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The real reason CNN remains to FAIL. Hosted by Ana Kasparian. See a lot more TYT Facebook Originals at

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  1. Posted by kaiju blue, at Reply


    • Posted by Peter S, at Reply

      CNN = Certainly Not News

  2. Posted by Lord Luke Lightbringer, at Reply

    Fox “News” is far worst. They’re the mouthpiece for the republican party.

    • Posted by AntiFOX, at Reply

      … and? CNN has far more viewers and proclaims itself as world’s biggest “news” network!
      They won’t admit that they are a oppinion network instead.

    • Posted by Big durk, at Reply

      +AntiFOX fox and cnn are flip sides of the same coin

    • Posted by A New World Order, at Reply

      Atleast the fox news people have souls. I turn on CNN and i see a bunch of souless robots talking like lawyers. And if you disagree with ANYTHING on that program, they cut you off.

    • Posted by Alex Cuellar, at Reply

      +A New World Order lolol true. I can only watch about 4-5 people from cable news
      Shep smith, Lawrence O’Donnell, Jake Tapper, and sometimes Chris Wallace

  3. Posted by Jake Bennett, at Reply

    Also TYT=real news while CNN=Bullshit factory odd the only difference I see is CNN actually does a bit of journalism while TYT just reads other networks stories to us.

    • Posted by Anurag, at Reply

      +Jake Bennett TYT proven wrong more times than Fox?Seriously.Unless you have some hard data to back that up i’m just going to ignore that.You just said that TYT are not journalists and thus don’t report on stuff,they just read the news.So how can they be proven wrong then?I suggest you take another look at the right wing outlets and note the number of times they say anything negative about Trump and compare that to the number of times TYT says anything negative about democrats.You’ll see who’s spreading news and who’s spreading propoganda.

    • Posted by Jake Bennett, at Reply

      +Anurag TYT’s founder has had to publicly apologize for his denying of the Armenian Genocide and retract statements he has made in the past relating the Genocide. Look up the history of the name The Young Turks and what it represents. This program started as propaganda and misinformation. Also yes a lot of right wing outlets refuse to say bad thing about Trump. You say TYT hit Hillary hard which is true, but how many bad stories did they report on Bernie the guy they supported. You just point at a person on their “side” and say they did bad stories on him all the time they didn’t do bad stories on “their guy” (Bernie) Fox did hit pieces on Ted Cruz all the time even more so then TYT on Hillary. Also the Daily Wire does bad stories on Trump all the time. They have given him a D or lower on the last 4 weeks of grading.

    • Posted by Anurag, at Reply

      +Jake Bennett The very fact that he apologized is a reflection of his nature.Cenk has explained that he grew up in Turkey with people who denied it so he naturally denied it too.He’s said that he was quite stupid in college which is when he wrote a paper on it in which he denied the genocide.When he actually interacted with Armenians and got out of his bubble,he realized how wrong he was and has since apologized.He also used to be a republican a long time back but nobody accuses him of secretly being a republican.People grow and change.Anna is an actual Armenian and as an Armenian if she’s confirmed Cenk’s views then we should shut up.When Cenk founded TYT he was a “Young Turk”.The fact that it has the same name as a political party more than a century ago is a mere coincidence and claiming that he’s secretly a racist despite all the evidence to the contrary is a conspiracy theory fit for Alex Jones.

      TYT did several stories lauding over Bernie and they STILL do.They never did a “bad” story on Bernie.TYT supported Bernie throughout the primaries.Cenk did not support Jill Stein during the election but he still gave Jimmy Dore,a die hard Jill Stein supporter a voice and gave him his own segment.Fox did hit pieces on Ted because they knew he was never gonna win.Trump is the biggest disgrace to the republican party and the world in general yet Fox never has anything negative to say about him?

      I don’t follow Daily Wire but giving their website a cursory glance i can see that they do honest critique of Trump so i guess they’re not completely crazy.But they also support and promote Ben Shapiro who’s his own kind of crazy.He’s a vehement climate change denier and a DDT denier who believes there’s some sort of secret homosexual recruitment taking place at American universities and that they also promote atheism,sexual perversion (including pedophilia and statutory rape) and rampant environmentalism.He wrote a book about it.This is more than enough to discredit the website.

