ‘the black tax” for generations. even when the study found black neighborhoods in the richest income bracket, with a similar crime rate and population to their white counterpart they still experience targeted tax exploitation more than every other similar community.

    • Posted by G Washington, at Reply

      What do they call black mob and black on everyone violence coast to coast? ‘A typical Saturday Night’…

    • Posted by MokanaMomiji, at Reply

      No, they call that white culture

    • Posted by Delightful Gentleman, at Reply

      blacks called themselves Egyptians for generations too

    • Posted by MokanaMomiji, at Reply

      w.a.s.p.’s called themselves Egyptians for generations too even in movies, but at least blacks had the excuse of being on the same continent and actually ruling it for 100 years

    • Posted by Delightful Gentleman, at Reply

      it was proven Egyptians were white dumbass XD

  9. Posted by CIN Houston, at Reply

    The Rich take advantage of the disenfranchised. whether Black or White or Brown.

    • Posted by CIN Houston, at Reply

      yes they do. and most often in communities with the lack of diversity.

    • Posted by G Washington, at Reply

      Because ‘people other than black’ can follow a cops order to ‘show me your driver’s license, insurance’ at traffic stops, instead of having every single .. EVERY SINGLE .. pullover of a black.. turn into .. at best, a screaming match, and at worst, a shooting because the black was STUPID.

    • Posted by Mia Honeyrose, at Reply

      Flaming Squirrel, in towns and cities where us poor white trash are the majority, that’s who the police tend to mess with. They kinda don’t have much of variety of minorities to bully in these particular places. I’m not saying systemic racism and police brutality toward people of color isn’t a major problem, it is. But police corruption and the abuse of their authority goes beyond racism. There’s a bigger picture here that’s not being addressed.

    • Posted by Timothy Williams, at Reply

      G Washington
      I’m black and I’ve been pulled over and it didn’t turn into a screaming match, so what you’re saying is total bullshit based on stupidity and hate. Have you seen every traffic stop by a white cop pulling over a black person, well have you ?
      Sir if you want to be a racist, in which you truly do at least get your facts straight jr.
      Trump has really emboldened you racist I see.
      Facts have really become a liability and ignorance a virtue huh.

  10. Posted by nope wont, at Reply

    Just remember, if the laws let them do this to us today, they’ll be doing it to you tomorrow. White won’t keep you safe if you’re not rich.

    • Posted by CleeIII, at Reply

      nope wont and that’s the truth! Money is color blind

  11. Posted by The Black Shadow, at Reply

    Black people STOP being suckers…$ave your money and support black business bank black respect your money!!!✊💰✊

    • Posted by my puppy is fat, at Reply

      The Black Shadow The Black Shadow I just looked at your YouTube playlist and I’m officially traumatized. Cellulite everywhere omg wtf is wrong with people like you😣🤢😝

    • Posted by The Black Shadow, at Reply

      Stop being nosey and stay on topic please!!!😕

  12. Posted by Donaldthustra, at Reply

    Blacks committed nearly 53% of all homicides in the US between 1980 and 2008.

    • Posted by craze1701, at Reply

      Also, since they’re 50% of the wrongfully convicted, they’re more likely to BE wrongfully convicted. It’s simple.

    • Posted by Donaldthustra, at Reply

      bucnasty14, Yes, if poor people commit crimes at the same rate, independent of race, then the higher number of poor black people would would at least partially describe the difference in the number of homicides. In case you are wondering, I do not believe that there is a genetic component to this.

    • Posted by Donaldthustra, at Reply

      craze1701, As I stated before, you need to demonstrate that these extra murders actually occurred. There are roughly 8000 reported murders in the US per year, and about half of them are committed by blacks. This is a rate of around six times higher than non-blacks. If the rate of murders between blacks and non-blacks were equal, you are alleging that there are actually closer to 30,000 murders in the US per year.

      As for your claim about false imprisonment, about half of murders are committed by blacks and about half of exonerations are for blacks. There is no discrepancy here.

  13. Posted by RancidWraith, at Reply

    If America is so racist and awful, why not leave? No one is forcing you to live here.

    • Posted by Michael Jackson, at Reply

      Rickster they will become the majority.

