Classic bails and Throwback Fails (June 2017) || FailArmy | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

Classic bails and Throwback Fails (June 2017) || FailArmy


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We returned into the FailArmy safe to pull out these treasures. Take pleasure in some classic bonds, amusing kids, and a lot more hysterical fails. Have a video of your personal? Send it to


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Video clips:
Male Attempts to Glide Throughout Ceramic tiles in Workplace Hallway
Lady Does not Know Ways to Drink Fast
Skateboarder Loses Balance as well as Flies off Board
Biker Over-Rotates Stoppie
Man Falls into Vehicle Bed
Young puppy Attempts to Bring Lengthy Stick Via Entrance
Male Practically by ATV
Hub Cap Falls off Cars and truck throughout Ceremony
Kid Gets Electronic camera With Baseball
Canine Wishes to Join Proprietor's Yoga exercise Celebration
Downhill Longboarder Nearly right into Auto
Pupil Attempts to Hop on Desk and also Loss
Teenager Knocks Down Water drainage Pipe
Big Truck Obtains Traffic light Pole
Longboarder into Haystack
Individual Attempts to Swing right into Swimming pool
Wrong Way Automobile Stuck Going Backwards in Website traffic
Vehicle Driver Can not Catch Boxes
Child With Bike into Bleachers
Infant Strongly Blows Raspberries
Individual Obtains Tossed from Jetski
Person Attempts to Catch Frisbee after Leaping off High cliff
Mountain Cyclist Releases Handlebar after Jump
Cyclist Slides Off Big Air Bag
Thick Branch Falls in addition to Lady
Christmas Decor Falls on Reporter
Little Child Falls through Ice in Undergarments
Guy On Diving Board
Man right into Ramp while Racing on Trampolines
Pet Can't Jump on Swinging Chair
Guy Attempts to Hurdle Obstacle
Man Clips Skis on Small Hillside
Lady Backflips off Trampoline
Phone Obtains Obtained By Basketball
Grind to Dumpster Dive
Fitness center Jump Ends in Wall Slam
Heavy Barbell Drops on Male's Neck
Friends on Bikes right into Each Other
Fisherman Encounters Humpback Whales
Llama Spits on Woman
Workers Attempt to Discharge Bricks
Lady Nearly Falls on Cat
Infant's Very first time Sledding
Youngster Kicks Yoga exercise Ball into Own Face
Lightning Strike Hits Pole in Chicago
Very first time Motorcycle Fail
Teenager Decline Water Balloon on Little Sibling
Bridge Dive Bellyflop
Particles at Demolition Derby Flies right into Group
Forklift right into Heap of Sodas
Autos and Trash Can Struggle on Flooded Street
Auto Leaving Dropped
Wheel Pops off Bike
Fisherman Falls off Watercraft
Individual Attempts to Barefoot Waterski
Lady Tore down Like a Bowling Pin
Ecstatic Infant Falls Removes Drone
Guy Falls off Swegway in Workplace
Lady Flung off Rope Swing
Llama Spits on Family
Skier Erase on Fresh Powder
Seagulls Chase Little Young boy at the Coastline
Dust Bikers Collision right into Each Various other
Chauffeur Wards off Carjacking at Cars and truck Laundry with Tube
Rock Climbing Fails
Guy Irritated while Putting Contact Concrete

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  1. Posted by MilkDemCows666, at Reply

    I lost my virginity to a cow

    • Posted by Yangus Cool, at Reply

      FIRE CONTENT ALWAYS LIT stop begging for subs you cuck

    • Posted by Pluggit1953, at Reply

      SHINRA TENSEI Are you a camel jockey?

    • Posted by Delta Frost, at Reply

      MilkDemCows666 I lost mine to a cat •-•

    • Posted by Holz mann, at Reply

      WOW XD

  2. Posted by Sebastian Stan, at Reply

    Nobody cares if you’re first

    • Posted by Antex, at Reply

      Sebastian Stan until you are first then everybody should know

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  3. Posted by BigChiefyWhiefy, at Reply

    Never clicked on something so fast

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    • Posted by FancyLlamas, at Reply

      That’s pretty sad

  4. Posted by JuztR3tarded, at Reply

    Sometimes i like my own comment to get the ball rolling…

    • Posted by JuztR3tarded, at Reply

      but 179 people sp far gave 1 like so im happy <3

    • Posted by MrAleDude, at Reply

      Sometimes I (JuztR3tarded) like stealing popular comments, just to get likes

    • Posted by Hamza Naveed, at Reply

      MrAleDude me everytime xD

  5. Posted by It's Madii Louise, at Reply

    Anyone here before 1M views

    • Posted by STAG162, at Reply

      here before 47k… I’m guessing 1Mill is gonna be a way off.

    • Posted by Winter Games, at Reply


    • Posted by Bass Record, at Reply

      Leon TM 49 k

  6. Posted by Niklas Dörmühl, at Reply


    • Posted by Timmyboy, Ewa, at Reply

      Everyone kys and get to hel

  7. Posted by Lmmaturity, at Reply

    “Since we have nothing new to post,
    let’s just give them ol’ throwbacks!”


