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Climate Collapse Outpacing Scientific Models


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Scientific designs of environment change are disastrous. The fact is also worse than the models. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Inform us just what you believe in the comment area below. Join TYT:

" The focus of carbon dioxide in the ambience raised at record rate in 2015 to strike a level not seen for more than three million years, the UN has actually cautioned.
The brand-new record has actually increased alarm among scientists and triggered require nations to think about more radical discharges reductions at the upcoming climate arrangements in Bonn.
" Internationally averaged focus of CARBON DIOXIDE got to 403.3 parts per million (ppm) in 2016, up from 400.00 ppm in 2015 due to a combination of human activities and a strong El Niño occasion," inning accordance with The Greenhouse Gas Bulletin, the UN weather agency's annual flagship record." *.

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  1. Posted by Brad Kirsch, at Reply

    The methane is not in the ice. It is in the frozen tundra underneath — when the tundra thaws the methane is released.

    • Posted by wesley rodgers, at Reply

      Permafrost is already thawing out.

    • Posted by Elmo Parman, at Reply

      And the methane is in ice too, on the seafloors

    • Posted by John Van Raak, at Reply

      Ice on seafloors? You know ice floats right? The highest density of water is at around 3-4 degrees celsius. It sinks. That´s the water temperature at deep seafloors.

  2. Posted by Shayke Speeer, at Reply

    Methane… industrial animal agriculture. Hello? Compare charts…. the more animals raised by industrial animal agriculture, the higher the methane levels in the atmosphere become. And nitrous oxide release caused by industrial animal agriculture is far worse than methane. Research it.

    • Posted by Toilet paper shortage, at Reply

      I’m not giving up my steak to save the planet!

  3. Posted by J Snow, at Reply

    Damn, china is really serious about this hoax!

  4. Posted by Jesse Gunn, at Reply

    I’ve been studying this for 30 years now and it never ceases to amaze me how much evidence politicians have the ability to ignore and sidestep without any intellectual consequence.

  5. Posted by wesley rodgers, at Reply

    Increased C02. Increased methane. Oceans are turning acidic. (never mind the millions of tons of plastic that enters the ocean each year). Thawing permafrost. All answered by the (very rude word) dipshits who scream “Fake news”, the dumbass science deniers. Ugh!.

  6. Posted by macbeth642, at Reply

    Bring on the Trumpie hill billys that think they know more than every single person at NASA.

    • Posted by geo-george1, at Reply

      NASA is made up of a bunch of Freemason perverts. Do you believe them?

  7. Posted by Smith, at Reply

    It’s more than likely methane calthrates on the sea floor. A very small increase in either pressure or temperature can cause them to bubble up, leading to a apocalyptic positive feedback loop. We may resemble Venus much sooner than we think.

    • Posted by BRG 0001, at Reply

      Honestly, reading about the effects about the methane calthrates being released are more terrifying than any horror story.

    • Posted by Elmo Parman, at Reply

      Is there any reason to believe things are worse now than what they were back in the day when sea levels were 20m higher? Methane did not come out then in large quantities. Or if it did, world did not enter into spiralling heating cycle.

    • Posted by Smith, at Reply

      Elmo Parman I’ll reference you to the Permian-triassic extinction, the largest to ever occur. It was most likely caused by methane calthrates and/or methane producing microbes.

  8. Posted by Blue Hamlets Stevens, at Reply

    “Soylent Green “

  9. Posted by DevilDog 2600hz, at Reply

    The majority of tipping points are seen after that point is reached. Were is that tipping point? Often behind you.

  10. Posted by BillHK, at Reply

    Several huge sources of methane entering the atmosphere from: 1) the thawing of permafrost in Northern Russia and Canada. 2) Agriculture – especially cattle. 3) Melting of Ice Caps & Glaciers. 4) Leaking Oil and Gas wells – perhaps accellerated by all the drilled but not yet fracked wells. (Not necessarily in that order)

  11. Posted by Edward Siegel, at Reply

    The cake is already baked because big steps taken immediately will start to have effect in 30-40 years. The opportunity to protect human habitat began vanishing in the 80’s. If you have young kids today, you better prepare them for a future of scarcity and disruption. Humanity is coming to a bottleneck soon. It will no longer be able to shield itself from the evolutionary pressures of the environment. Gaia resumes command.

  12. Posted by joeykiller, at Reply

    Your fearmongering ways are tearing me apart,, on serious note we need to give a certain texan pretty boy a space ship..

  13. Posted by John Borg, at Reply

    Welcome to the Cursed Earth.

  14. Posted by azameth anon, at Reply

    Animal agriculture is on of the main causes. A vegan diet is something we all can do to help.

  15. Posted by metube, at Reply

    also Soy farming is responsible for a lot of deforestation

  16. Posted by TheUnholiness Within, at Reply

    Pollution? WHO CARES! Money, damnit! MONEY!

  17. Posted by AZIZA Wais, at Reply

    That probably explains why there is a rise in cancer as well.

  18. Posted by Reflex, at Reply

    I’m moving to Mars.

  19. Posted by TheRjmayer, at Reply

    Two reasons methane is rising that I am aware of. Fracking and increased microbe activity caused by warming soil.