      Reading a few articles on their site clears the picture even more.They underplay the concern of pro choicers about the recent law in Arkansas that bans abortion based on gender,a law which can easily twisted to deny abortions to anyone.They engage in the usual celebrity bashing.They think Robert Redford is unfit to comment on Trump because all he’s done is play a journalist in a movie,they love to take Jokes and wage Jihad against the comedian.In typical right wing fashion they think dismantling crazy feminists and SJW’s is big “gotcha” to liberals who in reality have been fighting SJW’s long before they joined in.

  4. Posted by Giovanni, at Reply


    • Posted by Giovanni, at Reply


    • Posted by James Lopez, at Reply

      Giovanni if Alex was threatened he should have defended himself or had him charged with assault which he didn’t so stop being a snowflake

    • Posted by Giovanni, at Reply

      Alex is not a snowflake for being attacked. No matter what you think of his crazy views, he does not deserve to be attacked. You are a snowflake for condoning violence. That’s the thing with you people you act like you are tolerant but you are the very fascist, evil and morally corrupt people you vow to be against.

  5. Posted by JustMish 2U, at Reply

    Until Americans join together and admit all this propaganda of FAKE NEWS is Russian influenced we are going to continue to be victims and lose Bigly. Listen to Mr Clinton Watts. Former FBI agent.

    • Posted by CoffeeAt Midnight, at Reply

      JustMish 2U. Putin is prez now? Damn.

    • Posted by JustMish 2U, at Reply

      CoffeeAt Midnight Yes indeed. He has very cleverly infiltrated our entire social media and convinced Americans that the propaganda is real. Divide and conquer and the saddest part is it worked. We were taken down by bots tweeting, Facebook, YouTube, etc,….pretty clever if you ask me. Evil motherfuckers.

    • Posted by Diva Artist, at Reply

      Putin virus attacked American sheep! 66% sheep now have *MAD SHEEP DISEASE* ! Mad sheep perceived Hillary as wolf in sheep clothing, though she’s clearly a sheep in robot clothing! Smart sheep showed them proof, mad sheep yelled fake news, chased Madam Robot-sheep into the woods! Trump the fat wolf in orange wolf clothing howled like rabid wolf for last two years, mad sheep still, meh…he’s just a sheep in wolf’s clothing…and let him play shepherd! Now fat orange wolf let in his packs of wall street and siberian wolves! Smart sheep cry wolves! Mad sheep cry shut up you lose! Some mad sheep start howling, awwwwooo hail emperor awwooooo!

      And the story continues!

    • Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

      CoffeeAt Midnight Putin acts through his tiny handed orange puppet.

  6. Posted by Daniel the Spaniel, at Reply

    This is rich coming from TYT, just as bad if not worse sometimes.

    • Posted by YOU SUCK!, at Reply

      +Raptor the young turds don’t invite guest to lie cause the panel lies through the butt hole!

  7. Posted by Kevin Brown, at Reply

    If you want to be objective having two experts with contrasting view points helps.. can TYT say they do this?

    • Posted by CoffeeAt Midnight, at Reply

      Kevin Brown. Objective is just reporting the facts, no opinions.

    • Posted by Kevin Brown, at Reply

      CoffeeAt Midnight does TYT objectively report the facts with no opinions?

  8. Posted by Jimbob Day, at Reply

    I speak for all progressives when I say I’ve been converted to pro CNN. The way they have attacked Trump, prove they really are progressive

    • Posted by Neal, at Reply

      Jimbob Day hahaha no, CNN is a joke no matter what side of the fence you’re on.

    • Posted by Nate, at Reply

      Attacking Trump doesn’t correlate with being a progressive. Furthermore CNN absolutely pushes a corporate favored narrative like all mainstream media. Also their primary focus is on sensational, laziness, and conflict stories. The only differences between these media conglomerates are the target markets(people) they cater too.

    • Posted by Smaakjeks K, at Reply


  9. Posted by ToldYouSo, at Reply

    Just a few days ago this bullshit artist was talking about how illegal immigrants pay taxes more than they receive benefits. That’s after last year the National Academy of Sciences (a reputable source, I hope we can agree on that) published a study that estimates the net yearly cost of first generation immigrants, after deducting contributions, at as much as 280 BILLION dollars and at least tens of billions. And she has the audacity to call others fake news….