    • Posted by Shia LaButthurt, at Reply

      And make a fortune from it too, for doing zero work (besides throwing a piss easy vid together) and using others videos to profit from, yay…

    • Posted by Gergő Kálmán, at Reply

      Lmmaturity lol true

    • Posted by MMOJunkie, at Reply

      lol, I thought this was jukin video for a minute,

    • Posted by Owen Stewart, at Reply

      But the vidieo isint even monotized.

    • Posted by Owen Stewart, at Reply

      Since all of their content runs on submissions they wanted to give something to follow their upload squedule

  8. Posted by Ove Kindvall, at Reply

    “Quickly, churn out a video with clips we’ve already posted, just to bathe in the lovely admoney from all the clicks!”

    • Posted by JamEngulfer, at Reply

      Boo hoo, don’t watch it then. It’s still content. I don’t remember seeing any of these clips before and I’ve watched every video of theirs for years.

    • Posted by Ofkostoglotov, at Reply

      Ove Kindvall Well, you clicked so you could comment. Congratulations on your contribution to perpetuating the thing you’re whining about.

    • Posted by Wrath2233 Playz, at Reply

      Ove Kindvall They don’t have a ad on their video so.

  9. Posted by Petteri Niska, at Reply

    Dat laugh at 4:55

    • Posted by Azke, at Reply

      Petteri Niska i

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  10. Posted by 2zwag4life, at Reply

    6:42 she’s okay! A rainbow appeared! She’s fine!

    EDIT : I’m the first to type this comment when i was typing it i saw none others btw. Sorry for acting like i deserve credit.

    • Posted by Vitaliy Keretsman, at Reply

      that means she’s lucky today

    • Posted by EmmaoSasha, at Reply

      2zwag4life N , N

    • Posted by ilusion, at Reply

      2zwag4life why you taking credit for something no one cares about if you did or didnt

    • Posted by Pandała, at Reply

      her another attack will do double damage

    • Posted by Anouk, at Reply

      2zwag4life ok

  11. Posted by techtonikness, at Reply

    How was the first one a fail?

    • Posted by Unlisted Steel, at Reply

      HOVERBOARDBRO earn them

    • Posted by Paolo Merli, at Reply

      The whales clashed

    • Posted by Joe Clavette, at Reply


    • Posted by Babygirl Joy, at Reply


    • Posted by Domino Madala, at Reply

      That wasn’t fail, it was f*cking EPIC!

  12. Posted by Kaliyah Brown, at Reply

    4:56 his laugh 😂😂😂

    • Posted by Dedmaw5, at Reply

      Sounds like a water pressure

    • Posted by Paula Deen, at Reply

      Sounds like a broken car

    • Posted by ThatOne Guy, at Reply

      Kaliyah Brown I

  13. Posted by Blueberry Pie, at Reply

    6:42 i don’t call that a fail, she made a RAINBOW for christ sake😂😂😂

    • Posted by HOVERBOARDBRO, at Reply

      Blueberry Pie Hey guys I am just a channel just wanting a few subs!! So subscribe to my channel and say I subscribed!! If you say that than I will sub back to you!! So ya!!

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      Blueberry Pie Taste the Painbow!

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      HOVERBOARDBRO earn your subs

    • Posted by Blueberry Pie, at Reply

      Simon Lau XDDDDD

  14. Posted by Dezeshitissaai, at Reply

    The first one is a win tho

    • Posted by KnifeGuy375, at Reply

      No, it’s not. The whales failed to eat the boat 😀

    • Posted by Dezeshitissaai, at Reply

      KnifeGuy375 😂😂😂

    • Posted by KnifeGuy375, at Reply

      Hihi, Thanks 🙂

  15. Posted by Caitie_OZ, at Reply

    People are so stupid when they no something bad is gunna happen, but they do it.
    This generation is really weird, I’m weird, I’m gonna like my own comment

    • Posted by Sajmon EZ, at Reply

      know* gonna* or going to *

    • Posted by King King, at Reply

      Caitie_OZ your the fucking stupid one it’s not “no” it’s know you idiot

    • Posted by Awesome PeanutButter, at Reply

      King King it’s just a spelling error. Calm down..

    • Posted by Joe Tha Bro, at Reply

      King King *You’re

    • Posted by Wrath2233 Playz, at Reply

      Caitie_OZ Know*

  16. Posted by Jackson Stansberry, at Reply

    at 8:00 his shirt says [tough guy]

    • Posted by The Stig's German Cousin, at Reply

      well he’s only crying a little bit. I’mean that was one hell of a impact 😀

  17. Posted by Big Smoke, at Reply

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    My number 6 got eaten
    is it you????

    • Posted by APP] DROID, at Reply

      don’t get it 😐

    • Posted by Young L Razeel, at Reply

      Big Smoke it was getting cold

  18. Posted by bob420, at Reply

    11:17 is basic knowledge. Everyone knows gangmembers cant endure water.

    • Posted by bob420, at Reply

      whites cant take grass so when you encounter a white make sure to hurl a hand of grass on them.

    • Posted by Random Tv, at Reply

      Whites also can’t take Chris Hansen

    • Posted by ThatOne Guy, at Reply

      bob420 I

  19. Posted by Azeez, at Reply

    11:45 me trying to fix my problems

    • Posted by Simon Meyer, at Reply

      Azeez fucking normie

    • Posted by FailArmy, at Reply