    • Posted by Cedric Barber, at Reply

      RancidWraith actually….

  14. Posted by A54321, at Reply

    Men are also targeted more for fines. I guess the system is sexist against men.

    • Posted by Jasminewynja, at Reply

      *+Spideera* It’s a perfect and valid comparison. It probably just doesn’t suit your bias.

    • Posted by Jasminewynja, at Reply

      *+Mike Layton* No, if we were to apply the same kind of “logic” and reasoning as TyT is doing then the reason for more men in jail is sexism. Not the fact that men statistically commit more severe/serious crimes than women, in general that is. Let us just ignore and explain that with sexism and that will certainly solve the problems, right?

      No it will not and this stupidity to call everything racism wont solve either racism or the problems you can find in the black communities in the US:

    • Posted by A54321, at Reply

      Mike Layton So black men are the most dangerous people in America because they commit murder at disproportionate rates then? Or is making blanket statements about a system or group of people just overall stupid?

    • Posted by A54321, at Reply

      Jasminewynja Wow. Thank you very much. Very rare to find another intelligent person here.

    • Posted by Eden, at Reply

      phantom 15 It’s not about it being ours, it is about us getting credit for contributions to the planet that we live. For having our place in the world society recognized. Pick up any state sponsored history book in the USA and you would think sophistication and culture didn’t exist unitil greeks. When the greeks are telling us plainly in their historical text, that they got their culture from the Egyptians, who in their initial encounters were black people. Because there was no race then, it was no big deal that these people were black skinned. But now you have a compangne by Europeans to literally exclude and omit minimize any great achievement by black people to make them appear more superior or important to the world narrative. You see this white superiority complex everytime you turn on tv and there are only white superheros saving the planet, or saving the dying and starving. You hear it on the radio NOTE: everytime you hear someone say BLACK PEOPLE ARE MORE LIKELY TO… die of this or be infected with that. They are transmitting this idea that black people are inferior because there is a ton of stuff that WHITE PEOPE ARE MORE LIKELY TO… but you near to never hear them going on about that do you.

  15. Posted by Angelo Lee, at Reply

    You trolls are stupid af. Youre not black or care about black people yet you have a fake outrage for them. Everybody breaks the law the point is some areas are purposely target more than others. College campuses have drugs just like hoods but you dont see police running up in their dorms left or right do you?

    • Posted by Peter Philip Cootauco, at Reply

      Well, universities usually have their own police force…

    • Posted by Cedric Barber, at Reply

      Angelo Lee im used to the hate. thanks for speaking up bro

  16. Posted by whatsgoingon07, at Reply

    America has Pigment fines, the blacker you are the more you owe to society by default

    • Posted by The Last Liberal, at Reply

      So why are 1 in 3 black people on some sort of government assistance?

    • Posted by Ben Haas, at Reply

      I think you’re the biggest cuck I was able to find on this thread.

    • Posted by mikeNM08, at Reply

      Why are so many upper class whites on government assistance?

  17. Posted by Drm R, at Reply

    When taxes get cut, that lost revenue has to come from somewhere, mainly in increased fines and fees.

    • Posted by Black Goliath, at Reply

      For black people… you left that out.

  18. Posted by Jesus Christ, at Reply

    Look at the city of Ferguson

    • Posted by Blow-Up Bunny, at Reply

      If you think Ferguson is bad, you should take a look at St. Ann!

  19. Posted by Darius Manson, at Reply

    This is news to whom?

    • Posted by Thomas Aquinas, at Reply

      Not for you moron.

    • Posted by Shepard King, at Reply

      Darius Manson coon

    • Posted by JB JG, at Reply

      Darius Manson
      A lot of white people in America don’t want to believe it’s true.

  20. Posted by Juwoki, at Reply

    This would change DRAMATICALLY if there would be a law, that forces the city to SPEND those revenues only in the neighborhoods where they are collected. Just saying´.

    • Posted by RTUG00, at Reply

      Juwoki great idea. (no sarcasm)

    • Posted by FamilyofMan 89, at Reply

      Juwoki best comment I’ve read today hands down

    • Posted by Juwoki, at Reply

      FamilyofMan 89 Best compliment I received today, thanks! 🙂