    • Posted by Get Real, at Reply

      +ToldYouSo nice deflection liar. How ’bout you just cut to the chase with your hate & spare us all the linguistic perks?

  10. Posted by Robert Newberg, at Reply

    All I have to say is Trump is a communist spy. 😉

    • Posted by Robert Newberg, at Reply

      James Eslick Are u smoking crack?

  11. Posted by Colin Heurlin, at Reply

    I really liked the style of this segment followed! Great job Ana!

    • Posted by Sloth, at Reply

      I really enjoyed it too, kinda a breathe of fresh air

    • Posted by Stranger Happened, at Reply

      It is too bad that Ana’s critiques are one-sided. She completely skips the Russia red scare BS factory that CNN promotes 24/7 — sadly, because Ana/Cenk are along with the establishment with those “alternative facts” that came from the DNC-hired “pay to attribute” contractor that came up with their claims all while repeatedly denied access to the DNC’s servers and network to the FBI investigators that always ask for such access in cases of dubious circumstances. You have to believe into contractor’s story that the Russian government has used serially implicated “hacking group” that has signed their edits by then name of the KGB’s founder and used Russia’s biggest mail service.

  12. Posted by Xavier Thorn, at Reply

    Why is everyone always ignoring the elephant in the room? Americans, and I am one, are stupid and apathetic. Sure most media outlets suck and are trying to spin the message, but it’s up to us as educated citizens to know facts from bullshit.
    Louis Brandeis summed it up perfectly nearly 100 years ago; “The most important political office is that of private citizen.”

    • Posted by Tawa Chadez, at Reply

      Xavier Thorn well said sir!!

    • Posted by Angel Rodarte Jr., at Reply

      Xavier Thorn Well put. Apathetic minds can be vacant minds that will simply react to an issue that is manufactured as one, thus manufacturing a false consent via false narrative. CNN and other establishment outlets pose a false neutrality that will get ignorant Americans of all kinds to make the decision that will harm them in the end.

  13. Posted by Sergei, at Reply

    Sounds like Ana is pissed at Brian Stelter for not inviting her back after dropping a few truth bombs.

    • Posted by Susan Galea, at Reply

      No, it doesn’t. It sounds like your diversionary sense of humor on overdrive because facing facts is just too tiring. Sad!

    • Posted by Rawbeard, at Reply

      she had a taste of what it feels like to be on real TV. of course she wants more.

    • Posted by Bob Sagert, at Reply

      Anyone with half a brain knows the “real tv” is american brainwashing lol. What a muppet.

  14. Posted by TheAed38, at Reply

    CNN has stupid people on their show from opposing viewpoints?

    Ok TYT, but that’s better than having no people from opposing viewpoints.

    • Posted by C.F. Gauss, at Reply

      +Meaty Clackers Wrong. There simply exist issues about which there IS no debate to be had among people who believe in facts. It’s heinously dishonest to make up bullshit and call it a “debate”. I don’t care about progressive positions or otherwise, what I care about is not giving equal time to people who LIE. What I care about is excluding people who obfuscate reality and try to fool the uninformed public into believing the false equivalence that they construct.

    • Posted by Meaty Clackers, at Reply

      +C.F. Gauss your right but most issues are actually up for debate… i dont want illegal immigration can we debate this or am i just misinformed, wrong, or racist… LEGAL Immigration is no problem whatsoever

    • Posted by C.F. Gauss, at Reply

      Meaty Clackers Nobody’s arguing in favor of illegal immigration, that’s just another dishonest strawman by the right’s propaganda arm, it’s not what the progressive left advocates for at all. The debate is over how to deal with it when it does happen. There is such a thing as nuance, anyone trying to sell you a cure-all panacea to complex issues like immigration is just trying to fool you.

    • Posted by Meaty Clackers, at Reply

      +C.F. Gauss you’d be surprised how many people i see on TYT comment sections arguing in favor of illegal immigration but how does the progressive left try and combat illegal immigration? They dont try and stop the problem at all (and it is a huge problem we have 11-30 million illegals in this country)

  15. Posted by Miguel Fernandez, at Reply

    What is the alternative then?? If TYT’s entire thesis is that CNN should no longer have on crazy people, then how the hell are they supposed to get any Trump supporters?

    I am not at all being sarcastic or trying to be facetious. I’m dead serious. CNN has a duty to question power. isn’t that what we all constantly bitching about especially when it comes to corporate media??

    how the hell is CNN supposed to question the other side, particularly the one that is in power right now, without having anyone on?

    • Posted by Don The Con, at Reply

      they brought on alex jones, michael steele and david duke and many more johnny

    • Posted by Johnchi02, at Reply

      Miguel Fernandez I understand what you are saying, but when they have these people on who just repeat and defend the the Lies over and over again with “creditable” you have a big issue that happens. And it’s real news don’t get put out. Stuff we really need to know gets lost. So yeah, there is no amount money that will allow myself in that type of conversation with BS like that

    • Posted by Miguel Fernandez, at Reply

      I also don’t Anna is in any position to be judging others on reporting on things “that *really matter” when if you look at the history of TYT’s videos there’s too many things about either the Kardashians or cupcakes shaped like vaginas.

    • Posted by Andreas Stevens, at Reply

      i think the whole part of the argument tyt has about it, is CNN should not be giving what they see as the wingnuts of the populace a platform. TYT doesn’t realize, its a fair sampling of some of the right wingnuts, and these are their talking points. also, the TYT crew doesn’t realize something that CNN may, most of the time you dont call someone out on a BS outright, it makes them dig their heels in. the proper way to talk to these people is to make them think about what their ideas are. trust me, as an anti-apologetic atheist, there is a certain way you have to talk to these “LI” people.

  16. Posted by Curtis Smale, at Reply

    Woke bae? Give us a break. You’re a middle aged woman. You sounded so silly and that was ignoring how wrong you were about Hasan being woke or bae.

    • Posted by Baby Beel, at Reply

      Curtis Smale is 30 middle age?

    • Posted by Curtis Smale, at Reply

      Close enough. Remember life expectancy is less than 70. Half that is 35.

  17. Posted by HolographicSweater, at Reply

    CNN is a bullshit factory because they value narrative over facts (like TYT) not because they have conservatives on. Their entire purpose is to delegitimize the President by any means necessary, they cover nothing but the “Red Scare” 24/7. Most of their lying is done by omission.

    • Posted by zOgOs, at Reply

      LOL so, what the right tryed to and are still doing to Obama. All they did was try to delegitimize him. Grow up.

    • Posted by xebek, at Reply

      “Their entire purpose is to delegitimize the President by any means necessary..”

      Your independently verified, falsifiable, peer-reviewed evidence, please. Anyone can make bald assertions. Your father is a bullshit factory for denying his involvement in intergalactic child molestation in conjunction with inter-dimensional space squids. He continually lies by omission. This is how troll logic differs from actual syllogistic logic and intellectual honesty. Well done.

    • Posted by HolographicSweater, at Reply

      xebek – this is the youtube comment section, not a peer-reviewed science journal. If you want to find out if what I said was true, turn on CNN.

  18. Posted by 4stpdppl ppl, at Reply

    The irony, given that TYT does not do any facts, but simply recycle other sources opinions and writings. Politico, Huffington post, etc…all sources used by TYT, not one fact to be found on the TYT circle jerk.

    • Posted by skibumtim1, at Reply

      To be fair though, whether it’s Fox or CNN or anyone else, only 5% of actual news is being produced, another 5% being made up, and the remaining 90% is just repackaging and rebroadcasting the first 10%.

    • Posted by 4stpdppl ppl, at Reply

      skibumtim1 before Cenk got on his “I hate Trump” campaign, I used to think he was amusing. I might not agree with him, but it was fun to watch. Since then, the arrogance displayed by both him, and the idiot chick is a real turn off. The idea that, as they put it, they are going to “explain” the news to the viewer is not only arrogant, but hilarious. Let me put it this way, these two are no where near the intelligence level of a Michio Kaku, Christopher Hitchens (RIP) and/or Richard Dawkins….yet they act as if they were the mental giants of liberalism. 🙂

    • Posted by Ben, Just Ben, at Reply


    • Posted by Ben, Just Ben, at Reply

      xebek So wait, you’re saying that using other networks’ or newspapers’ articles as the basis of their videos is permissible MOST of the time as long as it’s not all the time? Because it’s not difficult to see that they do. They only recently hired their own investigators. What do you think they were doing the rest of the time they’ve been in business? They had to either 1) use facts presented by investigative journalists of other organizations; or 2) use opinions. Take your pick.